SHeRiFF KHuZaMi...

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I had been wondering why it has taken so long for the subprime shit to hit the Deutsche Bank fan. Today we know.

And what about Khuzami, Chief Porn Viewer and rumored candidate for SEC Chairmanship? 

He recused himself from the Deutsche Bank derivatives investigation. So what!  Does this restore your confidence in the SEC?

So Mister "hot shot" enforcement chief can't direct the biggest most controversial investigation on his watch because he has a VLCC (Very Large Crude carrier) sized conflict.

Actually it is more than a mere conflict in the typical sense of "mere appearance of impropriety" is it not? It is potential complicity in the alleged fraud, or yet another case of corporate "I didn't knowed nuttin."

Wouldn't you like to be the hapless SEC Porn examiner who has to summon his boss for a deposition?

Who is the retiring Chair-Dingbat who hired this guy anywhoey?

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Another masterpiece!

I 'share' your work more frequently than most other ZH posts, because most people won't make the effort to read, let alone understand most of the other posts here.

Your work makes it simpler to understand, and fun learn, even though the lesson reveals an ugly truth.


We simpletons of the world thank you, Mr Banzai.

williambanzai7's picture

I don't believe people who have been swindled out of seeing the truth deserve to be called simpletons.

If you intentionally look the other way or close your eyes, that is a different matter.

But being hoodwinked by card sharps and Ivy League conmen is not something I believe should reflect negatively on the intelligence of the victims. Honesty is a form of intelligence.

buckethead's picture

I can agree with that... but do note that I included myself in the simpleton category. Not to indict myself or anyone else, but to keep myself in check. (a few months reading a few blogs does not a financial guru make) There is a measure of willful ingnorance, of which I am guilty. 

I guess my point is, if I pump out kitty pics or music vids, people respond. If I link to ZH... *crickets chirp*. Your format (sattirical/metaphorical/parodical art) makes learning about financial corruption (and finance in general) more accessible.

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He that controls where the printing press is aimed at...

controls the world

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Conflict of interest?

"What you talkin' bout Willis?"

These guys are lucky Germany must have lousy whistle-blower laws otherwise there would be some tragic accidents and maybe a regrettable suicide or two.



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We need 6 starts up for your fine work!

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I am extremely happy you chose Khuzy-tard as your next project.  This fucking shithead needs to burn and burn so fucking hot it creates a firestorm right up and through the executive branch of our corrupted, incompetent and flat out treasonous political system. 

Keep up the great work WB!  May your work go viral in the MSM!

williambanzai7's picture

When you think about it, it really is genius: let's hire a former prosecutor to be enforcement chief, only lets hire one that was the Chief Counsel of a bankster RICO enterprise.

You want to know what the SEC needs? William Black to run enforcement and Brooksley Born as Chairman. But that is just my fantasy.

Stud Duck's picture

William, I met Bill Black at the Occupy KC thing last fall. He and another gal did a little question and answer under a tent for the artsy crew of KC.  To my suprise, the retired head of the KC Fed was also there, had a really good discussion with him, but can remember his name at the time of this message (age again with too much hard living I suppose). The gal and Assoc Prof Bill gave the discussion session with was a hottie, I believe he last name was Kelton. Very easy on the eyes!

I agree, he would be the worst nightmare for Jamie, Lloyd, and company.

williambanzai7's picture

He would do as well. So you see the rhetorical question "who would you propose that is better" is really just a load of bullshit.

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Fantasy is an understatement...a high velocity wet dream is more appropriate.

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moreover; it is Open Complicity in the fraud, that's why he's perfect - they know without a doubt he is corrupt and will play ball with the fraudopoly


its a trigger man play with bonus plausible deniability on the side

...check please

and can i get a doggy bag for Ponzi :)

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Deutsche Bank/Alex Brown/Bankers Trust lots of interesting connections...

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Internet porn has a gross income greater than pro football, pro baseball and pro basketball combined! There are so many Asian, Mideastern, and others outside the USA that crave input daily of young women hoseing each other with large strapons, that the demand someyine can not be filled. and many others like it are rolling more money into their operations than most large corps in the US, and they have a overhead that is a fraction of pro sports or other large corps.

Facts that you wont see on Bloomberg!

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Somewhere in business pages was a claim that the largest cross-national internet commerce is Chinese guys buying Japanese porn

Regarding most popular porn sites, some links via Matt Drudge indicate the #3 and #4 websites in the world are Xvideos and Youporn, and that at moments Xvideos, with its video-heavy bandwidth, is actually 2% of all the intenet traffic in the whole friggin' world - ha!

The thousands of porn videos on those #3 and #4 sites are actually entirely free, apparently, tho a lot of pop-up etc advertising  ... the movies are both amateur 'captured' husband-and-wife items from Facebook etc but also lots of commercial porn assembled from file sharing sites or otherwise pirated

Makes one wonder ... Are the US government and oligarchs, sponsoring the major porn sites - which offer thousands of hours of free porn - just to turn global male youth into mush heads?

The US government is aggressive trying to close down the sites offering free Hollywood movies, like mega upload, but they allow the sites with the free pirated and hijacked porn movies ... Is it possible the free porn sites are also sponsored by the Western governments too?

The online porn is said to be a reason why, in recent years, girls are doing much better at university and getting higher grades and more advanced degrees ... the boys are watching porn, or playing video games, and becoming idiots ... girls are much less tempted by video stuff

So is that what is happening to not just the American SEC regulators, but the whole of Western civilisation? A way of 'drugging' the populace along with the drugs the CIA is actually selling, part of 'Brave New World' type psychological control, to get people to stop thinking? Get the males of the world hooked on free porn?

Here is one of the articles in the link chain from Matt Drudge ... tho the article's numbers for global internet traffic in the article are not consistent, given the number of seconds in 24 hours (86,400) ... And it seems that global internet traffic now is actually about 1.5 exabyes per day (exabyte = 1024 petabytes = 1024 terabytes = 1024 gigabytes) ... But interesting ...  From the article:

« ... At peak time, Xvideos might burst to 1,000Gbps (1Tbps) or more. To put this into perspective, there’s only about 15Tbps of connectivity between London and New York ... in other words, a single porn site accounts for almost 2% of the internet’s total [global] traffic. »

psychobilly's picture

"The online porn is said to be a reason why, in recent years, girls are doing much better at university and getting higher grades and more advanced degrees ... the boys are watching porn, or playing video games, and becoming idiots ... girls are much less tempted by video stuff"

I love statements like this.  Is said to be a reason why, by whom?  Based on what evidence? 

What intellectual pursuits, by comparison, does the fairer sex spend their time on?  Romance novels (porn for women) do $1.4 billion a year in US sales.  Who in the main is watching all of the insipid soap operas?  What type of magazines are the most popular with women?  Spend whatever time you can stomach perusing the contents of: Better Homes & Gardens (circulation 7,648,900), Good Housekeeping (4,336,711), Woman's Day (3,863,710), Ladies Home Journal (3,267,239), Cosmopolitan (3,032,211), O, The Oprah Magazine (2,461,464), Glamour (2,304,146), Redbook (2,211,659), Martha Stewart Living (2,060,304), Seventeen (2,016,049), In Style (1,713,802), Shape (1,656,678), Self (1,545,247), Vogue (1,248,121), First For Women (1,310,696), Woman's World (1,308,599), Elle (1,132,860), Allure (1,108,834), Essence (1,050,013), Teen Vogue (1,029,336).

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Is there something else people should be doing?

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Not doubting you, but the trusty InterWebs show (me):

NFL: $9B

MLB: $7B

NBA: $4B

WWP: $5B (world wide porn) not that they are rigorously audited ;-)

My point would be that the DB fraud at $12B may still be the top scoring screwing.