Kung Fu Expert in China Beats Up Mob of 50 Trying to Evict Him

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To understand the background of the incident - and the plight of Chinese homeowners attempting to resist eviction when the government wants to build something on their land - watch this short video:

Now that you’ve got the background, you’re ready for the story from the Telegraph on the Kung Fu hero:

kung fu 2413157b Kung Fu Expert in China Beats Up Mob of 50 Trying to Evict Him

When 38-year-old Shen Jianzhong was faced with a mob of thugs trying to evict him, he asked himself what his hero, Bruce Lee, would do.


The answer, according to a video that has attracted more than two million hits on the Chinese internet, is turn to kung fu.

For 20 years, Mr Shen had been practising kung fu, teaching himself Bruce Lee’s system in his courtyard home in Bazhou, Hebei province.


Working in a local gym as a fitness coach, he is also the holder of a world record, at least according to an association in Hong Kong, for the most press-ups in a minute using a roller. “I am now training to break the record for most press-ups on a balance beam,” he said.


At the end of October, Mr Shen was able to put his kung fu into action. For six months, a property developer had been trying to get his hands on Mr Shen’s house.




At first, the property company stuck up posters warning of dire consequences for any families who held out. Then, Mr Shen said, when 70 of the 100 households had left, the threats escalated.


This mob of thugs would block the street most days. They would pick on the women, threatening to kill their kids. Then people started tossing bricks through windows and letting off fireworks at night. Some people got beaten on the street.”


On October 29, as Mr Shen went to work and his wife popped out for a packet of instant noodles, a mob of “30 to 50 men” materialised at their front door.


“My wife tried to close the door, but they pushed it back and she tripped over. That is how the fight started,” said Mr Shen.


With a flurry of kicks and punches, he and his 18-year-old son, a fellow kung fu devotee, set about the attackers, rendering seven of them near unconscious in the hallway.


“It was self defence. I really cannot remember what kung fu skills I used.


It was quite messy. Only seven people were injured because the rest were scared and stayed outside. Some of them ran away,” he said.


When the police arrived, however, they were little help, insisting that since the thugs were unarmed, it was Mr Shen and his family who were in the wrong. They urged the family to sign the contract.


Instead, the Shens posted their homemade video online, where it has gone viral as a rare David versus Goliath moment in the bleak fight against China’s avaricious property barons.


They then fled, on the evening of November 21, to Beijing. Upon arriving in the capital, however, Mr Shen’s son was arrested by the police, who said they would charge him with assault.


“I do not regret the fight, but I am worried about my son,” said Mr Shen.


“I think they are trying to fit up him up with some crime. I am concerned that my actions will end up hurting him,” he said, acknowledging that officials may try to emotionally blackmail him into signing over his lease.

Here’s video of the aftermath … showing the injured thugs:


And - since this is fight club - here's Bruce Lee:

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Cant wait for 'americans' in China to spread wider the ownership of guns so that people like this guy could be more secure in their goods and property.

Welcome to an 'american' world, a place manufactured for the advancement of humanity's cause. It is a cosy place, you'll see.

tony bonn's picture

i wish everybody were kung fu fighting.

topspinslicer's picture

I wonder if there is money to be made making life size punching bags of our dear leader in d.c. ?

the grateful unemployed's picture

waco and ruby ridge had a lot to do with bush winning in 2000, as the events energized the (paranoid) conservative base much more than the standard social conservative issues. i recall talking to people who were just furious about those deaths (although tim mcveigh doesn't seem to bother them but conservatives can rail about abortion all day, then play the executioner at midnight, and put the needle in the arm of some poor innocent bastard - Texas comes to mind to bring it full circle - just saying - the french revolution was a mixed bag, should we expect more from american rednecks?) and no american or chinese president is going to give the press that kind of ammunition (and send in the troops, or the drones, or a busload of irs agents). now arab terrorists, (of all ages) that's another story.

pragmatic hobo's picture

... talking about great fights ... watch the last 20 minutes of movie Azumi. IMHO that's the greatest movie fight scenes ever.

krispkritter's picture

These people pulled off a nice win(albeit short-lived) over attempted seizure. Hope they got a much larger settlement afterwards.


Reminds me of an old Steven Wright bit; My house is in the median of a highway. You don't really notice except I have to leave my driveway doing 60mph...

laomei's picture

Most of the time, the land seizure is all being done by local government and it's really just a very complex situation.

According to the way it's been setup, people who have rights to land as farmers obviously built their own house, or already had a house at the time the land was given to them.  Their rights are usage rights as long as they want.  There is no way to really transfer this down to the next generation 100%, but it's possible to do if bases are covered.  Land that's not passed down goes back to the community and is split up among the remaining residents, or it is sat on and partitioned out to new members who have a right to land.


Here's where it gets complicated though.... the vast vast vast vast majority have zero paperwork on what they own, and an increasing number have been building up massive houses or businesses on the land.  It's completely within their rights to do so, and it's also a way around the transfer laws.  A house can be transferred, but not the land.  In a normal village, it's not a problem because everyone knows everyone else and that's just they way things are.  Another arrangement is to broker a deal with a developer to sell off the bulk of the land rights in exchange for cash plus a new big house you couldn't have afforded to build on your own.  You now end up with a transferrable asset.  Land sales have to be signed off on by the village committees, so it's not like just anyone can buy up land either.

So what if you have no paperwork and a developer wants the place?  Well, there's compensation to be given based on the land value as well as an amount to compensate for the demolition of property.  But typically it's really pathetic as the amounts gained from the sales are not all that much after being split up and the simple fact remains that you don't really own the stuff to begin with... you just have a legal right to usage.  If the village is compensating your loss with another plot of land (preferable to most), your compensation is going to be very low.  Once upon a time, this wasn't an issue, as houses were poorly constructed and were cheap to build without much in the way of furnishings.  Farmers however, have gotten somewhat rich as of late, especially in the areas close to cities... which just so happen to be the targets of developers.  What you see happen in most of these cases is the majority are fine with the compensation and leave. Holdouts though, threaten the entire deal from happening at all and jeopardize the payouts to the rest.  

Another issue is that the land rights can be verified.  However the structures are frequently ad hoc and they never bothered to get legal documentation for them.  It's essentially construction without a permit in a place where it's common.  There are avenues to get it all 100% legal, and in those cases, compensation is either much higher, or there is never an attempt to take the land at all.  Doing so, however, typically incurs a one-time tax based on valuation.  So, we get to watch stupid fun shit like this unfold.  It's all pretty grey as far as the law goes and who's to say what the valuation of a property is when it's slated to be knocked down?  There's nothing on record claiming a value, there's nothing on record stating a size, there's no house permit at all and more times than not, the land is not being used as originally intended as specified by the usage rights.

Is it wrong to kick them out? Hell yes it is, it's absolute bullshit.  But you can see why it's an issue.  And it's not just black and white.  It's very very very grey and it's not all that easy to just declare a solution to it all.

Sathington Willougby's picture

"and the simple fact remains that you don't really own the stuff to begin with... you just have a legal right to usage. "

Wow, that's the same system we have here in TX even though the TX Constitution says "Life, Liberty, Property".  You don't even own your own work here.  Pretty soon self ownership will be completely eroded to the minimum necessary for autonomous conformity.

Brett Merkey's picture

Thank you, Laomei. Your thoughtful contribution is the most valuable and authentic article comment I have ever read in this forum. It is important for people to go beyond the ignorant and aggressive statements made by American politicians (and blog commenters) about China. The social conditions are complex and need to be understood.



Puna's picture

So solly she no can win in court, she not relative of party member

ItsDanger's picture

Disappointing.  I thought there was actual video of him beating the crap out of 50 people.

prole's picture

My feelings exactly. All those cameras and no film of the actual fight?

GreatUncle's picture

A government up to it's eyeballs in debt no longer with anything of value to feed on will feed on it's citizens.

The same for any country you would name.

lamont cranston's picture

Well, I've not reviewed anything  'cept the 1st few vids. No violence from left or right. 

BOGUS.  In 2012 nothing matters. keep it  straight, sherlock


our economy is now an unreconsiloby joke.

edifice's picture

This is really cool, what the guy did to defend his property and family. However, in the United States, they'd just send a drone and take everyone in the house out. As an added bonus, they'd receive free home demolition.

americanspirit's picture

Let's not forget the role of big, well-trained dogs. My four dogs will tear the throat out of any 10-15 threats before they are shot too many times to continue, and if they're not shot enough times they will continue to kill. Meanwhile I have time to load (I don't keep loaded weapons around but I have my loads right next to my weapons), get my family into the bunker ( with escape tunnel in case of fire) and start in on the assholes who survived my dogs. It's going to take a well-organized group to get to the core of my security, and I have a few surprises for those who do. And my dogs simply hate uniforms, excessive cologne, the smell of fear, and big black SUVs, so bring it on.

Satan's picture

I saw a sign in South Africa a while back that said

Trespassers will be eaten.
Survivors will be shot.

Lord Koos's picture

I think the US military counts as a "well organized group".

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture

sending even one of them to 7wonderz is wonderful.  The trick is to have higher-quality cameras all around, so you can get it to youtube or even primetime if you're lucky.  you need the people to understand that fucking thugs were trying to rape your girls and kill you before the DC propaganda machine has a chance.  So a youtube vid like "This guy tried to rape my girls; my doggies didn't like the idea, but seem to have liked his lung pretty damn much.  You can always trust your dogs."  You have to post it immediately to all the usual places, including FB & twitter.  You gotta have a catch and show it, faster than the DC-MSM starts rolling.

Quote-them-quote they, they shouldn't have so many snipers so much ignored in DC when the snipers were there for a political demonstration.   Unrespectful.

honestann's picture

The time in human history has come to again start building everything with motes, machine-gun holes, and self-destruct mechanisms.

Taking their functional examples from the modern predators-gone-wild AKA predators-DBA-government AKA predators-DBA-corporations, the species will now devolve into crazed predatory beasts.

The infintesimal few who choose to remain sane, honest, productive, benevolent, and alive must move into the extreme boonies, and erect self-sufficient digs.  Otherwise, enjoy the predator eat predator world you inherit, and almost all of you helped create.

GMadScientist's picture

Wow...yesterday it was 1%, now infinitesimal...they're dropping like flies!

honestann's picture

Indeed they are!

But seriously, less than 1% is getting there.

Lord Koos's picture

If you build something with motes, it's going to be mighty small.

honestann's picture

Hahahaha.  My goof.  Good one.

Learn to spell, Ann!  Doh!

GMadScientist's picture

Not if they're in God's eye.

killallthefiat's picture

Yuck.  China is a fucking pit

CheapBastard's picture

"Greed never sleeps."

10mm's picture

I like the part where in the 3rd vid he kicks the snot out of "Kareem".

killallthefiat's picture

Boards don't hit back...MF

Itch's picture

Didnt see a ruk there dude, dissapointed.

monad's picture

W dodged a shoe. USA! USA! USA! 

mc888's picture

racerX wrote:


If you haven't seen Ip Man you owe it to yourself:




Ip Man? Nope. that's Donnie Yen. in a choreographed movie scene with overdubbed sound effects.

ExpendableOne's picture

Still, Ip Man is a great little movie.  

mc888's picture

Ok now I get it. I was expecting some rare footage of Ip Man :]

If you like Donnie Yen check out Iron Monkey.


foxmuldar's picture

Was funny watching Jabbar in his jockey shorts getting his ass kicked. Is he still around? I know Wilt died young. Chamberlain was good in Conan. 

Oh and Bricks don't hit back. 

zapdude's picture

Get in shape now and prepare yourself to fight for you life and defend your loved ones. 

While I practice TaeKwonDo 2-3 times a week, I fully understand a real fight typically lasts less than 30 seconds, usually ends up on the ground, and there are no rules or fobidden techniques.  Next on my list to practice is jujitsu/judo and/or krav maga.  And don't leave knife fighting off the list -- edged weapons at close distance are more deadly than firearms.

steelrules's picture

My personal favorite Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.


ebworthen's picture

He pulled Chuck's chest hair!

Love the old Adidas sneakers Chuck is sporting in this clip.

ZeroFreedom's picture

Happy Friday. Made my day.

Conax's picture

"You was cryin like a pussy when they brought you in!"

"It took six cops to bring me in here, usin' tear gas, the shit they use on crowds.

I'ma chainbelt kung fu, Bruce Lee was my teacher, watch this..."


Bruce was da man, all 135 pounds of him.  He woulda wiped up that whole street with those punks.

A Nanny Moose's picture

It ain't cool, bein' no jive turkey...so close to Thanksgivin'

ebworthen's picture

Coming soon to the U.S.S.A. but it will be a formerly invincible S.W.A.T. against mobs of armed pissed off patriots.

I feel sorry for any Cop when the S.H.T.F.

tron2012's picture

Fuck pigs. They get what they deserve. And so does anybody else that tries to protect them. Citizens WILL prevail.


Happy hunting :D