PRoPaGaNDA 101

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Today we have seen this...


How long until we see this?



Do you have a home you can lend?
Do you have some time you can spend?
What's not to love
They're death from above
On doomsday they'll be your best friend

The Limerick King




'Historical truth may be discovered by a professor of history. We, however, are serving historical necessity. It is not the task of art to be objectively true. The sole aim of propaganda is success" --Joseph Goebbels

Incidently, are you aware of what has been going on with media cross ownership rules and the FCC? What is designed to facilitate more concentration by Rupert Murdoch and his ilk is being promoted as a plan to promote diversity and minority ownership in media. Lean over please...

See this: Link


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I think Buck should have been made to look like someone with a track record of effective communication with children, whose name is associated with the kind of function the Fed performs . . . like Jerry Sandusky.

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It's cute how they tried to make him look like Joe Sixpack. Unfortunately people fall for that horseshit.

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There's a lot of money in propaganda (strikeout) Public Relations and money buys expertise.  Sad.

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propaganda 101:


goal #1: make them believe that this is not propaganda


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I still don't see the Order Form for Chia Bernanke.

Are you waiting for Chia Yellen? (Granted, that would be a cute gift for your favorite economist, too.)


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I can't seem to make him in my microwave. Do you want a T Shirt instead?

Seriously, would you like a mug, a poster, a mouse pad or a shirt?

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No, I want the Chia.

Call me!

Maybe we can put together a boxed set of all voting Fed members.

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OK, who stole my FEMA trailer, and why can't I read Cyrillic script?

Damn, think I need another drink.

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Ah, that's better.

RISE ABOVE  ---  Which to me means, take the high ground and shoot straight;)

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I remember my drone taking me out into the backyard and he would throw the ball and I would go get it. We used to love to play that. Then he got sick so I had to take him out into the woods and I put a bullet right into his CPU.
I miss him but it's ok now because the government assigned a new drone to watch me.

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"Propaganda is to Democracy, what the bludgeon is to the Totalitarian State."--Noam Chomsky       ...and Democracies becaome totalitarian without a bludgeon against the state. -Mercury
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the tyranny of the 1% (51/49).. recall one blogger who was commenting on the Bush Medicare bill. she was selected to read it and give her opinion. being educated she took the job seriously, but quickly confessed, that the bill was garbage, incomprehensible. i said of course, the bill is badly written so that members of both parties will read what they want into it, and the group as a whole will be split 50/50, as though you reading the results of a coin toss.

that's when the party who proposed the bill goes to work to secure the necessary 5% to get the bill passed, through cajoling, and favors, and lobbyists, they swing the undecideds, (just as they do in every presidential election) whose critical faculties have somehow failed them. (and we feel so guilty that we go along with this charade) the educated voter has to choose the lesser of two evils. and that's how bad law (and bad presidents) are made.

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I see yutes walking around the city occasionally with their pants almost falling off and wearing hats that say 'OBEY' on the front. What's that all about?

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Oh, those are the Zombie Obamabots.

Tell em to pull their pants all the way down and bend over while you give them a petroleum jelly finger wave.

If they ask why, tell em Obama says they must obey, and it's the only way to make the 1% pay their fair share of taxes.

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WB can we get a Pearl Harbor theme today?...and isnt' it time for some Christmas Banzai babes?  Please.

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My Christmas clips are all loaded

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Sirius Star Dog in the dream.

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seems (having been to war) that humans on the ground seeing the killing have the" hope no possibility" of humanity and charity towards those being eliminated..remove the human on the ground and have machines and drones or pilots high above the effects of force, and you get dresden. the future and current wars will and are non-human I pray for those who fight the banksters wars your dreams I do not envy.

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Unsurprisingly, in a money-based market economy the financial industry, with the central role already mentioned, will be of special interest to rulers and their associates in the “private” sector. “Historically, state intervention in the banking system has been one of the earliest forms of intervention in the market system,” Grinder and Hagel write. They emphasize how this intervention plays a key role in changing a population’s tacit ideology:


In the U.S., this intervention initially involved sporadic measures, both at the federal and state level, which generated inflationary distortion in the money supply and cyclical disruptions of economic activity. The disruptions which accompanied the business cycle were a major factor in the transformation of the dominant ideology in the U.S. from a general adherence to laissez-faire doctrines to an ideology of political capitalism which viewed the state as a necessary instrument for the rationalization and stabilization of an inherently unstable economic order.


In short, financial intervention on behalf of well-heeled, well-connected groups begets recessions, depressions, and long-term unemployment, which in turn beget vulnerable working and middle classes who, ignorant of economics, are willing to accept more powerful government, which begets more intervention on behalf of the wealthy, and so on—a vicious circle indeed.


Fiat money, central banking, and deficit spending foster and reinforce plutocracy in a variety of ways. Government debt offers opportunities for speculation by insiders and gives rise to an industry founded on profitable trafficking in Treasury securities. That industry will have a profit interest in bigger government and chronic deficit spending.


Quote from:

How the Rich Rule

Libertarians know the financial system is rigged.

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its part of the education con game. the leadership professes the tacit ideology, that economics is a science. economics is not a science, its a matter of policy, it works because all the resources of government are at its disposal, although nothing will save a bad or misdirected policy, these policies can continue nearly indefintely, as long as the government remains solvent (in this case buying its own bonds with fiat currency).

the educuation con says only someone who graduates from Yale or Harvard will be qualified to be President. then the C students, the Bushes and the Kerry's, and the Gores, run the government, and they hire and fire the A students,according to their ability to enhance the C students policy decisions.

policy sometimes operates in a vacuum, a good policy requires little or no propaganda in order to encourage participation, bad systems require a lot. when the number of tax cheats, and people who pay no taxes becomes too large, the policy becomes an embarrassment, and the government sends IRS agents out to collect taxes. (that's traditionally when the Republicans have their Robin Hood moment, and they ride out to save us from the tax man) although in this case both parties have their own version of bad policy, the GOP is spend and borrow. the Democrats want to tax the rich, but their policy is also spend and borrow, so the rich lose nothing as they profit the most from govenrment spending, and get very little from the shadow economy, (small business) which is where most of the people do business.


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The Republic of the United States of America (we were a REPUBLIC not a "democracy"-- the thought that we were a "democracy" is propaganda in itself) is over. It has been Usurped by foreign agents of the New World Order by the installation of a foreign non natural born Citizen as President.

Federalist 68 explains that in order to prevent foreign influence we must choose a "creature of our own" as chief magistrate, and avoid "an improper ascendant". That word "ascendant" was purposfully used by A. Hamilton in writing Federalist 68, since "A Dictionary of the English Language",  1755, by Samuel Johnson defines the noun "ascendant" (it is certainly a noun since it is preceded by the indefinite article "an") means both "inluence" and "ancestor".

(see 3 and 6 here on page 165):

The use of the words "raising a creature of their own" certainly signifies that natural born Citizens are defined by BLOOD, and that we should avoid an improper ancestor in order to avoid improper foreign influence given by blood. Barack Obama Sr. is an improper ancestor, and endowed Barack H. Obama with the blood of a British subject (forbidden since the ratification of the US Constitution). Therefore he is not an eligible natural born Citizen. The Useful idiot media-- Propaganda arm of the New World Order Central Bankers--- have been covering this fact for over 4 years now. What better way to void the US Constitution than by installing an illegal President? Can one born a British subject, and raised in a rats den of anti American family and friends be a "creature of their own"?

Filed in Fla.


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A Dictionary of the English Language 1755, Samuel Johnson

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See "ascendant" NOUN (3 and 4) on page 165

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God Bless Amy Goodman and Noam! I'm just sayin' the truth is not being told in the left wing media.

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The Left Wing media meme is another misdirection. It's all just one big MSM.

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Manufactured consent?  Yes please, that sounds lovely.

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The job of all MSM media whores is to keep propping up the status quo establishment.



bigger and better pic of the March of Tyranny by Ben Garrison here.

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Ask Noam about 9/11, or even more controversial truths. Like Amy Goodman, the Left Gatekeepers are strong, - until they are not.

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Yeah, Noam can EABOD. I can understand how stupid people can undermine society without fully understanding what they're doing. Super-smart guys like Chomsky, though? They just have to be pure evil to engage in the highly-filtered narrative the provide.

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I studied Chomsky in school, before he was known for his politics.

He is a super smart guy.

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Oh, come on.

Pure evil is good for you.

And, a spoon full of sugar helps the pure evil go down.

Right Mary Poppins?

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Ask yourself why a supposed 'left-winger' Noam Chomsky would care about defending the official narrative of 9/11 given to us by a supposed 'right-winger' 'conservative' George W. Bush administration.

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Good propaganda is constructed to be easily comprehended by people in the lowest intellectual strata of society.   That notion first appeared in one of Goebbels' boss's few literary works...  The MSM lead up to Iraq II was a perfect example.

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Keep it simple and play to collective emotions.

But that Fed cartoon is slightly different. Some moron designed that to inculcate school children.

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Right, playing on emotions is highly key, based on what we know about brain processes.  If I understand the concept, the frontal lobes (where Reason and Judgement share jokes) are connected to an area called the amygdala, that is wired to handle fight/flight episodes and gives rise to "strong emotions."  When activated it inhibits judgement by inhibiting the activity of the frontal lobes.

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Meanwhile, in bootcamp, I learned "Yours is not to wonder why. Yours is but to do, or die."

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The limbic system, which as I understand it is also wired directly to our visual processing.

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Yup, primates rule as far as visual cortex processing. It must have been all the millions of years trying not to get stepped on while looking for bugs to eat.

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Pennies under a steamroller...

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Which is another thing.

The phrases "We're doing this for the children!" or "Our children deserve better." are very powerful emotional propaganda weapons.

Of course, what they are actually saying is, give us more of your money through taxes.

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"We're doing this for the children!"

Classic..., when I hear this, I run the other direction.

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It takes a village..............Public 'education'=useful idiot/moron factory.

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It takes a village, to loot and pillage.

Or as Fred G. Sanford once said, "I gots what it takes, to takes whats they gots."

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taking PS and rehyprothecating printouts through the dirtiest old scanner you could find with some subtle movement during the scan was an old school photocopier technic that could produce some amazing unknown effects.

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i know you were probably rushing it a bit but still the hardcore photoshop chamfer on cutting out murdoch's head is very fitting

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Actually it was intentional. I wanted the scissor cut and paste look of Weimar period Dada.

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The sharp angles are less human, scarier.  : >

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I don't use the magic cutting tool and curve select tools in PS because I don't like how it looks. I literally try to emulate scissor cutting. I've even done manual scissor and exacto cutting to practice the style.