IN CoMMeMoRaTioN oF a NoBeL FaRCE...

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In the past a highly heterogeneous continent flourished due to its diversity, non-uniformity, and the healthy competition between countries. This changed when Europe became unified and was artificially made uniform by centrally organised governance and legislation. It led to the disturbing economic outcomes we see today and to what is called a democratic deficit. I call it post-democracy.--Vaclav Klaus


The so called EURO Project has become a process of national and financial subjugation to the technocrats and elites under the threat of war and destruction. BTW, who starts those wars?--WB7





The Vikings may want to revise
The metrics for winning their prize
The winner this year
Is a source of great fear
And peace can't be heard through their cries

The Limerick King















Another Peace Prize prize...


Next Year's front runner...


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tiger's picture

wow! nice pieces of work, the austerity queen made me wanna go away from europe but there's no where to run

falak pema's picture

mother theresa Squid! 

The wolve of Rome on the prowl, to wreak mayhem on the world. 

Great imagery. 

I saw a collection of Salvador Dali paintings that I had never seen before. Incredible stuff!

Its an impression from these new Dali pantings but he seems to be the father of your photo-shopping/editing genius, WB7!

here is an example :salvador dali painting photos - Recherche Google

williambanzai7's picture

As you know, I study the style and technique of the masters very carefully. Always looking for a connection to the present.

Amagnonx's picture

I liked the Obama-hyena-dog of war the best - that grainy old photo was awesome.  It is worth some more time to match the obama face texture and so on - if you got it perfect, that would still be around 100 yrs from now imo.

williambanzai7's picture

I intentionally made it look primitive. But you are right, it's worth another go. The original was by John Heartfield, a master of Dada montage. And the hue needs alignment.

Amagnonx's picture

Its probably not in your natural field, but I think if you printed something like this off - hand retouched it with ink, pencil or carbon for example - signed and framed it, I would not be the least bit surprised if it sold for ridiculous sums of money in the not to distant future.  You already have a place in the history books imo - and I think there would be people who would pay to own such a piece of history.

Bazza McKenzie's picture

The Austerity Queen is priceless.  Unfortunately she also conjures up images of Van Rompuy, Barroso, Rajoy, Samaras, et al, baring their bums for treatment.  Those are images I could do without.

drunkenlout's picture

I have not yet sunk so low in life that I would accept a Nobel Peace Prize.  Not that I couldn't use the money, nor that I don't deserve it.  In fact, that's the point.  


q99x2's picture

Ugly Mother. 

ShakaZulu's picture

WB, you are the Kinkade of satirical, political imagery.

max2205's picture

Peace of shit prize

williambanzai7's picture

The pomp and circumstance of the ceremonies is nauseating. For a down and out Southern European, it must be infuriating to watch.

the grateful unemployed's picture

those last two are worth a peace prize, obama as a slathering dog of war, and blankenfien as mother teresa? wow

williambanzai7's picture

I know it sounds a bit corny, but there is genuine directed emotion involved in creating images like those.

The hubris of those people knows no boundaries.

Take a look at Blankfein's $32 million summer home. This is how society rewards financial chicanery.

Savyindallas's picture

you are a creative and artistic genius. My hat's off to you.

blindman's picture

Monday December 10 3:00pm
2 hours
Public Affairs
Monday December 10 5:00pm
minute 36:20 ..
...".. deliberate injustice is more fatal to the one
who imposes it than to the one on whom it is imposed."
judge james horton.
Famous American Trials .
"The Scottsboro Boys" Trials
1931 - 1937
and one cannot hide under the skirt of the
definition of the word "deliberate" or "skirt"
in the long run.

Zer0head's picture

we watched BBC asia this morning, we visited Twitter


BBC news first 4 minutes - the nurse who took her life ostensibly due to the radio hoax (for any who have had the unfortunate circumstance to have known someone who has done themself in - I have at least three including family - it is NOT because of some circumstance of the moment)

BBC second 4 minutes - the thieving bastards of HSBC and their slap on the wrist $2b penalty (no jail time) for helping the drug cartels behead and torture unknown hundreds of people in Mexico and the Americas.

BBC third 4 minutes - DSK paying the forever greatful person who accused him of whatever.

BBC news footnote - tens of thousands homeless and suffering due to Typhoon Bopha  

God Bless America is all I can say

smacker's picture

On the Royal nurse who suicided...

I'm sure there's more behind this than what we're being led to believe by MSM, who are just using it to create an emotionally-charged news story. Quite pathetic.

At the very least, why did her hospital manager not immediately call her in and relieve her of responsibility for the incident? After all, it's probably the sort of reasonable error anybody could make. At the same tme, it beggars belief that a normal well-balanced person would commit suicide over such a trivial incident. So was she already on the verge of suicide before it happened, for unrelated reasons? hhmmm.

williambanzai7's picture

The ability to withstand public ridicule and embarrassment is something that varies between cultures. I'm not very surprised that this woman from India took this very hard. Suicide is also a culturally driven act in many respects.

smacker's picture

I agree with you to a certain extent. But I re-iterate my previous comments. Standard good man-management practice is to relieve the staffer of personal responsibility for such silly incidents -- and it was a silly incident that's being bigged-up by MSM. (In the UK, Sky News is running the story flat-out from a very emotionally-charged angle).

The hospital management apparently failed to defuse it (we don't actually know because there's no info on how they handled it internally), leaving her with carrying guilt. But for what? Providing medical info which was already in the public domain to two hoax callers? Duh!

People don't now know who to feel sorry for. And news footage of two Oz DJs wailing in front of TV cameras -- after disappearing for two days to receive counselling -- is quite bizarre. Then there's the overt involvement of a British MP Keith Vaz publicly providing TV News comfort to the nurse's family outside Parliament. What has Parliament got to do with this incident? What the hell is going on?

What shall we expect next? Nurses committing suicide each time a patient actually dies on their shift from [enter any illness you want] on their hospital ward?

There are also a few conspiracy theories going around on this. One is that this silly incident is being used as a front in the UK to introduce more state control over the media, including blogs.

ThisIsBob's picture

Well. this certainally is a blow to pot legalization in Norway.

SAT 800's picture

you, sir are excellently funny.

HoaX's picture

You need a job Banzai. Too much free time obv.

Not to say they weren´t funny.

blindman's picture

job, what does that imply and what is
the meaning and significance of that term
or word as you use it?

williambanzai7's picture

Imagine if everyone said that every time they saw something interesting or controversial.

"You need a job." It's a tired phrase. Give that man a job, we need to shut him up.

Utopia for mediocrity.

How we manage to live is a matter of personal style. Mine is called working 2200 hours annually for 25 years, putting kids through school, paying off my mortgages and then doing whatever the fuck I want.

If you think they are funny, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

onthesquare's picture

"you need a job"?

so 20th century

i love your style.

metastar's picture

Fighting this scum is more than a job. It gives purpose to one's life.

Banzai, I salute you!

HoaX's picture

Sorry but 25 years?

Most would immediately sign up for that one no matter what the hours involved.

Thanks to the great Baby Boom generation we can basically keep working til we drop though. I´m 30 and have been working since I was 14, next to school and study. I have the fact I got to work for at least the next 50 years to look forward to. That will be a combined work history of well over 66 years. That is if I´m even lucky enough to keep my business going or get a paid job as an alternative.

Let me guess, you worked in banking or finance? Such great sectors, and see what they have done for future generations. After us, the deluge. Your generation is a fuckin joke.

But yes, funny they were and you do have pretty pro skills with photoshop for an old fart.

SAT 800's picture

Cheer up! you'll be drafted or in a government camp within a few short years. there won't be any economy or any job; so not to worry!

williambanzai7's picture

That excludes the portion of my resume that preceded graduation. Like yourself, I needed to get a work permit for my first job at 14.

Age is mind over matter. If you don't mind it don't matter.

Let me remind you, if you don't know, high finance is a young man's game. Which means that more than a few generation x y and whatever were complicit in the scam. The boomers that ran ships like Lehman, CITI and AIG, we're too fucking stupid to understand the state of the swindling art.

On behalf of those boomers who managed to make an honest living despite the scum that surrounded them, I respectfully say: go fuck yourself.

HoaX's picture

Trust me, I´m not particularly hating on you dude. At least you use your time to create something, less can be said about many of your generation.

The go fuck yourself does go both ways though, and don´t expect your kids to thank you for your "sacrifice" after your generation basically just shoved the bill onwards to us.

Leaving a better world for your kids? Well, you lot sure did a swell job there didn´t you? As you said, your generation basically ran all the corporations young people got their first work experience. Are there immoral pricks in my generation? Of course, and you sure made it easy for them to feel if they were actually doing the world a favor, instead of setting proper role-models.

At least we learned plenty lessons on how NOT to do things in the future. Maybe we should count that as a blessing.


StychoKiller's picture

There's STILL time to alleviate some suffering:

williambanzai7's picture

First of all, my kids can be happy that they will enter the competition of life without a penny of school debt on their shoulders.

You know nothing about me and how I've run my life or what kind of role model I've been, so I suggest you keep your bass mouth shut instead of speculating nonsense.

I, however, know something about you. You are the kind of person who likes to belittle people who pursue right brain lobe activity such as music and art. You sound like a Harvard-Soviet prick.

HoaX's picture

I sure seem to have struck a sensitive chord though.

Peace out.

p.s. I commended you for your creativity and photoshop skills so your last remark is just utter bs.

williambanzai7's picture

When you listen to it enough, you decide fuck it, I'm not gonna listen to it anymore.

I never realized what the phrase "struggling artist" meant. I thought it was just the money, but there is more to it. For artists, success seems to be measured by the sale of formaldehyde sharks to hedge fund collectors.


HoaX's picture

lol, I did love that one by you and actually ranked it 5 stars mate.

Anyway, I´m off to bed. Gotta work tomorrow.

hairball48's picture

"Thanks to the great Baby Boom generation we can basically keep working til we drop though. I´m 30 and have been working since I was 14, next to school and study. I have the fact I got to work for at least the next 50 years to look forward to."

Tuff titty junior.

As a 65 year old boomer I'll certainly accept my small share of SOME of the blame. That said, the foundations of the financial shitstorm we're about to face were laid long, long before I was born.

As for your working your 66 years. Big fuckin deal.  So what? I've been at it as an adult since 1967. What do you want? A fucking Gold Star?

HoaX's picture

No it wasn´t..You hippy pricks who where all about making the world a better place in the 60´s decided to shaft it all when the big, easy money came into the picture. The foundations of the financial shitstorm we face now were laid in the 80´s, when the likes of you where coming into their professional work and it was all about snorting coke, champagne and deregulation. Why you think Wall Street the movie came out then? And was taking as a fuckin role model by your generation?

Putting your kids through college sure is a noble thing, but on a global scale you shafted them and it´s time you lot fess up to it.

Talking about Gold Stars. Working for 25 years and then being able to do "whatever the fuck you want" sure merits one.

p.s. I don´t give a crap about my opinion not being popular. Truth hurts doesn´t it?

Now, lets frack the crap out of our shale reserves.

hairball48's picture

I was referring to the Federal Reserve Act and the formation of "The Fed" as the beginning of this farce we call an economy.

You apparently are referring to years just after Nixon closed the gold window, and that was a bad day in history as well. However, Nixon, nor Carter, nor Ford, nor Reagan were "Baby-Boomers". And judging the Boomers by the small minority to worked on Wall St. is of course bullshit too.

All this happened before your young, arrogant ass was even a gleam in your parents eyes, so what would you know about it anyway?

There's lots of blame to go around, but Baby-Boomers didn't create this mess we have now. Yes, we helped perpetuate it(along with other later generations), but we sure as hell didn't create it.

Bazza McKenzie's picture

To that list you should add Social Security, started by the sainted socialist and allround authoritarian, FDR.  Then the massive expansion of "entitlements", including Medicare, by LBJ in his "War on Poverty".  Pretty had to blame the babyboomers for either of those.

blindman's picture

i can dig the new pink, it works.
the next track after "sane fear" was "gun"
John Cale- "Gun" (a pulp music video)
" when you've begun to think like a gun
the days of the year have suddenly gone." ... j.c.
peace in chaos , presence and soul
from john cale "guts"
it was the guitars and lyrics that said it, on
the bump and boom of the eternal beat/s.
and there it is and there ya' go.
today, next link to public radio .... a history
lesson which is also anathema to the status quo.

cherry picker's picture

Hey William;

It is not the first time that the Nobel committee screwed up.

Obama set the precedent and proved the Nobel committee lost touch with reality. 

Now if Nobel had a "War" prize, that would have been more appropriate.

SAT 800's picture

Please, let;s not forget Henry Kissinger; a fellow peace prize winner; and the infamous bomber of Cambodia back to the stone age; The Swedes need to learn to read English, or get out a little more, or something. They seem to live on their own planet.

Frastric's picture

If little Blankfein has been a good boy, his master Lucifer will ensure Goldman's domination of Europe continues unabated...

blindman's picture
On the Edge with Greg Hunter
Post US election economic update
dollar rout, bond collapse cliff.
here the video interview the nazis
prefer you never think about or even
google is doing their part by creating
as much incoherency as they can in the
information transmission system and hiding
that effort under the skirt of marketing
and advertising strategy. creating incoherency
in the system to match the incoherency in the
substance of the system designed to make u and u'rs
debt dependent slaves for life, cradle to grave.
we have discussed and revealed this before. nothing
new but still, the interview is to be dismissed
and avoided at all cost.
coherency is anathema to the status quo.
On the Edge with Greg Hunter
Posted on December 8, 2012 by stacyherbert| 18 Comments
An interview with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog.
follow the links and see !
" you know it makes sense, don't you think about it.."
John Cale - Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

willwork4food's picture

Did you hear about the sidewalk artist in NYC that got himself arrested for drawing pics in humor of drones chasing a mom & her kids? Seems like the FBI and NSA assholes were hunting all over for this dude too.

Unbelievable. I suggest with W7's permission, we print some of his best and post them at places we normally visit. It might not wake up too many people but it would sure piss off some NSA goons..

williambanzai7's picture

Yes, I saw that. His mistake was inadequate CCTV counter measures.

They really are clamping down on all forms of street expression. It's only a matter of time before they turn their attention to sanitizing the Internet.

hairball48's picture

"They really are clamping down on all forms of street expression. It's only a matter of time before they turn their attention to sanitizing the Internet."

True words wb7. Hopefully I'll be either a "drooler" on meds in a home(if the younger gens don't pull my plug), or dead before we lose all our freedoms.


GREAT stuff as usual!! ;) Gotta love all of them but the Blankfein and Merkel one's did it for me!