MeGa MiLLioNS UPDaTe...

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you realize that while no economic benefit is derived, nearly half of the money paid out will be diverted to tax payments. at least in Obamas office the thought must have occured that why can't we do this every day, and of course the only way to get such a large public  involvement is to make sure that on one wins. perhaps ever? maybe diebold has an interest here?

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Please accept my meager offerings:

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Cockzine actually looks like a wine-o you might trip over in The Bowery.  Now that's a profession he could be an actual HONEST participant in.

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Hey Banzai, you should have had Dimon holding a gun to Cockzines pea head.

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Friday's drawing was JUST CANCELLED - the jackpot has been re-hypothecated and now sits in some shawdow JPM vault.  No refunds.  Thank you for playing.

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I'm sure good ol' wbanzai7 can counter this move by the guv

The Department Of Homeland Security Is Buying 450 Million New Bullets

edit: oh yeah, courtesy Drudge

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Hollow-point too. Terminated with extreme prejudice.

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More than enough for everyone.

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I noticed that two weeks ago. I find that bit of news very disquieting.

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thanks wbanzai7 for your work and dedication, keep providing your ammo to fight the lies

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Yeah, those boys win with other people's money no matter what numbers they pull.

A wretched hive of scum and villany.

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MF Global: Forbes Sums It Up Well, And My Take, 'Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here'
"Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate."
Dante, The Inferno

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What bullshit!  Someone photoshopped the cocks out of their mouths!

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""It is no use trying to escape their arrogance by submissiveness and good behaviour. They pillage the world. When the land has nothing left to ravage, they scour the sea. If an enemy is rich, they are greedy, if he is poor, they lust for dominion; neither the east nor the west has been able to satiate them.

Among mankind they alone covet with the same greed both the poor and the rich. To plunder, to massacre, to steal, this they call Empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace."

Tacitus, Agricola" from link, j.c.americain
3/28/2012 @ 5:15PM |1,309 views
The Story Behind Today's MF Global Congressional Testimony
"..Unlike similar bankruptcies before that – Lehman and Refco – the broker dealer was not sold cleanly. There was eveidence of potential fraud on day 1, October 31. The regulators never should have allowed the holding company to be put in Chapter 11 – debtor in possession – versus Chapter 7. By doing so, Judge Glenn allowed the pirates – the executives who caused the shortfall – to continue to control the ship until Freeh was appointed Trustee for the holding company a month later. The customer assets that had been illegally pledged were seized by the “lender of last resort” as soon as bankruptcy occurred. I have evidence someone was worried almost immediately about a clawback. That party took the excess collateral for the loan as well as the value of what they lent. They will have to be forced to give it back.

And with that you explain the huge hole in the balance sheet.

Everything we’ve heard since then – revelations, testimony, secret emails and admissions – supports my theory. They only thing left is to identify the “lender of last resort”. I have my suspicions. I suspect the trustees and investigators know who that party is, too. And it’s only one. No time for lots of deals with several and better to limit those who know what really happened. In the meantime, we have tons of blather about what Jon Corzine did or did not authorize in reference to legitimate transactions with JP Morgan.

What these recently revealed emails do prove is that MF Global was capable of the two-step process needed to wipe customer characteristics off a portfolio of assets so they could be used by a house account to pledge for the loan. In that way the assets were “monetized” without the settlement delays they were already experiencing. The two-step is a necessary step for my “lender of last resort” theory." ....

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I had a large distributor customer go bankrupt.  what they did is delayed payments to vendors until the 90 day window before bankruptcy, why?  because clawbacks happen w/in 90days.    I refused to send back the $200k and told the trustee to sue me.   they didn't.  Many other vendors were scared and threatened and returned the money.   yuck fou mofos!

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I heard that the Bernank is driving up the megamillions jackpot with QE funds.  It may hit $1 billion by Friday's draw.

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Maybe someday folks will realize that if a lottery can balloon up to a half billion dollars, an awful lot of people have to consider their fiat dollars of such little value that they are worth throwing away for a wish like pitching pennies in a fountain. 

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It also says plenty about the psychology of opportunity in modern America.

We call Asians gamblers because they play all kinds is luck games. They are amateurs compared to us.

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I often enjoy your posts, but as far as I can tell your just being as wreckless, inflammatory, and bigoted as the source of this headline:

"Three Jews rape and burn White Christian girl to death in Ukraine",


Why should we care that three attackers are Jewish?

Why should we care that a victim was Christian?


Why quote THIS source/headline:

" jools
  • Master Chief
  • Posts: 324
  • There are no good Jews."

"Three Jews did it, but Jewish father tried to cover up their crimes. But because of internet, Jews were caught. That is what they mean with hate speech."


rather than the Original:

Oksana Makar, Ukraine Rape Victim, Dead From Injuries (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO)-HuffPost



Unless your intention is to stoke/stroke the LasVegasDaves of the world?


At best you're being destructively lazy,

at worst a destructive asshole.

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I retract this statement:

"I often enjoy your posts"

I was thinking of another poster.

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There are lots of crazy badasses in the Ukraine and religious heritage is not a prerequisite to join.

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And I was thinking about buying a ticket until I saw who is in charge.  Won't it be nice if a lot of folks win by picking TylerBalls from the earlier post?

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If there were a functioning Dept. of Justice in the USA, it would lien all assets of MFG's Directors and Officers and then wait for deals to trade info for lien releases. Somebody would remember something then!

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This idea that you can walk if you can plausibly deny knowledge is something organized crime employed for years. Now ironically, the bankers have turned the art of PD into a science.

Wall Street still hems and haws about Oxley Sarbanes being too strict.

Obviously the problem is it does not work.

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Plausible deniabilty is not willful blindness.  I take great comfort in the fact that there is a crime labeled willful blindness because that would indicate a penalty can be applied to someone found guilty of it.


"Willful blindness" is like the crime of bribery.  It is far worse than petty crime in that it requires a person to be misusing a trust by which they are sworn to uphold, an abuse of authority.


These are the kinds of crimes that truly threaten national security in that trust in our nations structures is called into question. 


Nothing short of treason, imo.

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Alas, the DOJ exists only to make us think that we can have justice at the end of the day. That illusion is rapidly fading, however.

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Same model as the SEC...provide the appearance that markets are rgulated and fair.

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Markets are regulated and fair - to the folks who control the markets.

It's kinda like Dorothy - you just have to want to believe hard enough (tho, a fairy godmother and pair of silver slippers certainly helps).

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I'm not usually picky about details, but I'm pretty sure the slippers were red.  The wicked witch would have gotten them for sure if they were silver. 

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You may not be the only ZHer (although the numbers must be few by now) who didn't know that the original Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum about the silver slippers and the golden brick road wasn't just a story of an ugly witch and flying monkeys to give little children nightmares.

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Ruby in the movie, silver in the book...Hollywood doesn't do morality plays well.

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Thank you for the correction.  Maybe I should read more.

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"Government Commissions invariably cover for government corruption, the Security and Exchange Commission covers for financial corruption, the Medical Commissions cover for Medical Doctors, the State Bar Associations cover for attorneys, and Judicial Commissions invariably cover for all judicial corruption, no matter what the corruption may be. ...

If you want corruption to flourish, create a commission over it, and you will be assured that corruption will abound."

- Rev. Ron Branson, 'Jail 4 Judges', USA

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The TBTF Jackpot is now  1.2 Billion dollars!

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$1.3 Quadrillion, (Quillion for short)  known, unknown and known unknown liabilities.

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This is another genius blog response.

Second only to in genius level (this week) to Dr. Engali.