Nine Gold Myths Everyone Needs to Understand to Survive this Global Economic Crisis, Part II

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There are a nine prevalent myths and false arguments that bankers and their puppet commercial investment firms have used to precent people from buying physical gold and physical silver over the years (remember the paper GLD and the paper SLV are NOT proxies for physical gold and physical silver and from the information in the prospectuses, very likely nowhere near 100% backed by physical gold and physical silver as they claim). To counteract this misinformation and counterintelligence that bankers spread so that they may continue to impose their immoral (and should be illegal) fiat currency monetary system on the global economy, I have made two videos that pick apart and disprove the nine most popular pieces of misinformation disseminated by bankers against gold (and silver). Here is part 2 below in which I discuss myths 5 through 9.



In addition, stay tuned as I will be releasing two books later this month and next, with much more in depth information similar to the information contained in these two videos, titled, “The Golden Gift” and “Fight the Criminal Global Banking Cartel & Win.” There is an enormous amount of history and forgotten knowledge over the past century from US Senators that excoriated banksters in overt fiery speeches delivered on the Congressional floor to famous films with hidden warnings against the banksters like “The Wizard of Oz”.  I discuss many of these lost messages and knowledge in my two soon-to-be-released books as well as solutions for how we can end our current immoral global banking system and start fresh with a new just and honest one. I have already pledged 100% of all profits from the entire first year of sales of both books to three wonderful organizations in need of financial assistance:


An orphanage in Thailand, run by Jennifer Lo, called Future Light Kids

An orphanage in South Africa, Two Sisters, run by Patrick Chamusso; and

A center in Vietnam, The Mulligan Project, that provides special education, physical therapy and healthcare services to children with disabilities.


Furthermore, in the spirit of furthering knowledge about gold and silver as real money and a clearer understanding of the fake immoral fiat currency system that has been imposed upon us, I’d like to provide a few links below to a few sites that I believe provide invaluable information in this regard:



Turd Ferguson’s TFMetals Report

Harvey Organ’s Gold & Silver Report

Mike Maloney’s GoldSilver News

David Deutsch, Bill Flinn & Glenn Thomas's Gold Survival Guide


Despite the global banking cartel's efforts to suppress the price of gold and silver, I am very confident that gold and silver will both rise much higher by the end of the year from their current artificially-suppressed prices.  By buying physical gold and physical silver, not only will you provide your family with a chance of surviving the years ahead, but you will also be engaging in actions that help free the world's citizens from the chains of our current immoral global banking system. Remember that it is an oxymoron to NOT buy physical gold and physical silver yet simultaneously detest what people like Ben Bernanke and the PPT are doing in creating periodic HFT-triggered artificially manufactured rises in the stock markets that coincide with HFT-triggered artificially-maunfactured declines in gold and silver. These ploys by the banking cartel are specifically designed to sucker people into SELLING their gold and silver and into BUYING stocks in order to inflate the wallets of their crony friends on Wall Street. However, as has been proven over the past decade, these ploys are only effective for months at a time, sometimes just weeks at a time, before the rise of the machines fails and the natural response of rising gold and rising silver to infinite creation of fiat currencies continues. Don't fall victim to these banking scams and convert your bogus fiat money into real money represented by physical gold and physical silver.



About the Author:
JS Kim is the Founder & Chief Investment Strategist of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent investment research and consulting firm with a focus on Precious Metals that is dedicated to helping people not only fight the immoral global banking cartel, but also to formulating strategies that we can implement together to help us win. From June 2007 to March 27, 2012, our benchmark Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter has returned a cumulative +184.99% return to our clients while the S&P 500 has lost -7.25%, the FTSE 100, -11.74%, and the ASX 200, a whopping -31.43%. The major benchmark gold/silver index, the PHLX Gold/Silver Sector Index, has returned a significant, +28.04%, but still underperformed our newsletter by -156.94%, over the same investment period (*in a tax-deferred account).




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tony bonn's picture

"...Remember that it is an oxymoron to NOT buy physical gold and physical silver yet simultaneously detest what people like Ben Bernanke and the PPT ..."

absolutely!! god bless you js kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for those wanting corroboration of kim's predictions about gold prices, read jim willie's latest....his sources tell him that the gold cartel are being dismantled one by one....each major take down on the price of gold represents another dead (figuratively) cartel whore....taking physical is the kryptonite for these psychopathic terrorists....

Quinvarius's picture

The movie "The Immortals" appears to be about the gold standard once you look past the mythology.  The symbolism is strong.  Good guys in silver armor.  Gods in gold armor.  The endless grey enemies locked in a golden cage at the start.  After watching the movie, I can't imagine it is about anything other than that. 

Zero Govt's picture

Smartknowledge  -  i'd like a link to the invaluable knowledge at Turd Fergusons but as of yesterday he has spy-bot cookies rampaging all over it and i can't get in!

it's a big change from Turds days as just your friendly neighbourhood buddy on a  Blog... now he's gone all 'corporate' with subscription fees coming and i missed the recent 'party' of the past week where he turned disgruntled Turdites (after his last terribly wrong call preceding the slamdown on the 29th feb) into accusing them of being "trolls" and banning them from his walled garden 

his trigger happy Mods are too, you can barely question Turd they're so ultra-sensitive

I gave Turd the benefit of the doubt in my usual far-too-trusting manner until he sided with the hysterical rampers at King World News (KWN) against fleeced investors pissed off with their ramping. He crossed a line there for me into shill territory i'm sorry to say

I think Turd is penniless now having lost his last $1,500 he luckily recovered from the MF'ing Global scandal he's going to need all the Sub's he can get as i'm not sure what his day job is other than ringing up the Jim Sinclair Empire all the time

Samual Adams's picture

I do miss the days of Turd's old site/blog.  He has gone on over to the dark side of subscriptions and such, and even partnering with a PM metals holder/dealer.   He was just a kid working out of his parents garage in those old days,  now he's trying to scrap and scrape for the fancy corporate office and the company car.  Delusions of grandeur.

This Turd original reader won't be going to the Turd's site anymore. 

MF Global= perfect example of giving your money to someone else to 'hold' or invest.   You GAVE it to someone else.  Of course it's going to come up missing, or an amount a lot lower than the original amount.  

Here hold my money whilst I buy options, calls, stocks, etc online.  Oh fuck where is all my money?  They took it dumb ass, that's what people and companies do when you give them your money.   And fuck yes they will get away with it.

Zero Govt's picture

Smartknowledge above links to Turds website as "invaluable knowledge" which sounds remarkably like Turd Fergusons own recent defence of the rampers at King World News who he defended as a place of "valuable knowledge" ..probably just coincidence

what isn't coincidence however is Smartknowledge is not linking to a website of invaluable info but to Turd who is a high risk trader (who is now pennliess after his last series of failed 'hopium' calls)

neither is Turd billing KWN corectly as a great source of knowledge etiher. They're a series of miners and money managers all talking their book ..and Eric King its host is a breathless over-excited muppet whose questions are so stacked with hopium to pickle the listeners brain with delusions of get-rich-quick junk

Jim Sinclair (who i think, but don't know for sure, owns KWN) is billed on KWN as 'Mr Gold' ...he should really be billed as Mr Tanzanian Royalty Mining.

Jim having called the smackdown wrong featured not only a photo of himself having a larf on St Paddys Day after his flock were sheared but a further photo feeding the fleeced sheep on his farm ...strange behaviour for the Father of his fleeced flock having called $1,700-$2,100 Gold just before it dumped to $1,620

Anyway I'm sure Smartknowledge will let us know why he thinks Turds newly spy-botted ever-more corporate and heavily guarded website is a source of "invaluable info" and not a high risk trading Gonzo website

...Turd did recently feature a Podcast with another Sinclair buddy, Dan Norrichi, joking around on how to lose money by cutting your losses for complete novices (post KWN ramp and smackdown fleecing) that what Smartknowledge means?

I agree Turds got delusions ...delusions he should be advising novices to trade now he's penniless from (his own) trading

JOYFUL's picture

While I can admire your contrarian analysis, I think the part about Sinclair is over the fact, exactly the reason I put the reminder about this time last year in this thread....

everybody was down in the dumps with all the endless staging, the trolls were out in full force with the mockery of the $1650 prediction, and bingo, 4 months later we were looking back at $1700! You honestly think Sinclair blew a call because gold took a makeup break to $1620? It's rather important to realize that he has called 1700-2100 for this year(a very modest call IMO) WITHOUT imposing a if we get a repeat of last year, you are gonna look a lot like the genius scoffers who suddenly got lost after gold did it's thing.

As for KWN...yes, it's miners and traders talking their book...and I read it daily for the same reason I read the Tehran an insane world where 100s of thousands of (paper) oz of silver can be dumped in carefully timed minutes, and worlds biggest AU miner is a front for a kriminal konspiracy, I look to King for balance in a sea of I look to TT for an antidote to serial piracy propaganda on behalf of the ZOGBIE imperialists. Sinclair owns KWN????...gonna need some backup on that speculation squire!

As for the rest of your rant...preach got a witness! Birds of a feather flock together...and some are destined to be dodo birds...sittin around lettin turds drop on their heads. Cést la vie!

Zero Govt's picture

Joyful  -  thanks for the response. Like you i was an avid follower (and defender) of Gentleman Jim for years ...100% committed up until 2 weeks ago when i started asking some questions about this latest ramp and short side fleecing of small investors

Jim, like KWN, like Turd, only urge you to buy-in, never to go short. 

They cover their arses by saying there's a 'Battle Royale' coming up so they can chuckle "I did warn you that could happen" in good stockbroker fashion

Jim is an ex-stockbroker, so why does he only advise his 'Brothers in Golden Arms' to fight with one hand behind their backs (ie. no short side) when he knows the Big Cartel are lying in wait for a ramping to make their big bucks (fleecing Jims flock)?

Is Jim naive? How about the "legendary" guests on KWN Rampers Radio or Turd himself??

They're all following the exact same 'Buy & Hold' strategy so loved of the financial/fleecing community.. lambs to the slaughter

Jim has borrowed his Angels (price targets) from Alf Fields. I also read Martin Armstrong who is an original using his own methology and he predicts upside and downsides. That's twice as good as Jims advise just from the get-go

Yet Jim and Martin have been having a few 'handbags' over recent months. Jim is dissing Martin as not being a Gold Bugs bestest friend but all Martin is doing is warning markets don't go up all the time and you shouldn't only be a stupid dumb sheep going long and holding

So sensible advise from Armstrong, half-a-job advise from Sinclair: Armstrong Wins

Jim seemed to imply last week Martin should be grateful for the thousands of letters of support when Martin was stitched-up and banged-up in jail by the New York gangsters and a rotten NY judge as if Jim had orchestrated it all. I think they wrote letters off their own back, Jim shouldn't take credit for it nor use it as a bat to hit Martin with

...nor should Jim falsely claim Martin is not a Gold bugs best friend or against the stackers community... Martin simply calls it as he sees it from a technical perspective... he gets rightly cheesed off with people who use only instinct to predict (or presumably borrowed scripts). Jims attempt to ostracise Armstrong and beat him up is absolute rubbish

Sinclair also got his knickers in a total tizzy recently over the CDS Committee claiming they were the "most powerful men in the world" and hold our lives in their hands. I wrote to Jim over a year ago asking why he thought these $700Tn in bets/insurance polcies would collapse the global economy, surely it best they implode ASAP as it's no skin off most peoples noses wether they do or not

I didn't get a reply but i still think this committee of crones are not uber powerful but a bunch of total turkeys actually between a rock and hard place... having to determine wether this $700Tn of garbage junkie gambling would pay-out or not 

As it proved the committee had to award a pay-out on Greek Bonds lest the rest of the shitshow be exposed for the fraud it is.. the turkeys, not powerful men, had to vote for a bit of Christmas, or they'd have been stuffed

The other question i've been asking myself is what role did Sinclair have in the Hunt Brothers stitch-up affair (the Regulators moved the goalposts on leverage and the banking cartel, including the Fed under Volcker, fleeced the brothers). Was Jim appointed by the Cartel to wind down the Hunts assets or was Jim the Hunts own man?

Jim admired Volcker i understand. For stitching up the Hunts? For ramping up interest rates to insane levels so the big banks could fleece America and gobble up capital (for nothing) causing a deep US recession 3 years later???

Finally regards ramp radio KWN as i said i'm not sure how much Jim has his fingers in that pie. All i know is the relationship is uber-chummy and the 'network' of "valuable information" all talks up Gold and blitzes us with non-stop "the world is ending" scare stroies... Baahhh

When the SHTF recently i asked why Turd knows Dan Norrichi who is also 'buddy' to Sinclair. Turd was honest enough to say he regularly chats on the phone with Jim. So why during Turds rise from obscurity did Turd never mention his chats with Jim Sinclair, a big-wig in the Gold community, just once over the months?

Why was this chummy network (all singing the same Buy & Hold tune) not made plain?

Between a choice of Sinclair/KWN/Turd versus Martin Armstrong on trading advise it's a no contest: Armstrong wins hands down as he's an original

And as for the Gold/Silver bugs bestest friend Armstrong wins again, he doesn't encourage sheep to be fleeced on the short side, but encourages you to take profits near tops

KWN should stop ramping Jim as "Mr Gold" ..he's Mr Tanzanian Royalty Mining ..if anyone is Mr Gold it should be Armstrong who started working in a Gold-Silver coin shop at 14 and came from there (nowhere) 

PS. the only exception to date I've found in my research on the KWN ramp radio is Ben Davies of Hinde Capital who suggested selling a top and correctly called "fading into $1.720"'s your research going on who to follow?

Zero Govt's picture


Jim Sinclairs Minesite

2nd April: KWN's Eric King, "the Gold market is a coiled spring ready to explode"

4th April: Silver hammered down -6.03%  Gold slaughtered -3.27%

Rampers wrong again ...i rest my case

malek's picture

Wow, yeah, that proves everything. <facepalm>

JOYFUL's picture

Excellent questions all, and personally, I believe if we had more people asking these and similar ones here, ZH would really rock...not that it doesn't already...but certain lines of enquiry seem to meet with stony silence round these parts...

Armstrong is a tricky one - I was kinda shocked by some of the things he was saying in the fall and onwards, I just figured he had to cut a deal to even get out, and therefore was not an independent voice anymore...

but his latest stuff has been almost bang on the money, and it's hard to argue with accuracy! As a relative newcomer to pm's listening to JS helped me to settle down in the jittery phase, and I guess I've felt loyalty towards him for that reason...some of the crap thrown his way is outta line though imo, and I can't agree with you about the latest dump and his bein all pump, cause I don't see him telling folks to load so much as to hold...exactly the reason I'm glad to have listened to him!

Are you of the opinion that the wheels will fall offa the gold train, or is there another reason you are basically warning holders to beware?

Anyways, your skeptical questions are just the kind of stuff I look for here, to prod me into thinking and backcheck my own jus keep on truckin dood!



Zero Govt's picture

ZH does rock but they're as guilty as many other sites laying on the Bear market theme which keeps the hysteria at fever pitch while the world outside is (still) not too bad and may be years away from the next metldown according to a few cycle gurus i llsten to (inc Armstrong)

nothing like a scared flock of sheep to 'guide' into the Shepherds pen (see the regular Graham Summers/Pheonix Capital game plan here at ZH)

I havenìt been on Turd Fergusons site for 5-6 days and already my heads cleared of the sauna-like heat the shills and bloggers there pump out every minute of the day and is also laced into every script of every guest at King World News and the daily digest of Jim Sinclairs website

it's one thing knowing the economy is going down in political-banker flames, the key skill however is timing

like Jim Sinclairs calls for the $1,700-$2,100 Gold trading range ..he made a good call at the bottom in December but since then his advise has sheered his flock if they didn't have balls of steal and hung on (most investors don't)

and the more Jim rants about Armstrong the more he looks like an ex-stockborker singing from a borrowed script and Armstrong looks like an original and a class apart as far as i'm concerned

as for Turd i think he's shot his bolt like the KWN rampers ..he's outta money too so not much of a recommendation for following his site.. his last call was "shorts are going to get fleeced" ...famous last words (another crap call) of a now drowning man

regards me calling the Gold train i'm as blind as a bat ...check in with Armstrong regularly, there's sure to be something soon after this latest smackdown

Yoiu keep trukin too ..and if you see any shills and rampers be sure to run them over as we've got quite enough bullshitters to get through elsewhere :)

ivars's picture
I have a feeling that April will not be a month silver moves up So we  shall be closer to the prediction chart green line as it diverges from red in the beginning of April:

Which may mean there will be another dip by the end of April-early May. But after that...!

BTW, silver still stays within 32,5-33,4  range indicated in between red ( 32,5 - 1 year ago) and green (33,4 - October 2011) charts.

Quinvarius's picture

Silver 2x the flagpole is 80.  The machines seem to like that kind math.

Gold Dog's picture

Joyful.....You aren't missing anything you don't already know.

The video would be a waste of data for you.




EDIT- Here is the transcript...

Ghordius's picture

ahhrrggggg!!! can't this dude just talk about gold without getting into Ireland first? The "Troika", the ECB, the western banks...

Ireland's government faced one decision: either bail out AngloIrish and jack up their Debt/GDP from 60% to 120% or let AngloIrish fail.

They chose the bailout. Then the Irish had elections, and the newly elected government did not achieve any redress at all.

As much as I like to swear about the banking cartel, there is nearly only one party to blame, IMO: the Irish Government - it failed it's people.


otherwise, nice video - nothing new, but a good try to explain the basics - good job

philipat's picture

What happened with the ZH conspiracy theory that the Fed is messing with Gold? This was, supposedly, evidenced by the fact that Gold was down in the US session and up in Asia/Europe. In the last few weeks, actually the opposite has been true. Is this because the Fed has stopped meddling or has the market woken up to an arbitrage opportunity?

Quinvarius's picture

I think that has more to do with JPM commercial clients being trusting morons who put in orders for JPM to fill in the morning.  So JPM waits until the market is thin, front runs, and pounds the market with idiot customer gold.  It doesn't matter where the customer fill was.  Trust me.  The are always told they sold the low.