Update On Potential War Against Syria

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We reported yesterday:

  • 10,000 U.S. troops – as well as French, British and Nato troops – are amassing off the coast of Syria for a potential invasion

Here are updates in this quickly-moving situation:

  • Pentagon officials say that there is no evidence that Syria is mixing chemical weapons, and “it’s not even clear that the precursors have been moved from separate storage sites to one location”
  • On the other hand, the the Syria Tribune has released a video allegedly showing Syrian rebels killing rabbits with chemical weapons, and threatening to use them against supporters of the Syrian government. (It is impossible at this point to say whether this is genuine or propaganda)
  • The U.S. will designate one of the leading Syrian rebel groups as a terrorist operation.  McClatchy notes that – until recently – the Syrian opposition blamed this terrorist group’s attacks on the government. In other words, the terrorist violence carried out by one of the main opposition groups was wrongly blamed on the Syrian government (in fact,the U.S. has backed various terrorist opposition groups in Syria)

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It remains to be seen if the US military will follow orders through... I am an outsider of America and I sense wedge between the civilian leadership and the military leadership in the United States. This could lead to internal implosion before a war gets at a full fledge level. There are ways to prevent the UNited States to go to war through by wacking its treasuries market.

Reading history books, I do not sense the same level of rebellion within the United STates in 1939 and 1917.

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There are good conscientious leaders in the military but it is rare for someone to get to the highest level without being a very astute politician these days.  Look at what happened to GEN Ham when push came to shove.  There was a much bigger rebellion going on in 1968 than today among the public in the US just to pick a date.  Meaningful dissent is very much a minority phenomenon and is quickly contained by diversions.  


I do agree with you that the overextended position of the government ultimately remains a major strategic defense vulnerability.

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When I saw the video of General Wesley Clarke listing the coutries pegged for regime change and that Syria was between Libya and Iran on the list it became clear that what was planned was a staged war by America against those countries it did not control. Everything that has since occurred has confirmed this,

Setarcos's picture

True.  The PNAC (Project for the New American Century) was plotted back in the 1990s and it has gone largely to plan; though I am inclined to think that empire over-reach will soon result in total chaos, amidst pending WW3.


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All of this worry and concern regarding US military action in Syria is unnecessary. In the past decade our dear majority leadership and the dedicated-to-truth media have informed us that a despot (S. Hussein) in using chemical weapons on fellow countrymen ( northern Iraqi Kurds) was not sufficient provocation to use military force. I remember this. We are not the world's policeman. Ergo, we won't attack the current Syrian regime. I'll sleep better.

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In other news, Iran pulled fuel rods out of its reactor at just the right time to maximize the quality of plutonium contained therein.  Nice work Team Obama & our European "friends".  Iran should now be considered a nuclear power.

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I already did.  Have done since it became clear Iran was operating well established large-scale underground uranium enrichment program, at more than one military facility, since well before 2003.  As you probably know they don't actually need fuel-rod plutonium to make a working A-bomb.

But if they wanted a very fast boost-phase missile launch, that totes a regional strategic EMP capability (that can simultaneously kill regional radars and other sensors, comms and sats needed for a missile shield to work), then the lighter plutonium trigger and smaller tamper mass may be desirable to get it up to altitude and detonate over Saudi or Jordan before it can be intercepted by an SM3 kill-vehicle.

I'm pretty sure they can do this already though, with smaller U-235 nukes, at lower altitude, launched on slower boost-phase missiles. The plutonium trigger would just give them more credibility to be able to do it faster than anyone could ever be confident of responding to.

Thus a huge strategic deterrent to the US, Israel and sectarian Arabs.

Setarcos's picture

So you are a war-mongering shill for Washington and Tel Aviv.

Element's picture

You're projecting.  A statement regarding the implications of known material facts is what you read from me above.

I've been around these parts a long time now and have made my views objectively and clearly, based on facts, and I've done it to each side.

I do that because I'd rather we acknowledged and faced these material facts, before we're confronted with a blundering unexpected interaction with them.

As Robert McNamara said in the Fog of War; with nuclear weapons you get only one chance to get it right.  

So maintaining ignorance about them and the contries with this potential is not a viable behaviour, but it is a behaviour we see far too many politicians and MSM indulging in, and in the gross overestimation of their real position.

I don't remember seeing you around here or doing anything like that though so jam your smarmy slights up your ample arse.

Element's picture



Dear Georges,

Naval fleets on station near a combat zone, which may come under fire at short notice, do not parade around playing happy flotilla. Nor do they make cute little patterns with F/A-18Es on their flight deck. It's incredibly obvious your photo was most probably lifted from a USN enlistment display poster - Join the navy, see the world, blow shit up. Don't be such a chump, or at least stop using such facetious dramatic-licence, whilst expecting the rest of us to be your chump.

Yeah, that's what you did there mate.  Things that are true don't need spin reinforcement, they just need honest presentation.  The link you gave to this photo and its caption even says:


"The USS Eisenhower Strike Group (file photo) has moved off the coast of Syria."


Jaberwocky's picture

"file photo" - what's unclear about that?

Element's picture

What was unclear about it is that GW didn't use that caption, nor say it was just a file photo.  Apparently he didn't realise it was, but instead indicated it was the real thing. I pointed out it wasn't so he edited his post to remove the photo, and that was the appropriate thing to do. 

The Heart's picture

Always great to see your enlightening postings here Element, as well as Mr Jim's below.

Would you please speak your thoughts about all the rhetoric being spewed out now from so many directions about the use of chemical weapons. Like, are you getting the feeling too that this may be a pre-emptive propaganda barrage for the coming event and planned invasion of Syria, or just hype to scare the sheeple?

Thanks in advance and many blessings on all your doings.


Element's picture

Hey Heart,

Jim is definitely a guy I listen to. I think he's summed it up nicely.

The bloodbath will continue without resolution, and this may cause a much more general conflict, as the media hand-wringing propaganda gets louder, mixed in with western lies and utter stupidity in Washington Paris and London.  It's a sad time in the Western world when Tehran and Moscow have more cred, are making more sense, are more open and honest, and are far more trustworthy, and are not the ones directly promoting and arming Islamic terrorism, foisting violent regime-changes, and creating the conditions of desperation, ripe for global revolution to occur.

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Syria didn't build those chemical weapons.  Someone else did.

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So let us learn here around the ZH fire....personally I have my doubts that Syria can be maintained as it is currently constituted.  Two wiki links should get the point across:

1.  "Syria" under French occupation, 1920s.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mandate_of_Syria.png

2.  Alawite falconer, WWII era.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Alawite_falconer.jpg

These folks understand that they will be exterminated by the Sunni majority, both for their different ethnic and religious profile and for the acts committed in their name by the Ba'ath Party. 

This is not like Tunisia, Libya or Egypt.  More like Lebanon, the Balkans, Iraq.

Very bad.  One thing you can see, no Clinton or Obama discussion of how the Alawite people can be eased into some kind of territorial status with security and rights within post-Assad Syria.  It seems like a dream, just wrting that sentence and realizing I am the only person writing it!!! When that is the actual issue.  Since this is ZH I will simply say:  FUCK.

Over and over again, simple lack of decency, lack of strategic common sense, and fake postures of 'looking smart' from so-called Leaders of the Free World.  Bah.  The Alawites are just like the Jews.  They will use WMDs.  But then, so have we. 

Once again, corruption and cowardice at the top of the superpower structure is leading us into Hell.  Right when technology population and resource constraints make working for prosperous, democratic societies around the world (starting at home) more important than ever. 

May the Lord preserve us.

The Heart's picture

Ahhh...Mr Jim from MN.

So good to see your well expressed light on ZH. And we see Element here too. This is interesting in that as previously stated, many people are getting the same vibe about this possible false flag event shaping up, or not.

Would you please add your thoughts also around all the hype and apparent preparations for the coming escalation of the war in Syria.

Always great to see you show up with your light.

Grace and gratitude.


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watched the CBS coverage of this war, and besides beating the audience to death with scenes of suffering, to date they have said little about who or why. tonight they interviewed some wounded soldiers, who claim the rebels are really ISLAMIC MILITANTS. (and no doubt funded by US CIA) and one soldier said that the militants hold the families of the fighters hostage in their own country, to make them fight in Syria. but after months of this, little or no journalism has been done to establish what this so called civil war is all about. the truth leaks out slowly ducklings

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Isaiah 17:1

"An oracle concerning Damascus: "See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins."

No, this did not take place when the Assyrians defeated the Arameans and overran Damascus in 732 BC.

Otherwise Damascus would not be a city as it is today.


Just Sayin.....




Divine Wind's picture



George, George, George.

I can only assume it is an oversight that you did not make mention of all of the U.S. troops in Jordan (shhhhhh) and the quiet buildup of additional NATO assets in Turkey. And I do mean far more than the Patriot missiles.

Jack Burton's picture

Germany announced 400 troops deploying to Turkey. The NATO vultures are gathering to be in on the kill!

Jack Burton's picture

The US corporate media jumped all over this story. I mean they went whole hog, CNN was literally screaming that the Syrian government was locked loaded and only waiting for the word from Assad to launch chemical weapons on SYrian people. They showed old films of Saddams chemical attacks on Kurds and asked with baited breath "Is this what is coming in Syria within hours?"

You gotta love the Neo-Con media here in the USA, whatever the war mongering US government tells them to say, they say. And they can hype it up like crazy. Any ordinary slob coming home from work and flipping on CNN would have thought chemical attacks and mass death had already taken place. An there is always General Spider Marks to interview about the coming chemical mass murder. And of course a few Israeli sources are quoted as saying "Israel was on high alert for fear of being attacked".

Jesus this stuff gets old! War after war after war. And that god damn old war crazed bitch Ms. Clinton. Everytime her mouth opens it is with a threat to kill other people. That bitch is the biggest liar and war criminal on earth.

Oldwood's picture

Just wondering what the difference is between the neocon media, the main stream media, the left wing media and fox? Or are you just referring to THE media? 

Oldwood's picture

We are so totally screwed. If anyone dare recall, Bush was torn apart by the left claiming he either had prior knowledge of 9-11 or failed to protect us. Real or not this is the excuse used for everything that is happening. Politicians are hired to act. They will always act rather than do nothing. Bush was attacked for doing too little, then everyone rallied about retribution, or threats there of, and once hostilities had begun he was a war criminal. No president would survive a week without all of the liberty grabbinig laws we currently have in place, if we were attacked, for real or not. How can we survive as free people with paradigm? Poor people, unemployeed people must be helped, right? Any president who says no, is a hater, right? Yet we all known the cost of "feeding the bears". Before long the bears will be eating us, be we dare not say No. American people have bought into the idea of government protection and with all protection rackets, the protector will own us. For those who think they will be happy as slaves, maybe all will be good. But for the more free range types as well as the hope of economic prosperity, it will be worse than death.

the grateful unemployed's picture

bush was never NEVER attacked by anyone other than maybe Webster Tarpley, (and Vincent Bugliosi - who knows a mass murdered when he meets him) NEVER attacked for doing TOO LITTLE before 9/11, or doing TOO MUCH afterwards. end of story

lakecity55's picture


False Flag

galF eslaF

Show us the Beef!

"Highly Reliable but completely unknown and contacted us from an unlisted number in Hawaii Sources...."



The Heart's picture

Now to be serious, what is phenomenal is, so many people around the world are reporting the same feelings in almost the same exact wordings. This alone is to be concerned about and not just premonition any more. Sadly, it is the potential behavior pattern of a rogue regime gone mad with insanity and warmongering desires.

Still, the main issue is, will something like a false flag event actually be pulled off with all this light shining on the possibility?


From the APFN YahooGroups Page:


A Chemical False Flag Event coming in Syria?


Dear folks,

We are fast approaching dangerous waters. Soon, we may see a false flag event using some sort of chemical weaponry in Syria to justify a planned invasion of that country and those poor people. These mercenary al-cia-duh murderers of women and children are going to be used to start the larger war, and then turn on the cia babylonian masters and come to america to do the same. We have heard this reported. They said they were going into Syria when they were in Libya and sure enough, they are murdering and causing mayhem in Syria like they did in Egypt and Libya.

Syrian Rebels: ‘When We Finish With Assad, We Will Fight the U.S.””


More and more people are plainly seeing this set up coming as the evil main stream media evil propagandists pump up the set up lies and disinformation to spin the horror story. Will it come over the Christmas/New Years holidays, or after the new year? The evil hitlery is blabbing her gross rhetoric to set up the pins like they do in a bowling game. We hear her spewing stuff like what is reported in this story below. It is troubling because everyone knows she is running the illegal evil us al-cia-duh mercenary army of murderers program.

Syrian “False Flag” Imminent or is Something Else Going On?


False Flag Alert: US Claims Syria “Moving Nerve Gas Out of Storage”:


Everybody knows how this evil bankster empire for profit and evil eugenics programs operates and yet, it continues in this insane situation as no one seems to care what the rouge-out-of-control-govt does. No one wants to get off their arse and DO something to stop this insanity of constant warring for the dollar and the oil oligarchies profits as long as the electricity is on.

Here is Syrian Girl doing the best job of reporting that is right on target months ahead of what may come. This woman deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for what she is doing.

Chemical Weapons False Flag Against Syria Update:


The pure evil of these usa-mercenaries in Syria that unfolds in the face of the world’s people is being purposely shown to them loudly and vividly, and covered up well in the usa. One has no regards for the ignorant fox/cnn TV drug watchers that glare endlessly at these two major channels of the devils lies, and evil dis/mis-information that is programming them to be stupid useless eaters and breathers. This public view of america and the evil isreal is to anger everyone in the world to turn against the usa and isreal, so when the armies of Russia and China conquer those counties and take all the resources and kill off the useless eaters and breathers, no one will come to the rescue, or care for the bully oil-dollar empire that falls to the world war it is being set up to lose. No one will care about nation’s that do not care about themselves anymore. No one will care for a nation of corruption and evil that keeps electing the same evil that is taking America and isreal to hell and the bone yards of past empires that tried to do the same exact things. No one will care for a evil civilization that falls to their own ignorance and self-centered greed.

Thousands of US troops arrive near Syrian shore on USS Eisenhower:

(read the comments)

People, you are being told this truth to help you stop it. If you do not, ALL will perish. Anyone who thinks they will live through what is being set up is foolish at best, and just plain ol stupid in fact. No one will escape this babylonic evil that is slowly consuming every bit of decency that is left in america. After the lower al-cia-duh minions are used to kill and quell the poor innocents in the usa, they will be rounded up and killed themselves. No one is going to escape by going into a bunker that is wired to come down, or be gassed when the time comes. There is no room in the future for murderers that would turn on their own people. Ponder that you babylonian minions, trolls, and assorted flunkies for the bankster empire of the god money. When it crashes, there will be no hole for you to hide in that the double-edged sword of Truth and Justice will catch you all eventually in.

Stupid is as stupid does. No where in the world are the people more dumbed down, or as stupid as they are in the usa. As long as they have their ipod, or beer bottle in their hand, they will not care until the gun is in their face and they are about to be killed. Why in the world this insanity of pure ignorance goes one every day in the face of the world, and those in the usa that see plainly what is happening is just hard to believe. It is continuing to be allowed for the great utopian empire promised at the other end. It is hard to imagine that the entire govt of the criminal govt in the usa is complicit in this wicked plan to kill the county America. There is NO future for this kind of evil.

Here are some more videos and stories that must be pushed out so everyone can plainly SEE what is possibly coming, and then have the choice to turn their back on this to allow it to happen, or to get loud and shine the light on the real evil that may unfold to expand this world war into manifesting.







Pray if you do people, but most of all, get out and tell the world what you know. You all have a choice. Wake up and stop this insanity, or go back to sleep and wait for the exterminators to come to your door. Choice is the greatest gift the Creator gave you. Everything material and spiritual is bound by the Law of Gravity…by the Law of Cause and Effect…by the Law of Love…and by the Law of Brotherhood. May you choose your eternal rewards well.



the grateful unemployed's picture

why don't you just say weapons of mass destruction, everyone knows what you are saying.

Mark Noonan's picture

It probably will come to nothing as far as we are concerned...though there is just a chance that Obama is stupid enough to try it.

williambanzai7's picture

With 500,000 predicted layoffs in the defense industry you can bet that the crisis engineers are operating 24/7 to find a new mega conflict to instigate.

Jam Akin's picture

Watch for much hoopla about the "Chinese Threat" coming soon to a theatre near you WB.

disabledvet's picture

operating in chemical and biological war environments is VERY expensive. And no...THIS IS NOT A JOKE. I do believe in the media reports...if there is a strike do you think "war drums will be beating in the USA"? YEAHHHH, RIGHT. ask yourself this: "what would the USA or anyone else actually do?" and the answer of course is "absolutely NOTHING"...in at least an offensive sense. Defensively Turkey has already asked...and received...patriot missile batteries FOR DEFENSIVE PURPOSES. But let's be clear: "the USA is not going in guns a blazing"...fancy photos aside. maybe in Libya...but certainly not into Syria if there's a chemical weapons launch. and obviously "the plan is not to use the weapons against their own people." not that that might not happen...by even someone other than themselves actually.

New_Meat's picture

yep, and a greenie on ya.

But how does the "syria WMD" thing get played out when the "Iraq" WMD thing (after total world-wide consensus and a 14 month delay) get deprecated????

If there were an honest media (coughing now, sorry, ...) someone would have done that investigation.  But, ... NYET.

I'm no social commentator, so I await the wisdom of especially GW, and await the commentary of WB7, with spillable liquids out of arms' reach.

- Ned

{We ought to play this one out, because the "MSM" parallels are so similar.}
{{otoh, Saul has no problems with foolish consistencies, so why bother???}}


luckylogger's picture

We will not fuk that one up.......... you can be sure there will be WMD's............................................

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Re “Anonymous U.S. sources” are claiming that Syria is mixing chemical weapons...


with a Partridge In A Pear Tree ....


tony bonn's picture

the neocons and obamaslime are salivating for a war in syria - and believe me, the cia has been keeping al qaeda extra busy with all kinds of terrorist acts to pin on the syrian government......i am afraid syria is going down because the war mongerers are even more lustful of the fabulous wealth of iran.....that is a war which the assholes lose....i mean cia loses..

lakecity55's picture

The fork-toungued reptilian shapeshifters Lust for the Gold in Iran.

Billions must die so they can have it all.

Begone, evil minions of Satan!

New_Meat's picture

tony: I'd be with you on the obamaz, nyet on the neoz salivating.

but your post is as empty of facts as most of GWz posts.

basically, you are spewing shit that is in the "useful idiot" zone.

- Ned

Bastiat's picture



Onward Christian soldiers!!!  


"Original Post: A West Point cadet publicly announced his decision to quit the prestigious military academy just months before graduating to protest what he sees as the illegal infusion of military procedures and events with fundamentalist Christian proselytizing.

'Countless officers here and throughout the military are guilty of blatantly violating the oaths they swore to defend the Constitution,' wrote Page, who was slated to graduate in May. 'These men and women are criminals, complicit in light of day defiance of the Uniform Code of Military Justice through unconstitutional proselytism, discrimination against the non-religious and establishing formal policies to reward, encourage and even at times require sectarian religious participation.' "


The was a very similar scandal at the Air Force Academy in recent years.  If you don't see this as ominimous, you must be smoking something.


lakecity55's picture

another twink who voted for Barry's Chocolate Highway

Mark Noonan's picture

I seriously doubt the veracity of the claims - now, if it had been over anti-religious indoctrination, that would be credible.  For crying out loud, remember who is President right now...the chances that West Point is a hot bed of Christian fundamentalism is absurd.

Jam Akin's picture

Here's a link that sheds light on the story from a slightly different angle:




George Washington's picture

Thank you ... and a BIG hat tip to the cadet.

TulsaTime's picture

GW- Do you know if Annapolis has had any of these problems?  This is the first I've heard of West Point being infected, and we know about the Air Force infestation.  I guess all that crap about the dominionists is not totally vaporware.

Zer0head's picture

It is outrageous that a military institution in this country would dare to allow the Christian religion to mingle with and adulterate  the atheistic principles so very clearly outlined and displayed in the US constitution 



nmewn's picture

Clearly not an act of Divine Providence...or sumpin ;-)

New_Meat's picture

otoh: wiccan chaplains are utterly acceptable to people who accept that concept. - Ned.

nmewn's picture

Weird ain't it?

And yet they find no hypocrisy of logic in their words and deeds to do a beat down on Christianity at every available opportunity.

Ah well, score one for Marilyn, Charlie Manson & Gaia.

Pretty sure that was just a slap, not a beat down ;-)