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Who's the fat woman on the far right in the red shirt? She looks like a harbor buoy that landed ashore. Somebody get a crane and put her back in the water, and don't forget to tell the Japanese whaling fleet she's not the whale they're looking for.

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Hey Banzai, what about my request to have that picture photoshopped onto my fat gut avatar?

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Angus, I take grave offense at your ignorant casting of aspersions at those who are clearly gravitationally-challenged through no fault of their own.

Aside from that, can't you tell that she is a Jewess?

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She's so fat she has her own gravity field around her. It blurs my vision. Notice how all the food and metal objects are attracted to her girth. I can't tell if she's a Jewess or an incoming asteroid that already hit earth. Did anyone check for crater holes?

Fucking akak... how dare you lead me down this dark lane of mocking fat people. I AM a Fat Bastard!

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30 December 2012
Empires of Illusion and the Credibility Trap
"I came across a nice, compact interview with Chris Hedges which illuminates his thesis of the decline of the American Empire and the illusory thinking that accompanies it. Can the shock and meltdown of Karl Rove on election night be any better contemporary illustration of the power of selective thinking to delude a group of seemingly rational people to their own downfall?" jca

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What a mess.

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Show us your chops city boy.

Otherwise, there is a geeky site called photoshop disasters.

Go there please. You'll feel wanted.

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A Shortcut Through 2012
Series: Shortcuts
From: Peter Bochan
Length: 59:14
‘Unimaginable number of veterans homeless’
i know, let's bail out the banks again !
and again, ......

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By the way, I think it was staged to promote the "poke" feature.  "Please don't throw me in the briar patch... puleez... show some human decency." 


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Correction, Bentham.  I was distracted by the antlers.

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Happy panoptic holiday from Jeremy Benthem. 


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face book is microwaved and virtualized ...
people ! the human is expressed through the
capabilities of the financialised technology and
technologies integrated and designed to facilitate
particular human potentials. i say the texting
with thumbs is an attempt to reprogram parts of
the human brain, redesign and reform the mind
of the beast. i suppose that is neutral but
nothing remains neutral for long. etc...
systems of capture that do not appear on the surface
to be confinement but appear to facilitate free
expression. that may be just the nature of the
beast in relation to it's creations and world,
the value of the thing, social media, will be exploited,
that is redundant, by the participants but to a greater
degree by the owners or masters for monitoring those
other exploiters of the "system"; directing their attention,
fabricating their desires and opinions, etc ...
outfitting their experience, decorating their world.
and then there is the microwave pulsing and the brain
and the possibility of composing pulses that can be
synchronized with the visual and linguistic presentations
on the device, remote conditioning and manipulation?
that would be not inevitable but diabolic ! and it may
have already happened ?
" We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.-- William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981) "

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Can I get that photo "shopped" onto my fat gut in my avatar?

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OK, I lied.  This is my final end-of-the-year rant.....

The Sinister State of the American Economy 

(An explanation even a Kardashian can understand!)

 A little over twenty years ago, the Soviet Union dissolved.

The popular mythology holds that nothing occurred to the U.S. economy --- that even though David Rockefeller accompanied President Nixon and Henry Kissinger on their trips to Beijing and Moscow, when Rockefeller established banking operations in those two countries dating back to 1973,  there was supposed to be absolutely no economic nor financial connections between American and the old Soviet Union.

Gorbachev was honest about the demise of the Soviet Union, but Wall Street was its usual duplicitous self and dissembled about the collapse of the American banking system around the same time.

With the 1990s came an explosion of credit derivatives, what's been referred to as "shadow banking" and created originally to alleviate the S&L meltdown losses --- even then a specious solution.

We'd have to wait until 1996 for Blythe Masters, at JP Morgan, to concoct that insurance fraud instrument, the credit default swap (another credit derivative), and a few more years until its epidemic spread across the globe.

Remember, the USA invaded Iraq when Saddam stopped selling oil in US dollars --- Petrodollars --- but switched to Euros?

Remember when the sanctions and drones and outright aggression began against Iran by America --- after Iran switched from US dollars to Euros for oil exchange?

To remain the world's reserve currency, countries must use American currency to buy and sell oil --- otherwise it loses its value, especially when enough countries begin to dump US dollars with the resultant collapse of the American economy.

That's the cause behind those American attempts on the life of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, and the American government's bellicosity against that country (backed by the corporate propaganda network, frequently referred to as "the media").

(America exporting democracy?  Tell that to Honduras, Guatemala, Columbia, Ecuador, Bahrain and the Palestinians!)

Now imagine if a neighbor, or complete stranger, broke down your door and invaded your property because they didn't agree with the way you spent your money?

The super-rich varmints and vermin have been dismantling the American economy over the past thirty-some years, leaching as much value and wealth from it as possible; offshoring the manufacturing base, offshoring the jobs in all sectors, and ignoring the country's infrastructure --- or worse --- selling it off!

You really think a "consumer-only economy" can survive?

I've nothing personally against Robert Reich, he seems like a decent enough fellow, but did you really believe Bill Clinton would have appointed such a complete idiot?

A pseudo-economist who doesn't understand arithmetic or large data sets?  The author of the pile of crap, The Work of Nations --- the temporary fantasy being pushed by Wall Street, the Peterson Institute and the super-rich while dismantling everything?

The other day Reich said that 70% of the GDP activity is consumption --- but that doesn't mean anything of and by itself --- the important number is the percentage composition of the consumer demographic which is doing the vast amount of consuming. (Answer:  the top 15%, used to be the top 20%, but the super-concentration of wealth has accelerated --- and that ain't a consumer-based economy, that's a plutocracy!)

Are you beginning to get an idea of what's taking place?

Please understand, this is basic economics, not even Econ 101, but the pre-Econ 101 course, and the purpose of economics is to justify why that pirate over there has all the money, while you have little or nothing.

A farce based upon a farce.

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OMG...the sister...she's looks just like him. 

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why is Michaelangelo everyones favorite ?????????????

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this photo is a fake !!!


The Zuckerbergs do NOT celebrate Christmas

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...i bet they celebrate Rook-mas tho

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[sound of respirator]


[sound of respirator]

I am your father.

[sound of respirator]

Friend me.

[sound of desperation]

[sound of flatulence]

[sound of music]

[sound of scotch, neat]


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LOL !!


k, now I'm really going outside. . . always leave on a high note

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I'm such a fossil :P 

I don't have a cell phone or a twitter or an ipad.  I couldn't even follow the comments here very well at all.  Peering into a 3 inch screen to get nagged by the girlfriend doesn't appeal to me.  Answering the boss's call on a saturday night, what a thrill that must be.  There's an up side, though. At least I can do a little fishing in peace.  The spooks can't hear it when I fart, either.

No cause for alarm, young whippersnappers, I'll be gone soon.

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"I'm such a fossil"

Nah. Just before it's cool, that's all.

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Could be worse, you could be a fossil fuel or Walt Mossberg...;-)

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PS, I really like you and the Limerick King's work, keep stickin it to em.

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who are each of those people there's Zuckerberg, one of them his is sister but who are the other beauties and the big guy with the dome

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I'm not sure. Everytime I read one of the articles I get a headache from hearing about all the privacy settings, tags etc.

I think the bald guy is his Dad or it could be Walt Mossberg.

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Is Zuckerberg the name for a new virus????

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you are correct the kitchen is right out of a McMansion and then there is the question who took the photo, one of the hens is his sister actually they all could be as they look alike

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"it could be Walt Mossberg"


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Aren't under the counter lights a waste of energy?

Granite counter-top and stainless steel stove vent hood?

He's glomming on to all the accoutrements of "success" and now gets to have a "private" picture shared and lampooned.

More of the same please!

(love the Ninja turtle)

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He looks like a cross between a Ninja Turtle and a Tele Tubby.

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I grew up in the "TV age". I remember our first TV. Yes we watched as kids in the 50's and 60's. However we watched almost exclusively at night, and sometimes Saturday mornings. TV went off at around midnight in the early days. Daytime TV had very little for children(Thank God) :)I agree that today's TV content is evil for children...and not much better for so-called "adults". The content today across the board is crap.

Kids today run around with their iShit virtually attached to them at the hip..if the damn thing isn't in their hands. People, adults and children alike, are OBSESSED with these damn iShit devices.

And that is the critical difference. There is this OBSESSION with all this iShit. And please don't tell me how it's good because it's "interactive". That's part of what makes it evil. Interactiveness makes it that much more addictive.

One of the more interesting aspects of the coming economic crash and the depression that follows is:

Who among the middle/modest income classes, and those even poorer, will be buying all this iShit and subscribing to all these frivolous internet games etc.??? Real incomes are going SOUTH while prices of imported consumer goods are, and will be headed NORTH.  

I can't fuckin wait :)

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Do you know which city in the world apparently has the most twitter users?

I read this today. Jakarta Indonesia

I have spent some time there and I was initially surprised. However, thinking about it I am not so surprised. First, it is a pain in the ass moving around in that City. Second, the culture is very vocally communicative. Third, it may be a city entering modernity, but it is still Moslem and there are many women who can't go out whenever and wherever they want. So it makes sense that they would all be yapping on twitter.

It is a matter of how the technology meshes with culture.

It is an interesting subject. But what I am thinking is you can't blame the technology exclusively. The user patterns reflect the nature of the user culture. Sadly, in our culture, monetizing everything is the primary directive. Someone wants to find a way to monetize our social interactions and the people who are backing it are the same people that brought us synthetic CDOs squared.

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Most interesting and insightful comments, Buckaroo!

Also, Indonesia has too many snakes, but Sarawak has some truly incredible wooden architecture and scuplture, etc.

Interesting historical note:  Obama's mother was there during Indonesia's most violent period, and only left after US-trained Suharto replaced the anti-Corporate America Sukarno in a coup.

Not that I would ever suggest anything unscrupulous or CIA-tainted about any member of the Drone Master Obama (with the Nobel Peace Prize) family.

I don't carry radar with me......

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You know this world is indeed fucked up when this Zuckerberg twat is a billionaire and Nikola Tesla died penniless...

sgt_doom's picture

Interesting and also insightful remark, but historically the great genius Tesla was supposed to have been "Morganized" ...

Great book covering Tesla, although covers Edison, George Westinghouse and the origins of the power grid, as well.

Empires of Light by Jill Jonnes (who is one truly fantastic historian and she does a remarkably respectful job of explaining Tesla and his phenomenal genius)

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...and everyone knows the story of Jesus the bad rabbi of the genocidal tribe of Hebrews, but few know the story of their real benefactors, Tesla and Steinmetz and Westinghouse. SOP snake oil, dumbed down for efficient herding.

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and in art the dutch masters made a living painting portraits of the wealthy merchants, (to immortalize them i suppose) and the artists died penniless, and while no one remembers the men they painted,  everyone remembers the artists...

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Does the world still turn?

This latest quantum graphic has me all confused....



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They were laughing at their dinner guests in the other room.



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Mother Mary and Joseph! I dinna think they made kilts that big. Tartan tarps maybe.

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... who were posting photos captioned 'here's the slice of cold pizza that Mark Zuckerberg served me on a paper plate.'

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    There you have it:  people who have no life except for peering into the life of others for profit!       What a shame!!!

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Pathetic Family .

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at least they can iShare their aloneness

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WTF that ain't no Gold sink?

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From what I have read, they are not ostentatious nouveau riche types.

However, they are obviously very mundane. Which sort of explains how mundane Facebook is. It is really a desert of creativity. It is the modern equivalent of a powder blue rotary phone.