More Evidence That Google Is Already The New Microsoft, and Android Is The New Windows (To YOUR OWN Information)

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In June 2010, I claimed that There Is Another Paradigm Shift Coming in Technology and Media: Apple, Microsoft and Google Know its Winner Takes All. In said piece, I asserted that Google was well positioned to knock Apple off of its perch, but more importantly that Google was also best positioned to be the leader of the new paradigm - the intersection of computing, telecommunications and media.

It's now incontrovertible that I was correct on the first assertion, see Cost Shifting Your Way To Prominence Using The Network Effect, Or Google Wins - Apple, RIM & Microsoft Have ALREADY LOST! - and from an investment perspective, Right On Time, My Prediction Of Apple Margin Compression 8 Quarters From My CNBC Warning Landed Right On The Money! Now, ample evidence of the second assertion is coming to the forefront...

It is Google's Android OS that has enabled this rapid advancement in tech, and it's Google's cut throat open source business model that has provided the impetus for the rapid drop in hardware prices that accompanies the steep spike in functionality.

Judging the tepid take-up of the new Windows 8/phone platform, and the current decline in Apple cache as well as relative market share - the Windows PC platform can now read its own obituary as Android becomes the new computing standard. At the rate things are going, my other prognostications in the space will come to fore rather prematurely...

Smartphone Hardware Manufacturers Are Dead, Long Live The Google-like Solution Providers

Computer Hardware Vendors Are Dead, Part Deux!

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vft2212's picture

Reggie doesn't get it. I've had to toss two MSFT Win 7 computers in the past two months thanks to adbe flash 11.3 incompatibility with MSFT & all the years of operating systems, win 95, 98 me, xp vista etc just accumulating enough space junk to fry motherboards. All these tech names run their cycles and slowly fae away. Just picking entry and exits is all that matters. 

e-recep's picture

win7 is pretty stable, extremely tweakable and has virtually unlimited supply of free third party software (if you know what i mean).

for gadgets, apple is the way to go but win7 owns the personal computer realm at the moment. apple pcs and laptops are like for elderly citizens who live alone and just check e-mail and surf the web.

Imminent Crucible's picture

I would have been okay with Win7 the way I made my peace with WinXP, except for one thing. They promised a backward compatibility they didn't deliver. I can't use my 32-bit versions of almost anything that worked with XP; Win7 refuses to install Adobe Photoshop, most games won't install, I can't even get 32-bit emulators to function under Win7.

I have the fastest processor with the most RAM I've ever had, and yet I have the least functionality under Win7 I've experienced since Win3.11 "Windows for WorkGroups".  Too bad Gates didn't get what Jobs got.

My son-in-law the quantum chemist tells me "Linux is what you need. Get over it." I know he's right, I just don't want to take the medicine.

Imminent Crucible's picture

"Android is the new Windows"? That's a TERRIBLE thing to say about an open-source cob-job that never meant anyone any harm. At least you don't have to PAY for the screwed-up apps.

Seriously, I wonder whether this ghee-whiz fascination with mildly useful technology can be sustained for much longer. If it can't (and I suspect it's already beginning to pall) then Apple is toast and MicroGates is toast.

Listen, when PC's were new, I was the first one of my circle to run out and buy an overpriced box running Windows 3.0 on DOS 5.0, with a whole 4 MB of RAM. I used to think this stuff was neat. Now, I'm just bored with it. I carry a cell phone but it's usually off because I hate the idea that anyone, for any reason, can interrupt me at any point in my day or night because they feel like it, or hope to make some money off me. Yeah, TomTom is convenient, but I already knew how to read a map.  I deleted my FB account when I saw what a waste of time it was and learned who provided much of the start-up money.

Maybe Joni whatzername is right and "we've got to get ourselves back to the Garden". If so, technology isn't the route. It's just a long, hellacious detour. I'm about to be on the beach in Bahia de Los Angeles and nobody will be able to reach me, no way, for any reason.

Element's picture



"Seriously, I wonder whether this ghee-whiz fascination with mildly useful technology can be sustained for much longer."


Exactly, what it this fascination with software and themes and icons styles? Unbelievable!  Plus the very suggestion that a phone operating-system running on what is basically souped-up pocket-calculator level hardware, is going to be the savior of a PC type hardware architecture and operating system need is insanely laughable teeny-bopper drivel. I can't believe how gullible people are, to endlessly fall for all this idiotic vaporware and BS.

Oh look! Star Trek's back on! ... sorry dude, gotta run!!

Dingleberry's picture

I'm not a techie, so I need my shit to work correctly and not give me a fucking headache.  I REALLY hate tech problems and freeze ups.  So I switched a few years ago to Apple. All my Apple shit works flawlessly. Never again will I deal with a piece of shit PC or anything designed by MSFT or Android. My first android smart phone sucked too. My iPhones are awesome.

Let the haters hate. I don't give a shit about one company or another.  I just want shit that WORKS. And if it costs a bit sanity is worth it. If this googe shit is really that good, then Apple will go under. Somehow I doubt it.

Blue Horshoe Loves Annacott Steel's picture

Apple users are liars. It just works if u never install anything or change anything after u open up the glossy, faux arty box their overpriced iDiot gear comes in.

malek's picture

Well I'm not willing to pay $1000 more for a serious laptop so I have fancy OS on it.

Afrispaans's picture

Problem is, as Apple gets squeezed they're going to drop the ball (cf. Apple Maps). It's true that at the moment, the platform is very stable, and this is one of the reasons I switched to Apple. But I don't see this lasting much longer when they're releasing absurd nonsense like the iPad Mini. Even the iPad is a bit of a joke as far as I'm concerned - all flashing lights and f.all else. With this kind of kak going on, and with other shit out there with equally flashier lights, it can't be long until they release an overreaching version of OSx (Sky Turkey? Aardvark? Mandril?) that takes them a step backwards. Damn shame.

donsluck's picture

Funny, my wife's apple laptop has it's own bugs with picture opening (of all things) and the ubiquitous mystery of where files are located. As luck would have it, I am still on a PC (W7) and don't have to help her anymore!

Uncle Remus's picture

I suggested to my wife that she replace her Nook color and Acer Netbook with an iPad. And she did. I don't know jack about iOS, but her sister does. She even has her own isolated wifi AP for the Internet.

ExpendableOne's picture

I'm not a fan of Apple (I like command lines) but the need for "the shit to just work" is something that Apples competitors really need to embrace if they are ever to knock them off.  A visit last week to Tysons Corner offered a great contrast of this.  The Apple store was mobbed with apple fan bois while the Microsoft store had only very bored emplyees (in spiffy shirts!).  Windows 8 will not help. It's a frightful thing which works great if you ditch the tiles and learn all those keyboard commands.  The average user will simply not put up with that (nor should they).  Also, there are two versions of some programs.  Citrix Receiver has both a tile based "surface" version as well as a desktop based version.  How will that go over with the help desk calls next week?


I've been watching the Galaxy Note II for the past month.  When the price drops a bit, I will trade in the old Droid for one. 

Tekrunner's picture

I can perfectly understand not liking Apple products, however liking command lines isn't such a great reason to not use them. Mac OS has a perfectly functionnal shell, with which you can do a whole lot of stuff. If you meant that you like being able to tinker with system things through the command line, then yeah, Apple doesn't really let you do that.

Jack Sheet's picture

I sympathize - Windows Vista for example  was a disgusting abortion masquerading as an operating system. However, I like to save up to 50% on my hardware costs by not buying Apple, and just try and read a couple of techie books.

Android pro/con ? I never had in i-phone - the high price put me off especially as I don't need apps, only conventional internet and email.  I'm into my second Android smart phone (Samsung Galaxy S3 - like the big screen and speed of operation) which has the 4.x operating system and find it indeed harder to use than the previous HTC which only had the 2.2 OS. The Apple iOS is more user-friendly from what others tell me.

ZeroFreedom's picture

One thing that is missing is the Enterprise Space, MSFT still has a large presence and not sure you are going to see a shift to Android with Enterprise customers going forward. One key advantage that MS maintains.

spinone's picture

Enterprises can't afford the Micro$oft license arrangement much longer.  Look for a cloud/thin client solution coming soon thats much more affordable.

Jack Sheet's picture

Have to agree about Windows 8. I needed a new laptop after my Acer bit the dust, and it (Samsung) was only available with W8 pre-installed. At least the Samsung was only half the price of the comparable Apple product. W8- what a frigging joke (dioplomatically put) - the compulsory tile interface for a non-touch screen, non-tablet device, and if the mouse pad is not completely smooth you fell like an epileptic trying to get the corner menus to appear. No start button on the" W7"desktop screen and 3 mouse operations required to shut the f***er down. Goodbye Microsoft.

Dr. Acula's picture

Yeah, Microsoft Windows 8 and Surface are definitely abortions. Both from marketing and technical viewpoints.

I'm not ready to replace my several-years-old ~50 gigaflops PC CPU with a smartphone yet. Galaxy S3 is only like 1.6 gigaflops. Show me Skyrim running on a smartphone first.


EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Apple, Google and Facebook are the same entity.

They just want you to believe that they are in competition with each other.

Wake the fuck up sheeple...

Element's picture

Windows-8 is so bad I can only suppose they wanted to sink the windows operating system franchise.