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Fraud is fun,

Fraud is good,

That's what they teach

In the Wall Street Hood.

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Google and Facebook monetize your privacy, Wall Street monetizes It's relationships and your confidence.

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Classic flowcharting.   That's just, well, classic.   May be a tad bit of Willbanzai artistic interpretive license in play, but that is just - well - classic too.

Love the Preparation H boxes ;-)

Can I have an I/O parallelogram?

Ever have one of those plastic templates?

I'm having a Cobol flashback.



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Hyperbole perhaps, but illustrative nevertheless.

The real point is the business is fraught with all kinds of ethical issues and if you don't manage them aggressively you will wind up in the shit pit faster than you can switch abacuses.

You can't just say this is a trading business, caveat emptor.

That is a Nigeria419 scam flow chart that I modified...slightly ;-)

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I just picture this Santorum with some real repressed shit going on in his closet

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this is viae drudge


No Kugel for you! Mike Gloomberg's homeless-gift ban

Last Updated:  March 19, 2012


This guy will be the next president after Obama's second term

get to know him



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Yeah Dick Sanbombem, "I'm an evangelical Christian. Love everyone. Please don't have abortions it's wronf. I'm crying."

Hey Dick what should we do about Iran?



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according to Santorum - Life begins at Erection!

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Hey everybody, have YOU been defrauded today???  FRAUD, it's the "business" of Amerika.  Go to a store or a bank near you and get defrauded!!  

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Fucking Rape And Uber Dicking


or better known as, "Business as Usual"

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You should do one of these charts for a bankster taking a shit.  Oh wait they ARE shit. Never mind.

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That's the most accurate chart of bankster activity I've ever seen.  This is something the sheeple could understand.  Nice  In the future it would be nice to see images of the future like Jamie Dimon in stocks in TimesSquare. Or Lloyd on a rack being stretched.  Geithner being drawn and quartered.  Or maybe all offending parties being enlisted as Gladiators to be slaughtered. Gosh the thought just warms my heart.  As always your talent is exceptional and greatly appreciated.

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Let's not forget the bottom  25% that leech off the productive citizens and think nothing of it...

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The bottom 25% do not leech off productive citizens.  The top 1% steal hard earned money from the 50% in the middle, keep 80% of it and hand out the rest to the bottom 25% to keep them idle and useless.

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This time it really IS different?

The most dangerous saying on Wall St. is, "this time it really is different".  It IS.  

Go back to the last great bull market in Gold in the 1970's, you will find that it was terminated by Paul Volcker when he let interest rates float.  Interest rates rose very hard and basically cleared the market.  Higher rates were needed to entice investors back into the Dollar.  Without higher rates, the Dollar was going into the toilet and may well have actually collapsed and disappeared.   30+ years later and back into the same situation.  The Dollar has been weak versus foreign currencies and weaker versus real goods and especially real money... Gold.

Here is where it is different.  

The option of raising rates to attract capital does not exist and would be financial suicide if tried.  The system cannot sustain higher rates as everything everywhere is levered to the max.  Another entity that cannot afford higher rates is the U.S. Treasury itself!  Every 1% rise in interest rates will equal at least an additional $150 Billion+ of interest payments.  If 5-10 year rates were to rise just to 5%, the debt service would increase by $1/2 Trillion more every single year! We are nowhere even close to funding budgets through taxes currently.  The Fed is providing better than 50% of the funds. Imagine what another $500 Billion per year would do?  Add another 35-40% to the deficit?

What the Fed and Treasury DID want you to see over the last 2 weeks was the $120 drop in Gold ... roughly 7%)... what they didn't want you to see was the 10 year Treasury go from a yield of 1.9% up to 2.3%.  This amounts to a 20% rise in interest rates over a 2 week span.  This has occurred while operation twist is in place.  

"Operation Twist" was implemented by the Fed to keep longer term interest rates down.  Clearly it has not and is not working as planned.   The danger point in lays just down the road.  What happens when Japan, China, Russia, Brazil etc. become outright sellers of Treasuries?  What happens to all of the banks that have already committed the biggest cardinal sin of all time, borrowing short term and lending long term via the carry trade.  This has been the age old trap for banks and it looks like they have fallen for it again.  Never mind that this carry trade was offered and facilitated by Fed and Treasury policies.  It is what it is.  We now have a banking sector that is funded with short term credit and invested in long term assets... soon to be seen as liabilities.

No matter what is said or spun upon the public, there is absolutely NO chance of interest rates going up because of official policy.   Rates will rise however, as the market place begins an everyone out of the water type move. 

Treasuries will be sold because of fear, because of margin calls...because they HAVE TO!  While it is true that at some point ... with a viable currency... investors can be enticed back in by higher interest rates.  This is currently not the case.  It is not because long term, the Dollar is no longer viable.  Simple math is already telling you this.  Just look at the back of the envelope math above where just 3% higher interest rates will cost over $500 Billion more in debt service.

So...why is it different this time?  

The Fed would like you to believe that they can raise interest rates and have an exit plan for ZIRP (zero interest rate policy), they CAN'T and DON'T!

They have boxed themselves in so badly that even a non savant 3rd grader could figure it out.  

They are check mated and it is of their own doing.  They must print more and absorb any and all borrowing needs of the Treasury.  It is different for America this time because the circumstances are different.  "Different" as in ... this time we are talking about a bankrupt sovereign.  In reality, this time is no different from any other time that a country blew up it's currency.  They are all clones and rhymes of each other.  The natural laws ... Mother Nature... can never be changed nor legislated away.  When all is said and done, this time is no different.  It's just that it's happening to us!

What was once considered impossible is now carved in stone.

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Great work Mr Bill.