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His name is Kitty Meow Keynes, inventor of feline money...





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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Benny B.(the inflatable) Santa at your gas pump. WTI just jumped over a buck this morning.

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Banzai, think Garbage Pail Kids.  Collectable criminal bankster and politican trading cards.  Bernanke's card could show him printing more of himself.

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Ben, I said it's a terrific sweater, now please, let the cat go

MsCreant's picture

It's the only pussy he can get.

Did I say that?

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Great stuff wb7 :)


401K of Dooom's picture

Hey Santa, where's my Red Rider BB gun?  I was careful to be nice and not cause any problems this years?  Why can't I get my Red Rider BB gun?  Btw, don't give me that static about shooting out my eye!

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Thank you so much Mr. Banzai!!!  This time of year I get sloppy drunk and think about those who are gone, but just now... I'm thinking how much I appreciate you and all you do.  Merry Christmas William, and many more to come!

Give my best to the various Tylers as well.

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Sorry, Mr. B - not enough money printing in there, 0 out of 10, epic fail.
What I want from Christmas is QE9001 because - It's over 9000!


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year WB7.

Thanks for all the hot babes and the excellent lampooning of our clownish inept leaders and rapaciously parasitic bankers throughout the past year and more.

Keep up the good work!

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Thanks William, for all the naughty and nice, and everything in between.

The Heart's picture

Merry Ho-ho and Happy Ha-ha to all.

Blessings all around the house of Peace.

Gratitude for each and every good Heart here.

All your good works are well appreciated, especially yours Mr Bill.


Jena's picture

The best in financial satire anywhere, Mr. B.  Merry/happy.

Atomizer's picture

Merry Christmas WB7. We all appreciate your top notch efforts in joining reality & comedy in the form of a graphic image.

blindman's picture

Joseph Spence - Santa Claus is comin to Town
Narrator: Then he slunk to the ice box. He took the Whos' feast, he took the who pudding, he took the roast beast. He cleaned out that ice box as quick as a flash. Why, the Grinch even took their last can of Who hash.

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Thanks for your treats today and during the year.Merry Zerohedge Christmas to you and everyone here at Zerohedge .

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There are some dark places here, definitely worth investigating ...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

You rang?



From an actual McDonalds add run in India. Personally I think this is just as disturbing as anything Banzai7 has come up with. :)

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That's just wrong on so many levels, but so is McDonalds.

Hope everyone is squared away with firearms, magazines and ammo for awhile.  Went to three good sized gun stores this weekend, sold out of everything likely to be on Feinstein's Ban List.


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Who run Zero Hedge town?

BTW Banzai7, how about some scantily clad Christmas men for the "Women of Zero Hedge"?

<Sorry......Mrs Cog made me say that.> :)

MsCreant's picture

Mrs. Cog read my mind... see above.

Ruth's picture

Did you really have to post my trailor?   And sorry Naughty Santa just ain't cuttin it but I'll take it over timmy.  Love you guys, Merry Christmas!

Jena's picture

That might be the real blue light special, MsC.

Wakanda's picture

"... a right jolly old elf

and I laughed when I saw him

in spite of myself."

nmewn's picture're a cruel man Banzai.

Merry Christmas ;-)

Absinthe Minded's picture

Is that from "Fifty Shades of Sleigh"?

nmewn's picture

lol...could be, an open invitation via a little thorny mistletoe on the ole cod sack.

(Man that's just wrong on so many levels) ;-)

williambanzai7's picture

In my book, Christmas is catching a buzz and laughing with your family and friends. Making merry as they used to say ;-)

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a little background jamz for your christmas festivities mr.banzai- (play all)

Dagny Taggart's picture

You're killin' me here. LOL But thanks for playing.

UP4Liberty's picture

Had to check under the electronic Xmas tree - and what did we find?

Boehner Alone, Uncle Ben with his kitty kat - and an awesome elf in suspenders!

Thank you Santa WB7 - cheers!

Wakanda's picture

HEY!  Thats my red VW bug!  WTF?  I was storing rice and beans in there!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

We just ordered another ten food grade 5 gal buckets along with the large Mylar bags and matching lids for that hill of beans we need to put up.

klockwerks's picture

Hey CD next time try for those items. I have found them to be the lowest price and receive them next day or day after.

Rusty Diggins's picture

Luv the Coke and Daniels stain on the last one!

Uncle Remus's picture

I was thinking coffee and Irish creme. But it is nippy here in flyover.

mess nonster's picture

Boehner alone... the story of my life!

williambanzai7's picture

They sell it at the super markets in Hong Kong.

SafelyGraze's picture

in the top pic, the young lady on the right ..

her lower extremeties have been corzined 

williambanzai7's picture

Something weird happened there. I have to go look at it in PS.

SafelyGraze's picture

wb7 - 

one for your amusement

thanks for all the images you make

best wishes for the new year

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The full Banzai7 Christmas set for your Holiday enjoyment...


therealmonty's picture

Hey Banzai, since the FFOTUS is in Hawaii this week, how 'bout a "Drones in Paradise"?