An Open Letter to All Presidential Candidates

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Dear Presidential Candidates: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc.


Watching your debates and speeches of late, it is clear that you are all (with possibly the exception of Ron Paul) missing the point and only continuing to widen the gap between the US Government and the American people.


In some regards, this is not entirely your fault. You all are doubtless surrounded by strategists and experts who ascribe to the dominant economic theories of the last 80 years; namely that Government and monetary intervention can “fix” any economic problems this country faces. Mr. President I know for a fact that your inner circle of advisors is comprised of individuals who owe their current jobs and fortunes to bailouts (Mr. Immelt and Mr. Buffett to name two).


Your strategists are missing the point. Aside from the fact that their own self-interests are completely at odds with those of the American people, they are looking at economic numbers and data as “realities” or stand alone items. This the completely off-base. The economy and economic data are not reality, they are simply measures of the American People’s activity.


With that in mind, you need to actually consider the people, not the data.


The people are already voting whether you realize it or not. They’ve voted with their money by doing the following:


  1. Pulling their money out of the stock market en masse (the mutual fund industry saw investors pull $132 billion from stock-based funds in 2011).
  2. Buying guns (according to the FBI, there were over 16 million background checks in 2011, an all-time record. The FBI has noted that only 1.3% of background checks result in denial of a weapon… so these were gun buyers.)


These two data points tell us one thing: Americans do not buy into or trust the current policies being enacted in the US.


Americans don’t believe that the stock market represents the US economy or should be the main focus of the Government’s efforts. Moreover, they don’t believe that the bailouts/ Stimulus have worked.


It is easy to see why. Despite record Government deficits, debt levels, and stimulus, the US economy is in the gutter. The following four charts prove it beyond any doubt.


Here’s duration of unemployment. Official recessions are marked with gray columns. While the chart only goes back to 1967 I want to note that we are in fact at an all-time high with your average unemployed person needing more than 40 weeks to find work (or simply falling off the statistics).



Here’s the labor participation rate with recessions again market by gray columns:




Another way to look at this chart is to say that since the Tech Crash, a smaller and smaller percentage of the US population has been working. Today, the same percentage of the US population are working as in 1980.


Here’s industrial production. I want to point out that during EVERY recovery since 1919 industrial production has quickly topped its former peak. Not this time. We’ve spent literally trillions of US Dollars on Stimulus and bailouts and production is well below the pre-Crisis highs.



Here’s a close up of the last 10 years.



Again, what’s happening in the US is NOT a garden-variety cyclical recession. It is a STRUCTURAL SECULAR DEPRESSION


Americans don’t pay their bills using the proceeds from stocks. They pay their bills and buy their food/ gas with the money earned from their incomes.


This is why most people don’t care about the stock market anymore. Well, that and the fact that a large percentage of the ones running the show in the markets committed massive fraud, earned billions doing it, and have never been called to justice despite admitting they did this.


As for the Depression, the reason we are in a Depression is due to the realities underlying our financial system: namely too much debt. Moreover, the US’s response to dealing with this problem has been to simply add more debt: since 2008, the National Debt has increased over $4 trillion since 2008.


Let’s face the facts… we are saturated with debt on a Federal, State, Local, and Household basis. You cannot solve a debt problem by issuing more debt no matter what your economists and strategists tell you.


For the sake of my letter to you, let’s focus on US Households since they’re the ones who will vote for the next President.


During the housing boom, consumer leverage rose at nearly twice the rate of corporate and banking leverage. Indeed, even after all the foreclosures and bankruptcies, US household debt is equal to nearly 100% of US total GDP.


To put US household debt levels into a historical perspective, in order for US households to return to their long-term average for leverage ratios and their historic relationship to GDP growth we’d need to write off between $4-4.5 TRILLION in household debt (an amount equal to about 30% of total household debt outstanding).


This is the mathematical reality underpinning our economy today.


So how do we solve this?


The only way for us to get out of this mess is for incomes to start rising. And the only way that will happen is if jobs pick up. For that to happen, we HAVE to do two things:


  1. Focus almost exclusively on small businesses.
  2. Remove the distrust that Government policies have engendered in the US populace.


Regarding #1, according to the Government’s own data:


  • Represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms.
  • Employ half of all private sector employees.
  • Generated 65 percent of net new jobs over the past 17 years.
  • Create more than half of the nonfarm private GDP.
  • Produce 13 times more patents per employee than large patenting firms.


Who runs these small businesses? The American people. Main Street. Not the big firms. Not the Too Big To Fails. Not Wall Street. Not the firms that were bailed out. Etc.


In simple terms, the US economy is PRIMARILY comprised of those who decide political elections. They‘re not the ones coughing up $30,000 to have dinner with you, but they’re the ones who decide who will be in office starting in 2013.


And they will vote based on their experiences of the economy, NOT based on the fudged numbers coming out of the BLS.


So, if you want to win the 2012 Presidential Election, you need to focus on these people and win back their trust. And how can you do that? Two simple steps:


  1. Stop bailing out/ permitting the elite to get away with crimes that normal Americans would be prosecuted for.


  1. Stop interfering with small business. Make it easier for small business to start hiring by removing the uncertainty surrounding future benefits/ regulations/ taxes that small businesses will face (why do you think everyone’s hiring temps and part-timers?)


Obviously these moves wouldn’t solve the problems for the US. But they’d go a long ways towards getting us back on track in terms of re-establishing trust in the Government and the system at large.


Trust creates jobs. Trust wins votes. Trust gets the economy back on track, even if it means some short-term pain (defaults/ deleveraging). This country has gotten through a Civil War, Great Depression, numerous recessions, and more. We will get through this latest Depression as well. But this will only happen if we go back to being the United States of America, not the United States of Government Driven America.


Whichever of you figures this out first and acts accordingly, will be the next President.



Graham Summers

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Why does the government have to concentrate on small businesses? Sounds like central planning to me. Shouldn't the government just get their house in order so ALL businesses thrive? Maybe the fact that such a high percentage of people work for small businesses is the PROBLEM, since they tend to be more service oriented.

bigkahuna's picture

Good article. The candidates already know what you are saying, but they don't care. Regular people do not decide elections, our votes do not count. Those who decide elections are behind the scenes-only the candidate that most convincingly will satisfy the oligarchs' needs will be elected. No others need even apply. THAT is why gun sales are off the chart. The regular voter is beginning to realize that this is not a representative republic, but something akin to a command and control scheme with a decent facade. I believe the real beast will emerge after too many of the sheep withdrawl their consent.

BeetleBailey's picture

OUTLAW commercials, raising money, donations of any kind, and mandate weekly equal newspaper and television access to candidates.


That and a whole bunch of other reforms........


Otherwise...this is all bullshit....because the above will never happen.

Nice letter Graham....too bad NONE of these punks will ever read it - and if they do, they won't understand it/laugh it off/dismiss it....

Politicians are scum. Every damn last one of them.

Raskolnikoff's picture

hard to make any kind of reasonable judgement on the debates, with all the crazy, irrelevant questions being asked. those questions were all too self serving in satisfying the stereotypes running around in the dumbed down modern mind of the so-called moderates and liberals that control the media establishment.

Clowns to the left_ jokers to the right's picture

Here's a nice little chart for Graham to throw into the mix.

Manufacturing employment peaked in 1979 and accounted for at least 20% of all NFP employment. There are around eight million fewer people working in manufacturing today than in 1979, around five million fewer since the dot com bubble blew and manufacturing accounts for less than 10% of all NFP jobs. There around 2 million fewer manufacturing jobs today than just four years ago and they're at a level not seen since the end of the post-WWII recession.

After most recessions, manufacturing used to be one of the first sectors to bounce back but that hasn't been the case since the end of the recession in the early 80s when it bounced back but not to the levels it had been and it never made it back to those levels.

Some people like to blame the eeeeevil corporations but sometimes they forget about things like GATT, NAFTA and the formation of the WTO that helped push the trend towards globalization.

memyselfiu's picture

Some people like to blame the eeeeevil corporations but sometimes they forget about things like GATT, NAFTA and the formation of the WTO that helped push the trend towards globalization.

Who exactly do you think lobbies for 'free trade'? Certainly not the small business owner who is primarily focused on the domestic market....

baldski's picture

Where did this dumb shit learn economics?  What creates jobs is demand asshole! not all the other shit you and the other wingnuts talk about! Triple the minimum wage and it will create demand. Lee Kuan Yew did it in Singapore and they are doing pretty well.

Sanksion's picture

Silience Idiot. before posting I must admit I was wondering if you were sarcastic.

When you buy shit & toys, where did you get the money to buy in the first place ?

From your job. So production creates the demand. Not the other way around. Stupid.

Crash N. Burn's picture

Production is not an end in itself. Its purpose is to serve consumption. - Ludwig von Mises

What if there's no demand for your product?


swani's picture

They don't need to "pay attention to the households" or care what the voters want. The households will be given a choice between two pre-selected candidates who have been pre-sanctioned to get mainstream media coverage and support from their respective channels, giving us the spectacle of Democracy, a pre-scripted reality show.

 And since the candidates that get the nominations from the parties are always financially supported by the biggest welfare recipients of all- the TBTF banks and the biggest beneficiaries of government subsidies-the multinational monopolies, these candidates, Blue or Red, will vote for more hand outs, more bail outs, more mandated market share for the monopolies, more wars, more of everything to continue to line their masters' pockets, all at the expense of the households.

And since the households won't like it, they'll continue to vote for more and more loss of liberty in order to prepare for the time that they will need to protect themselves and their masters from the popular discontent that their actions will visit upon them.



Bartanist's picture

IMO it is extremely naive to believe that the presidential candidates give a damn about voters. If the will of the people ever made a difference in a US electrion then that is a thing of the past. The elitist party now chooses all acceptable candidates, including the opposition and rigs all elections to yield acceptable outcomes for them. We are already in a fascist dictatorship, but can't admit it.

Eric L. Prentis's picture

Please do not confuse President Obama with the facts. He is busy raising $1 billion dollars for the 2012 election from Wall Street, Too Big to Fail Banks, multinational corporations, Hollywood, lobbyists and the naïve who still believe his hopium swill.

With the money, Obama will hire high-powered communication experts to create public relations TV advertising that will pander to what the peoples’ focus groups say they want to hear. After the election of course, Obama, who is just a Chicago politician, would go right back to doing what his handlers want and paid for.

With electronic voting, I am not sure it matters how the people vote.  

Winston Smith 2009's picture

"Watching your debates and speeches of late, it is clear that you are all (with possibly the exception of Ron Paul) missing the point and only continuing to widen the gap between the US Government and the American people."

"missing the point"?  No, their point is to get elected to office by telling people what they want to hear.  And if they win, they will, as always, work hard for the people who financed their campaigns rather than the clueless dullards who legitimized them with their votes.

booboo's picture

hey libtard your pet donkey is the one who wants inside your wife uh huh and pay for your own recreation. 

memyselfiu's picture

why do I hear beavis and butthead when I read your post?

Westcoastliberal's picture

Not that any of this shit matters because it DOESN'T matter who or which party wins the "election" Cheney is still running things from "Site R".......

We the people are mad as hell and we're done with all the "PATRIOT" Act, NDAA, Executive Order whatever crapola you've been handing us.

We also don't want you guys on the right crawling up our Woman's vagina to tell her who pays for contraception (if she's allowed any, and quite frankly, I DON'T enjoy rubbers). And we don't want you sticking probes up the pussy for ultrasound views of the "fetus" prior to "allowing" her to terminate the preggers if SHE so desires.

What we DO want is for you to STFU about all the "wedge" issues and really get down to brass tacks on how you're going to restore the RULE OF LAW and rights guaranteed under the Constitution.  All of you might take some lessons from Ron Paul regarding this.

We also want you to throw Jon Corzine's ass along with his henchmen in the county jail (no country-club prisons) until they can figure out where that $1.6 Billion "vaporized".

Then we want you to guarantee you'll reverse the theft of the millions of homes illegally foreclosed upon, with the return of chain-of-ownership under the law, throwing ALL those responsible for this fucked-up mess in the same county jail with Corzine & company.

Finally, we want Geithner and Bernanke fired, the Pentagon forced to account for ALL the missing Trillions, and we want to stop the imperialism that we seem to have been promoting with all these illegal wars.  Bring the troops and our hardware back home until some fucker attacks US and not the other way around.

If you can manage that, you might win our votes.  Otherwise, we intend on voting for third parties ALL THE WAY including legislative and local races, and we sure as hell aren't voting for ANY incumbents.

We have spoken.

putaipan's picture


(oh and another thing- i'm not sure i'm voting for anyone until they tell

us who their cabinet  and othe high officials are. i mean sheesh. they've

got a full year to run around trying to attract attention to themseves,

and then you get this mysterious 3 months while the cabinet is filled.

show us the talent ! obama "used" bill black to campaign with... then

we get lil' timmy as treasury secretary...

Bartanist's picture

Diebold will make sure you vote for the "right" person.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

If you look at the mathmatics of it, Romney has it wrapped up already, But.. I knew this 16 months ago before he even decided to run. It's all in the *contingency plan and voting fraud is already taking place before the presidential election.


 There is no Hope and there will be change, just not what you expected.

TopJim's picture

Good article Graham.  Former NM Gov Gary Johnson is likely to be on the Nov ballot in all 50 States as the Libertarian Party nominee.  See  Town Hall tonight at 5:30pm PDT with Grover Norquist and you can ask him these questions directly via chat or webcam.  Town Hall will be streaming from

Westcoastliberal's picture

If he's hanging out with Norquist, then he's lost my vote.

booboo's picture

Gary Johnson stated "that no crimes have been committed by Wall Street" fuck him.

putaipan's picture


(hey listen .... right now this guy doesn't have a snowball's chance...

but we've got to have 'someone" ready when the rpaul show has

played itself out , occupy reheats for summer and we're forced with

the obmany 'my vote is wasted' non-choice. and i've seen the green

and libertarian options.... not fit to be mayor of salt lake city!)

the grateful unemployed's picture

Norquist is a fool. He was making the case for reducing corporate and personal income tax levels on the wealthy. Let's see how much can we lower GE's corporate taxes. They're already zero, or how about Mitt Romney. He's paying what, 25%??

What happened to Geo Barr, the last time he was the Libs nom I heard him reciting the corporations are people mantra, I almost fell out of my chair.

The Heart's picture

And that was nice thank you Graham.

All this is true if we do not get embroiled in a world war for the War profiteers making the sotero/obam dictator for the rest of the last days of the America we all grew up in.

Speaking of looking up?

Ever notice how the zog propaganda illusionists are always up to some sort of distractionary effort or another? Look Iran! And the obama birth certificate suddenly is a non issue, when it reality it is the lynchpin to stopping the charades that continue on unabated by intelligence or reason. Madness runs rampant at the wheel and the people are drunk on Pink Slime.

Notice that when the heat was turned up sotero/obama puts out his protection racket proclamation in this latest EO to the sheeple that actually believe him?

Grab some real dirt and reason, if he is an imposter-usurper which there is "probable cause" to believe, and the puppets cloths are torn from him by the double edged sword of truth and justice, all his rantings and blah-blah dictatorial socialist communistic post facto laws will be hard for him to wave around as he stands naked before the multitudes. Every law and EO will be moot. Not even the propaganda zog media can cover him up as they are supposed to do.

So like, enjoy your experience. Choose to live well. All things are Karmic in nature. There is NO escape from Universal Justice.


eatthebanksters's picture

You have been reading my mind while I was asleep....couldn't agree with you more!


booboo's picture

I hate to break it to you but this is as open and honest as you will get, they are openly flaunting their corrupt ass in our faces and they for the first time since Wilson are honestly telling each and every one of us that if we step out of line they will find a cold cell to toss our ass in. How is that for open and honest. As for them needing us to participate in the market, guess again, they have moved beyond the living and are blowing your unborn grandkids future earnings. They don't need current revenue streams from J6P when they are robbing Jr6p. If my grand kids don't fucking hang me for being such a pussy for not bum rushing DC when I had the chance I will b shocked.

monopoly's picture

Nice comments but no one will listen. It is against the 3% to take the right road. Nope, they are gonna print money until they get it right. Common sense, rule of law and what is right and moral....Forget about all that.

Shock and Awe, That is when it will change, and not before.

Zero Govt's picture

when Obumma says he's going to "double US exports in 5 years" does he really mean Bubbles Ben is going to halve the value of the US Dollar in 5 years? 

Looking at the manufacturing output chart the US President is delusional and needs a Doctor

roadhazard's picture

Unless you have a big check to give politicians they don't care what you want or say.

Sudden Debt's picture

Unless you have a oilwell in your backyard.... Than they're just into taking your chequebook

the grateful unemployed's picture

it might actually be a good thing if the election were brokered to a final stalemate. we had a stalemate in 2000, and rather than have that result SCOTUS and the GOP took over in a coup d etat, and essentially ran the country like a dictatorship for eight years. Obama was allowed to replace him, and he ran the country like a black African dictator for another four years. the only thing missing is Zimbabwe like inflation. Another four years of him and we'll have bloody tribal wars.

when even Romney is overbearing, (telling Santorum he has never ran a company, or a state - you don't run the country, asshole, you represent the American people - and I consider Romney the milquetoast of the whole bunch. the rest of them are pocket dictators. Paul of course isn't and Santorum is still somewhat self-effacing. but that would change in a hurry. now about no POTUS in 2012. that's my vote. rent the office out to some non profit agency. take a break from these jerkwaters.

DollarMenu's picture

Author says " they’re the ones who decide who will be in office starting in 2013"

Author neglects to mention who controls the menu/ballot.

Pick from column A or column B, it's all GM food.

We need a new restaurant.

jwoop66's picture

What is Ron Paul gonna get done with a Democrat congress?

Savyindallas's picture

Is that your argument for voting for Obama again? I think you should bend over and take it up the ass from a big black guy chosen by Obama--You deserve it .  Obama knows plenty. His lover Rahm Emmanuael even went with him to Washington   -granted he was the Goldman Sachs designee responsible for watching over and guiding him  - how else did you think a slick talking no experrience Negro got a hundred million in Goldman Sachs/Wall Street money? Obama is a faggot and whore of Wall Street. Of course under your reasoning, Ron Paul,  could do nothing under   democrat congress, so we might as well go with the faggott Wall Street whore.  

jwoop66's picture

Ha!   No!  I wouldn't vote for that fuck!   Point is all the ron paulbots claim he is the answer.  If he doesn't get the nomination a lot of them claim they won't vote thus ensuring an Obama victory.   That is the point.  If their  saviour is elected, he won't be able to get anything done.   He would get more under repubs, though if there was a repub congress.   The important thing is to get as many statists out of congress as possible and get rid of Obama.  

Tea Party!   

blunderdog's picture

Hell, what would he be able to get done in a REPUBLICAN Congress either?

I sometimes wonder which party hates the guy more.

jwoop66's picture

a bunch of tea party people were voted in in'10.  Now we need to get more of them.

Sudden Debt's picture

Not much. Just stop the nonsense....
But the point of no return was passed in 2001 so don't expect to much. Just being able to keep what you have now.

Zero Govt's picture

you're asking the wrong question

What does the Parasite Club want to do with the next puppet, sorry US President?

We have killing without trial, spy bots everywhere, drones coming, Big Brother data centres, concentration camps and alot more.. i think reading a George Orwell book would be a starting guide for America 2012 on

tgatliff's picture

I think Mr. Graham is forgetting that the vast majority of those "small businesses" existed because of a MOMO enviroment.   It is really easy to have a small business selling about anything when you have the monetary base expanding while all of the baby boomers were "cashing out equity" in their homes...

Yes, we need "real" small businesses that create new and innovative things to grow again, but we also need about 50% of the finance world to go away as well.   This can only be achieved by realizing the losses on malinvestments.   Unfortunately, malinvestments seem to outnumber productive investments at the moment.

Ms. Erable's picture

This letter reads like Oliver asking for more gruel.

logically possible's picture

This letter is spelled out in such simple terminology, that even a politician should be able to comprehend it.

JohnKozac's picture

Powerful article of what's happening "on the ground" and sadly very true from what I see.I went to the sports store to buy a model airplane for my nephew. I met a man who was buying a assault rifles and a case of ammo. When I asked why, he said he, "was getting ready...just in case the SHTF."

WTF does THAT mean!?

Ready for what?!



Sudden Debt's picture

Americans love guns.
And nuclear shelters
And blowing stuff up


I should move to America! :)

Dick Gazinia's picture

Do you live under a rock?  We are about a puss-hair away from a full blown revolution. 

Do right by yourself, your children, and your ancestors and get yourself armed.  Stop listening to Pravda Left and Pravda right news channels and start looking around at the reality that is the Amerika.  For those who say it can't happen here I would point out that it already has, twice.

I mean jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick.  Are you blind?

PulpCutter's picture

More deluded Fox/Beck/Limbaugh listeners.  Yeah, you can see all the brave revolutionaries out in the streets of America already....NOT.

Except for Occupy, who was roundly denounced by the corporate lapdog right as "unemployed socialists", no one has the balls to stand up and do anything.

Want to see bravery in the streets?  Try Syria, Greece, or Russia.

Romney (Bain Capital) bought your main new outlets - Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity (Clear Channel)-  in 2008.  It takes more than buying a firearm be a revolutionary.  Your "revolution" is going precisely nowhere.'s picture

Apparently you are the one listening to those guys. I don't have a clue what they go on about but you credit them with being able to sway public opinion on a massive scale. Is it possible that they don't have the influence which you ascribe to them and that individual people are simply making decisions about their own lives with which you personally disagree?