State Communism's Newest (public) Advocate: Jeff Immelt

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Jeff Immelt needs operating profit. Where else better to look than the government? In the following clip, the Chairman of President Obama's Jobs and Competitiveness Council, comes clean with us on what he actually believes and advocates.

"the one thing that actually works, you know, state run communism may not be your cup of tea, but their government works. They have five-year plans"

Not only is this a clear indication of what President Obama has been hearing for a long time now, but it also implicitly shows that Jeff Immelt is in bed with the government, and as such he expects preferential treatment. The nice thing for him, and all those like him, is that once you reach a GE status, you partner with the government to quell competition.

Oh, and guess who else had five-year plans.


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GE, GM now that is what has gone wrong with usa.  just observing the tb shit and even the net and trying to figure what does it really take to be one of these fuckers that is an athority on guns, violence, finance, what is right for all of us.  seems as though none of us would make the team, but these fuckers all have something in common - a free ride via someone elses toils...

they are scum fucking leaches

over educated lib-tards

narcissistic fucks

your big bro or sis.

always right and the last word.

we need to keep posting the truth and boycott the system with votes by action/cash/pm/ect.

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Re "... China works. They (the Chinese) have 5-Year Plans". - JEFF IMMELT (GE Chief Enforcement Oligarch)



Yeah - China Works Jeffy, since under YOUR VERY OWN 10-YEAR PLAN -ever since you slithered down the leg of Jack 'The Weasel" Welch  - you & your ilk have been ripping the industrial heart out of  the US and shipping the jobs off to your beloved China - all the while sucking $10's of Billions in bailout funds outta the taxpayers tit and - here's just the most recent in-your-face kicker - NOT PAYING A DIME BACK IN TAXES on $14billion profits!!!

Psssttt... best be careful Jeffy - just in case some get around to thinking your M.O. might (for some obscure reason) constitute "Economic Treason Against The People Of These United States Of America" - you bouffant-brained freekin moron.


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mind = blown

They have 5-year-plans. Oh, great.

China works because they are in a situation where it's easy for the government. They have lots of people hungry for success and not those saturated western societies. It's not their system that is better. What a fool. You'll see that when they finally run out of steam; eventually that lack of steam will expose an incompetent government and the fact that they are stuck with them. Democracy is all about replacing ineffective governments.

How do you topple dictatorships? You give the citizens something to lose.

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"Oh freddled gruntbuggly/thy micturations are to me/As plurdled gabbleblotchits on a lurgid bee.
Groop I implore thee, my foonting turlingdromes. And hooptiously drangle me with crinkly bindlewurdles,
Or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon, see if I don't!"

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Jeff Immelt, bailout whore. David Stockman gave a great, impassioned explanation of how terrible it was that taxpayers bailed out GE, the company that returns the favor by conniving to pay no taxes. Had things worked the way they should in a free market, in 2008, GE which had screwed itself by stupidly financing everything via short term paper, would have had to issue a bunch of new shares to get the money it needed to keep operations going. The stock price would have tanked and Jeff Immelt would have been shitcanned. Instead, the government felt compelled to make sure that Jeff Immelt didn't get the shitcanning he so richly deserved. Because the career of Jeff Immelt, failure and bailout whore, is so integral to the health of the nation. We just couldn't have anyone else in his position. How would the country go on, without jeff Immelt?

Jeff Immelt ought to be required by law to kiss the palsied, leprous hand of any taxpayer who ever crosses his path.

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No wonder our country and economy are in the shitter with idiots like this in charge of things. 

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another Jew leading us to the "Promised Land" of poverty and bloodshed. when will the world learn that the 12 Tribes sow destruction in whatever host country they latch on to before they move on like a swarm of locusts-China-you're next.

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Not as damaging and bad for health as Germanic tribes touring Europe. And no, Mr. Skorzeny was not a nice guy.

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Skorzeny later provided intelligence to Mossad, Israel's external intelligence service, on ex-Nazi scientists working for the Egyptian government.

Skorzeny agreed to cooperate with Israel on condition that Simon Wiesenthal erase his name from the list of wanted Nazi war criminals and act to have an arrest warrant against him cancelled. Though Wiesenthal rejected this request, Skorzeny decided in the end to cooperate with Mossad anyway

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Maybe they made him an offer he couldn't refuse. As far as I am concerned, they should have wacked all of these guys after the war. The camps were still there so why not use them to give these nazis bastards a taste of their own medicine? But they either took the Vatican's cruiseship to South America or were 'operation paperclipped' to America.

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Obama is Jewish? Wait till the Nazis hear about this. Oh, wait. You can just tell them at the next meeting.

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jawohl-this week it's pot luck, there will be a discussion of degenerate American Negro jazz music and we'll practice field stripping our Lugers. 7pm sharp at the Burgerbraukeller in Munich.

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And after that you'll suck eachother's cocks. And no, I am not interested.

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Jesus. What crap you preach.

otto skorzeny's picture

thanks-although I'll never be in the same league as Julius Streicher

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That's true. But partly that's because you're sitting in a bunker in Vienna on the UN dime.

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"One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks."

Yeah, like millions of their own citizens...wiped out...dead.

"But when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today, it can also have great advantages. That one party can just impose the politically difficult but critically important policies needed to move a society forward in the 21st century."- Thomas Friedman

I'll leave it to the "reasonably enlightened progressives" among us to decipher this fucking idiots meaning of "drawbacks".

He is, afterall, one of yours.

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Dude, dats when you inhales  ;-)

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Who ever thought they would see a quote like that from a head of GE? Of course, he's primarily a tax farmer, now; but still; my god people just sit still for this kind of shit? Oh wait, we did re-elect the magic negro.

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"magic negro" - may be the funniest way of describing obummer i've ever seen.  thank you for making me laugh my ass off for the past 5 minutes.

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And we're handing in our guns just in time.  *Phew*  That was close.

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jumping in because tom friedman is first last and always a zionist.  all else is secondary or tertiary ....

same for his employer.  they are sort of progressive if the primary agenda is not involved.  

this is not anti-jew.  i have the highest regard for such as glenn greenwald and naomi klein.  zionism has poisoned the u.s. and through it is poisoning the world.  

zionism is very powerful but nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. that must happen to antizionism (which, unlike antidisestablishmentarianism, isn't even a spellcheck word yet, so clearly we have a long way to go).

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Well, this "sort of progressive" was advocating using the power of the state in a dictatorial/autocratic fashion...which is exactly what and is happening.

Pass it to see what's in it...should have given any real liberal, pause.

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Capitalist Thinking like I-melt's is what Amercia What It Is Today.

"Amercia is jesus Favorite Country"  ©

"Jesus watches Fox News" ©

"WWJD?  Start and Crash a Hedge Fund!"  ©

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my personal favorite was when Immelt got on the horn to the producers at CNBC to tell them to be nicer to Democrats and the incoming jacknape Barack H Obama.  vote with your dollars.  i havent bought anything GE for years and will not in the future.

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You fund GE with your tax dollars through lucrative government contracts and the bailout of GE Capital

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as far as (federal?) government contracting goes, ge is barely top fifty:

but this "state communism works they have five year plans" after the fall of the ussr is beyond satire.

between g.w. bush and barack obama, clinton, blowjobs from a possible mossad agent (like he would know) included, looks good.  jimmy carter looks good.  nixon looks better, if not good.  ike looks like rushmore material.  what leadership we choose, particularly lately.  

that i helped elect obama the first time is one of the most humbling not to say humiliating experiences of my life.  apparently i will believe anything.

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If GE makes it, I don't want it, even second hand.

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 my mom and dad built a house 4 years ago w/ all GE stuff and it's all been replaced with other brands

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My thought exactly, word for fucking word!

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And I thought it couldn't get worse than Neutron Jack.  It's Obama II: The Nightmare Gets Darker

The country is one vast stagnant pond, and all the scum are floating to the top.

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What a scumbag.

""The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." - Vladimir Ilyich Lenin



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Now which 5 year plan was that?

otto skorzeny's picture

"the capitalists will sell the rope to the mob that will hang them"