Why it is Not Possible to be Moral and to Work For a Bank

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In honor of December 21, 2012, a date that a few elements in the West have used to bastardize the Mayan calendar with apocalyptic predictions, we present to you a philosophical debate. Felipe Gomez, leader of the Maya alliance Oxlaljuj Ajpop, told the AFP news agency, that December 21, 2012 only marks the end of one of the Mayan calendar cycles and never predicted the end of the world. The final 400-year cycle of the calendar, the 13th b'aktun that completes a 5,200 year era, will complete on December 21st.


"We are speaking out against deceit, lies and twisting of the truth, and turning us into folklore-for-profit. They are not telling the truth about time cycles," Felipe stated. In a statement released by Oxlaljuj Ajpop, to the Mayans the end of the 13th b'aktun is important not because it means the end of the world but because of its spiritual significance in predicting “big changes on the personal, family and community level, so that there is harmony and balance between mankind and nature."

In honor of this new spiritual awakening predicted by the Mayans, we address the question, “Is it possible to be moral and still work in banking?” We believe that because the Rockefellers and Rothschilds created our “modern” banking system with the express diabolical intent of transferring the wealth of nations to themselves with zero work and of preventing the people of these nations from revolting through the imposition of debt enslavement achieved through the administration of the fractional reserve banking system, the answer to this question is a definitive “NO”. The banking industry, as evidenced by the operational platform of the now-defunct Municipal Bank of Amsterdam founded more than 400 years ago, is completely capable of returning to a moral industry through the use of sound money principles. However, as long as today’s banking industry retains the complicit silence and support of good people that continue to work in an immoral industry, banking will never return to be the moral industry it once was.


Today’s banking system, as it was designed by a group of immoral men, perpetuates global poverty, perpetuates unnecessary wars, creates massive wealth inequality within and among nations, and not only encourages murder, homicide and terrorism, but aids and abets these criminal behaviors. This statement is not a metaphor but simple black and white truth. If you believe this statement to be a stretch of the imagination or a bastardization of facts, then either you simply are unwilling to face the truth of the banking industry today, or you simply do not fully understand how our global banking system truly operates today. Before I decided to walk away from the banking industry into a world of uncertainty in 2005, I worked for the Citigroup Private Wealth Management group. As such, our group was always receiving emails from then Citigroup CEO Sandy Weill about how to handle objections from our clients about Citigroup’s criminal behavior that ranged from rigging bond markets in Europe, laundering money for Yakuza in Japan and laundering money for Mexican drug cartels. Thus, even in my position, far removed from the top executives of Citigroup, it literally was impossible not to know about the rampant criminality of Citigroup. For other lower level employees of the bank, like bank tellers or retail bank employees, due to the compartmentalization process of banks, they did not receive these same emails. However, due to the call of many public figures and the media to the rampant criminality of the banking system, ignorance of the immorality of the banking system can no longer be a credible excuse for anyone working in the banking industry that wants to claim that they are still moral people.


In the video below, we reference materials for anyone still working in the banking industry so they can understand that a refusal to extract oneself from this criminal cartel directly supports the spread of misery and crime throughout the world. Simply put, because it is not possible to be a moral person and support a financial banking system that at its core, is fraudulent and misanthropic, one is forced today to make the extremely difficult choice of leaving the banking industry and facing economic uncertainty, or remaining as a cog in the machine and supporting immorality. We understand that this is a very difficult choice given the poor global economic environment that exists today, but morality is, and has always been, a difficult choice. There is no room for debate or argument that those that remain employees of a system as immoral as the global banking system support immorality, as this is a simple statement supported by logic and indisputable facts. The only question a bank employee must ponder is this:


“Will I retain my integrity and morality and walk away from the banking industry now or will I surrender my morality and stay?”

There will always be those that rationalize that they can stay moral even in an utterly amoral industry because they are not directly participating in the immorality. We imagine that these are the same rationalizations that the accountants and secretaries for Pol Pot, Mussolini and Hitler all used to make themselves feel better once they realized that the system they worked for was hell bent on destroying humanity. However, I am sure that as time passed, even for those that chose to cling to an immoral system strictly for financial reasons, it inevitably became harder and harder for even them to believe their own flawed reasoning.


The biggest illusion that the criminal banking cartel has sold the world right now is that we the people are powerless to affect or alter the global economic path of destruction that the they have set forth for us. If Afghanistan could defeat mighty military power Russia in a war, 6.8 billion people can definitely defeat a few thousand criminal bankers if we make the conscious and moral decision to do so. Often we are all too willing to passively accept something as not possible instead of taking the difficult first step towards something that is. The first step to take is always the hardest step and it’s the necessary one to inspire a mass moral awakening. So I plead with you to join me. Walk away from the banking industry and don’t look back until it fundamentally changes from a force that promotes misanthropy into a force that supports the right of all humans to pursue freedom and happiness. On the present path the global banking elite have put us on, revolution is coming. It is just a matter of whether we can convince the moral people of good character to leave the banking industry and thus usher in a peaceful revolution or whether we will be uncaring and apathetic enough to continue our support of this criminal industry and trigger a chaotic and violent revolution. Thus even if your gut reaction is to dismiss the contention that you can not be moral and work for a bank, for the sake of humanity, please take some time out of your day to view our video so that you may open up a debate with your colleagues regarding this topic. An intelligent society will never shut its eyes and ears to sensitive topics and will always open these topics to debate to reach the best and most sensible conclusion. May we all be intelligent and compassionate enough to choose the path of peaceful revolution.



References to help understand the immorality of the global banking system’s business model of fraud and
wealth destruction:

The Golden Gift (Free sneak preview of The Golden Gift here)

The FederalReserve, the Rothschilds & Vatican Banking Cartels

12-Year Old Child Reveals One of the Best Kept Secrets in the World (Explanation of the Canadian banking system but this is applicable for every banking system of every country in the world)

US Government Sold Us Out to Enslavement, High Treason




About the author: JS Kim is the Founder & Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent investment research & consulting firm dedicated to a mission of returning the world to sound money and to helping Main Street build wealth by fighting the fraud of Wall Street and the global banking cartel.

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Mark Noonan's picture

While I hardly consider myself a henchman of Pol Pot for working at a bank, I do see the point - and I do wrestle with the moral implications of the banking industry.  But where you have found outright, intentional evil I tend to find mere stupidity and greed.  The people who run our largest banks - like the people who run all of our largest corporations - are mostly too stupid to realize what it is they are doing and if they have any fixation, at all, it is merely to pile up as much cash as they can and keep their place on the corporate ladder lest they lose their place at the trough.  We are worlds away, here, from those who routed the trains for the Reichsicherheitshaumptamt or from those who typed up the forms for the Osoboe Sovecanie.

People who can actually do things tend to do things for a living - those who can fix a leaking pipe, repair a caburator, design a jet engine, do just that.  Those who are incapable or unwilling to do such things tend to gravitate to places where results are not required...in to schools, bureaucracies and corporate offices.  Because of their college credentials they generally enter such places in a management role and then tend to rise not on merit but because someone a step higher took a liking to them and thus gave them a leg up as they rose through the machine.  Knowing nothing of the practical side of their respective businesses but knowing that profits must always increase in order to get promoted and get bonuses, that is all they do...ensure that, by hook or crook, profits go up.  But by honest work, profits can only be so much...so you have to think up things as "minor" as late fees or as astounding as "derivatives" to keep the money increasingly flowing in.  Trouble is, such stuff can only work for a while...and when caught in the vise, the last thing these pinheads want to do is pay the piper...so they turn to their like in government (and those who run government are indistinguisable form those who run corporation) for a bail out of one sort or another.

The ultimate cure for this - aside from a few reasonable laws - is hard currency. Money that holds its value over centuries cannot be easily manipulated.  You will still get the boom and bust cycle, but the booms won't ever go quite a high and the busts will just clear away the complete idiots, leaving the field (temporarily) to those who can think.

I am on to you's picture


Can you work for the Mafia,without being a criminal?????

Balance between ,Nature and Mankind?

There is only one,say one, animal, who,s able of lying,gues which one,the treats one me!!!!!

somecallmetimmah's picture

Exactly.  You're all nothing but a bunch of damn whores, and you know it.  So stop being so darn uppity.

As for me & my family, we're all sunshine & puppies.

I am on to you's picture

Spot on!

And why still call it banks,mafia covers it all.Thank you for, Schengen.


rsnoble's picture

Yes, it is possible to be moral and work for a bank. You just have to be a complete fucking idiot and not know what's going on in the real world.  For all you know loaning an 18 yo kid $50k for 7 years at 10% to buy the newest rad car is helping him out and you're glad to see him happy.  There are plenty of white trash morons who work at banks that have no clue, I know a couple of them.

Mr. Hudson's picture

That is not how you destroy the banking industry. If you "walk away", somebody else who desperately needs a job will take your place. The best way to destroy the banking industry is to get moral and decent people to work inside the banking industry (not get out of it), and destroy it from the inside-out. That is exactly how the Zionists work, and they successfully took down the Czar, and they are successfully taking down the United States in this manner. You can't argue against success. Copy methods that have been tried and tested.

kumquatsunite's picture

The illegality of banking is seen quite clearly in overdraft charges: fees that so cry usury that one must wonder at the sheer hubris of them. Then there is the tax system: why tax individuals at all? Tax only purchases and businesses...the fraud is in the idea that taxing individuals has anything to do with govt monies. Proportionately, individual taxes are miniscule compared to business tax, so why bother? Individual taxes are solely a means of herding sheep and the imposing of fear. Do away with the individual tax system and tax only business and purchases. That makes sense.

Louie the Dog's picture

Does this mean that the teller at the Community Bank of Oewein, IA should tender her resignation today?  

cossas.robber's picture

Under what school of philosophical thought is the author evaluating "morality"?

Curious to hear thoughts on how the teller would violate Kant's categorical imperative.  I can think of a few ways Bernanke is violating it..

Bob's picture

Kudos on sharing the inconvenient truth!  Many, many people below the CEO level know perfectly well what's going on in their criminal organizations . . . they simply perfer to play dumb and adopt the posture of Good Germans. 

How many people at Enron who wailed about the loss of their retirement investments in company stock really had no clue? Far fewer than the number of marque staff who were actually prosecuted would suggest.

The sad truth is that the corrupted are legion in our society . . . regardless of our transparently feeble rationalizations to the contrary.  The banksters' toadies are a fine example.  Likewise for our citizen-warrior "Heroes" killing people in service of American Empire overseas. 

We need a serious collective Come to Jesus moment before we all go down in regretfully silent complicity . . . for little more than the crumbs that fall from the tables of our overlords.

Hubbs's picture

Today’s banking system, as it was designed by a group of immoral men, perpetuates global poverty, perpetuates unnecessary wars, creates massive wealth inequality within and among nations, and not only encourages murder, homicide and terrorism, but aids and abets these criminal behaviors.


If that ain't the F'in truth!

Inthemix96's picture

Thank you smart knowledge.  Three years ago I knew nothing about this scam, and thanks to folk like you, I woke up.

Many more daily (and I do my bit) are finding out about this shit-show of a scam we are all beholden to.

Keep it up mate, the world is awakening.

Dan Duncan's picture

For an example of impeccable morality be sure to check out Smartknowledgeu's Wealth University webpage.   [For your convenience, I'll direct you to his pricing page... http://www.smartknowledgeu.com/pricing.php ]

There you will find a portal into "wealth secrets" for the mere sum of 3 oz of gold.  You can have a "private consultation" with him for 8.1889 oz of gold.  [He takes payment to the 1/10000th of an oz!  Seriously, you can't make this up. ]

Now who would be stupid enough to give this guy a dime?  Not sure, but he appears to be marketing his services to people coming out of high school who are considering college [Go to pages 15-16 http://www.smartknowledgeu.com/pdf/WealthSecrets.pdf  ].

His pitch appears to be:  "Don't waste your money on student loans.  Waste it on me instead!"

This guy is actually writing a post on "the immorality of a fraudulent business model based on wealth destruction."  What a fucking joke. 



JOYFUL's picture

Specious argument, as it merely attacks the messenger without putting forth the slightest case against the message, and is akin to demanding that none but vestal virgins attend upon you, for all others are offensive to the sanctity of thy throne...

we live in a profane world, but may still dream comforting thoughts of making it better, without having to be saints or paragons of virtue ourselves.  Yet I see no evidence from the facts selected that Kim is a highwayman, lurking about in the fringes of the web hoping to waylay innocent travellers - acceptance of the offer of his services would appear to be entirely optional!

Where Kim's argument here could be more reasonably rebutted is in the matter of his all-inclusiveness...banking, as in all banking, needs be abandoned for it's intrinsic lack of integrity...this flies in the face of historical fact, and even of his own argument.

There have been long periods in history when forms of banking have existed which have remained outside of the fractional reserve category which he so strongly condemns here, and even models which have remained outside of the usurial model...some still exist today, even if more in principle than execution, in the form of so called Islamic banking and the Gold Dinar movement.

But one need not look outside of the western experience for other evidence contradictory to the claim that banking by defintion must be assigned the role the author chooses to give it...

for well over a century Scotland enjoyed a period of 'free banking' with no central authority, nor predominance of players, large failures, or suspension of species payments; a profoundly different situation than that of neighboring England - where State sponsored monopoly of note issuance and other favoritism shown to the usurers who accompanied and abetted  the hebraic Statholder William in his takeover of the realm made for a charnel ground of sound money policy, and set the stage for the full coup de grace of independent commerce at the later hands of the House of Bauer\Rothschilds...

In bringing the long reign of error of these cruel overlords to an end, we need to be careful of what to keep, and what to dispose of...and mind that while many pilgrims have set out for the elusive Isles of freeenterpriseia, few have reached those happy shores - having paid their safe passage money in full to the false captains of commerce(those corsairs of capitalism) only to be steered onto the rocks of usury banking and it's crony state capitalism, then drowned in the wreckage of their hopes.


FreedomCostsaBuck-o-Five's picture

Thanks for the comment. It's apparent that Mr Kim's post sows fear, and fear and greed both sell well. I didn't know his gig was to charge 8.1 oz gold for a consult w him. That's 13,810. No wait, $13,446. If gold keeps tanking it'll be less....

FreedomCostsaBuck-o-Five's picture

Mr. Kim, do you keep your money at a bank? Do you use the immoral system in any way? I want to know how to avoid being complicit in such sin. Or is using the immoral system ok, but working for it not ok?

Tango in the Blight's picture

You can't survive in this day and age without using the banking system unless you are a criminal or black marketeer who only uses cash. They want to get rid of cash so there is no alternative to participating in the banking system.


CH1's picture

You can't survive in this day and age without using the banking system unless you are a criminal or black marketeer

Please... Working immigrants in both hemispheres do it daily.

We all have access to cash, or Bitcoin, or silver. Most of us just don't USE them. Easier to play the game and assure ourselves that "it's only for criminals."

adr's picture

Rockefeller, Carnegie, and the other industrialists did do a lot of hard work to make the first part of their fortunes, but then they became ruthless in the defense of thier wealth. They manipulated the system to funnel money directly to them, and make sure nobody else could rise up to challenge them.

Along with JP Morgan and the other major bankers, they created the Federal Reserve system as a holding company for their fortunes, that would cause all wealth to be transfered to the Fed and be controlled by it. The cash everyone uses is a Federal Reserve Note. Every credit card is controlled by the banking cartel, which is run by the Federal Reserve Board.

The idea that someone other than a decendant of a Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderbilt, or Rothschild could control the fortunes they amassed amounted to blasphemy of the new Fed religion. The Fed and our fractional reserve banking system exists to ensure certain families remain wealthier than all others, and the rest remain slaves to them.

Rockefeller believed himself to be greater than any government, a king of old to be worshipped. Instead of cutting off his head, the government broke up his monopoly and made him richer and more powerful than ever before. His children still control every facet of the US government, and never did a single day of honest work. In fact Rockefeller became a king and established a new monarchy within our system, where birthright is the only path to wealth.

odatruf's picture

Mr. Kim: poppycock. Its not banking itself forcing bad actors to act badly. Your reasoning gives them too much of an affirmative defense. Again, poppycock!


Swarmee's picture

So the author, as the supreme moral example here, clearly divested himself (preferably to some charity) of 100% of the money he earned amorally at Citi, correct? After all, to have personally profited from such amoral activities would itself be amoral and would only continue to be amoral as long as that money was kept. Very easy for someone who earned many times the pay of a teller to suggest that a low level employee give up their job in an economy with not only high unemployment, but also an environment of underemployment with cutthroat competition for any job, and thousands of recently laid off bankers with similar skill sets already ahead of them in line in the job market.
There will always be those that rationalize that they can stay moral even though they have personally profited from an utterly amoral industry because they are not directly participating in the immorality anymore. But this assumption would be completely hypocritical.

Jadr's picture

Right, so instead of attacking the idea, attack the writer.  Regardless of how worthy his current advice is, it is forever tarnished in your eyes because he worked at a bank? 

I guess its easier to be a critic than to be an agent of change.

Global Hunter's picture

I agree, the author after having spent his best years as a young man working in banking and coming to the realization that the industry was immoral should piss off and keep his yap shut and should be disqualified from every having any opinions on said industry again (sarc off).

exi1ed0ne's picture

It's easy to be moral when your coffers and belly are already full.

IamtheREALmario's picture

What would a banker, lawyer, insurer or politician have of value to trade in a moral world?

CH1's picture

Insurance - done honestly and without coercion - is a legitimate activity. It covers risk, and that can matter.

DaveyJones's picture

no wonder we can't see the light, they're bending it

Walt D.'s picture

Eureka - the fiscal cliff is in a parallel universe - as is global warming.

john39's picture

a bit OT, but, this video is by far the best explanation of the mayan prediction for 2012 that i have come across:


Neo1's picture

The Income Tax succinctly described is an irrecusable obligation.
However, if anyone else accepts this private credit and uses it to purchase goods and services, the user voluntarily incurs the obligation requiring him to make a return of income whereby a portion of the income is collected by the IRS and delivered to the Federal Reserve banksters. Actually the federal income tax imparts two separate obligations: the obligation to file a return and the obligation to abide by the Internal Revenue Code. The obligation to make a return of income for using private credit is recognized in law as an irrecusable obligation, which according to 'Bouvier's Law Dictionary' (1914 ed.), is "a term used to indicate a certain class of contractual obligations recognized by the law which are imposed upon a person without his consent and without regard to any act of his own." This is distinguished from a recusable obligation which, according to Bouvier, arises from a voluntary act by which one incurs the obligation imposed by the operation of law. The voluntary use of private credit is the condition precedent which imposes the irrecusable obligation to file a tax return. If private credit is not used or rejected, then the operation of law which imposes the irrecusable obligation lies dormant and cannot apply.
A Banksters defeatism (realization of defeat) nightmare, Being forced to Return to Real Money=United States Note=Lawful Money, Use the Remedy within the Federal Reserve Act. 12USC411 refusal penalty 12USC501a http://savingtosuitorsclub.net/ Stop being a Slave!!!!!! This is Tax Free Money!!!!!!!! www.stormthunder.com

nobodyimportant's picture

Please see WhatisTaxed.com

Also US Code Chapter 26 Section 86 1-8T.

It appears only foreign earned income is taxable.

Zola's picture

I agree with you, but for many, the lure of riches is just too difficult to pass by... These people are not only complicit, they become ennemies too in their quest to preserve the system...

eddiebe's picture

The world is a reflection of our dreams and nightmares. Our dreams and nightmares are fashioned by our sense of separation. Our sense of separation is fostered by every selfish act. Therefore, the world will not change for the better until every one of us make changes that treat 'the other' as we would ourselves. All the prophecies ever made can't cange that.

Nothing To See Here's picture

Banks are mere subsidiaries of the State. Their evil is possible only by the laws that governments have granted them in the name of socialism and top-down control. No moral society can exist as long as its constituents expect free stuff from the work of others, and as long as it pretends to be moral because it wants things to be shared equally. A moral society is impossible as long as it is within the grasp of the great socialist utopia.

Once society rejects the promises of a centrally-planned utopia, the State's monopoly on money crumbles, and banking returns to a moral industry.

Coldfire's picture

Fair enough, banks are evil. But their saving grace may be their compliance functions. Just ask Hector Sants. Changing the system from the inside. For big bucks. Yeah.

DaveyJones's picture

I think it was Robert Rubin who came up with the catch-phrase: Thank a Bank or This Place will Tank

I argued for the word Spank but was quickly out voted

smartknowledgeu's picture

As the points in the text are much more fully fleshed out and put in context in the video, we ask that you be kind enough to please watch the video before posting comments in agreement/disagreement with our stance so that you may fully understand our view. Thank you!

Global Hunter's picture

smartknowledgeu, I am coming up on 2 years this January since I walked away to very real economic uncertainty, great post, thanks.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Here's an answer to your question.  All large and aging systems lose their moral compass and become evil.  Large means the leaders are isolated (through layers of bureaucracy) from those they serveand aging means that there is time for the sociopaths to make their way to the top.


economics9698's picture

Well this video was posted on ZH and you are pretty much preaching to the choir here.  

Global Hunter's picture

maybe one of my many family members who think I am insane because of my views on banking will get this video link for christmas!

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Preaching to a Stadium full of preachers haha

SamAdams's picture

And we will keep on preaching until even the most dense understand the implications.  Exposure of the lie is our biggest weapon.