Biggest Social Media Sites Censor Alternative News

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censorship on Social Networking Biggest Social Media Sites Censor Alternative News


The mainstream media skews the news to defend the status quo, and serves the interests of the rich and powerful.

But at least web news sources are free of censorship … one would hope.

Unfortunately, that’s not true.

Facebook pays low-wage foreign workers to delete certain content based upon a censorship list. For example, Facebook deletes accounts created by any Palestinian resistance groups.

Digg was caught censoring stories which were controversial or too critical of the government. See this and this.

Many accuse Youtube of blatant censorship.

Reddit – the 133rd most popular website worldwide on the Internet – is also censoring.

I’m not talking about censoring specific websites (For example, I was informed today that Reddit’s News category censors all stories from this website.  But that’s just an example).  I’m talking about censoring entire categories of news media.

Specifically, Reddit’s WorldNews category has 2.5 million subscribers.  Most tv news shows have less than 2.5 million daily viewers. So that means that Reddit’s WorldNews is itself a mainstream media source in terms of numbers.  And many more people see WorldNews stories on the front page of Reddit, even if they are not subscribers to the WorldNews subreddit.

(Reddit is owned by the 46th largest company in the United States – Advance Publications – which owns a number of mainstream newspapers and magazines.)

Yet WorldNews censors blogs, and doesn’t consider them real news sources.  Here’s a discussion I had recently with WorldNews moderators:

Clipboard02 Biggest Social Media Sites Censor Alternative News

[Click for larger image.]

In fact, the top independent experts in every field – economics, business, foreign affairs, military, science, energy, etc. – have their own blogs, making blogs one of the best sources of information, a good way to fact-check the mainstream news, and the best way to read the experts’ insights direct and unfiltered.  See this, this and this.

Indeed, the whole reason that news blogs have become popular is that they get around the censorship which is ubiquitous in the mainstream television news. And social media is popular as a news source - especially among youth - because it pretends that it provides uncensored news, where a free market of popularity governs.

That’s obviously not the case, where specific websites – and entire classes of media, such as blogs – are barred.

Reddit holds itself out as a young, hip, progressive news source.  But if it is censoring blogs, it fails to live up to any of these claims.

The government already censors and manipulates social media. More proof here and here.

It is sad that the moderators of the social media sites themselves are doing the same thing.


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MeelionDollerBogus's picture

2012 Oct TheSecretStore is shut down by Youtube

The truth is they're all shit-scared we'll expose the fraud of central controllers & every act of bribery & violence. Tribler: the peer to peer video sharing free program - this can kill youtube's control center by cultural sway.

falak pema's picture

any networked media has to function like the original model of the first western social media : the catholic church.

So if you want to continue to achieve your corporate aims you have to do what the catholic church did throughout the ages BUT never owned upto : DOMINUS AND MERCATOR!

The very contrary to its avowed aims, its mission statement.

All power constructs have to work at two levels : the luminous face open to the public and the darker face inward and centripetal; source of POWER, source of repression of obstacles to access to power. The Inquistion. 

You cannot control power if you don't have these PARALLEL networks : the State Department and the CIA/FBI  intelligence bases. Both external as internal repression for which MANDATORY regulatory capture allows avoidance of transparent accountability.

Every imperial construct had this dual nature; as it has allowed regulatory capture behind the curtain, and seemingly innocent "no hands-on hanky panky" in front of it. 

If the Internet social networks want DOMINUS AND MERCATOR, which they do as they are capitalistic constructs, they have to go down this road. 

So don't think that the Internet will always be peer to peer culture, the hidden persuaders and the regulatory capture is always there lurking around the corner. Thats the very nature of POWer, thats the lesson of history. 

C'est la vie!

So long live the heretic ! ...and rule of law and people's determination to ensure transparent separation of that..

spanish inquisition's picture

Tough call on Blogs being reliable. I read on Wikipoedia that they are not on the reliable source list. I also read on Wikipedia that Wikipedia is reliable source list. Hard to get around that logic.

rufusbird's picture

It is Interesting how people respond to crisis. How we respond in a crisis is an example we set for others. Ofen times the response is anger, sometimes a desire to destroy. Hate is not a good way to respond.  In the recent post on Newtown, which had over 100,000 reads, some there even responded with a desire to censor. The call, of one poster, to close down ZeroHedge in the comments that followed, is a hateful expression of a desire to destroy, and lumping in the innocent with the one/ones who caused the anger. Not unlike the recent tragic and shamefull crime. Regretable.

dunce's picture

It seems that certain people that put forth controversial ideas are being followed by computers using their internet tags. This at first seems flattering but then just a bit frightening. The fellow that had his post about blind trusts censored might have been a little to close to the truth. My observation is that they just funnel funds to family members and make miracle investments in land and companies. Most, like dirty harry ried, come in with little wealth and soon become millionaires.

AnAnonymous's picture

It seems that certain people that put forth controversial ideas are being followed by computers using their internet tags.

It is possible. 'American' economics is all about consumption. So 'americans' might be deleguated for censorship material, just for the sake of consuming through that activity.
Consumption for the sake of consumption matters in 'american' economics.

The material itself is not worth censoring though. 'Americans' seldom put out material that is worth censoring, as this would demand they can be subversive to 'americanism'.

On another article, by another contributor, there was one example of this staged censorship by the EU.

The EU produced a document. And censored it. The censored material was revealed, showing it did not deserve to be censored. The rest follows.

AnAnonymous's picture

Ah, yes. Watch this site too. It is also rather frequent that 'americans' who work in duos, stage censorship.

One 'american' emits some material he deems worthy of censorship.
And another 'american' impersonates a thought censoring institution to fake a censorship attempt.

'American' economics is all about consumption.
Anytime anything that favours more consumption is welcomed.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Ancensorship is scarying to 'american' massings in Citizenism this holidays, for sure

nowhereman's picture

Social Media?  Who in their right mind uses Social Media as a news source?

I would like to believe young people are smarter than that.  Then again, I would like to believe that people don't shoot up elementary schools.

AldousHuxley's picture

what the fuck is social media shit?


it has always been just media. truth and lies.

Mark Noonan's picture

The only solution:  start your own social media site. 

max2205's picture

Posting comments To any web site Is like a popcorn fart. No smell, no impact. Quickly forgotten and usually not fact based opinion

Jim in MN's picture

Eeeew, what have you been eating?  Wait, don't tell me...

hawk nation's picture

Good timing with this article since just this morning after a long abscence i went on redstate and commented on a report.

My comment did not fit their agenda of democrat versus republican so they removed my comment

Most media dont care about truth only their agenda or making a buck and thats why i find myself on zh more and more

 zh provides me lots of alternative perspectives on issues to consider

Kina's picture

Google is not your friend?


So which search engine can you trust to not censor?

permafrost's picture

Duckduckgo has been getting a lot of attention among people that care about search privacy. If you really want to get Google results, you just add " !g" without the quotes after your search.

Skip's picture

There are sacred cows you cannot discuss on any sort of mainstream media outlets. Most here know what they are and it makes sense that Zuckerberg would censor Palestinian viewpoints, after all:

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Facebook blocked my ability to post anything from Zerohedge exposing the finances of Facebook & the interplay with Goldman - pre-IPO dealing with massive fraud, the exposure from Max Keiser about the 100 billion over-priced cheating into it.

The de-activation along with constant attempts to solicit personal information I'd never give led me to shut down my facebook account. Forever. Period. I know it's not "deleted" but it isn't used.

SWIFT 760's picture

It just goes to show, again, jewshit kikenvermin cannot be trusted.

Fuckerberg is a zionist. CIA, FBI, mossad trawl fuckbook relentlessly acquiring data to create new enemies and entrap unsuspecting civilians.

Yea, jews still suck.

Manic by Proxy's picture

Hey, if interested, I could sell you an oven that comfortably sleeps 6.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

I was in the kitchen buttering up some toast.  I for one certainly know which side my bread is buttered on.  Understanding a situation does not mean one has to yell it out from a rooftop.  When societal lines get "drawn" it is important to know what side to be one, even if one does not agree with that side.

The point I am getting at is people enjoy getting paid, even for a job they might find distasteful (censoring people).  Then there are the do-gooders who feel it is their duty to honor ________ (God's will, country, their bosses viewpoint, whatever), and will go out of their way to ferret out their new found enemy.  These people feel that they are on the "correct" side of the proverbial line.

During WWII when Germany was rounding up people for the death camps, exactly who fingered the people (Jews, Gypsies, gays)?  Ordinary run-of-the-mill Germans who did not want to appear to be any kind of sympathizer. 

People do what people have done for as long as they have existed.

willwork4food's picture

OK. However those people that have made a conscience choice for their 30 shekels of silver, whether they are too lazy to research the truth of what they are doing or not, are making themselves, their family and friends a future target.

Regretably when the shit hits the fan, there will be many "innocent" ones hurt. I believe the powers that be call that "collateral damage".


WezTheJuic's picture


Thank-you for sharing George. Thank-you Tyler for having such a venue to achieve such levels of sharing.

For myself, I only do email releases. I was censored right over to "wordpress" years ago. Hell, I was only using them a data dump. Too funny and too sick at the same time.

Meanwhile, it is good to see this section of our shared and different western societies continue to grow.

Cheers, with a good amount of respect.


tony bonn's picture

all major media are controlled by the is that simple and plain....the cia has millions of fellow travellers who are nazis just like the rockefeller axis of evil and the bush crime syndicate which they so abley serve....they are almost all products of higher education although bush sr did not graduate from yale as he or is his minions claim....

my blog is extremely controversial, my latest post trumpeting the fact that NO shots were fired from the texas school book depository corrects my previous error that shots were fired from the 5th floor....but i knew none were fired from the 6th floor and oswald truly was a patsy working for the fbi to infiltrate the cia plot, led in part by prescott bush and his murdering son, to murder the president....

i am certain that the nazi media would never rss my blog but such is life in a nazi country.

i love controversy when its truthy....

besnook's picture

the revolution will not be twittered, facebooked, googled, blogged or youtubed.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Not the REAL revolution, anyway.

Volaille de Bresse's picture

""All news is lies and all propaganda is disguised as news."-- Willi Munzenberg


It's nice to quote WM, one of the most talented spies of the XXth century!

lakecity55's picture

Alternative is like anything else. You have to  prowl around and check facts.

The MSM is easy. Just reverse anything they say, and THAT will be more accurate.

EX: "O-Phone Works on Fiscal Cliff."

Truth: O-Phone is not his real name, he is not working, and there is no fiscal cliff as the MSM defines it.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Lies are more credible when they are mixed with a certain amount of truth.  I think that came from The Exorcist.

americanspirit's picture

The truth? You can't handle the truth. And we know this because ... you keep saying how proud you are to be Americans. Best country on earth. Home of the brave and land of the free. Yessirree. Pass the chips.

If you knew the truth - oh, what the hell. You never will, so it's an academic question. We'll just keep telling you what to think and you'll damn well think it - or else.

tango's picture

Americanspirit, just like to know.  Since US citizens are so dumb, please enlighten us.  What nation do you admire or would you like us to emulate?  A good answer should be one that is fairly large and ethnically, racially and religiously mixed.  Waiting with bated breath.

AnAnonymous's picture

A good answer should be one that is fairly large and ethnically, racially and religiously mixed.

Remarkable thing about 'americans' is how they obey their 'american' nature.

You state something about their 'american' nature and they feel obliged to illustrate your point.

Very helpful people in the end.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Remarkable thing about 'AnAnonymousitizens' is how they obey their Chinese citizenism citizen nature.

You state something about anything at all and they feel obliged to rave and drool about 'americanism'.

Very bewildered, confused, and excrementally disturbed people in the end.

AnAnonymous's picture

'Americanism' is behind such distorted perceptions that lead 'americans' to state such things as " fairly large and ethnically, racially and religiously mixed."

Dr. Sandi's picture


I have seen the truth and I reject lt.

The truth is too damned ugly for me to be seen hanging around with it.

randomdrift's picture

As an author of several books on political issues, I can tell you that censorship of that media traditionally occurs in the publishing houses and wholesale distributors. That has been going on for decades.

RE blogs: My survey results on radiation levels in the Pacific Northwest are quickly eliminated from them.  

Element's picture

Try publishing a counterpoint book about alleged human-induced global-warming ... then you'll see what global censorship is all about. 

Who needs Papal decrees of heresy and excommunications when you have publishing houses and scientific periodical publishers and a dolt-based MSM reporting fraterity doing it instead.  Same old - same old.

Competition of ideas ... phft.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

The endless hoax that global warming is a hoax is constant, a barrage of -50 IQ's in the face of evidence. Your voice is plenty loud enough.

nowhereman's picture

I'd be interested in your survey results. Have you posted them here?

JOYFUL's picture

... censorship of that media traditionally occurs in the publishing houses and wholesale distributors. That has been going on for decades...

could you perhaps be referencing the complete domination of the book world by the kosher mafia?

It's maddening, really, if you're a higher level ZOG-operative: all that time and money spent to acquire total control of the dissemination of the written word via buying up all the publishers and newsprinters, then this internet thing arrives...

there oughtta be a law!

Zap Powerz's picture

Dont worry, they are working on laws to control the internet now.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Google's management directly censors websites that could free innocent people from the US prison gulag ... GOOG blocks material to assist American bribed judges ...  Google censors the US 'Liberty Movement'

Google censors my friend here in Brussels, political refugee from the US who barely escaped alive from threats to kill him by friends of the Bush family and bribed US federal judges ... and Google pays ad cash dollars to anyone who will print lies about him, while Google blocks him from replying to the lies that Google publishes

Live Photo: Google Inc. Caught Censoring EU Search Results on US court corruption (for USA - CIA)
Google Internet Censorship - Censure d'Internet par Google - Internet censuur door Google

Articles on US court corruption often censored by the CIA's Google - Goog usually 'erasing' all the websites of my friend the former US citizen

Foreign Companies Face Risk of US Court Corruption:
Doing Business in the Big Bribery Nation

America's Corrupt Legal System -
A Danger to Visitors, Travellers as Well as USA Residents

Americans Murdering Their Judges, and the US Crisis of Judicial Corruption

'Ex-Agent: CIA Seed Money Helped Launch Google', retired intelligence agent Robert David Steele interviewed by Paul Joseph Watson, and speaking of the CIA's Dr Rick Steinheiser and his connections with Google:

Shizzmoney's picture

This is areally smart video displaying how the media is culpable for shootings like today:

Shizzmoney's picture

Mainstream news is putting on a clinic of how to be Scumbag today.

Interviewing children, naming the wrong people, etc.

Shizzmoney's picture

Reddit holds itself out as a young, hip, progressive news source.

It isn't.  It's just an internet forum with an RSS feed.

diogeneslaertius's picture

the MSM wants us to buy their version of "close enoughto the truth"


but our tastes no longer find it suitable (encouraging)

knukles's picture




     .... the bigger the lie....

AnAnonymous's picture

'Americans' censoring?

Wooo, consumption trend pushed to the maximum.

Guys are enlisted and do some trimming work in order to justify their pay check.

Because what 'americans' could ever write that is worth censoring?