"MR EuRo" THe EuRoCRaT...

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"We all know what to do, we just don't know how to get re-elected after we have done it."--Jean-Claude Juncker "Mr Euro" aka "Claude-Des Fraude"


Jean-Claude is a Eurocrat sleaze
He suffers from ass-face disease
Don't pinch his cheeks
He shits when he speaks
And duck if he happens to sneeze

  The Limerick King 

WilliamBanzai7: And precisely who elects "Mr Euro"?

Article 1: The Ministers of the Member States whose currency is the euro shall meet informally. Such meetings shall take place, when necessary, to discuss questions related to the specific responsibilities they share with regard to the single currency. The Commission shall take part in the meetings. The European Central Bank shall be invited to take part in such meetings, which shall be prepared by the representatives of the Ministers with responsibility for finance of the Member States whose currency is the euro and of the Commission.
Article 2: The Ministers of the Member States whose currency is the euro shall elect a president for two and a half years, by a majority of those Member States.

—Protocol 14 of the Consolidated Treaties of the European Union (as amended by the Treaty of Lisbon)


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I can't stop laughing/ Well done #7

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we have hade the two faces of eve; now meet the two faces of Thebes!

Thanks to WB7 east "meats" west in euro butt fest! 

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The whole damn world is like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's friggin nest. What we need a Jack Nilchonson to walk through the door and start asking some tough questions about exactly who is batshit crazy...

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Chas I. 


But when Chomsky talks about the poor little dolts who live by faith and don't question things, he's not talking about the 1/2 % or upperclass. Therefore since he doesnt live by faith, putting himself in the upperclass?

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It seems that what we have here is a group of elected bureaucrats who have been elected by other elected bureaucrats, who themselves continue to be elected by deceiving the people who elect them.

This will work out wonderfully for everyone, I'm sure.  :/

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The most important point is made here…….

These are now  political decisions (who will take the losses)

 But politics now happens in non political organisations.

“The political organisations of the ruling class are not called political”
Important bit starts at 39.00 minutes.



Give me a fiat king over this sham rep democracy.

At least in the past we had a sporting chance to identify the chain of command.

Heads could be chopped off and stuff.

Chomsky (50.40) makes some great points which rings through today about what was happening in 17th century England.


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policy precedes the politician, "first the sentence and then the evidence.."

"the chicken is the eggs idea of a way to get more eggs.."

...or machines use humans in order to create more machines.

western mans great accomplishment was separating thought from action. think about that carefully, the effects (action) no longer requires thought to sustain itself.

and no matter who you put in charge you get the same thing, Bush or Obama, they're all servomechanisims of the same device.

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Manic depression is touching my soul
I know what I want but I just don't know
How to, go about gettin' it
Feeling sweet feeling,
Drops from my fingers, fingers
Manic depression is catchin' my soul 

Song by Jimmy Hendrix


financial depression is catching my soul...


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Manic Printing is crushing our soul

They know what they want and we just dont know

How to go about stoppin it

QE DAMN QE Drips down from our inkjets, inkjets

Manic Printing is crushing our soul

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A true politician.

Doing the right thing is not in their mandate.

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In the past a highly heterogeneous continent flourished due to its diversity, non-uniformity, and the healthy competition between countries. This changed when Europe became unified and was artificially made uniform by centrally organised governance and legislation. It led to the disturbing economic outcomes we see today and to what is called a democratic deficit. I call it post-democracy.--Vaclav Klaus

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Talk about powergrab - Vaclav Klaus's nails it in his book "Blue Planet in Green Shackles"

 Vaclav Klaus - One of the few men left in the world that I would dare cross the river with



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Didn't William S. Burroughs write a book about Juncker? No, wait, that was Junkie.

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That is a very appropriate reference because Burrough's spoke of "societies of control". The Eurozone is a model of that paradigm. You are controlled and modulated by an edifice that is completely lacking in representative governance. There is no need to ask who the controllers are, everything is secretly planned for your benefit.

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Are you familiar with Foucault's theories about the state, power, and knowledge?  I'm new to posting here, so I don't want to insult your intelligence.  Just curious.  Seems you would appreciate a lot of what he has to say.

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I am a Giles Deleuze fan. That should answer your question ;-)

I actually have a post on the subject of Societies of Control on the drawing board.

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It does answer my question... haven't done much with Deleuze, but I'm always looking to expand my horizons.  The French are good at something after all, it seems.

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They seem to have the business of philosophizing the post modern condition cornered.

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At least the Euro bloc behaves on a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY :-). funny as most of thecountries there are parlamentary.

but can you tell me please who elected Bernanke and whoever says what is the yuan rate in China.

The Euro Zone has the problem of being unbalanced, and probably cannot be fixed. bu one good thing is the elective Nature of the head.

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I suppose you should read the quote that follows and think about what it means to be governed by a supranational state.

Bernanke and Draghi are of course appointed by the same person, Lloyd Blankfein.

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per wikipedia under "bernanke":

"Bernanke attended Harvard University, where he lived in Winthrop House with the future CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein,... He received the doctor of philosophy degree in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1979 after completing and defending his dissertation, Long-Term Commitments, Dynamic Optimization, and the Business Cycle. Bernanke's thesis adviser was the future governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer,..."


Long Term Commitments - Now there's a dissertation to be proud of, and with the Bank of Israel no less. That's definitely exercising Dynamic Optimization of the Crony cycle.  Who did you say (s)elected him for the position that schools the US senate?

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Bernanke, Draghi and Lloyd Blankfein are recruited out of the same small pool of "top" bankers with lots of connections is more near the truth, IMO.

They are of course also at the edges of politics, in the first two cases. Their elections have to satisfy many factions and interests, of course.


What does it mean to be "governed by a supranational state"?

You just explained how the finance ministers meet. A bunch of ministers meeting and decreeing something has a name: cabinet. Or simply government. What exactly are you requesting? An election by 17 parliaments? Appointment by the ministers and then 17 confirmations by senates? Those ministers can be exchanged by their parliaments anytime. They are their appointees (similar to the military commission of officers). If tomorrow morning 17 parliaments hate Draghi's guts he is history by sunset. IF.

Juncker can be junked anytime by the elected parliament of Luxemburg, as Mutti Merkel or Schäuble by the German one or Cameron by the British one. The EU commission too. How many governments appointees are selected with similar methods in various forms by several counties? Starting with the Prime Ministers?

If you are against government per se, then it's one thing. If not, then you might be complaining about design.

Can it be that you have a different taste for constitutional design? Do you prefer federative presidential with FPTP instead of proportional parliamentary confederative? I favour the latter, which you just desribed in the article.

-------- edit, added comments: 

Some facts about the Mr.Euro: 


Jean-Claude Juncker is the serving Prime Minister (Head of Government) of the sovereign country called Luxembourg (3 languages, 500k population, proportional representative parliamentary constitutional monarchy, small army, no navy). He was previously it's Finance Minister.


As PM, he is also automatically a member of the EU Council, the body (of heads of governments) that governs together with the EU parliament the treaty organization near-confederation called European Union.


This position is not given and he could lose all his job(s) and position(s) immediately if he would lose the support of his party, the conservative Christian Social People's party CVS (or it's coalition partner) or by any successful motion in the 60 seat Luxembourg Parliament, or of course by elections.


As a member of the Council he of course is also instrumental in appointing the EU Commission, particularly the member from Luxembourg (there is one commissioner per country), in this case Ms. Viviane Reding (CVS, too), who is the EU Commissioner for Information & Media (previously for Justice). Commissioners have to be confirmed by the elected EU Parliament, btw.


Additionally, as an appointment of the Council he chairs one of  those EU sub-council committes (or council sub-committees) called colloquially groups, specifically the Euro Group (or eurogroup), which contains all finance ministers of the 17 countries using the EUR and the president of the ECB. The whole point and reason of being of the eurogroup is to meet before a Council meeting and preparing agenda points and proposals for the heads of governments.


Of course, being the "chairman of the eurogroup" makes him highly visible for propagandistic reasons, particularly because he admitted later to have lied in a crisis and for other quite strange remarks (for AngloAmerican tastes).


Nevertheless, he is the longest serving Prime Minister of Europe. Which means he has the confidence of the Parliament of Luxembourg since 17 years, through two different coalitions, four distinct governments and several general elections, including the last in 2009.

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i missed that quote.

the ilussion of freedom is unquantifiable (i guess)

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yeah, but its the person who sits at the empty chair at the rothschild's dinner table who really calls the shots...

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Reminds me of Jacob's cabin in the show "Lost"...

When Ben takes John Locke to see the "leader" of the island from whom he takes his orders, Ben talks to an empty chair and tries to convince Locke that someone is actually there telling him what to do.