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Here's a new Christmas tradition
To honor the drones and their mission
Peace, Hope and Love
And Death from Above
To all those who practice sedition

The Limerick King

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four golden stars for your forehead

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old ZH article - good readin as we near the 'cliff' and wonder why nobody in power really seems to be all that worried......

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public private doesn't matter.


public banks can be influenced by private wealth.

private banks can be controlled by public politicians bought by private wealth.


central bank = absolute power.


introduce competition of currency.


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Plus 1 million on that Xmas Card

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Pearl Harbor Day 2012 -


No worries.  We sent an earthquake to Japan today. Rattled them good.  Sure they learned a lesson from it.


jb (droning on and on again)

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On the other hand...  Great news recently for Japan!  Seems moral revisionists have declared that Pearl Harbor was not, I repeat, was NOT an act of war!

Must be seen to be believed:!

Only from the mouth of warmongers...

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"Peace on Earth" by Banzai should be the new American flag.  

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I know that somewhere in this world there are sick people looking at this stuff and they are not laughing.

To them I say, go and buy a copy of the constitution and paste it to your fucking foreheads.

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did you see Jesse Ventura's Ozark conspiracy theory, start at 36:00 minutes for the underground city.

also if anyone missed his Denver Airport episode, worth checking out, massive underground cities having been built for the chosen few.  Scary stuff


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Sadly, most are incapable of reading,let alone understanding

the other 'barbarous relic' of much better and simpler times.

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That's why I'll settle for them pasting it on their foreheads.

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to me the drone war and GITMO are the same thing, a lot of innocent people caught up in it, a lot of guilty ones denied any kind of justice. obama supporters pulled the lever for him, and not once did i hear any of them complain. there must be something far worse than obama out there, to scare them all so, the little rabbits. i wonder what it is that the slaughter of innocents has to continue?

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"Tora!  Tora!  Tora!" is a great movie.

Litlle did the Japanese know that attacking the U.S. would bring about their financial collapse after 50 years of mimicking Western industrial, post-industrial, post-service economies and financial engineering (legerdemain).

Those that died on both sides would be ashamed at what their "leadership" did with their sacrifices.

Drones, shadow banking, debt spending, and economic indentured servitude are an insult to them.

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That's likely true of every modern war.

Meanwhile, 29 years ago today (believing Reagan* wasn't out to kill me), I raised my hand and swore to uphold and defend the US Constitution from ALL enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC, from within the ranks of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. This day shall live in infamy!

* Of course, I had little knowledge then that it was Bush who was trying to kill Reagan.

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i raised my hand some 44 years ago and i am still defending THE CONSTITUTION, even though i hung up the uniform years ago. it figures to get you in trouble sooner or later.

the old mans ship was sunk in early January after PH, on the way to Wake Island. the navy gave him a check for his personal belongings, 3 dollars and change. he never cashed it. i remember one day not long before he died, we were standing in the yard and an airplane flew over head, and without looking he said, that's a Jap Zero. and i looked up and sure enough it was, heading for an air show. some things you neer forget, smells and sounds. 

i always liked the  movie 1941, when the submarine starts shelling the amusement park. hollywood! they were looking for a symbolic target like Wm Banzai. keep firing buddy, the war never ended and we're all on the same side now.

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I appreciate and thank you for your service.

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Is that shorts or a wide belt?

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I second that, but with some distraction.

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Right click---check.

Save image as "2012ChristmasCard.jpg --------check.

Upload to Apple, pay, send.

Thank you William!

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Do they have an Xmas card service?

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Flat cards in iPhoto are a buck a piece...

Vista Print probably has a better deal too.

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Try  THey even have a Banzai dept.

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I have decided to modify my zazzle approach.

Instead of putting up a bunch of stuff no one buys since I am guessing what people want, I will respond to specific requests, the condition being if you request it you will please purchase at least one.

I will respond to any request involving an existing Banzai7 image that in my judgement will not violate zazzle's Terms of Service. FYI, they don't want to be bothered by movie parodies and similar copyright thickets.

So whoever wants a specific item now is the time to speak up for Christmas. Drop a message here or on twitter @williambanzai7

My zazzle shop is

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Ironically all the US government hoaxing about 11 September 2001

Has now led many people to dig deeper into 7 December 1941, and many more Americans are now aware that Pearl Harbour was yet another stage-managed 'attack' ...

With the US having blockaded Japan's energy supplies in the Pacific to provoke the Japanese - a clear act of war by the US against Japan - and the US also having significant advance warning of Pearl Harbour, letting its own citizens and military personnel die to create the pretext for US war entry and eventual nuclear holocaust of Japanese civilians

Time for the American Empire to die, along with the other Empires on history's rubbish-heap

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Of course. One of the most honorable military cultures in the history of the earth. (if there is any honor in violence) performed a dirty sucker punch on admiral perry's navy with only 100 years warning.

So you get a slow hell in the japanese commoners concious for the last 70 years.

Keynes had his glorious age. Now is the era of krugman. They wont be yellow this time. They will be greys.

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why did we nuke Japan twice, but give China a free pass after they nearly ran us out of Korea? i think maybe McArthur did want to drop the pumpkin on them. i was reading that JFK consulted him on Vietnam, and McArthur told him not to start a land war in Asia. JFK listened and the status quo pulled the plug.

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The Lusitania  is worth a revisit too.

Wasn't my avatar acting alone by any means.

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And the Liberty war crime story has never died thanks to the courage and persistance of the survivors.  At least 5 good books now and 2 documentaries .  The official story is exposed as a transparent lie, but the lie stands.

The Liberty story alone is a big, factual bite of the red pill if you get into the abundant documentation.

A few of the books:

Assault on the Liberty by James M. Ennes  (the first book: Ennes was on the bridge when the attack launched; first published in 1979 and still in print)

The Attack on the Liberty: the Untold Story of Israel's Deadly 1967 Assault on a U.S. Spy Ship, James Scott  (this one is top-notch and benefits from ore recent, declassified material; the author's father was a Liberty veteran awarded a Silver Star)

Beyond Treason: Reflections on the Cover-up of the June 1967 Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty (haven't read it yet, looks very good)

What I Saw that Day, Phillip Tourney  (and what he felt that day and still does.  unfiltered, passionate, gritty and personal survivor's story).



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Yeah, 'cuz puppets ain't that smart!

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divebombing the Fiscal Cliff!!!

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Potus Nobel Peace Prize Drone. 

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I love this art - but have a request / suggestion - you need to make up a Drone with the same yellow smiley face worn by The Comedian from The Watchmen.  So fitting yet doubly ironic as well.

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Thanks for honoring my request, WB.  Love it.  Merry Christmas!

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Great Stuff again, William. Thanks.  And Limerick King is killing it too.  Political satire A-team.

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LOL!  Great humor. We need billboards of the, "Peace on Earth", through out the US.  Maybe then we would start to wake up?  

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Wait a minute...Banzai the Bassist? And a Fender headstock to boot? Are you all right, my friend?

williambanzai7's picture

I have a pile of Fenders, but I'm not a bassist. I also have Gibsons ;-)

takinthehighway's picture

I knew that you were a guitarist, and I had you pegged as a Les Paul man, so the drawing of you with a bass rather threw me. I'm a bassist and I'll play anything that feels and sounds good. I've had "el cheapos" that were wonderful and high-dollar pieces that weren't worth crap.

Keep on rockin' in the "free" world, WB!

And kudos to TLK!

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WB - makes sense you are a 6 string picker after the Sonny Landreth link (not many people are aware of his skills).... you have great taste in comedy and music... cheers!

williambanzai7's picture

I'll tell you what song blows me away: Spider-Gris

He just does some amazing stuff in that song. That whole album is awesome.

Squid Vicious's picture

wow - you're right - amazing, i've seen him a few times, can't remember him using a Les Paul but it sounds great...maybe we can debate his talent vs. KISS with "AVFMS" - lol!!

how about this Landreth/ Knopfler duet:

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Banzai, go X-rated, pull the Santa outifts off those nymphs, we can handle it  

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Yes, they could pull my sleigh anytime

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The Japanese had a moment of glory in the early 40's and we got the young japanese babes least until the japanese society stops breeding. I take the young japanese babes ever time over glory on the battlefield, but I must tip my hat to all the WWII marines who fought for my pleasure.

This is a fucked up world.

williambanzai7's picture

Actually their real moment of glory was the thirty years preceding the lost decades. They are currently in a severe state of demise thanks to the genius of Keynesian economics and fractional reserve banking.

But they still have an advantage in the hottie category.