Arm Teachers To Save Our Children, Now

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This article originally appeared on the Daily Capitalist.

I am sure that all of you are as shocked and saddened as I am by the mass murders of little children and their teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It is very difficult to read about this tragedy and the precious young lives that were lost. It is one of those events that stops the whole nation and causes them to mourn the dead yet appreciate the beauty and fragility of life at the same instant.

It is difficult to accept that this is the reality of America. Mass murders are becoming a way of our life. Seemingly one event inspires others to commit further brutal acts. We think that violence on this scale is something that happens elsewhere, yet it happens here with regularity.

We need to protect our children.

Already there are calls for gun control, more intervention with the mentally ill, and greater safety at our schools.

Gun control or gun prohibition will not happen in America. Guns are too prevalent and there is the Second Amendment right to bear arms. (You can argue against the purpose of the Second Amendment, but the Courts have upheld citizens' right to own guns: accept this fact.) Americans won't stand for prohibition anyway. It's a part of our national fabric. And we all know, despite the trite saying, and despite bans on firearms (see New York City), criminals will get guns. It is impossible to keep guns out of the hands of someone who wants one. Thus, bans on assault rifles, for example, won't put a dent in the problem (the shooter at Sandy Hook also has two handguns. Accept the fact that there are guns out there and they are here to stay.

Intervention with mentally disturbed people is an even more difficult task. Would Americans allow a law that permits the detention and treatment of people who haven't committed crimes? There are too many stories of Soviet and Chinese tyrants using such a law to arrest enemies of the state. I was listening to a criminologist who has studied the common factors that these disturbed mass killers have and he said it's easy to add up the symptoms after the fact, but there could be a million people who have similar symptoms who don't go on killing sprees. Accept the fact that functional but mentally disturbed people will get guns and we have no power to stop them. I am not advocating that dangerous maniacs have guns; I am simply pointing out the reality of the situation.

School safety? The killer in the Sandy Hook event broke the door open to get in. It was admirable to hear how the teachers handled this crisis. They were scared but calm and did everything right, carrying out well rehearsed safety plans. Yet 2o children and 6 adults were killed. Would a guard at the door have prevented this? Is one guard enough? My thinking is that this guy would have shot the guard at the beginning of his spree. Forget about metal detectors; he wasn't asking to be let in. And what about safety in other public places, such as the Clackamas shopping center in Oregon, or the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, or a large campus like Virginia Tech. Can you have enough guards? Is total protection feasible much less affordable?

There is no easy answer to this problem. But I suggest two things.

1. All schools should have a video monitoring system with a designated person on campus to monitor it. Can all schools afford this? To protect our children, I would pay whatever it cost for my district. I know that some schools already have such a system installed. But do they have a designated monitor? With well placed video monitors at least staff would have an idea what was happening in such an event and could respond better. The principal of Sandy Hook, Dawn Hochsprun, and the school psychologist, Mary Joy Sherlach, bravely ran toward the shooter when they heard shots and sadly they were killed. Perhaps a control center and a defensive plan would have helped save their lives.

2. Arm some teachers and staff members so they can protect themselves and our children. I know this will get a big reaction from those against firearms, but think it through in light of the reality of the issues that I have outlined. It is not possible to prevent these tragic shootings before they happen, so sh0uld we leave our children unprotected while some maniac walks around and shoots them at will?

I am not talking about handing out pistols at random. Teachers and staff members must volunteer to be in such a program. They must be trained extensively in the use of handguns and be given instructions on how to handle panic situations. This type of training is given to police officers. Police departments could give such instruction and certify that those who pass the course are capable of defending themselves and our children. Annual certification should be required. Weapons should be kept in a gun safe in classrooms with the key in the teacher's physical possession. Supervisory staff would keep them in their offices and some would carry them at all times. Skeptics will say that poor little Miss Smith is not capable of such responsibility, but I disagree after hearing interviews of the brave teachers who protected their students at Sandy Hook: they were willing to risk their lives to save their children. Some gave their lives in doing so.

So what would happen in such an event where teachers and staff are armed? If they act according to their training they will kill or subdue the gunman. They could also be killed or injured, but is their slaughter and the slaughter of children more preferable? I am not suggesting that teachers go Rambo, but with proper training they should act according to a defensive plan that will protect their students. They should fire their weapon as a last resort. If they act with a calm head they will save lives. I am not saying this is a panacea for such a complex problem, but until someone figures out something better we need to protect our children, now.


NB. I am not a member of the NRA. I am not a gun enthusiast. I don't hunt or spend my spare time cleaning my arsenal.

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stacking12321's picture

"We don't need more armed people, we need less!"

who is the "we" you refer to?

you have NO RIGHT to speak for me, or for others who recogize our rights to defend ourselves.

and speaking of fantasies, it is pure fantasy to think that prohibition will keep guns out of the hands of those that insist on getting them, any more than thinking that prohibition of booze kept drinks off the market in the early 1900s.


westcoastjan's picture

Of course you have a right to defend yourself and I said nothing to insinuate that I wanted to take that right away. But you are talking defence, not offence. I could care less if you wanna arm yourself to protect you and yours. What I don't want is the idiots who are NOT protecting, but going on rampages, to get their hands on guns. Big diff bubba. Chill.

Freddie's picture

Hey West Coast Jan - what west coast is that? Scotland?  Ireland?   Who on the west coast uses "defence" and "offence?"  

You are either a Brit or an illiterate.

Lord Koos's picture

I think every kid in the first grade should be issued a Glock and some basic training.

DosZap's picture

I think every kid in the first grade should be issued a Glock and some basic training.

And you need to be locked in a rubber room for being an idiot.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Gimme your milk money.


Rustysilver's picture

Patriot Elke,

He shot his mother 4 times: in the face. She had bought the guns legally in CT. A lot good that did for her.

Still no information on mother's connection to school. I am local to the media outlets here.

Adam had a choice turning left or right; he also could have done to cafeteria where kids were rehearsing a play.

No one yet has an explanation on the route he took.

A couple years back a nut was shoot people randomly from a distance (in DC). Later the info came out that he was shooting for a trunk of his car.

Any ideas how you stop that.




DosZap's picture


HIS mother I would BET $$$ that she did not have the weapons securely locked away in a safe, with her having the combo, or she would still be alive,and likely most of the kiddos, and taeachers. Easy access,is a no no in any home w' youths, and especially one's as ill as Adam.

As a society we do not seem to have any common sense left or the ability to think.

LFMayor's picture

I don't think there are going to be a lot of "Explanations" about what this fucking retard did, because he was not sane.

Not a gun issue. Mental illness issue. People need to keep their retards and pet chimpanzees (like travis) on better leashes.

This whole "normalizing" the special ed kids with the other students is a bad, bad idea. They don't belong in the classroom besides the normal kids. Teachers, for their part, are either unicorn believing liberal assholes and buy in, or they have their hands tied and are not allowed to segregate the goinks.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

DC snipers case you mention ... another US government criminal shite mass murder hoax about what really happened

To repeat from above

Very good YT video about the DC 'snipers', for which they put to death an alleged 'Muslim', 'John Muhammad'.

Video even includes a clip of a US police spokesman going on TV talking gibberish that is clearly the mind-control 'trigger' for the guy to surrender and stop, and indeed the 'Muslim shooter' was picked up a few hours later.

Sniper killing people from long distance, very expert.

It was a mind-control game. Allegedly John became a 'Muslim' and changed his name just before the murders. They said he was homeless and had a bad army career and yet he had this record of travelling internationally, mysterious income, all sorts of stuff

In fact he was clearly a highly trained military - intel guy whose mind was captured and then they set him up as a killer.

Remarkable short video based on the research of major radical journalist David McGowan, showing just what an utter hoax the official story is.

Good vid ... the US gov't put this guy to death and buried the truth with him

Programmed to Kill Part 57 - Snipers - John Muhammad

booboo's picture

Home School. Oh wait, I can heare the cries now, "kids that are home schooled are deprived of healthy social skills", yea, I think I seen this on ZH last night and it made alot of sense...

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" -Krishnamurti.



brettd's picture

Get your kids out of public school.  Now!

Google Bruce Shortt, Esq.  for great info on competitive alternatives.

trav777's picture

this could work, but it's antisocial and therefore dangerous.

the notion that these fruitcake WOMEN at schools in the US today should in any way be armed is absurd.  I deal with libtard school districts all the time, no effing wway these people can use weapons.  You enter a room for a PT conference and you're the only man in the room.

That's why they have "lockdowns" as their security policy.  What does lockdown do?  It concentrates targets for convenience of killers, but it gives the police what they want- containment.  They'll form a perimeter until the thing burns itself out and then come in and draw chalk lines.

Proofreder's picture

Have to agree in part, Trav
6 th grade public schoolteacher next door does bake a great fruitcake.
Trolling for libtards on this slow Sunday ...
Supposed to be a day of rest and reflection.

laughing_swordfish's picture

Liberal Elites to Sheeple:

"See the harm guns do? Lay down your weapons !"

150 Million freedom-loving Spartans (Americans):

"Come and Get Them!"

If we, the law-abiding, are so foolish as to surrender our weapons we can only expect more Sandy Hooks - only this time perpetrated by TPTB against us - their "class enemies"

Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco - mass slaughters of innocents perpetrated by THE FBI, DEA, and BATF using tanks and heavy weapons.

Behind the pleasdant exterior, Obama and the rest are nothing more than wannabe Bashir Assads - only an armed and easily angered populace holds them in check.

Just Sayin'




Freddie's picture

Bashir Assad would be an improvement.  If he was hated that much in Syria - the country would have fallen a long time ago. 

The "Arab Spring" is Al Qeada/Muslim Brotherhood.  He is no prize but compared to what America now has - he is a saint.

dolph9's picture

Listen to you people.  You guys are out of your mind.

Teachers at public schools are government statists.  And you want to arm them.

You want to turn schools into a tightly controlled prison, and think that's good for kids?


There is definitely much hypocrisy at zerohedge.

Proofreder's picture

Can't say much about hypocrisy
But you're full of shit ...
In our local school system the priorities are teaching critical thinking skills and mastering the knowledge to attain a high score at end of year testing.
Government statists???
Guess you never did learn to think, just parrot whatever sounds cool as you listen to Rush or Glen Beck.
Many schools already resemble prisons with. Irregular lockdowns while armed men and dogs search for drugs and teachers and pupils alike suffer a couple of hours of fear. Just like terrorists intend - true terror is uncontrollable fear no.matter the source.
What the kids need is an individual feeling or sense of safety. Freedom from fear. Absolute sanctuary inside the school grounds.
A man at the door with an Uzi is a remarkable deterrent to evil plans. Many European banks have an armed presence at the door besides security plain clothes inside.
What's your solution?

DavosSherman's picture

Fuck you dolph9 you fucking moron.

I taught, and at a private school assclown.  Many public school teachers hunt and pack, I think in Columbine 2 teachers who had their guns locked in their cars because they unlike Klebold and company obeyed the law.

LawsofPhysics's picture

I choose to send my children to a private school where some of the teachers are already carrying.  Amazing what a little bit of real education can do for anyone.  Admittedly, two of those that carry are also former military.

Public schools in most places in and around cities are already prisons, with no gaurds.  Good teachers are leaving, which only makes the situation worse.   This is what you get when you lower the bar continuously and don't allow for any real consequences when the parentless student acts out.

DavosSherman's picture

I don't know what state you are in, mine doesn't allow guns in schools, public or private.

stacking12321's picture

while i appreciate your paranoia and mis-trust of the state, you should try and evaluate the proposal rationally, without being blinded by your hatred of perceived "authority".

teachers are like any other people in society, and while there are a few who are authoritarian control freaks, for the most part they provide a valuable service, at least the teachers i was fortunate enough to have.

the proposal is not to arm teachers for enforcing control, or in any way intimidating kids, it is for protecting them in an event like the above.

you are too quick to lash out, and haven't thought this through before replying.


trav777's picture

the schools are already war zones against boys and maleness.

But, YES, the teachers are all libtard WOMEN who would PREFER a *feeling* of ABSOLUTE safety.  that is why they have these absurd "security" policies which do not actually secure anything.  it's why we have TSA.  the truth is that nothing can really be done, but that doesn't sit well.  "Authority" figures HAVE to capitalize on these situations for their own aggrandizement. 

Colonial Intent's picture

Are you a eunuch, cos that would totally explain your posts.

Freddie's picture

Just in time for the shopping holiday (no holy day) of X-Mas - we get white males demonized by black racists Jamie Foxx and S.L. Jackson in Bob/Harvery Weinber/Quentin Tarantino's Kill Whitey.    It is just full on constant mind control propaganda and crisis.  it never lets up.

brettd's picture

So the question is:  Where's your response to the mind control propaganda?

They've declared war and we don't want to admit we're even in a fight!

LawsofPhysics's picture

indeed, remind us where all the fathers of those males are Trav, another part of the problem. 

I remain long black markets, personal defense companies, and anything that can't be devalued by the fucking paperpushers.

Cheesy Bastard's picture

 I do not want to arm them.  I want those who wish to do so to excersize thier right to arm themselves.  There are some teachers who still believe in freedom, even here.  I have 4 school age kids and a teacher for a wife.  They are in the minority, the freedom loving teachers, but they exist.  The useful idiot teachers, who are in the majority, wouldn't go near the opportunity for firearm training or the extra responsibility it entails.  By the way, as a permit holder, I cannot pick up my kids from school or go to a concert or play armed.  This is not hypocrisy, it is common sense.

DosZap's picture

By the way, as a permit holder, I cannot pick up my kids from school or go to a concert or play armed. This is not hypocrisy, it is common sense.

No it's stupidity, IF they have done the PROPER BACKGROUND checks on you, then YOU should be allowed to.

I am in Texas, and we had to fight for the right to drive onto school property to pick up our kids.We also can keep weapons in our vehicles NOW at work, and at school.

BUT, the answer to this is school lockdowns, and ARMED personel inside.

Period end of story.

A weapon that is inacessible is of NO USE to anyone.

brettd's picture

Go to your local Sheriff and get deputized.

May take you a summer/year of weekends...but you CAN do it.

Then you ARE the law, and can carry most anywhere...

And, to boot, actually welcomed by the community.  


Cheesy Bastard's picture

The constitution is quite clear on our God given right to defend our lives: "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed unless the people are in a school, or a federal building, or in some other gun free zone, or in a state which they do not reside, or if thier arms hold more than 10 rounds, or if thier arms shoot more than one round per trigger pull, or if thier arms look scary like military ones do, or if they carry them openly in some places, or if they carry them concealed in other places,...and so on". 

Our founders were quite prescient, don't you think?

Rustysilver's picture

In the state of CT, the state trooper (one can assume went thru a background and physiological evaluation) was put on "the administrative leave". The reason: he tried to rearrange his girlfriend's face.

Yes, someone else will always protect me and others.  Time of arrival is half to one hour. Meanwhile do the best you can.


brettd's picture

But the Union has insisted that it was "paid administrative leave...."

DavosSherman's picture

and if you aren't in CT hope the pussies don't do what they did in Columbine and wait outside for the shooting to stop.

SunRise's picture

Over 2,000 children a year are killed accidently or deliberately via automobiles in the U.S.  Every one of these deaths is a tragedy.  That's over 5 a day. 

Dr. Sandi's picture

It's criminal what some people can do with a car.

Maybe the answer is to allow teachers to drive cars to work.

DavosSherman's picture

You better be a vet because you're a fucking moron.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Not all vets are morons, you asswipe.

StychoKiller's picture

Hmm, having trouble formulating a Venn diagram here...

Lord Koos's picture

Yep-- imagine how much worse it would be if automobiles were unlicensed and unregulated.

brettd's picture


All the U.S. highway deaths came from unlicensed drivers.

Driving "unregulated" cars with no brakes....

Good luck with that.

smiler03's picture

Nobody seems to have noticed, arm theatre workers too.

GtownSLV's picture

There's a story about Victuria Soto, the first grade teacher, who after hearing gun shots, hid her students in closets and cabinets in her room and when the shooter came she told him the kid's were in the gym. Then he killed her. In a closer to perfect world, she would have been armed and dropped him the second he showed up in the doorway and ending the whole thing right there.


nmewn's picture

I read about that.

She was a very brave lady, who knew she could possibly die while protecting those in her care. She wasn't given a fighting chance to save the she had to lie.

Lying to an evil who respects no truth in anything, is not a sin, for all those moral relativists out there.

And to all those same moral relativists...a big fuck you, from me to you. You have earned it in spades.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Yeah, all the good guys shoot like John Wayne. All the bad guys shoot like, you know, bad guys.

Great video game scenario. Not so believable in most school teachers of my acquaintance. (Except maybe the gym teachers.)

Supernova Born's picture

No one should assume anything about the pool of talent and commitment to children out in the world.

I picture the School Teacher Nationals. Go to 6:00 and check out a woman who would be a hell of a Mama Bear for those poor little kids when a psycho comes calling.

Schools filled with helpless children must not continue to be the softest targets in America.

[Aside: Anybody watch Hickok45 on YouTube? I think he is a school teacher. He can hit a smaller than man sized target at 230 yards with a handgun.]

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

Take away all the guns and instead of flouride, put Ritalin in the water supply.

Problem solved. We will have a harmonious and productive society.

DavosSherman's picture

Tell me you're being sarcastic so I don't have to call you a fucking moron.  There is already Ritalin in the water supply, unless you are the 20 percent on a well you are drinking recylced piss water, recyled medicated piss water.

Maybe, just maybe these fucking drugs are part of the problem.

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

Whoops. Some issues really do require the /Sarc button.

Yes, the point in the sarcasm is that I believe RITALIN and medicated little coke heads really is a big part of the problem, both as an effect of drug therapy gone awry, and of a society that would put children on a molecule similar to cocaine ... where were all those little fidgety kids forty years ago? And where were all the spontaneous mass murders?