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hysterical Wall Street idiots chasing loose ammunition rolling on the decks.


Now THAT'S a nice verbal picture...

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I love AAPL as a company.

I can't say the same for the hysterical Wall Street idiots chasing loose ammunition rolling on the decks.

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How dare you soil the good name of a Federal Reserve Note with the face of Steve Jobs. Everyone knows the progression of evil goes lawyer, politician, Hitler, The Devil, Steve Jobs.

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Is Marc Benioff the new Steve Jobs..?

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Is this currency redeemable in i-Tunes or i-Phones?

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Good question.  But my question is this: Instead of "God of Computing", shouldn't it read "God of Building Gadgets That Americans Believe They HAVE to Have in a Cheap Labor Country and Making Hellacious Margins Doing So"?

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Wonderin' if all of the "cash on the balance sheet" is in FRNz or in what other assets?

Kinda' big target.

No doubt in my mind that "Newport Center Drive" and "Infinite Loop"  have great ... er ... synergy.

- Ned

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Yup, easy in hindsight - I remember RoboTrader being lambasted on ZH when he was uber-bullish on Apple. And now it's at $630 or thereabouts we have the 'most obvious stock' comments.

And no, I didn't invest in Apple and I won't (particularly at these levels - take a look at Gold in the early 80s and Apple this year for exponential growth, same thing then 'Everyone should be long Gold').


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So what?  I remember when the MadHedgeFundTrader came on here and spewed his edited history.  The best guy was the one who had all the pics of the hot chicks, was unemployed and then said he had to make some money.  I respected him for some reason.  Anyone recall his name?  He was a small cap analyst or something....

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Apple=> the most in your face obvious stock to buy in the history of mankind over the past 2 years

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Apple stock - is it an Apollo 11 or a Hindenburg? 

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This is blasphemy!

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Dip the bills in LSD and it's commodity backed!

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Can I pay for my subscription to Boom Bust Blog with these?

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Nice Job. That and my 100T Zim note will get me a decent ass wipe. FRN's are next up...

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Well, now I see why he cut his hair.