Arm Teachers To Save Our Children, Now

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This article originally appeared on the Daily Capitalist.

I am sure that all of you are as shocked and saddened as I am by the mass murders of little children and their teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It is very difficult to read about this tragedy and the precious young lives that were lost. It is one of those events that stops the whole nation and causes them to mourn the dead yet appreciate the beauty and fragility of life at the same instant.

It is difficult to accept that this is the reality of America. Mass murders are becoming a way of our life. Seemingly one event inspires others to commit further brutal acts. We think that violence on this scale is something that happens elsewhere, yet it happens here with regularity.

We need to protect our children.

Already there are calls for gun control, more intervention with the mentally ill, and greater safety at our schools.

Gun control or gun prohibition will not happen in America. Guns are too prevalent and there is the Second Amendment right to bear arms. (You can argue against the purpose of the Second Amendment, but the Courts have upheld citizens' right to own guns: accept this fact.) Americans won't stand for prohibition anyway. It's a part of our national fabric. And we all know, despite the trite saying, and despite bans on firearms (see New York City), criminals will get guns. It is impossible to keep guns out of the hands of someone who wants one. Thus, bans on assault rifles, for example, won't put a dent in the problem (the shooter at Sandy Hook also has two handguns. Accept the fact that there are guns out there and they are here to stay.

Intervention with mentally disturbed people is an even more difficult task. Would Americans allow a law that permits the detention and treatment of people who haven't committed crimes? There are too many stories of Soviet and Chinese tyrants using such a law to arrest enemies of the state. I was listening to a criminologist who has studied the common factors that these disturbed mass killers have and he said it's easy to add up the symptoms after the fact, but there could be a million people who have similar symptoms who don't go on killing sprees. Accept the fact that functional but mentally disturbed people will get guns and we have no power to stop them. I am not advocating that dangerous maniacs have guns; I am simply pointing out the reality of the situation.

School safety? The killer in the Sandy Hook event broke the door open to get in. It was admirable to hear how the teachers handled this crisis. They were scared but calm and did everything right, carrying out well rehearsed safety plans. Yet 2o children and 6 adults were killed. Would a guard at the door have prevented this? Is one guard enough? My thinking is that this guy would have shot the guard at the beginning of his spree. Forget about metal detectors; he wasn't asking to be let in. And what about safety in other public places, such as the Clackamas shopping center in Oregon, or the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, or a large campus like Virginia Tech. Can you have enough guards? Is total protection feasible much less affordable?

There is no easy answer to this problem. But I suggest two things.

1. All schools should have a video monitoring system with a designated person on campus to monitor it. Can all schools afford this? To protect our children, I would pay whatever it cost for my district. I know that some schools already have such a system installed. But do they have a designated monitor? With well placed video monitors at least staff would have an idea what was happening in such an event and could respond better. The principal of Sandy Hook, Dawn Hochsprun, and the school psychologist, Mary Joy Sherlach, bravely ran toward the shooter when they heard shots and sadly they were killed. Perhaps a control center and a defensive plan would have helped save their lives.

2. Arm some teachers and staff members so they can protect themselves and our children. I know this will get a big reaction from those against firearms, but think it through in light of the reality of the issues that I have outlined. It is not possible to prevent these tragic shootings before they happen, so sh0uld we leave our children unprotected while some maniac walks around and shoots them at will?

I am not talking about handing out pistols at random. Teachers and staff members must volunteer to be in such a program. They must be trained extensively in the use of handguns and be given instructions on how to handle panic situations. This type of training is given to police officers. Police departments could give such instruction and certify that those who pass the course are capable of defending themselves and our children. Annual certification should be required. Weapons should be kept in a gun safe in classrooms with the key in the teacher's physical possession. Supervisory staff would keep them in their offices and some would carry them at all times. Skeptics will say that poor little Miss Smith is not capable of such responsibility, but I disagree after hearing interviews of the brave teachers who protected their students at Sandy Hook: they were willing to risk their lives to save their children. Some gave their lives in doing so.

So what would happen in such an event where teachers and staff are armed? If they act according to their training they will kill or subdue the gunman. They could also be killed or injured, but is their slaughter and the slaughter of children more preferable? I am not suggesting that teachers go Rambo, but with proper training they should act according to a defensive plan that will protect their students. They should fire their weapon as a last resort. If they act with a calm head they will save lives. I am not saying this is a panacea for such a complex problem, but until someone figures out something better we need to protect our children, now.


NB. I am not a member of the NRA. I am not a gun enthusiast. I don't hunt or spend my spare time cleaning my arsenal.

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 "gun free zones" = "mass murder zone ahead"

The truth of this topic is that we have covered this ground before many times. It the USA experimented with very restrictive gun laws from about 1968 (when Bobby Kennedy was murdered) until the mid 1980's (when Florida started "shall Issue CCW" laws). During that period violent crimes skyrocketed. Average citizens were prosecuted broadly for defending themselves. It was a mess. The cities with the highest crime rates are consistently those that have the strictest gun laws. DC is a absolute pit of violent crime, NY City is a virtual police state with crime amok. Private ownership in those bergs are restricted to those with political favor only. In spite of court cases to break those bonds.

Without exception when gun carry laws were liberalized (meaning average citizens were allowed to carry) violent crime went down. Without Exception. This occured in all jurisdictions. Peer reviewed research was performed by a number of interested parties and that data was quantified. See below:


VIII. Conclusion


Right-to-carry laws reduce the number of people killed or wounded from multiple victim publicshootings as many attackers are either deterred from attacking or when attacks do occur they arestopped before the police can arrive. We are able to provide evidence for the first time that the harm from crimes that still occur can be mitigated. Given that half the attackers in these multiple victim public shootings have had formal diagnoses of mental illness, the fact that some results indicate concealed handgun laws reduce these attacks by almost 70 percent is remarkable. Differences in state right-to-carry laws are also important: restricting the places where permits are prohibited increases murders, injuries and shootings; more training requirements reduce injuries; and higher fees increase injuries and the number of attacks. The much greater deterrence that right-to-carry laws have for multiple victim public shootings than for other crimes like murder is consistent with the notion that a higher probability of citizens being able to defend themselves should produce a greater level of deterrence. The results are robust with respect to different specifications of the dependent variable, different specifications of the handgun law variable, and different control variables. Not only does the passage of a right-to-carry law have a significant impact on multiple shootings but it is the only gun law that appears to have a significant impact.

While other law enforcement efforts -- from the arrest rate for murder and the death penalty --reduce the number of people harmed from multiple shootings, the effect is not as consistentlysignificant as for right-to-carry laws. Finally, the data provides no evidence of substitution from shootings to bombings and little consistent evidence of “copycat” effects.




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i dont accept the cureent conditions of gun ownership - Fear based people own guns pure and simple - they are dangerous - someday inevitably - they can be fine for 50 years and then go off the air for the slightest provocation

a guy in Florida shot 8 times and one bullit killed a kid for playing loud music - sooner or later it happens  - all subjective catalyst

people dont need guns  - no one does - repeal the second ammendment !

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Initial reports indicated 2 shooters and an a suspicious vehicle involved. Have they found, or are they looking for, the 2nd one?

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What do you do with valuable things? Protect them, be it with arms or vaults. Until this sickness that has hit society is sorted out, I recommend protecting what you value, be it animate or inanimate. It's works for the banks, why not for the citizens? Sucks but it's the reality.

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I am for strong gun control. However in a world with 3D printers is it in any way practicle.

Having more heavily vetted people armed may be the only way to mitigate the damage. However no teacher should ever be hired because of their proficiency with firearms.

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A touch off-topic but why hasn't this been in the mainstream media?  Oh wait, I know why.  This news is slowly making its way around, however:

Oregon mall shooter may have ran after shopper with a CCW drew a gun on him (sadly, felt unable to shoot):


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The school principal was a hero.

She had been trained to deal with this type of situation.

And here is where the insane liberal ideology was responsible for her heroic failure to stop the gunman.

She was trained to stop a gunman UNARMED!!!

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She did stop some bullets though.

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If you're going to make schools "gun free zones" you'd damn well better make it "whacko free zones" also and beef up security. Make it hard for the deranged person to gain entry and if he/she does gain entry, make all classrooms secure with locks that can only be opened with a key from the outside and simple latch from the inside. Windows and doors that can be used as entry need bullet proof glass.


Schools can be made safe but having trained teachers with firearms adds yet another level of security.

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Because they're all marked and easily spotted?

These are the same teachers y'all claim aren't good enough for your kids because of their tenure-tampered incompetence who shouldn't be allowed to unionize and are extremely overpaid for the insignificant job they do, right?


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I would think an intruder who is carrying a AR15 could be easily spotted. And I even wear glasses.

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I'm not sure what happened, nor the mental state of Adam Lanza, nor the types of meds he was taking, nor if the batch of meds was contaminated; I think Adam would have preferred to be a normal human being but due to some genetic or embryonic malfunction, that was not to be.  I am deeply saddened by this tragic event.

For self-defense, you may want to consider this device [see link below]; you must know its limitations, practice with it and rehearse different scenarios and how to react to them until this is second nature.  You must know your options and you must think before you act - this is essential if you are to survive and defeat your attacker - this preparation cannot be stressed enough.

I carry this weapon with me whenever I leave the house concealed in either an "inside the waistband holster" or a shoulder holster.



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This may be a solution everyone can live with. Of course the mass murders would have a work around.

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This may be a nonsensical solution...  if you're going to carry around something as large as a gun, why not just carry a gun?  Further, I think we would prefer for lethal force to be used on anyone who cares to try and shoot up a school...

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Well, not sure all teachers should be armed, but ones willing AND TRAINED in proper self-defense techniques should be armed. Think of how many lives would have been saved in just this instance alone.

About psychiatric drugs and violence:



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Jesus, this title gives me the creeps.

Our primary school teachers of first world are destined to become agents of the Homeland Security team.

War within, war without, is this thing still civilization or land of zombies? 

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You may not want to look at the stats vis a vis Education majors versus the rest of academia.

Like "duck and cover", the new generation-defining roleplaying game for sheeples will be "lock, hide, and reload".

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Mass killings are not on the rise. They rose somewhat from the 60's through the 90's but were at their peak in 1929.


dexter_morgan's picture

Don't be confusing people with facts now.

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Arm teachers? Oh brilliant idea! The trouble is that, unless you arm all the schoolchildren too, too many teachers will not relish the thought of becoming first-priority targets. A few years ago up in Xinjiang Province (China), a guy walked into a copshop and killed or injured some 16 officers with a knife and you know what? Nothing changed in police firearms policy: most officers continue to go unarmed, doing the shifts with just a uniform and cellphone with an app to the crime information center.

I say "most" because you have an agency that translatates as "People's Armed Police", which is in practice a mix of what Americans do under National Guard, Secret Service and SWAT. In the UK, they're called "Special Brigade" and in Canada, they're the Mounties, i.e. a national police under the Defence Ministry. The French equivalent is the Gendarmerie Nationale and the Italians call them Carabinieri.

Moreover, the idea came up in Thailand, where an Islamic insurgency infests the south and insurgents are targeting all manner of civil servants to create a power vacuum that insurgents hope to fill. There was even talk of government subsidies to teachers who wanted guns. The idea was roundly rejected.

Anyhow, giving handgun sales a boost is not the answer.

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Mounties in Canada are both the FBI and glorified mall cops.

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Has anyone considered where this man's father was?


Has anyone noticed the rise in these sorts of incidents, as fathers are forcibly removed from their families?  Is it really no surprise that violence and a violent youth are on the rise alongside single motherhood?

Cathartes Aura's picture

so the "violent youth" that single motherhood produces - in your mind - are any of these shooters girls?

you know, daughters of single mothers?

and in this story, the father "forcibly removed" himself a couple years ago.  and apparently had no contact with the son left behind with the "single mother" - as the other son has said it's been 2 years since both the divorce and the last contact with the shooter. . .

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I'm so sick of Sandy this, Sandy that. First it's a hurricaine, now it's a mass-shooting. I'm sure this Sandy Hook shooting will be blamed for the next wave of poor economic data. Anyway, I know what's being added to the Christmas list: More high-capacity mags for my Glocks. Get 'em now, before they're illegal, again.

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You know if schools only had one entrance you could get in and utilized low priced security guards a lot of this could easily be limited.  And if we didn't have to spend trillions killing other peoples children in other countries and handing Jamie Demon a billion bux per day running the black hole into the ground we could easily afford it as well. Fuck the US.

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Eliminate "Gunn Free" or "Pyscho Attractant" zones NOW!

Allow Concealed Carry!

All these shootings are happening in "Pyscho Attractant" Zones.  In Heavily Regulated States.

Anything else is permission for the Tyrants to take your self-defense and then kill you.

FunkyOldGeezer's picture

..and ZH, what's with an auto 'like tick' being added when I dislike a pro gun post?????????????

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Does anyone know the chances of getting shot in school?  How about the chances of being shot in school versus the chances of dying in car accidents (on the way to school).  While these deaths are a tragedy, authoritarian government and corporate/bankster fraud is infinitely bigger problems.  As for violence, look at the example the predators-DBA-government give, bombing innocents around the world from unmanned predators controlled from thousands of miles away.

GMadScientist's picture

Would certainly help if we could stop demonizing enemies overseas, fighting unwinnable wars against plants, and start focusing on the real problems at hand.

redeals's picture

Let's not forget that mom was a school employee. Contributing factor to the location?

GCT's picture

Face it gun free zones only get people killed.  They provide target rich environments for the mass murderers.  A law that does not work.  While people discuss arming the teachers, changing the law itself would provide a deterrent to be honest.  The key here is the deterrent.  Mass murderer's go to gun free zones to commit the act.

If a teacher wants to CC they should be allowed to do so. It is a deterrent.  You will find most people that actually do CC are not rambo and prefer to walk away from a fight.  But in almost every case when the culprit was confronted with a person with a firearm they stopped or shot themself.  We will never deter anything with stupid laws on the books.  There will always be some nut out there we cannot stop.  TV and the internet running these nut jobs all week is simply stupid in my mind as another nut job will now follow this one because they are now immortalized for weeks and will go down in history and annually they will show this kids photo on the anniversary date of the killings. Some will think wow this is so cool I am going to do it.  This pisses me off to do this all for some dam ratings.

The government will never confiscate firearms period there are just too many and there are almost 200 million (an estimate that are not registered)  you do the math. 

What pisses me off is all they wanted to show was the bushmaster that was locked in the trunk of the car and the killer used a glock and sig pistol to kill those people. 

tooktheredpill's picture

Econophile u must be just writing this to provoke people. I understand how you want to protect yourself from all the other clowns out there, but you are just kicking the can. Human nature and guns are a bad combination. Have a look at the stats in australia since their gun buyback. Problem is where is the US going to get the money from to buyback enough guns? The economy sucks at it is.

WaEver's picture

Waw. A lot of gun-loving idiots on ZH ! Glad I don't live in the paranoid states of america.

GMadScientist's picture

Um...your car's on fire.


Satan's picture

Trying to solve a gun problem with more guns. That's very Keynesian of you...

JamesBond's picture

we don't have a gun problem, we have a psychopath problem.  do you want my solution to that?



DanDaley's picture

A list of more than 70 cases of students involved in violence (shootings, stabbings, etc.) who were also on SSRIs (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor) antidepressants.

tooktheredpill's picture

what are your stats for gun related deaths and domestic violence? Its not just psychopaths. A psychopath with a knife is a completely different story. Guns are just too convenient for the pyschopaths.

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I’ve been a teacher for thirty years.  The ten years before that I spent in law enforcement and taught at the police academy.  The guy next to me is a retired forward observer.   He spent his life on the ground calling in air strikes.  Our government teacher is a retired cop.  Our American History teacher is a Lt. Colonel in the army reserve.  He is currently at MacDill AFB and is in charge of all the MP s in the Middle East.  We all have concealed carry permits but none of us are armed and we have no weapons in our vehicles because none of us want to violate the law.  So, we cannot protect ourselves or our students because some idiot believes you can stop a criminal with a law.

Econophile's picture

Thank you for your comment. Perhaps this incident will get people to THINK. Thanks, Jeff

Econophile's picture

Thank you for your comment. Perhaps this incident will get people to THINK. Thanks, Jeff

JohnFrodo's picture

Para military education, is that not part of the problem in the US?

lakecity55's picture

It's time you obeyed Natural Law and take a little buddy with you to work, carefully concealed.

Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.


If nothing else, at least carry a small CS gas dispenser.

Chump's picture

Absolutely.  Concealed means concealed, period.

Supernova Born's picture

Gelded anglophones screeching in their bizarrely high little voices at Americans...

FunkyOldGeezer's picture

Dear Americans,

Your country is totally f****d up!

Arming teachers would only have the effect of making them and their classsrooms more common targets.

A gun only has one real use. To kill or seriously injure another living animal, be it rabbits, deers, humans or whatever.

Stop being cowards and hiding behind The Constitution.

lakecity55's picture

Thank you, please to remain in your own fucked-up country.