Insider Trading 9/11...Unresolved, by Lars Schall

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Below, please find a fascinating excerpt from the book “Mordanschlag 9/11. Eine kriminalistische Recherche zu Finanzen, Öl und Drogen” ("Assassination 9/11: A criminalistic research on finance, oil and drugs", Schild Verlag publishing house), by my friend, German journalist Lars Schall. Mr. Schall has been kind enough to allow my to reprint this excerpt here via Scribd.

Is there any truth in the allegations that informed circles made profits in the financial markets in connection to the attacks of September 11, 2001? More than a decade later, the German financial journalist Lars Schall examines and sheds some light on this still unresolved and unanswered mystery.


Insider Trading 911..Unresolved, by Lars Schall


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[© Copyright 2001. From The Wilderness Publications, All Rights Reserved. May be recopied, distributed or posted on the worldwide web for non-profit purposes only.]

FTW, December 6, 2001 -- On October 9th, FTW broke a story on insider trading connected to the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center that sparked worldwide controversy. In that story we reported how the Israeli Herzliyya Institute for Counterterrorism had documented that unknown individuals -- with accurate foreknowledge of the attacks -- had purchased an obvious and unusually large number of "put" options on United and American Airlines shortly before the attacks.

 Additional companies hit hard by the insider trading included Axa Re(insurance) and Munich Re as well as American investment giants Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

 Put options are essentially a bet that a stock's price will fall abruptly. The seller, having entered into a time-specific contract with a buyer, does not need to own the actual shares at the time the contract is purchased. Therefore, if a holder of the put option has a contract to sell a stock such as American Airlines for (e.g.) $100 a share on a Friday and the stock falls to $50 on Wednesday, they can purchase the stock, sell it on Friday and double their money. The person on the other end of the contract (the call) has an obligation to buy the shares at the agreed upon price. The bank handling the transaction as a broker is the only entity knowing the identities of both parties.

Go to this website, if you dare and '..find the whole truth'....

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I know what a "Put option" is.. but, but... how would they know to place them on those 2 particular stocks then? I guess Buzzy Krongard was clairvoient? Weird..  /sarc/ Former head of the CI fukin A, that's how.

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"Eliminate the impossible, and whatever is left, not matter how improbable, is the awnsur"....Sherlock Holmes

"It is always about the money, mon ami"....H. Poirot


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And what building was bombed in 1993? Wasn't Khobar Towers bombed in 1996.

Wasn't former Special Agent from FBI the director of security at WTC, Why? It's not like anyone could not figure out that WTC wasn't target of Islamic terrorist plot.

Hey, I was shorting stocks like crazy in 2001. Anyone looking at a chart could tell that the market was already crashing.


WTC was taken down by Islamist radicals. You and your moonbat friends on ZH need to find a cave and hang upside down for a while.

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5 weeks and 3 days,  how proud you must be.


Do you think the TSA is working to protect us from terrorist?

If so,

Why is it that all the helicopters and crew ships that travel to and from the thousands of oil rigs everyday, many miles off our cost, are never searched or investigated.

Hint:  The Oil Companies don't want it. can you imagine the cost? (to the oil companies)

I know how concerned you are Gofargin about our safety, after all "they hate our freedoms" (the terrorists )  wow! think about that, the terrorists hate our freedoms and  so our government diminishes it's own citizens freedoms.

So why don't you write a letter to your congrassman and apprise him or her of this oversight, I am sure they will jump right on it.



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Funny you mention Khobar towers goforgin, they got blown up and caught fire and never fell down, they burned for several DAYS.. now didn't they?

 Here, explain this investigation then. Your playing with people that are not stupid. Go peddle your crap over at Yahoo news or CNBC comment section or something. 

Explain this Investigation. You can't.

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Thanks for posting this story guys, and if you want even more facts on 911 read Michael Ruppert's book "Crossing the Rubicon".  He's developed a website to connect people through the coming crash so at least visit and bookmark it, I've found it to be a valuable resource for the truth:

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[We hate to keep repeating ourselves, but keep your eye on the real money, not just the spare change, please!!!]

When the BCCI investigation reached closer to President Geo. H.W. Bush's White House back in the late '80s, early '90s, Bush appointed Robert Mueller III to be the chief of the DOJ's Criminal Division to manage the BCCI probe --- or more accurately, to deflect it away from the Bush administration and narrow the scope of the investigation.

Four days prior to 9/11/01, President Geo. W. Bush appoints Robert Mueller III to be director of the FBI -- perfect timing and what a pedigree Mueller possesses.*

One day prior to 9/11/01, the Pentagon's comptroller announces that $2.3 trillion cannot be accounted for.**

Six to seven hours prior to the events of that 9/11 morning, sometime between 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM (EST) a group email is transmitted to the DIA's financial management staff to attend an emergency meeting that very morning at their Pentagon offices --- located at the Pentagon's west wall.

One staff member will fortuitously oversleep, viewing the email late and consequently arrive late -- just in time to view from afar the plane crashing into the super-reinforced west wall, severely injuring or killing almost the entire financial management group of the DIA, and those computer systems involved with discovering said missing funds; apparently data backups aren't the order of the day?

That very same morning on 9/11/01, the National Reconnaissance Office's (NRO) ops center would be evacuated due to an exercise simulating an attack by suicide aircraft flying into that facility.  (Sound vaguely familiar?)

Therefore, no one was on hand to manually task their recon satellites on the airspace above NYC and the Pentagon.

Thanks to further expansion of the Web over the Internet (2003 - 2005), cached pages of dramatically increased data transmission and EFTs, originating from three firms residing in the two WTC towers to offshore locations, could be accessed.

Shortly after 9/2001, in early 2002, an explosive growth occurs in offshore hedge funds.

Background research on those unfortunate passengers aboard the involved airliners (victims who were certain to die that day) indicated that some of the pax fall into three unique groups, along with three unique individuals aboard. The three groups:  (1) developers of remote piloting hardware and software; (2) individuals involved in the creation of a terrorist scenario remarkably similar  to that which occurred on 9/11/01 (among that group of victims was an Israeli counterterrorist expert and one of the airliners' pilots, a former career Naval officer); and, (3) some of the individuals involved with the investigation into Flight 800's demise.

The three individuals:  (1)  wife number three of the solicitor general, who would quickly move on to wife number four once the insurance settlement came through (death by opportunity?); (2) a lady  attorney, rumored to be involved with a senior married partner of the conservative and politically-connected law firm which successfully defended Fox News on several cases of fictionalizing the news (death by opportunity?); and, (3) a physicist with the Naval Surface Warfare Center's Directed Energy Section.

[We are not suggesting any of these victims were aware of the events to transpire on 9/11 --- this appears to be a highly compartmentalized operation.]

Intensive pattern analysis, link analysis, and link and group analysis indicates the five principal players involved:  the Blackstone Group, Veritas Capital, AIG, the office of the VP, and the office of the SecDef.

Some time prior to 9/11/01, a financial news announcement would explain an investment by AIG in the Blackstone Group (source document of transaction, along with hard copy source documents of thousands of ongoing SEC investigations resided in the destroyed WTC Building 7 – no source docs, case closed!). 

The amount of AIG’s investment was approximately the final insurance payout amount to the property management/RE firm for the WTC destruction (classic paper money false transfer and money laundering scheme, relatively simple --- for a far more circuitous, and commonplace, accounting scheme, please see Retirement Heist, by Ellen Schultz, p. 209 on “leveraged ESOPs”).

The mortgage owner of record for WTC Building 7:  the Blackstone Group.

The firm awarded the $1 billion captive insurance fund management contract by Bush’s FEMA, for settlement with WTC victims’ families:  the Blackstone Group.

The firm which negotiated the largest and quickest real estate deal in NYC history, the WTC lease transfer from the Port Authority of NY and NJ to Silverstein Properties and Westfield America, Inc.:  the Blackstone Group.

During the week prior to 9/11/01, the fiber optic installation firm, EurekaGGN, installed dark fiber in the top floors of the two WTC towers (they had the contract for cabling the entire WTC), utilizing a method to pump the fiber optical cables through existing HVAC vents running beneath each floor.

[To reiterate:  the west wall of the Pentagon had been reinforced, according to Structure Magazine, which also posed the question as to why only one wall and a plane crashes into it.  Fiber optic is being installed, but never verified as to being operational, in the WTC towers, and planes crash into them --- access, access, access!]

Technical details not widely known:  two of the four airliners involved  didn’t appear on the FAA Flight Registry which logs all commercial flights, per standard procedure, as they were reserved as DoD Special Charters, meaning that each plane must seat those reserved for DoD personnel, and must depart at the schedule time, but any remaining seats may be filled commercially.

Aircraft pointedly flew to shadow zones – where radar coverage was obscured due to topography and ATCC limitations – where the transponders were then powered down – normally, they would have triggered ATCC radar indicators (Highly doubtful those Saudi Arabian hijacker cutouts would have known these recondite details?); and recovered black box data, obtained through FOIA requests, give no indication of any hijacking taking place (and yes, there does exist a governmental database of black box hijacking data for comparison purposes).

There were over 1,000 other “coincidences” which took place that morning, all tracking back to the five principal players.

Recap$2.3 trillion announced unaccounted, and DIA’s Financial Management group is almost entirely wiped out, along with involved computer systems, dramatically increased data transmissions and EFTs out of WTC towers in preceding 12 hours, and people and computer systems involved are killed and destroyed, with explosive growth in offshore hedge funds occurring shortly thereafter.

Veritas Capital, purchaser and owner of former Raytheon subsidiary which employed those remote piloting hardware and software developers and subcontractors aboard some of those airliners involved in 9/11, and Veritas Capital makes some incredibly prescient defense industry investments shortly prior to 9/11/01.

[Containment process: Immediately after the first Anthrax attack, DynCorp's Dynport Vaccine Company was awarded an Anthrax government contract -- therefore any possible future investigation would logically turn up Anthrax.  Dynport Vaccine Company was located right by Ft. Detrick, probably point of origin of weaponized Anthrax, but Detrick didn't possess the required lab equipment to weaponize, while Dynport did.  (Dynport was owned by DynCorp, government contractor and private military company, later cited for human trafficking crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq -- and was purchased by Veritas Capital, and later sold.)

Recovered disk drives in WTC Towers were strangely -- given their classified and sensitive nature -- sent overseas to a German data recovery firm, Convar, recently purchased by Kroll (and not to the NSA as one would obviously assume???).  A spokesman for Convar publicly stated that some data had been recovered, but said data and drives were delivered to the FBI HQ in D.C., where they promptly disappeared.]

Increasing the awareness of evil….

*Robert Mueller III, FBI director, is the grandnephew of Richard Bissell, one of the three top CIA types who President Kennedy fired.  Mueller’s wife is the granddaughter of Charles Cabell, another of those three CIA people  JFK had fired (the third was Allen Dulles, who would later manage the Warren Commission!


2002-Rise of Hedge Funds: Number of funds increases from 4000 in 2002 managing $2 trillion to 8000+ managing $4 trillion.  This creates intense demand for new structured products with higher yields.

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*Robert Mueller III, FBI director, is the grandnephew of Richard Bissell, one of the three top CIA types who President Kennedy fired. Mueller’s wife is the granddaughter of Charles Cabell, another of those three CIA people JFK had fired (the third was Allen Dulles, who would later manage the Warren Commission!

this is incredibly powerful info  and something i never knew.........if you have a link to tracy barnes that fits in here you have definietely hit the jackpot.............

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Allen Dulles? as in Dulles Airport? as in 9/11?

WoW! what a coinencidence! I swear! You just can't make this shit up!

Fuckin ironey is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

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Who is Tracy Barnes?

That information was from public records, nothing particularly secret about it, but when the vast majority of the American public rates as aliterate today (present company excepted, of course), few will ever realize this.

The real history of America can be read through the backgrounds and biographies of its treasury secretaries.

Speaking of which, your mission, IMF team member, if you choose to accept it, is to ascertain who the present treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner is related or descended from.

[Hint: it was another treasury secretary, but from a fabulously rich family, which Geithner may very well be?]

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Who is Tracy Barnes?

tracy barnes was head of the cia's  domestic operations division in 1962.  he was richard bissel's right hand man.  bissell was  a legendary figure who oversaw the planning and development of the u-2 spy plane.  he was in charge of planning the the bay of pigs.  when the operation went south he was fired by kennedy. fired at the same time as bissel and dulles was the cia deputy director gen charles cabell.  at the tiime  of the kennedy assination cabells brother, earl, was the mayor of dallas.

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Yup, I know all the rest, I simply forgot who Barnes was.

Bissell was also responsible for a bunch of other stuff, including being the reputed mastermind behind "chipping" or creating imperfections in microchips (at the lab prior to shipping) so that they could be used to decrypt encrypted transmissions, and place such equipment on the shadow market for sale to foreign governments, etc., and also the guy behind the keyhole satellite program.

(And, as mentioned elsewhere, Bissell was supposed to be the brains behind the Marshall Plan.)

The original Mission Impossible dude!

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The original Mission Impossible dude!


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THANK YOU for posting this - some new info here.

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New avatar, I used to be falun bong...


Have you guys not read the story of "Deep Capture"? Also full of good info:

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thanks for this- deepcapture was down for quite sometime due to a ruling on a lawsuit. it's back up ! going in now to look for news of why/how

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By 2025 they'll be teaching that 911 was orchestrated by the Bush family and the Feds at the gradeschool level. Sometime between now and then we have to have them arrested and thrown into prison.

There has to be a tremendous financial oppertunity here somewhere.

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When do JFK's murderers go to prison? It's been almost 50 years since he was killed.

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The French assassin, also the one who assassinated the South Vietnamese president during Kennedy's administration (Kennedy was supposed to be against it, it was yet another rogue op), is long since dead.

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@ DOOM, Did you get the chance to look at the FOIA released video of the Original Zapruter film yet? It shows the whole car now that wasn't seen back in the 60's, the murderer is in the video, Search: Original Zapruter film. The Govt. release Zapruter film never showed the front seats in the original TV broadcast. Sad. Watch the driver, not Kennedy.

Thank Arlen Specter and friends for the Warren Commission cover up. Truth is out now.

Original un-cut version, watch the driver.

High Res:

Low Res:

Govt. TV 60's aired version:

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The next false flag will make 9/11 look like a picnic.

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  I have followed Catherine for as long as I have ZeroHedge, The link posted below is a great read, very long but  well worth it. Catherine reads ZH and has posted comments in the past, altough she has not posted here lately since being jumped on by some of the more militant crowd. I think if they had read her story linked here they would have a greater esteem for her.

"Long ago, I made a promise that I would never act against the best interests or the excellence of my own people — that I would do my best to ensure that we were worthy of the stewardship of our world and that we did our best to leave a better world for generations yet to come. To make and keep such a promise is to understand that money and position are tools, not goals, and that death is not the worst thing that can happen."

— Catherine Austin Fitts

Here is a small excerpt from 6 or 7 pages into article to pique your interest.


 James Forrestal’s oil portrait always hung prominently in one of the private Dillon Read dining rooms for the eleven years that I worked at the firm. Forrestal, a highly regarded Dillon partner and President of the firm, had gone to Washington, D.C. in 1940 to lead the Navy during WWII and then played a critical role in creating the National Security Act of 1947. He then became Secretary of War (later termed Secretary of Defense) in September 1947 and served until March 28, 1949. Given the central banking-warfare investment model that rules our planet, it was appropriate that Dillon partners at various times lead both the Treasury Department and the Defense Department.

Shortly after resigning from government, Forrestal died falling out of a window of the Bethesda Naval Hospital outside of Washington, D.C. on May 22, 1949. There is some controversy around the official explanation of his death — ruled a suicide. Some insist he had a nervous breakdown. Some say that he was opposed to the creation of the state of Israel. Others say that he argued for transparency and accountability in government, and against the provisions instituted at this time to create a secret “black budget.”[32] He lost and was pretty upset about it — and the loss was a violent one. Since the professional killers who operate inside the Washington beltway have numerous techniques to get perfectly sane people to kill themselves, I am not sure it makes a big difference.




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So glad to see the reference to James Forrestal -  he was a great American patriot, who died in service to his can say the same about millions of other men who died in service too, but rarely was there anyone so high up in the system who refused to be bribed, bullied or blackmailed into silence and complicity.

There's just no way that men like him can be forgotten over time. I truly believe that he will be avenged, in the course of time, along with the dudes who were in the ONI offices of the Pentagon that fateful day of treason...with an open case on the Bush-Barrick- kriminal kartel...
 “When hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 hit the Pentagon at more than 500 mph, it destroyed much of the Navy CommandCenter. It smashed directly into the offices of the CNO-IP... The ONI already had a deep existing covert illegal structure. they had a mechanism before the CIA even existed...ONI controlled its own assets, which the CIA had to build from scratch later on... ONI is where the real deep control is. It's where the real deep secrets are kept. That was what ONI always did the best. Keeping secrets...  it has never been alligned, but has always been hostile to that Eastern Country Club Bush Cabal and their friends."
  September 11 Commission Report Revised December 2008 page 199

Those were his guys...the only element in the entire US governmental apparatus to stay out of the control of the SIO-NAZI Octopus. They never forgot who their first boss had been, even 50 years later...and like him paid the ultimate price.

Funny about that hit on the USS Liberty; yet another USN asset in the way of the GOLEMS' march of mayhem.

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Nazi financier and U.S. Secretary of "Defense" James Forrestal has close ties with the Harriman family and had long been a partner and president of Dillon, Reed and Company, both leading financiers of the Third Reich.

Such a staunch pillar of the American ruling class that he was made a vice-president of Nazi concentration camp operator IG Farben's GAF Corporation, Forrestal had gone a little bit off the rails in 1944 when, as Secretary of the Navy, he proposed, gasp, the racial integration of the U.S. Navy. Later, as "Defense" Secretary, he confirmed everyone's worst fears by pressing for full racial integration of the armed forces, which must have got the Harrimans, the Duponts, the Bushes and all the other master race loonies into a bit of a tizzy.

Forrestal is also in conflict with other functionaries in the Truman regime over military budgets. And, he is the most outspoken opponent in the regime of the creation of the state of Israel, a position which sharply conflicts with ruling class plans for domination of the oilfields of the Middle East using Israel as a military proxy in the region. Forrestal is convinced that he is being followed and that his phone is tapped . No one said he was stupid.

On March 28, 1949, Forrestal is forced out of office and flown on an Air Force plane to Florida. He is taken to Jupiter Island, a high security enclave of the usual gang of suspects including the Harrimans, Mellons, Dillons, Bushes et al, where fellow Nazi financier and terror bombing advocate Robert Lovett and an army psychiatrist gently "tend" to him. After some "care" in Lovett's loving hands, Forrestal is flown back to Washington, locked in Bethesda Naval Hospital and given insulin shock treatments for "mental exhaustion".

Forrestal says that he does not expect to leave Bethesda alive. All of his requests to see his brother, one particular friend and two priests are denied. One priest attempts to visit him on seven separate occasions and is turned away every time. The naval authorities admit only selected government officials, Forrestal's estranged wife and his son who had, by coincidence, been Averill Harriman's aide.

After threatening a lawsuit, Henry Forrestal is finally permitted to see his brother who has gained twelve pounds since his admission to Bethesda. He reports that James Forrestal is "acting and talking as sanely and intelligently as any man I’ve ever known" and makes arrangements to remove his brother from Bethesda on May 22. 

A few hours before his brother is due to remove him from Bethesda, James Forrestal's body is found, his bathrobe cord tied tightly around his neck, after he had apparently plunged from a sixteenth-story kitchen window.

No doubt Forrestal, a devout Catholic, wanted to ensure a successful suicide and tied the cord around his neck, theorizing that if the fall didn't kill him, he'd die of strangulation after he hit the ground. Why a patient who was said to be suicidal would be placed on the sixteenth floor of a hospital with unsecured windows and why he would be allowed to retain so classic a suicide device as the cord of his bathrobe are mysteries which will doubtless remain forever unsolved. A hint, however, comes from Forrestal's doctor, who says that he was ordered by "the people downtown" to put Forrestal on the sixteenth floor while he wanted to put his patient in the bottom floor of a nearby annex. Part of a poem by Sophocles is said to represent Forrestal's "suicide note", a note which is later discovered not to be in Forrestal's handwriting.

Funny thing.

A long neglected fact is that Forrestal had an interesting new companion on the night of his death. A Navy corpsman, supposedly named Robert Wayne Harrison, Jr., replaced Forrestal's usual guard who conveniently had gone AWOL (absent without leave). Harrison claimed that Forrestal had sent him out on a "brief errand" and that during this time Forrestal killed himself.

The chief psychiatrist at Bethesda immediately labels Forrestal's death a suicide and the Montgomery County coroner rushes to join the chorus before any investigation has been conducted. Since the death occurred on U.S. Navy property, no police investigation is ever conducted. An official Navy Review Board completes hearings on Forrestal's death on May 31 but waits until things have quietened on October 12 to release a heavily-censored summary consisting of only a few lines. The version of Forrestal's death promulgated by the mass media is, in a nutshell, that Forrestal went a bit loopy and killed himself.

In 1966, The Death of James Forrestal, by Cornell Simpson, is published, raising serious questions about Forrestal's "suicide". Inevitably, the book is almost totally ignored by the mass media. In 2004, after a long battle with the National Naval Medical Center under the Freedom of Information Act, a researcher finally obtains a copy of the long suppressed report of the Navy Review Board. What a surprise, the report does not even conclude that Forrestal committed suicide, merely that he died from falling sixteen stories which is hardly surprising. Neither does it mention the much reported suicide note.

What the report does say is that an eyewitness saw broken glass on the bedding in Forrestal's room. Since he allegedly jumped out of the kitchen window, that testimony flatly contradicts the suicide theory unless he survived a fall of sixteen stories, went back up to his room unseen, lay down on his bed, got glass fragments on the bedding and then jumped out of the kitchen window a second time after carefully tying his bathrobe cord around his neck. And if you believe that, I've got a magic bullet I'd like to sell you.

By the time crime scene photographs are taken, several hours after Forrestal's death, not only the glass but the bedding has magically disappeared, leaving only a bare mattress in Forrestal's room. The report also contains statements from Forrestal's doctors that, contrary to the rumors which were widely spread at the time, he had never attempted suicide.

But hey, Forrestal had a good run, helping get old Adolf and the Third Reich going and playing with the big boys before he took his unpowered flight from the 16th floor.

By way of compensation, he gets an aircraft carrier named after him. And he gets a very funny tombstone which reads, in essence, that he died in the "great cause of good government".

Who says the boys don't have a sense of humor?

For secret assassinations...the contrived accident is the most effective technique. When successfully executed, it causes little excitement and is only casually investigated. The most effective accident.. is a fall of 75 feet or more onto a hard surface. Elevator shafts, stair wells, unscreened windows and bridges will serve. The act may be executed by sudden, vigorous grabbing of the ankles, tipping the subject over the edge.

CIA Assassination Manual
(released under FOI)

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Great stuff, Mr. D ! ! !

Reminds me of H.P. Albarelli's book, A Terrible Mistake.

The truly great books covering the real (or as Richard Condon used to say "secret") history of the US are:

Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, by David Talbot

JFK and the Unspeakable, by James Douglass

Family of Secrets, by Russ Baker

A Terrible Mistake, by H.P. Albarelli

The Rich and the Super-Rich, by Ferdinand Lundberg

Those five, plus E. Ray Canterbery's Wall Street Capitalism: the theory of the bond holder class,

really explains pretty much everything!

(John Scura's Battle Hymn  is quite good, although he doesn't fully grasp the financial angles yet.)

sgt_doom's picture

Perhaps equally interesting:  do you know the original family name of that fellow who married into the Dillon family (later becoming treasury secretary) and assumed the Dillon name? 

Hint:  Originally from a Swiss family, first cousins to the Rothschilds, and his daughter married into the royal family of Luxembourg, thereby becoming a royal princess.


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Negitive, I do not know his name, but Catherine covers the Rothachilds in the article.


 "A Rothschild Man"

John Birkelund arrived at Dillon Read in September 1981. Born in Glencoe, Illinois, he had graduated from Princeton and then had joined the Navy where he served with the Office of Naval Intelligence in Berlin. While in Europe he became friends with Edward Stinnes, who recruited him after a short career with Booz Allen in Chicago to work in New York for the Rothschild family, considered to be one of if not the wealthiest family in the world.[10] He started at Amsterdam Overseas Corporation, which then moved its venture capital business into New Court Securities with Birkelund as co-founder. New Court was owned by the Rothschild banks in Paris and London, Pierson Heldring Pierson in Amsterdam and the management. Their venture successes included Cray Research, inventor of the high-powered computers by that name, and Federal Express, the courier company based in Memphis which is the largest recipient of Federal government contracts in Tennessee.

One of my favorite Dillon Read officers was the son of a former Dillon chairman and, thus, remarkably wise about the ways of the firm. I sought him out after a Birkelund temper tantrum and said that Birkelund was not at all like a “Brady Man” and that I was surprised at Nick’s choice. My colleague looked at me with surprise and said something to the effect of “Brady did not choose Birkelund. Birkelund is a 'Rothschild Man'.” I then said something about Dillon being owned by the Dillon partners, so what did the Rothschild’s have to do with us? My colleague rolled his eyes and walked away as if I was an interloper out of my league among the moneyed classes — clueless as to who and what was really in charge at Dillon Read and in the world.

Her article also sheds light on how drug money is laundered =  cigarettes, specifically R.J. Renolyds.


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While it's true that a large amount of put option was taken out on these airline companies right before 9/11, one has to take that into perspective. The gain from those trades were in the measly 5-7 millions dollars. Very small amount compared to what the banksters have been able to get. So whoever behind the 9/11 or had knowledge of it must be very powerful and yet they exposed themselves for this small amount. It doesn't make sense to me.

What make more sense to me is this: A rogue fraction within the perpetrators or those powerful enough to have fore-knowledge of 9/11 sent a message to the public. That 9/11 was planned and executed by the people  at the highest power structure whatever that power structure might be. That's why no insiders were ever caught despite obvious evidence. It was a mere message to the public.

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A very industrious and brilliant financial analyst before an indepth analysis, which was posted on the web several years back, for quite some time.

His analysis showed amounts of investments, based upon investments, based upon investments.......based upon those puts, etc., going back at least 7 levels from the original investment --- therefore, demonstrating a pattern of statistically infinitely improbable investments without foreknowledge of the events to occur.

Now let us return to that unaccounted for $2.3 trillion in DoD funds.

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"yet they exposed themselves for this small amount."

The options were just a tiny fraction of the money involved. Here is a but a sample of what else took place.  But the whitewash commission never looked into it.  The numbers involved are tens of billions of dollars:

"It will later be speculated that, around this time, people with foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks short sell reinsurance company stocks that are insuring either or both the airplanes and the buildings involved in the attacks. Munich Re, the largest European reinsurance company, loses 22 percent of its value in the two month before 9/11, with about half of that taking place in the week before the attacks. German authorities will later alert the Securities and Exchange Commission of “suspect movements” with Munich Re. [Agence France-Presse, 9/17/2001] Suspicious inquiries into the short selling of millions of company shares are made in France days before the attacks. [Reuters, 9/20/2001; San Francisco Chronicle, 9/22/2001] Munich Re stock will plummet after the attacks, as they claim the attacks will cost them $2 billion. [Dow Jones Business News, 9/20/2001] There is also suspicious trading activity involving reinsurers Swiss Reinsurance and AXA. These trades are especially curious because the insurance sector “is one of the brightest spots in a very difficult market” at this time. [Los Angeles Times, 9/19/2001] A source within AXA will later say, “There are indications that the shorting has been going on for some time. People inside the company could not understand why” there had been so much shorting of the stock in recent weeks. “This could give some explanation why the stocks were going down so much when there seemed to be no apparent reason.” AXA shares drop almost 10 percent in the week before 9/11, and will plummet afterwards. The attacks will cost the company up to $400 million because of its coverage of both airplanes and buildings. [Los Angeles Times, 9/18/2001] "

true brain's picture

I still don't  buy the insider trading, money angle. These people makes billion  every weeks manipulating the markets. Just last week, they shorted gold and their spokeperson, Bernanke, remained silent on QE3 and gold plummeted, netting these people billions- just an example. So these people can make money in plain sight without CFTC lifting a finger. I don't see the trouble of going through all 9/11 to make money.The money angle is easy for the sheeple to swallow. I don't buy that at all. Look at the trillions Bernanke gave them.

My guess is that there are two factions withinn the hierarchy of 9/11 perpetrators who obviously are still dueling. They probably have different opinions on what to do next about Iran.

sgt_doom's picture

And who owns AXA???  And what is the relationship between all that interlocking stock ownership between AXA and the various top banksters?

Mercury's picture

Max Keiser:

My thought is that many (not all) of those who died on 9/11 were financial mercenaries - and we should feel the same about them as we feel about all mercenaries who get killed. The tragedy is that these companies mixed civilians with mercenaries, and that they were also killed. So have companies on Wall Street used civilians as human shields maybe?


OK, first of all I just lost all respect for Max Keiser, I don’t care if he’s fighting the good fight vis-à-vis the sovereign debt crisis or not.  So what - People at Cantor deserved to die because they may have unwittingly handled transactions  dependent on their being killed for the interested party to profit? Fuck you.

 Second - unless you think the 9/11 hijackers acted alone and had no support network behind them it would be surprising if someone connected with the operation DIDN'T try to benefit from the attack financially.  Arabs have brokerage accounts too you know. 

 And third - trading on advance knowledge/speculation about a macro, non-company specific event isn’t even considered “insider trading” - which is a phrase that does n't even exist in any current criminal or civil statute anyway. What is prosecutable are company specific transactions involving breeches of fiduciary duty and/or transactions involving material, non-public information dependent upon the exact circumstances of tipper and tipee. Criteria which does not seem to fit here.

Unless your headline is : 911 Terrorists Also Sought To Make A Buck there is no story here.

Aren't there any financial issues in Germany worth worrying about right now?

sgt_doom's picture

You are correct and Keiser is yapping off the top of his head, he does that at times.

It was such a highly compartmentalized op that only a select few understood what was transpiring.

I have been at IT companies where I realized later there had been involvement with criminal activities, but like the other employees, I was just concerned with a select component of the overall structure.

Only a select few within any major military operation understand fully what goes on, but until one has served as both a grunt, and at the command level, such comprehension is unknown!

Bringin It's picture

Sarge, anyone, with two eyes and a conscience, knows by now that the system, economic and political, stinks.

tony bonn's picture

"Is there any truth in the allegations that informed circles made profits in the financial markets in connection to the attacks of September 11, 2001? "

you would have to be a complete fucktard to think jim marrs book the terror war revisited (or something like that)....also see aaron russo on the rockefeller prediction....there is absolutely no doubt that 9/11 was planned by the bush crime syndicate - the same cabal of hyenas who murdered john kennedy and so many more....

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

The best kind of covert operation is passive. There are fewer moving parts. Unwitting pawns taking actions not seeing the bigger theater.

The profiteering by use of insider knowledge is predictable in this scenario and it should be wide spread.  In that scenario, insiders should include western intelligence Israeli intelligence and the Islamist actors. All these entities need shadow funding sources. It's not a true indicator of "direct guilt" though.

The human mind wants to resolve issues to a binary state of guilt/innocence or right/wrong which will completely obscure the workings of a morally ambiguous passive covert operation.

The best scenario for the upcoming Iran conflict is that they take the first "shot" after a program of covert provocation. Be sure of this, Iranian leadership will never stop pursuing the destruction of western civilization until they are all ushered out of this world. Quit trying to figure out what you did to deserve this. It's irrelevant.

sgt_doom's picture

Meandering prattle and nebulous obfuscatory comments like a true trollbot....

The Continental's picture

Israeli Mossad carried out 9-11 and the facts and evidence supporting this conclusion are overwhelming:


Dr. Alan Sabrosky, a brave man, a USMC Vietnam vet, an American of Jewish ancestry, and Former Director of Studies at the Army War College says Israel did 9-11 and this conclusion is irrefutable:

4horse's picture

Between August 26th and September 11th 2001, a group of financial speculators identified as Israeli citizens by the SEC, short sold 38 stocks and purchased put options in mass on Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AIG, Swiss Re and Munich Re Insurance, United Airlines and American Airlines. All of these companies were directly involved with the 9/11 attacks. The Israeli speculators were never investigated any further . . .

sgt_doom's picture

So-called Christians, so-called Jews, and so-called Muslims involved --- no doubt, it was a nonsectarian op, but let us not always blame the Jews for EVERYTHING!

4horse's picture

      the chomsky conundrum

 power <==========> proxy




                    yet, like, 9/11, who keeps climbin outta the clown cars

DeadFred's picture

It's now a 'cold case' because all the evidence has 'vaporized'

The Beam's picture

"You did your job and covered your ass. Now go home" - George W. Bush (from his Autobiography)

a growing concern's picture

Who was he referring to there?

Westcoastliberal's picture

Bush said this to the aide who brought him the presidental daily briefing (PDR) with the headline "Osama bin Laden determined to attack American with hijacked airliners" (I'm paraphrasing here, but that was the content).

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Bingo! And Condi Rice back it up in her Congressional testimony, affectionatley referd to as (brown sugar) by Bush. Look up the video.

DaveyJones's picture

Prescott taught them well