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All systems operational Captain...Thank you Mr Zulu...take her ahead Warp QE 4

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We are detecting the presence of a cloaked Banking Cartel Bird of Prey in this sector, load all precious metal photon torpedoes and arm forward mineral cannons

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I can deal with the current image or video not being available on Flickr.  Just hope WB7 is not - also - currently unavailable...if you catch the drift.

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Dr. Banzai, you must have tripped the pattern matcher in the NSA's computer in Utah ...

Oh, great, now *I* just did!


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He must have touched a nerve this morning.  WB7 should be expecting a knock on his door from the FEMA reeducation team in 3,2,1...

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"We're ALL saying IT!  Ni!  Ni!"

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Did I miss the DSK as Lee Majors $6 million dollar man depiction? 


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I really respect your work. I'd like t-shirts of many of your images.   thought you might appreciate this. 



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Tnx, I have a zazzle shop, but I am looking at other potential outlets. stay tuned ;-)

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I have tried going there but the auto zoom on a coffee cup I don't  want is anoying.  I'll try again.

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Thanks for the waste fo time with the link, nothing but a bunch punks in German