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Pity that the Washington Empire has never signed a peace treaty and is still at war with N Korea, e.g. via economic sanctions.

A GREAT pity because North and South would have long-since been unified.

Pity that WB7 apparently has zero knowledge of history and routinely just takes the piss about very serious issues.

Whatever happened to CD?  Haven't seen him post in a long while.

Seems there is no balance left in ZH ... just a fan club for WB and sundry strands of libertarianism, Mises, gold-bugs and similar ideologies.

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Im tired of being nudged by someone who contributes zero on his own and expects to be able to armchair everyone else. Go start your own serious blog covering the serious and profound matters you want to see covered. That is what we call paying internet dues. I'm sure crowds will follow you. Let us know when you are set up. Until then, respectfully and in the spirit of the season, STFU.

As for the Korean peninsula, I know as much as anyone else whose father (and mother) served in that war. It sucked every which way just like all of them.

I'll let CD know you are asking about him. I'm sure it will make his morning.

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one day the korean people will be free

one day all the humans will be free


never give up everyone, if we fight as hard as we can and really care, the chess-game of life can be beautiful (even when the skies are darkest)

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US is not at war with N. Korea. US is war with Russia/China over Korean peninsula.



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Whatever, nit-pick all you like, the result is the same.

Maybe you could be the next Secretary of State and out-do Hitlery on obfuscating towards WW3.

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I do not know William, could that actually happen? 

Could the dangling of the carrot of unification of Korea be actually be applied?  While to my understanding of the people within Korea, the people of the south are in constant motion of sending food etc to the people of the north.

YET, it does work in the advantage of.

Right now, my attention is completely towards our Different Western Societies.  Yet, Korea is an extension.



Thank-you for sharing.



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I know some non-Americans who have been up there on several friendly delegations. They tell me it is pure Through the Looking Glass and everyman looking out for himself. Smiles are all superficial if you get my drift.

There is lots of dead human wood that would find itself totally obsolete following a unification. Therein lies the hitch.

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We petition the Obama administration to:

Secure resources and funding, and begin construction of a Death Star by 2016. :)))


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the Economic Deathstar has already been constructed

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Funny stuff William


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Thumbs up on all Sir Banzai.

Love it.

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The love-fest surrounding WB actually sickens me as much as the pop-culture of the 60s, when equally trite "gurus" were purveying this and that.

All that's lacking, in ZH, is teenage groupies wetting their knickers.

OK I exagerate, but FFS WHY is WB7 treated like a pop star?


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Setarcos, WB7 has a talent for capturing the essence of an idea and conveying it in a way that visually annihilates the falsehood contained therein.

I don't know what you think you have to gain by shitting in the punchbowl here - you seem to be trying to ground people, but really you are just insulting those who see the world very much through eyes similar to his who commiserate with the impact of the increasing absurdity, you seem like a bully.

I don't buy the cooler than thou rap.

it's like how you shit on that other persons attempt to convey an idea through what may or may not be a true story that serves as a framework.

at this point I'm relatively certain we do not require yet more examples of thought police, especially not when they are pretentiously mugging like a superior who is trying to bring us back down to reality.

moreover; it is the work itself, not just the fact that WB7 happens to be cool as hell and awesome as fuck, which has people enamored of him.

if you are calling his work trite I think that betrays either a lack of familiarization with his oeuvre or with the general subject matter it references.

I think we are indeed lucky to even have one guy around like WB7 but when I see how his artistry not only eviscerates the lie which has today consumed the planet, but even encouraged many others to also take up the visual weaponry, my heart soars. I see the culture I wanted emerging: I see people who do not only understand the utility and importance of, as Nietzsche said "shooting at princes," and laying low those great liars and deceivers, I see people who actually DELIGHT IN IT.

I won't just sit here while you besmirch this great enterprise, throwing after it paltry epithets like "trite" (hey they can't all be golden baby, this guy churns out photoshoppery at a blazing speed). In fact, let's talk about that for a second. Look at the volume and yet high overall artistic quality of the work.. it's like you are shitting on a modern day master. He has created a whole new frontier in political cartooning that always existed but he has refined it, honed the steel in the fire and produced a blade we can all take up...

No, I do not agree with you sir.

And ask yourself why PSY is so well-liked next sir.
Yes, you simply do not seem to get it.

And now, arrogantly, in a pretend-objective way, label me, a person you do not even know, as a cult member, a fanboy, or whatever other nasty thing you can't think of to say - i have no faith in your words and my appreciation for this dude's work only continues to grow with time as he continues to knock down and cut up the bullshit that today passes itself off as truth.

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Take a hike Jack. You won't be missed.

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Controversial art, portraying key figures in ridiculous displays, that could become as famous as Andy Warhols and also paint Mr. Banzai as an enemy combatant.  Done well, with imagination that gets the message across sometimes hours with event so he has to imagine what he wants, and find it maybe. 

Ridiculing the weak links in the chain of high command into obscurity, ruining their reputations as they become jokes in their profession, thieves who are treated as great successes by people who know better.  Parodies of this debacle will give the people the information they do not want to know but need to.

These men are foolish and this is what happens.  The public cruxifies them in the Funnies section of the local news. 

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WB is in Olympic shape today!


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Inside the Matrix:  The Case of American Amnesia


A young neighbor approached me the other day with a question (she’s only 20 years of age):  a friend of hers was really excised to learn that the Public Utility Holding Company Act had been repealed in 2005, and she wondered why that had any importance?  (First I exclaimed, “Holy crap!” as I hadn’t realized that was the case!)


I explained to her that a major monopoly failure, leading to the Great Crash and Great Depression, was the crash of Sam Insull’s power trust, which had been a highly concentrated monopoly ownership of electric utilities and power generation companies throughout the country.


Since I had her attention, I seized the moment to explain that the holding company was the financial construct meant to replace the money trusts, which had previously been exposed at obscuring corporate ownership among the super-rich (along with interlocking directorates).  Holding companies allow for easy and unobtrusive --- or secret --- ownership, both domestic and foreign, in the same manner as that US Supreme Court  Citizens United decision (2010:  Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission).


I further explained that Sam Insull, although he had accomplished much that was positive in the expansion of electric power throughout America (and wasn’t in the same category as the murderous bunch of robber barons like Rockefeller, Morgan, Mellon, du Pont and Frick), he was the first known member of the super-rich to attempt to mislead the public into believing that there weren’t any real owners or ownership, it was we, the American public, who were the shareholders and investors, and therefore the owners, of their companies.


This didn’t work back in the 1920s --- but later, in the 1970s and 1980s --- it would become a successful propaganda meme --- evidently Americans had become dumber?


Elaborating further, I explained that every so often Congress uncovers the extreme concentration of hidden wealth and monopoly ownership, then they attempt to dissolve it, normally meeting with failure.


In the late 1930s and 1940s, there was the congressional TNEC study (The National Economic Committee, major portions of which are still classified to this very day), which found a super-concentration of business ownership through a select number of banks.



The government filed an antitrust lawsuit against the banks, but with the Eisenhower administration in power, the judge, Harold Medina, ruled against the government and further ruled against any future legal action against  those banks.  The case, U.S. v. Morgan et al., also known as the Investment Bankers Case, or the Wall Street Seventeen, alleged that there existed a conspiracy since 1915 of said banks in engaging in monopolistic practices in underwriting, etc.  The year 1915 is interesting, since it was in 1913, along with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the oil depletion allowance and the Sixteenth Amendment, that they also passed the legislation altering the allowable financial structure of foundations for both tax exemption purposes and for the super-rich to better hide their ownership and wealth in foundations and trusts.

Judge Medina had based his ruling on the advice of an investment banker, Harold Stuart (of Halsey, Stuart & Co.) whose bank business was mainly derived from the House of Morgan, the Morgan banks and family.  Prior to that, Stuart had lost money when the Insull power trust collapsed (due to pyramiding holding companies, etc., a Ponzi setup), he had tried to disguise ownership interest in that monopoly.


We know that due to his grilling before the Pecora Committee, and he was indicted for mail fraud, and although later acquitted, no charges were leveled against Stuart for hiring a professor from the University of Chicago, to go on the radio to offer free investment advice; the professor knew nothing of finance nor economics as he was a professor of English, and simply read the script he’d been given by Stuart (reminds one of Harvard’s Niall Ferguson)  [What Stuart had done was illegal stock market manipulation].


A similar scenario occurred some years later when, with President Kennedy’s urging and blessing, the great Texan populist, Congressman Wright Patman, went after the trusts and foundations (the major way the super-rich hide their ownership and wealth).  A commission was finally created to look into the matter officially, only this was after the political assassinations of the 1960s (President Kennedy, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Sen. Bobby Kennedy) and Nixon was now in the White House; a Rockefeller lackey, Peter G. Peterson, would head the commission and find nothing askew with the foundations, etc.  (Peterson presently founded a pro-austerity outfit within the New America Foundation, which he partially funds, staffed with the usual suspects:  Erskine Bowles, Alice Rivlin, Jim Kolbe, etc.).


Today, ask any street kid in China or Pakistan who owns most of everything in those countries, and they’ll respond, “The military, of course!”


Ask the typical American college graduate who owns ExxonMobil, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, GE, AT&T or Monsanto, and they’ll respond, “Whatever!”


If one doesn’t know that the majority owners of Northup Grumman are the Bush family and James Baker (through holding companies, mostly foreign, ‘natch!), there will be no understanding of any  hidden agendas.


The fantasy that there are no actual owners  of banks, the oil companies, the biopharmaceuticals, the weapons makers, etc., suggests that no one is really guilty --- although those phantom owners possess all the money, all the wealth and all the control.


It is much the same as that long agreed upon fantasy of corporate personhood --- something which was never voted on by Congress, nor ever came to a legal decision vote at the US Supreme Court!


When the US Supreme Court’s decision in 2000 with Bush v. Gore (litigator:  Ted Olson), which stated that American citizens did not have a constitutional right to vote --- hence no justification existing for the Florida vote recount, they laid the foundation for their Citizens United decision (litigator:  Ted Olson) that the super-rich, both domestic and foreign, had the financial right to influence US political elections.


It is really the most elegant of criminal solutions or conspiracies:  there is no criminal --- those super-rich don’t really exist, after all --- there is no one behind that curtain operating the controls of the Wizard of Oz --- what was that line from the movie, The Usual Suspects?


The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”


Sources and suggested reading:


The Fine Print, by David Cay Johnston


The Merchant of Power, by John F. Wasik


Wall Street Under Oath: The Story of Our Modern Money Changers,  by Ferdinand Pecora

















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I do NOT believe you for a moment about your "young neighbour".  You have used that fiction as a rhetorical device for expounding your own ideology, so I am calling you out as a liar, whether or not your theses might have substance.

There NO way in the world that a 20-year-old girl would listen to your take on things.

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Matrix is the wonderland:Thumbs up!


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That was excellent! Thnx


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Er, you do all know the results are hacked, don't you?




Read the first letter of each name downward  - KJU Gas chambers

Thank you to /b/


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Maybe its my fascination with theoretical physic (a subject that I love but can barley grasp the basic concepts) but how can the Higgs Bosen Particle not be a run away leader in this? Not only is it in not even in the top 10. it has 4 times as many No Way's as it does Yes.

Almost the same thing with the Mars Rover. How can you be anti-rover?


Its Particle Racism I tell you!

I suppose I should be happy its not someone from the Jersery Shore cast, maybe next year.

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Let me ask you something, what is not hacked, rigged and gamed these days? The Nobel peace prize? The markets? Interest rates? Elections? American idol?

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Reader request, William.  How about some noodle girls for the New Year?

Nobody does kink like Japan;)

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Always have enjoyed your work WB, but can we stop with the gangnam references? It's bad enough we live in a society of Biebers, Gaga's, etc.

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I surf the memes my friend. There is a big difference between what I do and posting nonsense on Tumbler.

Who do you think is the only one still running pepper spray cop memes?

Banzai7, the meme surfer. 

MSM sure don't surf.


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Cheers WB7

If you get a 'kim-chee fruit cake' post marked from Pyongyang Post Office #1,

I’d recommend tossing it.

Love your work,

Thx for the laughs

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He's still working on trying to get satellite television...

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The totalitarianism of North Korea... The logical outcome to America's increasingly draconian laws and infringements on human rights and privacies...

All hail the glorious leader, or television, or teleprompter, or celebrity or whatever idol they will force the people to pledge their undying loyalty to.

I am on to you's picture

Oh yes,and they even sell underwears, with their name on,could imagine:

 :Hitler,Franco and the other guys,not to forget Stalin collection,with underline:Arbeit Mach frei.

Wonder, who you would score with, Bush, written on the dark side of the Moon.

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There is some social commentary to go along with this. You are on the right track I suspect.

Why for example does he win and not that Pakistani high school kid who survived an assasination attempt?

Why does EURO get a nobel peace prize and not her? It says something and it is not very flattering.

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I just want to say it was a bitch putting those glasses on everyone in that picture, but well worth it in the end.

monad's picture

Yea, without the glasses they all look like Don Rumsfield. To me. Even the fembots...

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Nice, epic photo to really capture it.

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All ZH hails WB7s heroic effort to sunglass everyone in picture.

Extra rations and top bunk for Banzai!

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What glasses?

I thought they were all flies.

Damn, I need to put a pair on.

Wow, them more-than-two-hands-full.


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You still THE MAN William !  Rock on with your own bad self !

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Poor PSY seems to have caught some Patriot heat for unAmurkin sentiments:


williambanzai7's picture

I would say his sentiments are fairly representative of what the rest of the world thinks. It's fun to be an American overseas.

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It is SOP divide & conquer to alienate the target population (Americans) from any possible allies prior to the attack. When * throws down on us, who will/can come to our aid? The moles & criminals who produced WW1 & WW2 have systematically extinguished the "shining light on the hill" since 1913. Put down your popcorn, there will be no spectators this time.


Bob's picture

And it won't be getting any better, methinks. OTOH, you gotta get a lotta cred just for leaving . . . long as you aren't a standard a$$hole.  

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no shit.  i once had a buddhist monk accost me outside huangzhou when i stupidly admitted to my home country.  if even a chinese monk feels that way, image how your average Middle easterner feels...

williambanzai7's picture

Did he get any money from you ;-)

old naughty's picture

Were you 'blessed' with his sacred card?


Yup, money changed hands...

williambanzai7's picture

They come in handy if you have to jimmy a lock.