TiMe MaGaZiNE PeRSoN oF THe YeaR...

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Dude, you just got droned.

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I love your choice, Banzai.

That girl Yousefzai is going to be the herione and role model for an entire generation of Muslim women.

And Islam is going to need them...

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Drones are friends


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"There's an old saying in  Pakistan— I know it's in, Pakistan probably in  Yemin— that says, drone me once, shame on — shame on you. Drone me — you can't get droned again."

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Do you have a home you can lend?
Do you have some time you can spend?
What's not to love
They're death from above
On doomsday they'll be your best friend

The Limerick King

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"Don't Drone Me Bro"

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Debt Brother from Planet Zero and his Drone "Freedom Finders"; classic!

Vain and shallow perception driven hero worship it is.

Is Obummer going to regulate drones?

Great stuff WB7.

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Hard to believe this murderous sphincter is being cast again in the sequel to 2012.

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Could be a diversion from this:


Father of slain child 1 day after event, laughs before interview (maybe you have seen this already on Huffpo).

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ZH should check this out.

Some of the parents "recently" moved there.

Could this whole thing be staged?

The other suspect initially seen handcuffed has disappeared.

There has been no photographic evidence of any kind displayed; all we see is an exterior of the bldg.

One thing I noticed: 2 feds who were at Aurora in videos are at this scene!

Within 1 hour of the shooting.

Check the archived stuff out yourself.  Now, maybe they are just similar in appearance, or.....

Point is, you cannot trust anything this government is telling you.

Outside of the terrible deaths, the worst thing about this whole affair has been the ass-f'ed "news media" who left the starting gate with crappy, lowball, worthless "reporting."

If, and it is still If, 9/11 was "planned," this event would be a piece of cake.

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And it'll happen again

and again

and again

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I like the Happy Face on the Drones. Nice touch.

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"Debt Brother is watching you" -- With apologies to G. Orwell

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Felix Baumgartner should win it for the next 5 years...at least.

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Time's requirements for person of the year...


Are you famous or well-known?

Are you a tyrant?

Do you blatantly abuse human rights and order the deaths of hundreds... thousands... millions?

Have you just recently purged your country of undesirables?

Did you suck Wall Street's pussy?

Have you waged any illegal wars?

Do you wield financial weapons of mass destruction?

Have you ensured the grounding down of some good people?

Do you have plans to expand your powers?

Have you recently bribed us?

Were your actions inspired by the following: God? Satan? Thirst for power? A generous inheritance? Pure blind luck?

Are you a king, member of royalty, or colonial waster of life and limb?

Finally, are you bat-shit crazy?

If you have ticked all of the above and such claims are verified you must be a Sith Lord.


And that's how Time's person of the year rolls....

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A Time Lord, with apologies to Dr. Who, for the end times of America.

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The Time magazine person of the year is the most influential person, not the most heroic or best or most honorable.  Stalin, Hitler, Arafat, and a host of other slime-balls have shared the "honor."  I would argue that Hitler was probably the most influential person of the 20th century, not out of admiration, but because virtually everything that occurred in world history since 1932 was influenced a little or a lot by his actions and beliefs:  WW2 (obviously), Israel, the cold war, the miriad regional wars that came later, and the list goes on.

Just because the current occupant of the white house is on that cover does not imply that he is honorable, or knowledgable, or wise.  He and his minions will be influential in our lives, for better or worse (mostly worse), for the next decade or two or longer.  He will be stuck with the implosion of our economic and political system, and history books fifty years from now will look at his administration (or Jarret's) as one of the most ill-concieved practial jokes ever played on the American public.

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Thinking about this further, I would like to add that considering Debt Bro versus Malala, I feel a much greater influence emanating from the latter. A positive, rather than negative, influence.

I understand that Obama represents a milestone in American history. But frankly, that has become a hollow cliche.

For a child to speak out publicly and actively is one thing. To then survive an assassination attempt and then, at such an age, to resume speaking out in a positive way that does not hint of anger or hatred, I feel humbled by this person.

I am happy that ZH readers agree that this Malala Yousafzai is more deserving of recognition and there is hope since many others around the world feel the same way.

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as a country goes broke, all its cliches go hollow

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I believe the word is infamous rather than famous.

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I am aware of that. However, substantial numbers agree with my choice. And while countless slime balls have shared the same honor, we don't have to accept this measure of human influence and greatness do we.

Instead we can ridicule the object of its adulation. That's where I come in...

Purely as a matter of historical observation, if their standard is supposed to explain the results, one can begin by asking why did Giuliani win in 2011 instead of Bin Laden?

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Because Giuliani helped fascilitate the command post in Bld 7? Wait, Cause he helped keep the mob away from ground zero for weeks during the gold find, er, I mean clean up?

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Actually Time Magazine is exploring a new magazine that will lift its fortunes called - Despot Living. Every December they will announce their Despot of the Year - They'll just reuse the Time Magazine's Person of the Year cover of Obama.

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Adam Lanza was also in the running, but he didn't kill enough children.

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And if you really think he was the shooter, I have a bridge to sell you.

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Oh hell, not more of this.

Let me guess: The DHS snuck in and whacked those kids so Obama could come along and repeal the Second Amendment? Oh no wait not that -- so the libtards at Tresaury could send goons into every home in Amerika to confiscate weapons. No shit that's not it -- oh here so the FBI could use "gun ownership" as an excuse to break into your house and confiscate your gold stash.

How did I do? Where's my Honorary Tinfoil Medal of Excellence?

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Russians look at their public schools in very much the same way Americans do. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beslan_school_hostage_crisis. To make the town and their people some type of statistic...as has been done by the media and the President who simply can't get out of their story-line's way...i'm sorry but that's total BULLSHIT in my view. As this site was the only..."news" organization that covered the Fukushima nuclear disaster so I will be watching this story as well. Granted my sources are the New York Times and Wall Street Journal and whatever all of you have the courage to "think about this one"...but i will be listening to what the authorities in Connecticut have to say about this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Fleming

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Oklahoma City bombing: Eric Holder-organized sting that was allowed to...happen. Colo shooter, Sandy Hook mass murder? Both involving offspring of parents involved in international bankster rackets (Liborgate). A remarkable synchronicity and, were the outer layers of these fragrent onions stripped away, I suspect you'd once again find the bloody hands of Eric Holder...fronting for Obama/Soros and their Statist rackets. 

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Banzai, what about a TIME corporate person of the year? HSBC for the win?

Scratch that. ZH corporate person of the year, with all their dirty laundry hanging for all to see. It'll also probably get more reads than Time's annual farcefest.

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Today's is UBSs turn to return to the victory circle of fraud.

The magnitude of lawlessness in the financial system is truly breathtaking.

Today's example is Phil Gramms crony rest home.

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Do jack shit

Get a blue ribbon

Sound familiar?

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Thumbing their noses at us. First the Nobel farce, now this.

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william the menace you be a beast who won't attend the Oligarchy feast around Potus as new Caesar! 

One day emperor, next day without clothes! 

If we live to see the day! 


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As awful as TIME is, I don't think you can blame their editors for this sick joke.

The person-of-the-year is selected by their readers if I am not mistaken :


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"Their readers" more like their owners have to keep their puppet on a high pedestal. Uncle Tom potus is one of the best they have.

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man next thing some idiot will give this guy a nobel peace prize

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Merry Christmas WB7

And a Happy New Year







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Same to you. I was listening to my Christmas in Japan collection this evening.

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ZH and WB7, don't miss:


"Santastic" mashups of holiday classics - never fails to make me wince or laugh.

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Apparently V For Vendetta was screened on Chinese TV recently :s

(Doubly amazing considering some areas in China banned Avatar - due to the 'locals fighting overwhelming odds to keep their land' theme.)

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It must have slipped through the cracks. That's amazing.

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Morale is not going up though. So maybe the beatings will start turning inward?

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u sexy bitch(my brother in law in IA who served two tours recently had that to say about my christmas card)...lol


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As far as I am concerned, this is who deserved to win and deserved the peace prize as well...but apparently not in this world. In this world, he who holds the trigger, debt or deadly, wins.