What Happens When "Financial Journalists" Give Guidance?

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We all know what happens when those pessimistic fringe blogs try to bring a little sobriety to the table.

But what happens when reputable "financial journalists"

VVV                                           VVV



stop reporting on events and start telling you what they think? (or what they think you want to hear, in order for them to grab a 2 minute stint on a 6am tv show)

"Microsoft in 2000 was an unsustainable bubble, whereas Apple today looks much more solidly valued" - Felix Salmon 9/17/12

This is what happens Larry -- you lose 25% of your money.




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Just bought a Samsung/Android Galaxy Nexus and I must say that while I laud Apple's past innovation with the iPad/iPhone/iPod, they need to keep the hits coming if they want their bubble stock to remain inflated. The Nexus is an impressively integrated piece of hardware and software.

iTV does not smack as being a particular innovative thing to do and certainly won't have very high margins since everyone plus dog is already into the smart TV market - and Samsung, even Sony have to know a lot more about making quality TVs at a reasonable price - besides, if you can't flash around the fact that you have an iTV, where's the mystique - maybe Apple will have a iTV that folds up and collapses and you can take to Starbucks to impress the other poofters...

As for cells, I think Android will eventually mop the floor as they have become a commodity and the weird and cheap (but still adequate) Chinese branded smartphones start to show up. The end is near when Microsoft starts threatening to build a cellphone.

In a sense, Android is the new Windows since it runs on everybodies hardware (gag - what have I written? this is not an insult to Android).

The Android may not be *quite* as slick as the iPhone, but its quite close enough (and perhaps better in areas that matter since it integrates better with Google stuff like Maps), and the deal maker for me is its not anal-retentive like the iPhone


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hey that one guy has at least 4 screens going. He must know something.

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"Financial Journalists" have got to be some of the stupidest motherfuckers on the planet.  Especially the ones over at Marketwatch.

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I'll just leave these two amusing images here:

In the future we'll have an APR of 25.9% - so says "Total Recall" (2012).


And Apple will be reduced to selling security scanners after Android kicks their asses:


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Predicting future is fraud. It is impossible to predict future.

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Having lost a lot of money disbelieving this simple, undeniable truth, I can't begin to tell you how right you are.  

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My magic 8 ball says "maybe".

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"past performance is no guarantee of future results."

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"Journalists" believe that since they know how to process information, they understand the information, i.e. they have wisdom.

Untrue.  Most of the time they let the journo group-think drive the story.

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Oh do you mean like the "Obama" story?

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That's the biggest hemorrhoid pillow I've ever seen.

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Before taking advice, it is always a good idea to question the motivation behind the advice.