Tokyo Soil – Blanketed With Fukushima Radiation – Would Be Considered “Radioactive Waste” In the United States

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Tokyo Soil – Blanketed With Fukushima Radiation – Would Be Considered “Radioactive Waste” In the United States

We noted in August that some parts of Tokyo have more radiation than existed in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zones. And see this and this.

There are indications that radiation levels are increasing in Tokyo.

Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen took 5 random soil samples in Tokyo recently, and found that all 5 were so radioactive that they would be considered radioactive waste in the United States, which would have to be specially disposed of at a facility in Texas:

Tokyo Soil Samples Would Be Considered Nuclear Waste In The US from Fairewinds Energy Education on Vimeo.

Indeed, shortly after the earthquake, U.S. government officials notes widespread contamination throughout northern Japan, including Tokyo, and said:

Entire region would be required to be posted as radiological area.

No wonder the potential evacuation of Tokyo has been quietly discussed by Japanese officials ever since the earthquake hit.


Tepco: Less Than 2 Feet of Water Left in Fukushima Reactor

NHK reports today that only 60 centimeters – or 23.62 inches – of water still cover the number 2 reactor:

Tokyo Electric Power Company says it has found that the cooling water in one of the damaged reactors at Fukushima is only 60 centimeters deep, far lower than previously thought.


The utility confirmed the water level by inserting an endoscope into the No.2 reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on Monday.


TEPCO had thought that the water level was about 3 meters [i.e. almost 10 feet - 5 times as high as actually exists]. It has been injecting nearly 9 tons of water per hour into the reactor to cool the melted fuel that has fallen to the bottom of the containment vessel.


But the shallow level indicates that the water continues to leak into the reactor building through the suppression chambers under the vessel.




The low level suggests that decommissioning the reactor could be much more difficult. The operator may need to repair more parts of the containment vessel so it can be filled with water to block the strong radiation.


The No. 2 reactor’s containment vessel is believed to have been damaged on March 15th with the sudden loss of pressure inside the reactor.

There are other troubling data coming from unit 4. For example, hydrogen levels within the reactor have increased 500% in the last two weeks.

Temperatures have also fluctuated fairly dramatically within reactor 2 in recent weeks.


We assume the following is just a bad translation or ambiguious statement.  German speakers: Please let us know...


We've previously noted that .

This month, German state television broadcaster ZDF (which has previously interviewed workers at Fukushima) ran a special on Fukushima which - according to a Youtube translation - claims:

A new investigation discovered that the electricity company TEPCO has been falsifying documents for decades, has hushed up serious incidents, including a nuclear meltdown in Fukushima that was concealed for 30 years.

Here is a screenshot from the English subtitles (viewable by clicking "CC" at the bottom of the Youtube video):

We assume that this is a mistranslation of German into English or - if it is not a mistranslation - that the concealment for 30 years is referring to a "serious incident" other than a meltdown.

We would appreciate it if a fluent German speaker could verify the translation of the phrase "a nuclear meltdown in Fukushima that was concealed for 30 years", and - if accurate - any information about what is actually being referenced.

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John Wayne wore a dosimeter

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Hey now!

Lets get this back up on the front burner as it IS about the most important thing happening now besides the crash and corruption beyond the thunderdome insanity.:



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Thanks everyone for the positive conversation here.

As if we don't have enough distractionary craziness already. Here now we see the "arrival" of the debris field from Japan.

What is not being discussed is the fact that if this stuff is hitting the west coast, then so also is the radioactive water. :(

Just got and checked some canned tuna today and guess what? You don't want to know.

We have seen readings around 55CPM when just a few days ago they were around 47 CPM (5-60 CPM are normal background levels). There has been a noticeable increase in the normal background radiation here in these last few days with more predicted. After hearing about the rises in Japan also, we now know why.

Apparently, unbeknownst to the public, these reactors are getting worse with a worst case scenario still brewing, or in the works. It is the number four reactor that is of concern and number two also. If it falls over, or melts any more, the outcome will effect every human being east of it as it has slowly been doing since last year March 11th.

We are hearing many reports about thyroid problems that are only related to the amounts of radiation hitting the west coast. Now we see the debris field coming. We know the water is already there. If you live on the west coast, protect yourself. Ask for more info if you need it.

Please, if you are not already, please be taking light amounts of Potassium Iodide as we have. Still ticking strong here even in the higher background surroundings that are only getting hotter radiation wise. We have watched this since last year when it happened and are healthier for following protocols to protect our selves and inner dwellings.

This really scares the heck out of the govt to think the people are going to find out just how bad this really is. This is why we see so many carnival shows, bread, and circuses to distract people from real uncontrollable issues like this.

Know when the jet stream is above you.

May love find you all.

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thank you for taking the time to share your information and links.

peace to you and yours.

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The translation is correct  TEPCO hushed up a core meltdown for 30 years

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I follow this site to find out what the MSM isn't reporting.

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I read it as well. I am from Canada and we have lots of room and plenty of resouces, I say let 10 million Japanese come to Canada.

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GW, off topic, but a new review article was just published in Endocrine Reviews, with leading endocrine disrupting scientists flat-out saying that the existing toxicology paradigm (from Paracelsus) that the dose makes the poison is illegitimate for endocrine disruptors and that low-dose testing is necessary. This completely destroys all those claims of safety that industry loves to trot out when their chemicals are implicated in some deleterious health outcome.

Anyway, 845 references, and definitely worth a look because mainstream toxicologists are now shown to be the emperor with no clothes.

Here is an opinion piece by one of the authors, stating:

"So what does it mean if low doses have different effects than high doses? Perhaps most importantly, it suggests that the current regulatory format for testing chemicals, where high doses are fed to rodents and then “safe” lower doses are calculated but never actually tested, is inappropriate – and ineffective -- for these compounds. Instead, they should be tested at very low levels in the range of human exposures."

You get that? The effects are assumed, not measured.

See also:

Reptil's picture

Wowww that has huge implications, for any substance and gov. regulated standards!!!

geekgrrl's picture

Profound implications. All those 100,000 chemicals registered by the EPA will have to be re-tested at low, environmentally relevant doses. But don't worry: they'll all still be perfectly legal over the next several decades it takes to collect all the incriminating evidence. /s  The government is completely captured, so there will be no regulatory changes coming any time soon, but they might have some show arguments just to make it look like they're doing something. However, the truth remains that toxicologists cannot use high-dose testing and assume low-dose effects. Their claims of "safety" are illegitimate.

Like with Fukushima, there are issues of environmental justice involved here, yet nobody seems to held accountable. Everywhere, the "authorities" are proving to be little less than modern-day snake oil salesmen, but I didn't sign up for this, I don't consent.

I realize that this is a pointless thing to say, but in my mind the people faking documents at Tepco and all the chemical and pharma companies who have been poisoning us all for decades and decades are criminals of the highest order, literally enacting crimes against life itself.

Cathartes Aura's picture

really appreciate your posting this information, as it helps give some weight to those of us trying to share information with others with regards the degradation of the environment, and how this affects us all over time.

I realize that this is a pointless thing to say, but in my mind the people faking documents at Tepco and all the chemical and pharma companies who have been poisoning us all for decades and decades are criminals of the highest order, literally enacting crimes against life itself.

nothing is pointless when it helps convince one's mind to seek deeper truths behind the snake oil salesmen, who appear to be multiplying exponentially these days.  we can't make up other people's minds, but we can learn to stop believing the "State" has our best interests at heart - and once that takes hold in the mind, better decisions get made daily.

this is why we share information, here and elsewhere - thanks again!

geekgrrl's picture

I was thinking more along the lines that it's pointless to expect justice anymore; she's been replaced, and an imposter stands in her stead.

I'm happy to share what I know and come across; I've been following this whole endocrine disruptor business since 2001, and I think this paper is actually a significant milestone because the folks who wrote the review are in a classic fight over paradigms with TPTB, in the Kuhnian sense of the word. A real-life scientific revolution. And here's the thing: they are winning on points, by a very large margin. That's been inspiring to see, even if I have some disagreements with them regarding their avoidance of certain endpoints.

At the same time, the world is obviously a very corrupt place these days, and economic incentives are more likely to lead to increased pollution rather than less. Somehow we need to find a way to break the cycle of corruption, and lacking justice, I just don't see how that happens. Personally, I was hoping for a faster collapse to limit ecological damage, but my bigger fear these days is that they can keep doing this ad infinitum and continue to do whatever they want to do regardless of the consequences. Tepco and Fukushima is just that same pattern applied in a different industry, Japan's "Nuclear Village."

Here's another article on the obesity link that just popped up today. It contained this very pertinent fact:

"“It takes 90 days under the Toxic Substances Control Act to get a chemical approved for sale on the market,” Krimsky said. “Getting a product off the market that has been shown to be unsafe, on the other hand, takes somewhere between 25 and 50 years, because industry says we need definitive science.”" And that, in a nutshell, is the problem.

Cathartes Aura's picture

well done, that article is FULL of good information, consider it passed on (to others).

and yes, I also agree that expecting "justice" is a futile wish - I know it's not popular to point out that when taken as a worldwide topic, (other) people have been experiencing in-justice well before most amrkns - what goes around comes around, and this appears to happen much faster nowadays.

instant karma, eh.

appreciate your posts.

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And guess what folks...

seismologists Thursday to unveil discovery of 2 active faults off Chiba with potential to generate M9.0 quake.

Chiba is in the Tokyo region...

A 9.0 off Chiba could create a big ass tsunami that could hit Tokyo... remember that there's 40 million people in the Tokyo region... in the Chiba peninsula... about 9000+ people/square mile... now just imagine the chaos that would ensue.

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All it will take is a quake strong enough to further seriously crack, much less collapse, Fukushima's spent fuel pool #4. Then it's immediately game over - no questons asked. SFP4 is barely standing, structurally compromised, still leaking, and filled to the brim with spent and new fuel assemblies. If another earthquake were to cause unmanageable leaking or the pool to collapse altogether, Tokyo would have to be evacuated post haste.

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Like this?

It only took a 6.7 to flatten freeways in Northridge/LA, and this was construction designed to handle large quakes.

A 6.4, then a 5.1, directly at Fukushima, already suffering from previous earthquake damage and ongoing radiation/heat/salt corrosion damage.

Check tomorrow for more coverage.

lolmao500's picture

If people wait for the government word to evacuate, they will all be dead. IMO there's a low probability that they will EVER give the order to evacuate unless scientists go on MSM and start a big controversy... evacuating Tokyo means the end of the Japanese economy and the world economy.

But yeah I agree. Once the spent fuel pool number 4 goes, it's all over... there's hundreds of tons of radioactive waste in there.

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'Japanese pushed to the corner of revolt' by Mochizuki

"On 3/11/2012, Japanese prime minister Noda had speech to spread the radioactive debris to all over Japan. It is assumed that they will take radioactive debris even to Okinawa in April. There is even an unconfirmed information that they have already taken it and landfilled. People in Okinawa is starting to claim that they are having nosebleed or sore throat.
Utter ignorance of the public officers keeps situation going worse regardless of the petition and enlightening movement of the citizens."


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On a long enough timeline the nuclear power industry will kill off all its customers.

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"On a short enough timeline . . . "

There, fixed it for ya'.

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I'm surprised that private ownership of Geiger counters is still legal in Tokyo...

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the US and canada have stopped measuring radioactivity in grains and livestock! new trade agreement between canada and japan! uh, i guess all is well, NOT!!!!

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And Hong Kong, too:

The global governmental response now is to kill us all equally. Extinction through globalization.

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If you can allow your fellow countrymen to kill their children from the mere whim of trying to save themselves from an inconvenience, then it is not too hard to cold heartedly not care anymore as to the general welfare of their country's future and lives of their fellow countrymen. Really, care about one's neighbor in such absolutes as to never allow them to be unjustly harmed or killed in anyway and one would find the equal strong sensitivity to matters of overall health and care of the general environment. This nuclear disastor has sped up the extinction of the beautiful and glorious traditional Japanese culture, but we really have to be fooling ourselves to not think this was the inevitable outcome for a people that have subjected themselves to such a false ideology of selfishness and materialism. The US and other so-called advanced nations are right behind this culture of death.

Not Too Important's picture

Right behind, or next in line? Both?

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It isn't just Japan. The whole western world including US, Canada, France, are complicit

Uranium miners create a product that is used for a few years and then has to be stored for 500,000 years

Society pays for that safe storage. Society also pays for the accidents

Nuclear is many millions of times more expensive than oil

El Hosel's picture

 "Energy policy"...   Oil $107, $Natgas $2 

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The single and only reason we use these types of reactors is the governments around the world get dual use out of them.  They want the electricity for sure, but they also want the plutonium they can create for bombs.  There are far better reactor types than these (thorium - which would not have the same issues during an earthquake.  While that article makes them sound "new", the technology and knowledge has been around for at least 30 years.

But if your primary objective is to get fissile materials for your nukes then why would you encourage and build plants that cannot provide that to the government?

Kiwi Pete's picture

Nice theory but Japan doesn't have any nukes to use the plutonium in.

Cathartes Aura's picture


and only this, sadly.

mkhs's picture

Create?  Create?  You sir are an idiot.

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Miners/Refiners. Tomato/Tomatoe. A Péligotian slip. Common mistake.

mkhs's picture

No, it is a naturally occurring element.  It is a gift from mother earth.

Reptil's picture


Enriched Uranium and daughterproducts of fission are NOT naturally occurring. There was NO Plutonium until we made it.

Natural Uranium goes through a process to "refine" it for use:

Cathartes Aura's picture

ahhh, a gift from mother earth, who obviously would love to be free of un-evolved parasites. . .

Not Too Important's picture

Yes, it's a gift. It's the concentration of that gift that is the problem. Potato/Potatoe.

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delicious Cancer Rolls. 


Not Too Important's picture

No, no. The Japanese have cataracts. The rest drive Rincolns.

BanjoDoug's picture

So much verbiage on the nuke power plants, and not enough of looking at the BIG picture.   The damage is now done (but continuing)... and now we have the melting down of the Jap economy, the 3rd largest econo in the world is being toasted (literally).   There is no turning back, no cement covering over the problems,  just the China Syndrome for a long, long time.    The island nation and their great manufacturing feat is winding down, and with that all the side effects and consequences.    Don't think it won't affect us over here, it will in both a physical and financial way.....   and thanks to derelict nuke power mgmt.

tim73's picture

GW hysterics as usual. How much you get from greenpeace idiots? 50 dollar a piece? Thanks to these greenie fucks most countries are using their old nuclear reactors to the max, instead of building previously new, more safer ones gradually. Now there will be soon a huge rush to replace old ones. There are no viable alternative energy sources anywhere.

If these fucks had affected the airline industry the same way, we would still flying with piece-of-shit 1950's and 1960's jets because there are no permissions to build newer ones.

Winston Churchill's picture


Thorium reactors that were dicarded in favour of

Plutonium breeders.

Plentiful fuel,auto failsafe and will "eat" our existing

radioactive wastes,disposing of our biggest problem.

snblitz's picture

This is the case in the light aircraft industry, which may by now be extinct in the US, but maybe there are some hangers on.

The light aircraft industry ran into the following problem: If they introduced a new peice of technology they got sued either way. One) if an older plane crashed it was because they did not upgrade the plane to the new tech. Two) if a newer plane crashed, it was the untested (no history) of the new tech that was at fault.


PBS did a nova on this exact problem, the air plane manufacturer held up a new ignition system and said we can't install this in new planes for the aforementioned reasons


hardcleareye's picture

"...instead of building previously new, more safer ones gradually."

I am not sure I understand what that sentence means.....

By the way, there is NO rush to build nuclear reactors, with the lower gas prices in the US the tentative early 4 nuclear plant approvals (applications filed in 2007) in the US have had difficulty obtaining financing because they are NOT economical viable.

Furthermore, the net electrical demand in the US has dropped since 2007 (2007 being the peak at 4,184 Twh).

If you have other sources that you can cite to support you position I would enjoy reading them, or not, as it appears that you "pulled this out of your ass".

Not Too Important's picture

But there is a massive rush to extend the lives of all the old reactors, despite an unknown amount of completely worthless Mitsubishi replacement condensers failing at a tremendous rate. Billions of dollars in replacement costs, and only made by the people that shipped that crap in the first place. Not that getting free money is a problem . . .

What's the chance of getting warranty replacements, that will take years to build, from a company soon to go out of business? If the factory isn't too contaminated with radiation for workers to even make them? I'm assuming they need journeymen to do this work. How many qualified journeyman metal fabricators are stupid enough to continue to work there? Xie didn't even begin to list all the problems in Japan.

moonshadow's picture

i think greenpeace offers some good counterbalance and you shouldnt denegrate them like that BUT i tend to agree about newer,safer nuclear power plants. and also agree that GW's articles should be read with interest but suspicion. some ive found to be worth the read time and good info but many seem oddly hysteric-laden. one GW read that was published on ZH about a month ago really showed the bias toward extremist journalism- something about how tons of Christians worldwide are hoping for war w' Iran because it will speed the 2nd coming. i know hundreds of fundamentalist Christians and ive never heard even one express that sentiment.just be cautious reading his stuff...