Are Middle East & African Wars Really About Protecting the Immoral Global Banking System & Fighting Gold?

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In a speech retired US Army General Wesley Clark gave in August of 2001, we are reminded that many wars and major military theater operations are planned years or sometimes even decades in advance and that the excuses to justify them are likely fabricated. In this short speech that General Clark gave more than 10 years ago, he stated that the US had already planned to invade Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Iran. We already know that Iraq has fallen, that Libya has been taken out, that there is a brutal ongoing war in Syria and in the Sudan now, that there has been ongoing war in Somalia since 2009, and that war in Iran now seems inevitable. Furthermore, a quick look at the map below shows that the only two countries important to the control of oil transport routes in the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea not on Wesley Clark’s 2001 list are Egypt, a country in which the Arab Spring originated and former President Mubarak has already been ousted, and Saudi Arabia, a long-time standing US ally. But could there possibly be another much more important commodity than oil that is really the driving force behind these interventions?




Upon deeper investigation, it also seems highly likely that the Western global banking cartel has been involved in some capacity in the industrial-military complex planning of these invasions and government overthrows in Africa and the Middle East due to the peculiarly timed nature of these events. For example, Saddam Hussein ruled as an often brutal dictator in Iraq for more than 23 years. During a particularly brutal campaign launched against the Kurds and other ethnic minorities in Iraq from 1986 to 1989, Saddam was alleged to have murdered up to several hundred thousand people. Though the US military had clear opportunity to kill Saddam during the first Iraqi war in 1990, they did not. When Saddam announced his desire to start trading Iraqi oil in Euros instead of US dollars in 2000, the US subsequently declared war on Iraq again in 2003, and this time Saddam was executed.


In Libya, despite Muammar Gaddafi being the official ruler of the Libyan Arab Republic from 1969 to 1977 and then the "Brother Leader" of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya from 1977 to 2011, a span of more than four decades, the US had never chosen to engage Libya or to act upon evidence of human rights violations and the brutal repressive tactics of the Revolutionary Councils in Libya, and not even after Gaddafi allegedly tried to procure a nuclear bomb from China in 1972, and once again in 1977, from Pakistan, at least not in an open manner though covert theater operations certainly could have happened during this time (except for limited airstrikes in April of 1986 in response to a Libyan-directed Berlin discotheque bombing). According to Wikipedia and other numerous sources, “in 1986, 2000, and the months prior to the 2011 civil war, Gaddafi announced plans for a unified African gold dinar currency, to challenge the dominance of the US dollar and Euro currencies. The African dinar would have been measured directly in terms of gold which would mean a country’s wealth would depend on how much gold it had rather than how many dollars it traded.” In fact, Gaddafi vowed to create a United States of Africa that would trade their resources with each other solely based upon the Islamic gold dinar. By October, 2011, in a NATO-assisted and allegedly covert US heavily-supported operation, Libyan forces captured and executed Gaddafi, thereby ending the possibility of a united African continent that used gold, and not the US dollar or the Euro, for international trade.


Finally in Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad helped establish the Iranian oil bourse in February of 2008 and announced that Iran would start trading their oil in currencies other than the US dollar as of March 20, 2012. Iran has for years, relayed its desire to trade oil in rupees, rubles, yuan and other denominations besides the US dollar. In turn, the EU has already imposed potentially crippling financial sanctions that have disabled Iran’s access to SWIFT, a worldwide financial messaging system that's used to arrange international transfers of money. However there are fairly easy tactics to circumvent SWIFT in executing international trade. For example, if the Indian government really wanted to purchase Iranian oil in rupees despite the EU sanctions, it could set up a bank account in an Indian bank for the Iranian government and just deposit rupees into that bank to circumvent the SWIFT system. Ditto for Russia, ditto for China and ditto for any other country.


Thus, the ability to circumvent SWIFT in international trade is exactly why the US has now also threatened India with economic sanctions unless it agrees to heavily curtail its Iranian oil purchases. Ahmadinejad’s announcement may be the final straw that break’s the camel’s back in ensuring that a Western led invasion of Iran will finally happen, and if it does, again the real reasons behind the invasion will be the military-industrial complexes support of a corrupt, immoral monetary system backed by European banking oligarchs called the fractional reserve banking system and not some imaginary Iranian WMDs of which there currently exists no concrete proof.



About the Author: JS Kim is the Founder & Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent investment research & consulting firm dedicated to purging the global financial system of all deceit, lies and propaganda that currently pervade the industry.

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"The shadow world govt, the Rothchilds, Illuminati, whomever you choose as the ghost in this tale, maybe a directing force, but not a completely dominant one. People can be so very dangerous and no one is immune to the reach of a determined hero or a demented one. So, we shall see what happens. If peak oil, peak this, or peak that, global warming or end-of-days stuff is upon us, good will try to survive while trying to save those around it, and evil, well, it will split and hope all the rest will wipe each other out... At it's basic point though, Americans are good people and still have hope that the best days of America and the world are to come."

A majority of Americans do not give one shit if foreign 'non-combatants' are bombed and killed by the US military. That's a fact.

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this article is superb - and reminds us once again that money is the root of all also reminds us that the bush crime syndicate is alive and well its pursuit of world domination....

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This meme needs to grow.  The American people need to understand why the grotesque changes in U.S. foreign policy have occurred.  It is one thing for the oligarchs to infest and infect domestic policy.  It is quite another when the oligarchs (whether they be illuminati, or merely CEOs, Americans of foreigners) control America's foreign policy and actions in a nuclearized world.  Few Americans have any clue as to what "global reserve currency" means, or how the fact that bucky is the global reserve currency affects their lives and the actions of their government.  It seems possible, even likely, that the U.S. would instigate WWIII and the majority of its people would have no idea why.  How sad is that?

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What kind of conspiracy rant and exchange fails to mention Planet X? and you guys left out reptiles...

coltek's picture

I guess you think that there couldn't possibly be any sort of conspiracy anytime. 

You must be a reptile on planet X buddy!

lasvegaspersona's picture


by the protcols of the elders of ZH you are not allowed to address me as "buddy" until you have more seniority...I'll let you know when that happens. Until then make your point but be polite, at least polite by ZH standards....buddy...indeed

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Hummm ... while I have time for the petrodollar hypothesis, I cannot help feeling there is something else going on.

Algeria is basically dead. Tunisia has been taken out. Libya has gone. Egypt is now revolutionarily unstable. Then we have Lebanon, currently stable but not for much longer if the Syrian situation gets out of hand. Then we have Syria currently destablised. Cyprus is problematic (high debt, loan from Russia, recent odd exploding power plant). We have Turkey, which appears to be fine, but the situation with Syria is *distracting* and they are suffering from a property bubble. And then we have Greece, which is in the process of internal economic collapse, helped along by you-know-who.

Now what is interesting about this? We are talking about almost the entire southern and Eastern coast of the Med.

Now lets go down the Suez. Egypt, as above. Sudan, Somalia, Yemen: all in a mess with conflict conditions currently, all with significant shoreline on the Red and Arabian. Now move round. The only "hostile" country with significant shoreline on the Persian Gulf is Iran.

What if this is not particularly about petro-dollars, brute power, or banking, but about territorial waters, about coast line? And what if that goal is about something else? Think of it .. all that airspace, all that coastline.

What if Iraq was actually the yak-shave for *events* in Syria and Iran? What if Aghanistan was a yak-shave for Iran and Pakistan? And what if the entire thing so far is a yak-shave for up-coming *events* in Saudi and the Gulf? Now wouldn't that be a prize indeed?

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just want to bring attention to bahrain. this is where the clearest unmuddied 'popular' awakenning is taking place with next to zero media coverage.

Fuzzyduck's picture

Bahrain opposition forces completely suppressed. Week-end skirmishes every week after Friday prayers. Permanent Saudi military & intelligence presence in Bahrain. Shia villages from what i have seen & heard are continuously surrounded & barricaded to prevent them them any opportunity to mobilize.

The Bahrain F1 is scheduled to take place next month. It will be interesting to see whether it's derailed again this year.    

Tristan Ludlow's picture

And everbody thought we were fighting for oil.  Now we know the truth.

coltek's picture

There was an old simulation in DOS years ago called the rabbits and the foxes.

As the rabbit population increased, so did the foxes until they had eaten most of them. Then the foxes died out - and so on, and so on.

This is what is happening right now.

Google the Rothschild Timeline and all will be revealed.

The foxes are on a rampage right now - I wonder what is their end game?


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William Enddahl is the best source for reading about oil/resource geo-politics from a strategy perspective.  He does not go into the overarching themes of global government, per se, but his description of the detailed machinations not reported in the press.  He has a great article about the African invasion for resources and its Kony 2012 propaganda campaign in this article:

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Has the MSM EVER done a story on the Petrodollar system?



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prole's picture

Evidently Bottles of Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent will be used as cash once the .govs elimidate cash. Tell the Swedes. Evidently in certain quarters in the US Bottles of Tide are already circulating as cash, roughly valued at $10 US??

(per your spam 1.4 oz Tide for .50c = supreme @$$ rip-off non?)

digalert's picture

The bastard banksters killed PAGE!

Bartanist's picture

They and their co-conspirators have killed many, many human beings over many thousands of years. Two questions: 1. why was it so important? 2. ultimately does it matter?

After acquiring total domination, what then? Is there anything better to do with that kind of power than to simply rip it up and start all over again? History repeats itself ... but they have cheated time and time again, giving themselves knowledge from the past to make their life easier in the future.

So, does anyone know how many ancient nuclear blast sites exist on earth?

Bartanist's picture

The one and only commodity of any importance to a ruling "entity" that controls about 1/2 of the world's wealth outright and claims control of it all is: "power"... what does that kind of entity care about one commodity or another? Will gold allow people to escape the "power" of the entity? lol .. nope.

The only real question is: "power" for what purpose?

There is no doubt that one of the main goals of the Arab Spring revolutions and US aggression in the middle east has been for the specific purpose of installing BIS tied central banks (just read up on the first thing the invading "rebels"/US did in every country once gaining enough control). Throughout all of the rest of the world, control of a country's money supply has resulted in control of the country and its people. That is power.

Again, power to what ultimate purpose? Where is it going with this? Once total power is achieved (excluding power over free will, which can never be achieved) ... what then?

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you've seen those heist movies. stage one: lovable rogues build superficial comradery with hatching ingenius plan. stage two: daring and brave execution of said plan flying in the face of those repressive cops who are trying to spoil their antics. stage three: bullet to the head of anyone dumb enough to have fallen for anything that happened in stages one or two. In the hollylame version, the "good" bad guy saves the day and walks away with the loot and the girl. In real life, the winner gets to write the history books and makes sure they get credit as having been the hero.

this story will end no differently. TPTB have gathered every malcontent, displaced idealist, clueless citizen, and wannabe ruler to help take over the world. They are succeeding quite well. sooner or later they will have their victory. the day after however, many are going to be shocked to find out they are not really part of the club. those who think fast may get to disappear into anonimity, those who don't, well, there are solutions waiting for them. Then the final stage comes as even the "insiders" start jockeying for the ulimate insiders inside.

AnAnonymous's picture

you've seen those heist movies. stage one: lovable rogues build superficial comradery with hatching ingenius plan. stage two: daring and brave execution of said plan flying in the face of those repressive cops who are trying to spoil their antics. stage three: bullet to the head of anyone dumb enough to have fallen for anything that happened in stages one or two. In the hollylame version, the "good" bad guy saves the day and walks away with the loot and the girl.


That is that.

tsx500's picture

i don't think i want to know !

Shizzmoney's picture

The middle man wants his cut, and if he don't get it, YOU are the one that gets cut.

Happens with everything: online poker, the working man's paycheck, and yes, international policy.

And people wonder who "runs" the world.

hivekiller's picture

World War I and II were for the purpose of setting up global govt. League of Natons, United Nations. War on terror meant to solidify it. US military is not US. Owned by bankers and internationalists. Dollar being incrementally destroyed to be replaced with digital currency. Total control of the population. Sweden has just gone digital currency. First experiment. Will be rolled out worldwide once bugs are ironed out.

fleur de lis's picture

Antony Sutton detailed this in two of his books:

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

I really think there are those among us who are a different species, who have something clinically wrong with their heads, and yet they are at the controls. All they can do is lie, steal, kill, and trigger wars. There must be a shrink somewhere who has a name or diagnosis of whatever illness they have.

There seems to be no shortage of them either, and they all find each other and work to make our lives miserable. They need to be identified and tagged with GP units and banned from power of any kind.

tsx500's picture

they're called sociopaths .

fleur de lis's picture

How do so many of them end up in power over us? Seriously, if they intermarry does that mean it is genetic and generational? There must be some litmus test to ID and factor them out.


dontgoforit's picture

Because, like the mob, they're willing to lie, cheat, kill and otherwise do anything to achieve their goals.

Zero Govt's picture

Man has always competed for resources.. but most people draw the line at outright violence to resolve natural competition

Take one detached delusional institution, Govt, and power goes to poeples heads

And so we find Govts, fronts for deranged monopolists, using the States muscle for all sorts of terrorism, murder and mahem to 'get their way'. Govt is the breader of these sociopathic meglomaniacs, because nobody is ever held to account ...once the State is in your pocket you're above Law and the World is your torture chamber

Aplogies (Confessions?) of an Economic Hitman

F'ing chilling stuff.. these people should be in asymlums next to serial killers, instead they're rich and own Govt

the only way to stop this putrid scum of State terrorism is to cut them off (of milking our wealth to fund their terrororism)

Stop Paying Your Taxes

narnia's picture

Our pockets of conflict- MENA, South Sudan, South China Sea- are not exactly random.

Holding gold & tenuious paper promises has never been more valuable to a colonial power than holding the biggest gun.

Burgess Shale's picture

That video clip is from March 2, 2007 in an interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now.

jimijon's picture

And Mars is hight the sky brightly.

Ghordius's picture

I see Venus and Jupiter - bodes well...

Quinvarius's picture

Kicking people out of SWIFT is the fastest way to destroy the dollar.  So go to it.  It is a plan that only someone as stupid as Hilary Clinton could have come up with.  And then threatening people with sanctions who ignore your sanctions on others equally stinks of unqualified bitchy old lady on the rag.  Maybe Hilary will cry when she doesn't get her way.

Iran provides too many people with the oil they absolutely need.  The sanctions will be ignored while Iran's clients only pay lip service to them.  You only need basic analytical skills to know Iran's customer countries will not go without oil.

iDealMeat's picture

Or Attack them..  Syria by proxy too for that matter..  Raise the price of Oil on China wouldn't cause inflation in consumer goods at all.. /s

stoneman sacked's picture

If they wanted to destroy the dollar they just had to wait. Ben Bernank and the Federal reserve would have done the job for them

AnAnonymous's picture

Trouble for them is that the USD will destroy them much before the USD is destroyed.

Quite a number of countries are going to hit resources depletion before USD kicks the bucket.

Trying to reassert control over their resources to protect them from US citizen consumption frenzy is an viable alternative.

When you exchange your wealth against a currency that is emitted at will, only in US citizenism books, the paper receiving side is enriched side while the paper emitting side is empoverished side.

Cascading effect and as commodity providers, they are at the bottom.

lakecity55's picture

Duh, yeah.

Refudiate The Empire and face the Death Star.

Canucklehead's picture

So, are your "clients" actually paying you for this quality of analysis, or are you simply throwing us a bone?

nmewn's picture

Mmm...Wesley Clark almost started WWIII and Uday & Qusay Hussein were just grossly misunderstood, warm & loving genteel

CPL's picture

It's all so hard to swallow the tripe we get served in the media daily.

AnAnonymous's picture

Mmm...Wesley Clark almost started WWIII and Uday & Qusay Hussein were just grossly misunderstood, warm & loving genteel


Yep, US citizen propaganda. Has to be believed just after reading the article. Litmus test. Either with us or against us.

The article makes no mystery of the regimes it depicts. Pivotal information as it uncovers the US citizen humanitarian concerns, well, still better to claim it depicts those regimes through rosy glasses.

At least, it helps to keep pretending that US citizens are interested in humanity well being.

nmewn's picture

"Yep, US citizen propaganda. Has to be believed just after reading the article. Litmus test. Either with us or against us."

The problem with actually having a job, is I'm not around to rebut imbeciles like you.

Where did I speak an untruth Johnny-One-Note?

The article did not touch on anything except for the authors premise. I gave added value/ humor.

Something you (as the humorless cretin you are) can never understand.

But seeing as how you think you have proganda down to a fine art, how about explaining your hypocrisy of "Chinese citizensim" sucking up the worlds natural resources while railing against "US citizenism" doing the same...or subjugating Tibet...or Chinese citizensim One Child Policy discarding females into orphanages...or their longstanding support of the totalitarian state of North Korea, where they have actual political labor camps, where they are forced to work for the state, under starvation conditions and are rarely "paroled".

I don't expect a rational answer or any.

prole's picture


You have got Tibetans to murder and Iphones to build, how do you find the time to parse the speeches of NWO operatives?

Please leap off the Foxconn roof and make sure you get a running start to clear the "jump nets"

AnAnonymous's picture

Special classes: US citizen training.

US citizen ways to perform ethnical cleansings are so more efficient.Can do the job in 200 years when others are unable to do it in 2000 years.

Leaves you with plenty of time on your hands.

Arthur Borges's picture

Yep, there are details: When Lt.Gen. Clark heard that Russia was airlifting troops into Pristina ahead of NATO, he ordered Maj.Gen. Sir Michael Jackson to neutralize them. They argued and Clark's final argument was that he had three stars against Sir Michael's mere two, to which the latter replied that he had local judgement and wasn't about to start WW3 for him. In short, the Russians landed and declined to exploit the political leverage of their arrival.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Much of the above is of course long familiar to readers conversant with the 'internet underground'.

Jim Sinclair has in particular been focusing on the recent blocking of Iran from the SWIFT system in Belgium, as one of the most profoundly stupid moves to accelerate the decline of Western influence in the world, and the rapid diminution of influence of the US dollar.

Asian and other countries, now blocked from normal payment routes with Iran, and feeling vulnerable as to what other such schemes may come, are now incentivised to develop a new international banking payment system not subject to American or Western political whims.

Here in Europe, which should instead be more independent of the US and its murderous crimes, it is disgusting to see the EU acting at moments as America's slave and poodle.

lakecity55's picture

I think cutting them off from SWIFT access was a move to try and force them to lay mines or take some action TPTB can seize upon to justify a war which endangers oil supplies, thus (in the USA) allowing Barry X Muslim to enact the EO he just signed.

That will allow him to complete a Nationalization of the US economy, NDAA Americans, and liquidate Ron Paul with a hellfire missile from one of those drones he has now deployed over CONUS.

(A little sarcasm there, but maybe not so far off the mark).