MYSTeRIouS UKRaiNiaN LiQuiD GaS DeaL SiGNeD...

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if the use of liquid gas will make the gas flowing to people gas cooktop better so I'm in.

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LOL what a joke of energy ministry !!!... Ukrainians should start stocking up wood for the next winters...

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very strange and MYSTeRIouS NEw zEaLand site seems to be affiliated with GIABO

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There is still $300 million in US Treasury Notes authorized by CONgress, and you can still demand them, but the Treasury has not printed any replacement bills since 1971, so I assume that the Fed has hoovered them all up.  These $300 million are lawful money, backed by silver, not Federal Reserve debt instruments, backed by the future slave labor of US citizens.  See 12 USC §411.


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There must be some money in the prison porn business ?

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That fahking cockaroach.

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I realized a few days ago that this year was the first time, since the infamous day, that I did not think about the Kennedy assassination on November 22, perhaps because it fell on Thanksgiving and I was distracted.

But I will always remember that day vividly. The person who got me really questioning what happened was Dick Gregory, who came to speak about it when I was in school. I became an early "conspiracy believer" and concluded early on that we would never get the truth from the government.

Notice how I don't say "our government." It certainly is not ours and the people who do own it have no compunctions about lying and deploying mayhem to achieve their objectives. This much we know for certain.

As for today's humor from the Ukraine...they almost got defrauded out of $1.5 billion. How much did Fuzzy Jon "misplace"?

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AND, the picture still remains. Worthy comments though.

So yes, lots of work that needs to be done.

Have a great day/evening/night/morning.


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Is "Fuzzy" the Intermediary wearing poop colored glasses?

Is it to hide or not let the red demon glow come out through his eyes?

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 Are you sure that's not Steven Cohen on the left? Or maybe he's under the table.


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Jonny C on the scene inking (with a very fuzzzzy X) hydrocarbon deals in the Ukraine (WTF?).

Jon sez "We gots gas in New Joisey too".

Thanx WB7!

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Yes, the Ukraine is most mysterious.

The 50-Year Mark, Part 2

---- The Deadliest Game ----

During the House Select Committee on Assassinations (the Kennedy assassination), testimony given verified that Lee Oswald --- referred to as Lee Harvey Oswald, the “presidential assassin” --- was on the CIA’s payroll and was an FBI informant.

A slew of other seemingly contradictory facts emerged, but were never fully explored, as the plug was quickly pulled on the Select Committee’s investigation once it began focusing on the CIA and David Atlee Philips, Oswald’s handler.

Lee Oswald, former Russian linguist from the USMC who had been recruited for the CIA’s “false defector” program, ended up playing the deadliest of deadly games:  a deep cover agent within a deep cover.

As a deep cover agent for the CIA, Oswald was supposed to be ferreting out communist subversives --- but in reality he was spying on the CIA for their bosses --- the Kennedy administration, to uncover the exact location of the training facilities and personnel constituting the CIA’s unauthorized assassination team for Latin America representing the interests of the multinational corporations, Operation 40.

Oswald was in New Orleans to ferret that information out of organized crime operator, Jack Ruby, who had once worked as an investigator for the US Congress in Chicago, back before he had legally changed his name from Jakob Rubenstein to Jack Ruby, and when he reported to a congressional representative named Richard M. Nixon.

Ruby had ties to the Chicago mob dating to his youth in Chicago, a mob which wasn’t strictly ethnic in composition, but made up of Irish, Jewish, Polish and Sicilian individuals.  Ruby was close friends with the owner of the land which had been leased to the Operation 40 crew, and evidently Oswald was successful as he tipped off the Secret Service and the White House to a possible assassination plot to take place during the presidential trip to Chicago, which was then called off at the last moment.  (Oswald reported to a contact within the White House who reported to the president.)

Somehow there was a leak within either the US Secret Service or at the White House level, or both.  (We now know that while President Kennedy had appointed many establishment types with links to the Rockefeller family, even JFK wasn’t aware of just how many were directly --- and financially --- connected to the Rockefeller family; at least over 45 of the top level appointees were Rockefeller people --- McCone, the CIA director who had replaced the fired Allen Dulles, not only had $1 million in Standard Oil stock, which he admitted to during his congressional interview, but had been a president of a shipping company which was indirectly owned by the Rockefellers through a series of holding companies --- even JFK hadn’t realized that.  At Kennedy’s behest, McCone went about restructuring the CIA --- but what JFK didn’t realize was that McCone had hired Nelson Rockefeller’s assistant do the restructuring.)

George Joannides, who reported to David Atlee Philips, head of the CIA’s Western Hemisphere Operations (disinformation division), journeyed to New Orleans to solidify Oswald’s cover story as an “avowed Marxist,” thus setting him up as the patsy later in Dallas.  Joannides arranged for Oswald to appear on a rightwing radio talk show for his public appearance to be later introduced into “evidence” of Oswald’s communist leanings.  (Please see audio link below, but be advised that an author who comments the piece, Anthony Summers, is citing Oswald’s officially falsified CIA military record, not his actual military record, which was immediately transferred to the CIA upon his separation from the Marine Corps --- another of those nonsensical and non sequitur items which were never questioned in the Warren Commission’s “investigation” --- military records are routinely incorporated into one’s civil service file upon employment, for promotional and retirement purposes.  Oswald’s voice appears after the 7-minute point.)

Oswald again found out about the secondary Dallas plot, after the Chicago hit had failed due to the trip cancellation, but this time Oswald found out too late and only tipped off the Dallas FBI office, a thoroughly compromised operation which had deleted his note outlining the situation.  This came out during the House Select Committee investigation back in the late 1970s; evidently there was at least one honest individual in that Dallas FBI office who recalled this instance.

In fiction there is often the hero who is portrayed as reporting directly to the president, the president’s agent  --- in reality, such an actual hero would forever be portrayed as the lone gunman.


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jesus, you make John le Carre and James Bond look like child's play.

Oswald the mole to out mole the biggest gallery of moles; holy jumping skunk a dunk. 

And it all ended up in Dallas, where the brother of he who got fired by JFK to carry the CIA can on bay of pigs, along with Bissel and Dulles, was mayor on Aldous Huxley day.

Hey, this scenario is better than gunfight at the OK corral; only in this one the Clantons kill the Earps! 

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from Tarpleys Bio of GHWB

Starting about the time of the Bay of Pigs invasion in the spring of 1961, we have the first hints that Bush, in addition to working for Zapata Offshore, may also have been a participant in certain covert operations of the US intelligence community.


follow the money...

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Lee Harvey Oswald's mother,until she died,said that her son was innocent and was being portrayed as the killer of JFK but in reality became the patsy of TBTB.

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i like how they sent those three CIA hitmen to kill bobby later


and the winking LBJ photo...

hey chief, maybe you should wait until the lady has had time to clean her husband's brains off her pant suit before you start celebrating



hey theres no NWO banking cartel though folks


just try to take away the FRN monopoly and debt-based money and see how long it takes for you to stab yourself 40 times in the back in a suicidal frenzy, drown yourself, and then dive off a high rise building.


we are all chinese now


and we are all also Andrew Jackson now.


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Watching the Z film over and over,I came to the conclusion the Jackie O was getting her ass out of the line of fire and not helping the Secret Service Agent into the Presidential Limo.

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All I know is, no one can cycle a bolt action Caranco, re-aquire and engage a moving target in the time alloted...for the amount of shots fired...and hit everytime.

Also, the time for a lone gunman to hit the target was when JFK's motorcade was coming directly at the School Book Depsository not going away...check the route and where he was perched...that was the shot to take for a "lone gunman", full frontal, sight picture getting larger (as they move toward you).

Oswald was involved but not the only one...Ruby had no outward reason to kill Oswald that I can find.

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"Ruby had no outward reason to kill Oswald that I can find."

Unless that comment was rhetorical, you may have skipped over that part in Part 2 (Oswald must have been successful in ferreting out the location of the training site of Operation 40 --- and who knows what else --- from Jack Ruby, so therefore one might suspect Ruby would be in a world of s**t from the mob and whatever CIA types who were aware of him, for giving up such data.

Payback:  Ruby had to clean up his mess by assassinating Oswald to tied up those loose ends.

But that's logical supposition on my part......

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"Lee Harvey Oswald's mother,until she died,said that her sonwas innocent and was being portrayed as the killer of JFK but in reality became the patsy of TBTB."


Ma baby didn't do nuffin'.......


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lol...he was a nice boy, just fell in with the wrong crowd ;-)

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She was retrieving a chunk of JFK's skull that had been blown off and was laying on top of the trunk. This was the result of the kill shot from the front, fired from the grassy knoll.

I don't think she was running away or helping the SS agent.

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Thank you --- and that's what she related in several interviews years later --- she was in complete shock in seeing her husband blown away beside her, and was retrieving part of him, etc.

Truly, truly said.

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In the Ukraine, everything is mysterious, no?

The 50-Year Mark, Part 1

Let the word go forth from this day on, a new generation has been born.

Born to the task to keep us free, but proud of the rights of the Home country.

This is the new frontier, this is the new frontier.   ("The New Frontier" by the Kingston Trio)


We are quickly approaching the 50-year mark of the murder of the New Frontiersman, President John F. Kennedy, and 50,000 documents on his murder are still classified --- the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is a Navy boot camp washout of a drunken loser --- Erskine Bowles, the Rockefeller-Peterson-Kissinger stooge, who sits on the board of directors of Morgan Stanley, while his wife sits on the board of directors of JPMorgan Chase, was appointed to a committee by President Obama to help his fellow neocons create that distracting fiction called the "fiscal cliff" --- what the bloody Hell is wrong with this Hollywood PR script?????


When Alexander Hamilton (and his son), Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Bobby Kennedy, and Paul Wellstone (and members of his family) were slain, the plutocrats proclaimed, " Mission accomplished! “ --- their objective achieved.  Those assassinated historically face the massive revisionism of the dead, but let those who labored mightily on the public's behalf not have perished in vain.


The List:


Battling Wall Street:  the Kennedy presidency, by Donald Gibson


Brothers:  The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, by David Talbot


Family of Secrets, by Russ Baker


Thy Will Be Done, by Gerard Colby with Charlotte Dennett


JFK and the Unspeakable, by James Douglass


The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up,  by Donald Gibson


A Terrible Mistake, by H.P. Albarelli


The Echo From Dealey Plaza, by Abraham Bolden


Eight books --- that's all, just eight books --- but most Americans haven't read a single book the last year, and most Americans are still clueless as to the causes of the recent economic meltdown.


Honorable mention:  Shane O'Sullivan's, Who Killed Bobby?


In one lengthy chapter in his book, Shane wastes precious time and resources and realizes he's been Psy Op'd --- but even then, Shane mentions the CIA's Joannides and his trip to New Orleans to set up Oswald for his fall as "they patsy" in a crucial and little-known event.


If only Shane had the time to dig more deeply into the family background of Valerie Schulte and their employment at Lockheed, and how it connected to Thane Cesar's Lockheed employment, and how Lockheed's chief of security then was the former personal US Secret Service agent to Vice President Richard Nixon --- who left the US Secret Service for Lockheed when Vice President Nixon lost his presidential bid --- and would later leave Lockheed after the RFK assassination to rejoin Nixon as his security for his 1968 presidential campaign.


Would Nixon have won the presidency in 1968 if JFK, MLK and RFK hadn't been murdered?




Would Johnson have been president in 1964 if JFK hadn't been murdered?




Some to the rivers and some to the sea.

Some to the soil that our fathers made free.

Then on to the stars in the heav'ns for to see.

This is the new frontier, this is the new frontier.


Suggested links


Kingston Trio (<i>The New Frontier</i>):</strong>,,115112,00.html


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If you actually believe that Abraham Lincoln was a figure who acted in the public good, or in defense of liberty, and was not in fact the statist tyrant and sociopathic mass-murderer that history (but not government school brainwashing) demonstrates him to be, then you are on the wrong site and still a mental prisoner of the ruling elite. 

The same holds for the monarchy-loving Hamilton, and in lesser degree for Kennedy. 

Take off your indoctrination blinders.

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"Labor is prior to and independent of capital.  Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed.  Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration."

Abraham Lincoln, December, 1861

(Most definitely doesn't sound like the rambling of a sociopath, but a stalwart individual, whom you have been fooled about by revisionist propaganda --- reread Part 1, please.)

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Stick 2+2 in a calculator, you get 4. Stick 2+2 in these latest models you get, Whoops! where did it go?  So far as I can tell, all the early model players had buttons that actually got pushed, now, the buttons are for show while they actually run on remote control...  Interesting how every "model" you brought up got whacked.   Hamilton's actually quite a character once you warm up to him,  I know, takes forever, but, the dude was rollin'.  And, the monarchy business had a hell of a lot to do with keeping the church on 'slo-mo', it was a silent conspiracy between those who had a chunk and those who had wits...  the king was kind of like a rubber bullet in an insane asylum, that we traded in for lead.  

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What was wrong with JFK? Didn't he have the balls to issue silver currency?

sgt_doom's picture

"What was wrong with JFK?"

There's a real simple answer to that, which was why I posted that list of books!!!!!

I know, reading are thinking are soooo hard....

Just go back and read JFK's budget proposals, and the legislation he was promoting, and his exeuctive orders:  radically altering the economic front to favor most people (remember, it was JFK who first used the phrase, "affirmative action") but most of all the workers --- taxing offshore capital of the super-rich, drastically lowering the oil depletion allowance, which had been in effect since 1913, taxing the foreign subsidiaries of American-based multinationals, being anti-colonialist, exactly the opposite of the Eisenhower and Johnson administrations, etc.

The list goes on and on --- read the books, then read the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission "report" -- then read the FCIC report by Angelides and Brooksley Born, the report which congress refused to put online at their gov site, which is why you find it online from Stanford.'s fundmental!

akak's picture

Willwork, no he most certainly did NOT!  That is nothing but a gross misunderstanding of US monetary history of the middle 20th century, as well as a ridiculous urban myth of recent manufacture --- I can still remember being utterly dumbfounded by it when I first ran across it on the internet around ten or twelve years ago.  US Silver Certifcates and "US Notes" had already been issued continuously for almost a century by Kennedy's time, and he did absolutely NOTHING to change the monetary status quo in the USA, much less "take on the Fed".  He was merely a willing servant of the REAL financial powers behind the scenes, as every US president has been for the last century at least.

willwork4food's picture

Thanks man, appreciate your comments. I am not aware of any Silver certificates issued by the US treasury-TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC prior to 1962. Got a link?

If so, what in your opinion was the main reason they off'd him?

akak's picture


I am old enough to be able to just barely remember the last silver certificates in circulation, mostly $1 bills, as I recall, although other denominations of them were issued as well.  In fact, I believe that ALL US $1 bills were silver certificates until the early 1960s, when Federal Reserve notes were first issued in that denomination.

Boxed Merlot's picture

I keep a $1. silver certificate circa 1957 in my bible next to a current frn 1. just as a reminder.  I see it at least once a week on average during the communion service as I thumb through looking for meditation material.

Jesus had some strong words of rebuke for the teachers of His day for their dependence on the gold in the temple vs. the the temple itself that gave the gold value.

PMs are the wealth of nations, imo.  It's the rule of law and the voluntary adherence to it that give stability, legitimacy and direction for people fortunate enough to find themselves in a time and place in history to further the ideals of trust, honesty and balance within an accepting governmental structure.


The paradox to the production of PMs and Au in particular is it requires the highest of human virtues to produce it from the earth and it's attacked at every point of production by the basest of human vices in its voyage to individual possession.  Deceit, unjust weights/measures and larceny are the most common.

However, "the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up. Since all these things are to be destroyed in this way, what sort of people ought you to be..."? 2Pet3:10-11 (partial)

Or as ZH succinctly tags, since "on a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero", how should a person spend their 70-80 orbits?

Personally, I think promoting truth is the most exciting, but is it ever easy to lie! 

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Yeah, never slagged the Salmon in the rivers with a ball of mercury to get some p*ssy*er excitement on a sattaday night.  Wuddn't no whiskey and redman whacking to keep the claim on, integrity sir, we have it in bundles, with rubber bands!

Boxed Merlot's picture

with rubber bands!...


Too bad Judah didn't have the benefit of such devices.  But then again, the lion would never had had a chance.  There are other vices used in the grand scheme of things I suppose. 


just boxed winnin. 

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I'm old enough to remember those as well.

Being somewhat of a amatuer numismatist, I came across a ten dollar silver certificate given to me as change over twenty or so years ago. I said...self...I need to segregate this in my wallet and stash it when I get home.

Well, you know what happened.

We don't see the bills anymore (stashed by people or burned by the Treasury) but I still go through my pocket change. Believe it or not I found an Indian Head nickel a couple weeks ago. No outstanding value in melt but still pretty cool and it's nice when they give you a nickel (valued in fiat) anywhere from a dollar to a few hundred dollars ;-)

Best I can remember I stopped findng silver certificates in the early 80's...when times get tough the coffee can gets dug up is my theory on it.

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so true



to me, the civil war was engineered by the very powers we tried to escape in coming to the "New World" - but you dont have to be a baconian jesuit to understand mr. lincoln's Role - for are not both men (the tyrant and his assassin) ultimately like pawns on some grand chessboard?

funny how we had to fight the bloodiest conflict in history to "get rid of slavery"... something everyone else "did" without such a conflict...


and we stand here today, all of us chinese, all of us slaves


breaking the false images and sounding out false idols


we certainly do have our work cut out for us gentlemen..,

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The Gypsies have graduated from spraying oil on driveway jobs...

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Thanks for finally tracking Jon-Jon down.

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alfred e dealmaker

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I would love it if Corzine tried to pull the same shit with Russia or Ukraine has he did in the US.

They'd have him dead of a "mysterious" Polonium-210 poisoning so fast it would make your head spin.

NotApplicable's picture

You're acting as if he went against the wishes of his masters. And that there are forces not under their control.

From what I've read, Putin has Corzined far more wealth than Li'l Jon has, yet he doesn't look very Poloniumized yet.

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At least we know what John's been doing.

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So that's where he's been hiding. Who knew? Another classic wb7!!!!!!!  LOL funny!