Blueprint for Accountability: The Wall St-Washington Connection

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The public conversation about the incestuous and nefarious links between congressional financial deregulation and Wall Street greed, which produced the fiasco known as the Great Recession of 2007, is about to get much hotter next week.

The NYC-based Culture Project, known for cutting-edge theater productions like the powerful The Exonerated and the brilliant Bridge and Tunnel, featuring the multi-talented Sarah Jones, will blend theater, journalism and some of the sharpest tongues in public life, to help hold the American political system accountable.

On Tuesday, March 27 you can watch a live-stream from Georgetown University featuring the verbal pyrotechnics of Eliot Spitzer, former governor of New York; Matt Taibbi, the journalist best known for documenting the obscene behavior of Goldman Sachs; Van Jones, the honcho behind Rebuild the American Dream; Heather McGhee of Washington Demos; best-selling author Ron Suskind; and OWS activist Jesse La Greca. Hosting this powerhouse lineup is the indefatigable Dylan Ratigan, who skewers the failures of the corporate system everyday from his perch at MSNBC.

You can watch the broadcast at 7PM EST here...

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Known as after the Expo 67 Globe's Reasonable, the Expos' preliminary house was Jarry Recreation area. Handled by Gene Mauch, the group missing 110 game titles in their first period, coincidentally related the Padres first win-loss history, and ongoing to battle during their first several years with sub-.500 conditions.

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YAWN!!!   Is anyone familiar with the means by which OWS keeps out the 99% of the organzation so it is dominated by 1% of the left, and end up against not the 1%, but more like the .01%,...tops.    I'll tell you.   First, they will not take anything but commie crapola at   Next, in the local OWS's, especially in the larger cities, they dominate the education committees, who screen and schedule all teach-in events.  In either case, if what you have to say doesn't jive with where OWS is at, they just don't answer you.   It's called CENSORSHIP!

Then there is the Tea/Patriot Party.    They keep it diversified, with the only real hub in Washington at   Here they keep sending out missives like petitions and actions (but always looking for your money) under the pretense of doing something.   They put up bill boards that encourage people to be against higher taxes

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Is this going to be the Van 'Im for the violent overthrow of America' Jones?

Or, the 'Its time to drop the radical pose in order achieve the radical ends' Van Jones?

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How about Tyler Durden on the panel with William Black and Ron Paul?

Now that would be worth watching.

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Fuck Taibbi . Outed as the piece of shit he is recently .

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FORA-TV connection is totally fucked up! It hardly works!

All these talking heads in their empty suits should be taken with a large 'bag-a-salt'.

9/11 Is THE LitmusTest

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Question for Elliot "Ex-Governor, when you were getting blow jobs from the prostitutes that you hired illegally with offshore funds, did it occur to you, that when you later would be pontificating, as you are now, on the corruption of the government, that you might sound hypocritical?

Secondly, is your wife her to get her opinion on this question? Daughter, attorney anyone?


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Van Jones? Seriously?

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Re Superstar lineup....  Blueprint for Accountability.... honcho... indefatigable.... Powerhouse lineup... unprecedented... <insert your own breathless superlative here>....

Yeah... sure... if you say so.... Zzzzzzz...... Zzzzz.... zzzz.... z...

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I greatly admire the folks at Foreclosure Fraud and even Eliot Spitzer who before he got DSK'd, actually tried to put some WS criminals behind bars. But Van Jones, the avowed Commie and down low Obama tool?  What could he possibly add except more of the same-o Marxist view of just another NWO totalitarian agenda?  It's not enough that we have to fight the fascists.  Replace Jones with Ron Paul and I'd watch.

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We should be glad that anyone (don't shoot the messengers) is doing anything.  This exposure to, hopefully, the "general public" is vital if there is any hope of recreating the U. S. in its former incarnation.  I wish all of them well in their presentations.

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In Canada, we had these things many years ago to have a public discourse about the seal hunt.

I wonder how that turned out?

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We need more of this.....MUCH MORE

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thank you for the useful link, can't see tonight, but will try to find it later.

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I wonder how much Spitzer will blow on hookers after this gig?

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how could they leave out william black as the eminence grise??

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Because he's black, not gray.



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I know our systems need a restructuring and in all likelyhood needs to be taken down to the ground and started over again but ...

Van Jones? Save it. I already know what the self admitted communist thinks about capitalism. NBC might be to the left of Pravda right now. I've always liked Ratigan but he has become just a tool for the NBC bigs and the DNC like the rest at NBC.

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They could have just called the show "Government Sachs".

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Congress is good business.


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Efficiency and progress is ours once more 
Now that we have the Neutron bomb 
It's nice and quick and clean and gets things done 
Away with excess enemy 
But no less value to property 
No sense in war but perfect sense at home: 

The sun beams down on a brand new day 
No more welfare tax to pay 
Unsightly slums gone up in flashing light 
Jobless millions whisked away 
At last we have more room to play 
All systems go to kill the poor tonight 

Kill kill kill kill Kill the poor:Tonight 

Behold the sparkle of champagne 
The crime rate's gone 
Feel free again 
O' life's a dream with you, Miss Lily White 
Jane Fonda on the screen today 
Convinced the liberals it's okay 
So let's get dressed and dance away the night 

While they: 
Kill kill kill kill Kill the poor:Tonight

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you forgot to credit the DK's there broham

plagarism and copyright issues as it sits




dont want to end up in the gulag working for a bowl of rice a day now, do you?

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(Above lyrics by Jello Biofra / Dead Kennedys)


With a gun in the back