You Have No Privacy, Conduct Yourself Accordingly

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Former NSA employee William Binney (a very brave man), again tries to warn people about what is happening right now in regards to our civil liberties (or lack thereof). This disturbing video adds clarity to why the government is building that massive site in Utah - they simply need more space to consolidate the trillions of communications they're collecting.

Re: I'm not doing anything wrong, so what do I care if they know what I say and do?

"The problem is, if they think they're not doing anything that's wrong, they don't get to define that. The central government does."

Re: How has this initiative been under Obama

"Oh it's gotten worse"



Interestingly, he comments on Petraeus:

"If you ever get on their enemies list, like Petraus did, then you can be drawn into that surveillance."


Happy texting.

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Jonathon Turley weighs in on the war against civil liberties in one of its most extreme forms:

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if i remember correctly, the Soviet Union also had very sophisticated methods of spying and making its citizens believe they were all under the government's watchful eye.    if i also remember correctly, those projects intensified right before the Soviet Empire collapsed in on itself.

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in fact, the US government secretly admires the authoritarian style found in WWII Germany, USSR, PRC, and other places around the globe.  They rounded up all the Nazis they thought could be useful in 1945-1948, were right there at the fall of the USSR to gather personnel and information, and in fact, supported most of the authoritarian governments in the last century, albeit clandestinely.  They have been slowly adapting the best of those systems and have begun to condition Americans for constant surveillance.  I used to think that my dad (a Second World War veteran) was a little cynical when he used to claim that the Nazis had not been defeated, but the next time they took power, they would be wearing 3-piece suits.

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I'm all for protecting my privacy and all that.  I have a pragmatic sence of the conspiratorial.  I also believe that it is quite possible that whoever you are trying to hide your correspondence from, may be the same people providing the means to avoidance.  That is, by using their protection, (service or program) you are self identifying and doing them a great favor.  Now they don't have to go looking for you, you've told them where and who you are.

I'm with mess nonster on this one I'm afraid.  (see below)

After being warned over and over and over, if you use google and facebook or any other "social" network, you must be a moron.

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I'd actually like to see a) that google for now is fairly quick at finding results and b) if everyone searches for "overthrow USA dictators" all at once, fuck 'em if they see it. I'd like them to see the tidal wave of social change. They can't stop it, they can only regret that they couldn't stop it. Same with the sudden reversal on 9/11 over-all and the sudden reversal on Israel. The sheeple are still fooled over-all - "what's gold? Just a shiny rock!" - but the things they ARE mumbling in their sleep are scaring the controllers. The anaesthetic is NOT supposed to wear off so soon.

You hear that?

Winds of Shit - the shit Barometer

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i think about data mining the same way i think about red light cameras, those big brother cameras that take your picture when you run a red light and the cops send you a bill in the mail. people hate them, the careless drivers hate them, the general conspiracy buffs hate them, some city councilmen have learned to hate them, and some of these devices have actually been removed after they were installed.

the official reason for pulling the cameras is they cost too much (but a ticket for running a red light in CA is 300+ dollars i think) some people complain they're unfair, but the process is reviewable, and if you know how they work you won't follow that city bus into the middle of an intersection without waiting to see if the light has turned. bottom line is fewer people are breaking the law, and that saves a lot of money, and prevents accidents. the actual money that is collected is just a small part of the money that is saved, or the cost effectiveness of these things.

as for data mining, i don't suppose any of us thinks much about how large the shadow economy has become, through drugs mostly, but all sorts of money transactions meant to deprive USG of its tax revenue. (if you buy stuff online you are supposed to pay the state sales tax, but nobody does it) and so those people living in a shadow economy are screaming at this data mining exercise, but a lot of us are breaking the law. if you thought this was all just to gather info on tax avoiders would you feel the same about data mining?

you have the right to run a red light, and sometimes it makes sense, like if you just held up the local convenience store and are trying to make your get away. america loves its outlaws. 

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how all this data is going to help USG in the act of self preservation is a mystery. to be sure 911 was damned good for the status quo in american politics, not so good for a few thousand NYers.the gathering and storing of all that data is going to bankrupt us further. Obama lies like a used car salesman. maybe its time to admit the american civil war was a huge mistake, (that's why god gave us a black president) and redact the amendments made afterwards, return power to the states, and the people.

the mistake in all this is continuing the form of government (unitary decider) which was invented during the 60's to give more power to POTUS in the event of a cold war global political conflict. the Muslims are against this sort of concentration of power in the office, as we see in Egypt, they don't want a unitary decider. the ulitmate ah ha moment comes when disgruntled americans see what they have in common with the muslim brotherhood, and then maybe a few years of peace anyway.

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but but but but the NSA can not break Bitcoin...its too complicated, the NSA does not have enough smarts or computing power.

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ShitCoin will break itself, no need to assist it.

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**This comment has been removed by the Dept. of Homeland Security for being in violation of community standards.

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'Americans' staging their own fantasized oppression. Classics.

Not that 'americans' are not oppressive, they are.

But as any one in power before them, they wont waste time and resources squashing non threats to them.

So it gives the following situation.

'Americans' love to depict themselves as freedom of speech supporters, which is defined by themselves as including a subversive dimension.

But 'americans' can not oppose 'americanism' and take subversive measures against it, even in words.

So it gives this kind of show: one 'american' writes a snipet thought as being subversive while it is not and another 'american' ('americans' work in duos) re enforce the illusion by impersonating the censorship apparatus.

Hidden is a third character, the censorship apparatus that welcomes this type of demonstration as it allows an easy claim of being respective of freedom of speech.

Welcome to an 'american' world. It is a world of fantasy.

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Hidden is a turd character, the Chinese citizenism Ministry of Truth propagandist apparatus that welcomes this type of offuscation, as demonstrated by this Chinese citizenism author, as it allows a consumptive way of blobbing up and monolizing the speeching means.

Welcome to an 'AnAnonymous' world. It is a world of crackpottery.

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"'americans' work in duos"

That's right. Like Batman & Robin, Tom & Jerry, Chico & The Man.

Well, whataya know... it IS a world of fantasy. (Ooh, Mr. Rourke & Tattoo.)

“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture

The civil liberties of American's have eroded so dramatically due to 1)social networks, 2)the internet in general, 3) the scare tactics used by the gub'mint since at least 9-11-01, and most importantly, 4) the American people don't give a shit, because they think it doesn't concern them.

The problem as I see it is most people are too damn lazy or stupid to actually care that this evil empire of a representative government routinely spies on any and every one they so desire.  People generally don't understand they don't have a problem until it's a problem.  Then the gub'mint's heavy hand will come in and look at your profile....all the nonsense and shenanigans you've pulled in what they deem your sick, twisted, perverse, criminal, life.

Blackmail, extortion, embarassment, financial ruin, prison, and any other form of leverage is and will continue to be employed by the evil powers that be, until someone takes a stand.  If the Judicial Branch can not or will not solve this burgeoning police state, it will then take what the police state deems nefarious, and illegal acts of sabotage, to break the existing police state so they no longer monitor any one.

We once had a Bill of Rights.

Elected representatives are supposed to swear an oath to God to uphold the US Constitution.

The powers that be scare us and lie to us so that we remaint pliable, confused, and generally dumbed down.  Methods used to achieve this are: a world class horrible education system, a complicit television and print media, unethical and amoral banksters, crony capitalists, politicos who all get to share in the pie that shapes and controls us as they cling to perceived wealth and power.

We need more brave good men and women to be whistle blowers. 

.......Or perhaps a well aimed and very powerful solar flare hits the data center dead on.


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The civil liberties of American's have eroded so dramatically due to 1)social networks, 2)the internet in general, 3) the scare tactics used by the gub'mint since at least 9-11-01, and most importantly, 4) the American people don't give a shit, because they think it doesn't concern them.

Nope. 'Americans' know that in 'americanism', the group is all. That is why they are not concerned by the ongoing evolution.

A rapist does not fear to be known by a group of rapists. Because he knows that if the other rapists try to prevent him from raping, it wont be on the ground of opposing rape.

On the contrary, in this case, the rapist expects that joining the group will increase his opportunities to rape.

'Americans' work the same. Their doings being known does not mean that they will get suppressed. On the contrary. 'Americans' expect empowerment from releasing their doings publically as the group is all.

See what happened in the US military and the various torture acts. The 'americans' in this middle class institution knew they wont be suppressed by releasing the pics of their high 'american' deeds and expect positive re inforcement for it (which they get) Think huddles as shown in 'american' sports.

The outrage went when the pics hit people who were not that tied to the military. But as long as it was kept in family, that is military personal, all this publication on social networks and the Internet was empowering.

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Nope. Chinese Citizenism citizens know that in Chinese Citizenism, the poop is all. That is why they are not concerned by the ongoing evolution in sanitation and flush toiletry.

A roadside pooper does not fear to be known by a group of roadside poopers. Because he knows that if the other poopers try to prevent him from roadside pooping, it wont be on the ground of the roadside where it belongs.

On the contrary, in this case, the pooper expects that joining the group poop will increase his opportunities to rape the Chinese environment that much further.

Chinese Citizenism citizens work the same. Their roadside squattings being known by "foreign devils" does not mean that they will get constipated. On the contrary. Chinese Citizenism citizens expect empowerment from releasing their doings publically as the poop is all.

See what happened in the last two hundred years and the various acts of flush toiletry. The Chinese Citizenism citizens in this filthy ass institution knew they wont be suppressed by releasing their shits on the roadsides, their high Chinese Citizenism deeds, and they  expect positive re inforcement for it (which they get) from their environmentally destructive rulers.  Think puddles as shown in sewage treatment plants.

The outrage went when their shit  hit people who were not that tied to the Chinese Citizenism way of life (i.e., "foreign devils"). But as long as it was kept in family, that is on Chinese roadsides, all this publication on social networks and the Internet was empowering.

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This Chinese citizenism citizen author is decomposing his doctoral and post-doctoral feces.

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Necessitas non habet legem: Necessity has no law.

George Bush was correct when he stated that the Constitution is just a piece of paper...see, you have to know what a constitution is and isn't..There is allot of debate but most scholars believe it is a contract. If this is true, the contract is null and void..The constitution was never signed for one thing..oh, there is signatures on it but they were affixed as witness thereof. A witness is not a party to a contract..Further, a contract is not binding or in affect after the parties have passed and no contract can bind its posterity without consent. So when you state you have rights you have none.

If it was not a contract there is no agreement and nothing binding. So no matter how you look at it, the constitution is meaningless...Even if what I wrote does not convince you and you still believe it is valid, the constitution itself tells you the government can do what it wants...the Necessary and Proper clause should be enough to demonstrate this as necessity has no law.

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If I have no rights then why should I play their game any more?

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Necessitas non habet legem: which means in legal truths that "necessity has no law." This can be found in the Necessary and Proper clause of the Constitution. In truth, the government determines what is necessary and what is proper, not the courts. The government is not subservient to the courts if it chooses not to be. However, without the necessary and proper clause, congress would not have the power to create law so it is a double edged sword.


Necessitas sub lege non contieteur, quia quod alias non est licitum necessitas facit lictium: which means... "Necessity is not restrained by law, since what otherwise is not lawful, necessity makes lawful." (necessary and Proper) Think in terms of gun confiscation during Katrina...2nd amendment...void...


Necessitas publica major est quam privata : which means.... "Public necessity is greater than private." Think in terms of property rights and how governments can condemn. 14th amendment...void...4th amendment...void...


Necessitas quod cogit, defendit: which means...." Necessity defends or justifies what it compels. Applied to acts of a sheriff, or ministerial officer, in the execution of his [her] office."  4th amendment...void...think in terms of TSA security checkpoints..


Necessitas vincent legem; legum vincula irridet: which means..."Necessity overcomes law." All enumerated rights /amendments...void....


In essence, even if some court could rule the constitution is still valid (which I would argue it isn't), the constitution is meaningless as the government can do what it wants regardless of any enumerated rights. Simply put, what government creates, government can take away.. or even ignore out of percieved necessity (Katrina gun confiscation and the 2nd amendment).... The government won't come out and tell you this as it would cause them some pretty big problems. The government has taught the citizens "legal theory," not "legal truth"...

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There is so much meaningless bullshit on the Internet and in emails, texts, etc., etc., etc.

It is somewhat humorous to think of the computers and agents trying to pick through the garbage of communications for the nugget of "information" they think they want.

They are also operating under the old world assumption that people use real names, birth-dates, age, etc.

The biggest threat is not only the surveillance but the creeping and increasingly prevalent attitude "if you don't have anything to hide what are you upset about?"

That's the way it starts.

"Paperzz Pleazze!"

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The purpose of collecting everything is to 1: spend billions of dollars on these types of projecs, 2 develop the systems to collect and sift through gigundo volumes of electronic data, and 3 be ready to put together a patch work data history to demonstrate you are an enemy of the state when you start asking too many questions cause you "are late paying a tax you did not know you owe"

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I love the NSA, CIA , FBI and all their employees. Don't drone on me , please? I'm a married man with children and recite the Oath of Allegiance every morning. :)

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In any control mechanism, those who wish to stay in power have found it beneficial to divide the populace by hiring some of them to work FOR those in charge and giving them special privileges and compensation. In this way they use the people to oppress and control the people and no one is able to gain sufficient power to challenge the "master(s)".

So, in some ways the goons and thugs are not to blame and yet they are for taking the easy way, without having to listen to their conscience that internally tells them the difference between good and evil.

History, if you can find an accurate and detailed history of the world, tells us how this always progresses and how it always ends. One has to wonder if we are such creatures of habit, whether we are not the ones in charge or whether we have other choices ... do we have the maturity and free will to simply stop repeating the past?

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When they turn the pages of history
When these days have passed long ago
Will they read of us with sadness
For the seeds that we let grow
We turned our gaze
From the castles in the distance
Eyes cast down
On the path of least resistance

Cities full of hatred
Fear and lies
Withered hearts
And cruel tormented eyes
Scheming demons
Dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude
And scoffing at the wise

The hypocrites are slandering
The sacred halls of Truth
Ancient nobles showering
Their bitterness on youth
Can't we find
The minds that made us stong
Can't we learn
To feel what's right and wrong

Cities full of hatred
Fear and lies
Withered hearts
And cruel, tormented eyes
Scheming demons
Dressed in kingly guise
Beating down the multitude
And scoffing at the wise
Can't we raise our eyes
And make a start
Can't we find the minds
To lead us closer to the Heart - Neil Pert of Rush

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NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS...your financial house is burning.  You are all about to be handed a thanks and good luck for any effort you've been doing so far.


Hedge accordingly and good luck to all.  Everyone is going to need it.

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The Praetorians are always the last to be let go... for obvious reasons.

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The (domestic and foreign) scum roque "elements" are sweating bullets their 9/11 and war crimes will be exposed and prosecuted Nuremburg style. Download Tor

IamtheREALmario's picture

There are so many questions within this. The absolutely FIRST thing that comes to mind is: "WHAT THEY HECK ARE THEY SOOOO AFRAID OF THAT THEY FEEL IT NECESSARY TO MONITOR AND CONTROL EVERYTHING?".

The second one is clearly: "Who are THEY, really?"

And of course: "What do they envision as the ultimate endgame?"

This is a recurrent, theme in history, carried out across multiple generations and cycling through a series of control mechanisms, which may in the end result in the ultimate decline of civilization and mass genocide.... coincident with "what" I might ask?

As in the days on Noah ...

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Total privacy is possible even on the internet, if you do everything through an encrypted proxy server located in another country.

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all the communications are routed through the US with the full help and happy support of the telecoms and other governments. The computer hardware and software manufacturers are all complicit in installing back doors into their products so that your "encrypted communications" can be read easily. Who makes the hardware and software that is the internet? Who makes your computers, hand held devices? Who makes the hardware and software for your business applications? These are all the same compaies.

All your informations belong to us.

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that gets to the big secret, the nsa is to enforce a dictatorship not to protect us. abolish the govt.

sessinpo's picture

Let us cut to the short. It's not "You have no privacy."

It is "You have no freedom."

The government is less and less transparent each year with each new administration, no matter what party. Elections aren't about what party or person can best represent you. Elections are about what party or person controls you through money - taxation and regulation. The corrupt banking system helps both parties while hurting the citizens.

Eliminating privacy is eliminating freedom. It's about control.


Look beyond post like these that seem to mean well, but are addressing the symptom, not the problem - Government (Federal)


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This story is your IQ test.

Either get (and learn to use well): Tor, GPG, Pigeon, OTR... and demand that your correspondents use them... OR...

Get a multi-hop VPN with NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE, anti-correlation and DNS protection. (The only one I know to fit that is Cryptohippie.)

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CH1 - you are totally high on crack, but just pretend you got them beat and continue on skipping down the path.

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Check out silentcircle , simon black has been promoting it as the ultimate encryption solution to txt, phone, email, plus.

From their website: "When a Silent Circle subscriber makes a phone call, sends a text, email or video chats with another Silent Circle member, that transmission is secured and encrypted end-to-end from your own iPhone, Android, iPad or computer on our crystal-clear secure network."

CH1's picture

FYI: Silent Circle doesn't protect web browsing.

SC also uses closed source code on your machine. (As in, "trust us.")

BigJim's picture

Exactly... if it's not open source... and you didn't look at the code and then compile it yourself... you have no idea what it might be up to.

Of course, I suppose it's possible the compilers are bent, too 8-/

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The US government is addressing the symptoms of the disease and not the cause.  Are they hoping to weed out a few liberty seekers and behead them in public to set an example?  I do not think so.  Those who express freedom of speech on the internet, the topics of which are not shared by the government, disappear and their circumstance is left to the imagination of their friends.

I suspect the masses they will eventually prosecute or hold with charges pending will fill many camps.


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Comments on anyone ?

Hush uses - on your machine - code that they can poison. They have done it in the past. Probably the guy they did it to was bad, but - and this brings us to the other problem - they are a single point of failure. If Big Bro gets a man inside, or intimidates the bosses, their privacy melts to nothing.

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My only complaint so far is when I sign in 'for a week'.  The next day I'm signing in for a week all over again.

Tinky's picture

That "week" is inflation-adjusted.

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Very often, 'americans' (and you can read this on this site by the way) tell that if you have nothing to hide, you should not oppose being monitored.

And that if you oppose monitoring and investigating, it shows that you know you've got something to be reproached with.

'American' usual propaganda. Going like, you know, "if you have nothing to reproach yourself with, you have nothing to fear"

But this 'american' servant to the 'american' middle class, nailed it, even partially.

With 'americans', you'll always have something to hide because they will decide what they can reproach you with.

This has to be checked but I think to remember that even the Nazis had it this right, telling people that if the nazis had nothing to reproach them, investigated people, the Nazis would let them go.

The Nazis... Managed to be sincere while 'americans' always enter convolutions to display their duplicity.

'Americanism' is definitively the best thing to have ever happened for one segment of humanity.

No matter what you've done, no matter how low you think you've reached, if you are looking for relief, if you are looking for redemption, good old 'americans' will provide for your penance of life, by showing by the example, you could have done worse actually.

No matter how bad you've been, an 'american' outdid you. Quite a comfortable thought for a certain segment of humanity. With 'americans' around, it is not possible to break the non redemption point.

'Americanism', what a gift to humanity. One could not have thought of better.