Man Up: Boost Your Testosterone Level for Health, Power and Confidence

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Testosterone Levels Fall Worldwide

Men’s testosterone levels across all age groups have been plummeting over the last couple of decades, probably due to environmental factors. As Reuters reported in 2006:

A new study has found a “substantial” drop in U.S. men’s testosterone levels since the 1980s, but the reasons for the decline remain unclear. This trend also does not appear to be related to age.


The average levels of the male hormone dropped by 1 percent a year, Dr. Thomas Travison and colleagues from the New England Research Institutes in Watertown, Massachusetts, found. This means that, for example, a 65-year-old man in 2002 would have testosterone levels 15 percent lower than those of a 65-year-old in 1987. This also means that a greater proportion of men in 2002 would have had below-normal testosterone levels than in 1987.


“The entire population is shifting somewhat downward we think,” Travison told Reuters Health. “We’re counting on other studies to confirm this.”


Travison and his team analyzed data from the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, a long-term investigation of aging in about 1,700 Boston-area men. Data from the men were collected for three time intervals: 1987-1989, 1995-1997, and 2002-2004.




The researchers observed a speedier decline in average testosterone levels than would have been expected with aging alone.




It’s likely that some sort of environmental exposure is responsible for the testosterone decline, Travison said, although he said attempting to explain what this might be based on the current findings would be “pure conjecture.”

Men’s Health wrote in 2007:

In the summer of 2006, Travison attended an Endocrine Society meeting where another researcher, Antti Perheentupa M.D., Ph.D., from the University of Turku, in Finland, presented evidence of a similar decline. The Finnish results suggested the change was happening among younger men, too. A man born in 1970 had about 20 percent less testosterone at age 35 than a man of his father’s generation at the same age. “When I saw another group reproducing our results,” says Travison, “that was convincing to me that we were seeing a true biological change over time, as opposed to just some measurement error.”




Mitch Harman M.D., Ph.D., an endocrinologist at the University of Arizona college of medicine and the director of the Kronos Longevity Research Institute, sees the shadow of Silent Spring. Back in 1962, when Rachel Carson published her environmental classic, estrogen-like substances in the insecticide DDT were making eggshells so thin that they were crushed by nesting parents; populations of eagles and other large birds plummeted. And today? Dr. Harman says, “I’m concerned that we’re just pouring chemicals out into our environment that are endocrine-suppressing, estrogen-like compounds,” possibly causing similar disruptions in human reproduction. The authors of a recent article in the Medical Journal of Australia likewise suggest that from early fetal life onward, male hormonal and reproductive functions are under “xenobiotic attack,” meaning chemicals not naturally found in the body appear to be disrupting normal biological development.


For instance, 90 percent of American men have evidence of chlorpyrifos in their urine. This shouldn’t be surprising, since up to 19 million pounds of the stuff was distributed across the United States in 1999 alone, much of it in household products like tick-and-flea powder for pets, lawn treatments, and common insecticides. Though residential use is now restricted, chlorpyrifos is still common in agriculture, as well as in some professional applications; for most people, diet is now the main source of exposure. In a recent Harvard study, men with the highest chlorpyrifos exposure typically had 20 percent less testosterone than those with the lowest exposure.


Carbaryl is another possible culprit. Detectable levels turn up in 75 percent of American men, and having it in your urine appears to be associated with reduced sperm count and liveliness, or motility, as well as increased DNA damage. And yet we still apply carbaryl to lawns and gardens at a rate of up to 4 million pounds a year, mostly by way of an insecticide known as Sevin. There should be a bumper sticker: Honey, the lawn shrunk my testicles.


Phthalates are also everywhere, almost certainly including your own body. Manufacturers use them in colognes and cosmetics and as softeners in plastics. Baby bottles now come “phthalate-free,” but hospital intravenous bags generally don’t. And yet some phthalates seem to have all of carbaryl’s unpleasant associations with reproductive health. And not just in men: Last year Greenpeace issued a warning against the danger of phthalates in your girlfriend’s sex toys. Then the Danish Environmental Protection Agency came riding to the rescue, declaring such toys safe—as long as she keeps it to an hour or less a day.


Scientists can’t say that any of the suspect chemicals actually cause the reproductive effects that are occurring. They can only point out troubling associations. But these associations seem to be proliferating. About 50 new chemicals come onto the market weekly, says Dr. Harman, and while testing for carcinogenicity is required, “there’s no systematized testing for subtle endocrine effects.”

We’re not likely to have good answers anytime soon. The reproductive problems of human males will remain understudied, says Dr. Harman, in part because federal research dollars are being diverted to issues like biological warfare and terrorism. “We might just wind up disappearing from the planet quietly,” he says, “because we were too busy fighting wars to figure out that our reproductive systems were going south.”

Moreover, as noted by the The Internet Journal of Urology in 2004:

There have been a number of studies over the past 15-20 years … which suggest that sperm counts in man are on the decline. Since these changes are recent and appear to have occurred internationally, it has been presumed that they reflect adverse effects of environmental or lifestyle factors on the male rather than, for example, genetic changes in susceptibility. If the decrease in sperm counts were to continue at the rate that it is then in a few years we will witness widespread male infertility.

Studies published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the journal Diabetes Care, the journal Heart and other major medical journals show that low testosterone levels not only lead to obesity, loss of muscle, weak bones and depression, but also increase the odds of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimers and other major health problems.

In addition, low testosterone levels are correlated with decreased confidence, drive, ability to concentrate, and cognitive abilities.

The bottom line: Most men – and especially those over 30, fathers, or men who have been exposed to toxic chemicals or potent medications – need to maintain their testosterone levels to keep their health, power and confidence.

How to Boost Your Testosterone Level

There are numerous ways to boost your testosterone (we’ll call it “T”) level. Choose what works for you, depending on your health, finances, time and temperament.


The International Journal of Sports Medicine found that, in young men, a six-second bout of sprinting increased serum total testosterone levels. Levels remained elevated during recovery.


Numerous studies have shown that resistance training is a powerful stimulant for testosterone production. So – if you are physically able – be sure to lift heavy things every now and again.

The rest intervals between sets can also stimulate different hormonal responses. A study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found that resting 90 seconds between squat and bench press sets boosted post-workout T-levels the most.


The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that lack of sleep dramatically lowers testosterone in healthy young men. Peak testosterone levels coincide with rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep onset. Getting 7-8 hours sleep a night – to make sure you get your REM sleep – will boost your T levels.

Chill Out

As shown by studies published in the the Journal of Hormones and Behavior, the European Journal of Applied Physiology and elsewhere, prolonged stress produces cortisol, which reduces T levels.

So take breaks and play sports, go for a walk, meditate, do yoga or do whatever else de-stresses you.

Get Excited

Newsweek reported in 2009:

Monkeys that see sexually active females register as much as a 400 percent jump in testosterone (nature’s own performance-enhancing drug) promoting lean muscle and quick recovery times, according to the Yerkes Center for Primate Research at Emory University. In humans, German researchershave found that just having an erection is enough to spur testosterone levels. it makes no difference whether a man is watching sex on a screen or having it in real life, his testosterone levels will go up. Just having an erection, in fact, is enough to spur production.


Such findings, along with work that shows family life to be a drain on testosterone levels, prompted Rutgers University sex researcher Helen Fisher to advise this month that males in the “captivity situation”-her term for married with kids-”go on the Internet and look at porn” as a kind of hormone-replacement therapy. “[Porn] drives up dopamine levels, which drives up your testosterone,” she tells NEWSWEEK, while kissing your wife or hugging your kids drives it down.

Indeed, marriage and fatherhood have both been shown to decrease testosterone levels.

(This post concentrates on science, not objectification of women, relationships, ethics, or addictions … all important things to reflect on. I am an ethical, happily-married man with kids, and I value all of those things tremendously. But I also know that if I didn’t have a strong sex drive, my T levels would be lower.)

Keep Your Vitamin D Levels Up

Vitamin D positively correlates with testosterone levels in men, according to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and researchers at the Medical University of Graz in Austria.

So make sure you get enough vitamin D.


The Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis reports that magnesium levels correlate with T.


Biological Trace Element Research notes that calcium levels correlate with T, at least in people who exercise a lot.


The Journal Nutrition reports that a zinc deficiency predicts lowered testosterone in men.

But don’t take extra … supplementary doses of the mineral don’t boost T levels beyond normal in men with adequate dietary intake.

Eat Monounsaturated and Saturated Fat

We’ve previously documented that fats have gotten a bad rap, and that they are essential for our health. See this, this and this.

The Journal Lipids reports that olive oil – a monosaturated fat – converts cholesterol more easily into testosterone. So use raw olive oil on salads and in other dishes. (Coconut oil – a saturated fat – does the same thing, but to a lesser extent.)

While cholesterol has gotten the worst rap:

Cholesterol is actually a vital precursor to vitamin D, and to basic hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, and adrenaline. If we don’t have enough cholesterol in our body, we will be sickly, impotent and depressed.

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reports that a low-fat, high-fiber diet reduced T levels in middle-aged men. The Journal of Applied Physiology reports:

Preexercise T was significantly positively correlated with percent energy fat, SFA [saturated fatty acids] and MUFA [monounsaturated fatty acids] ….


F2.medium Man Up: Boost Your Testosterone Levels for Health, Power and Confidence


(Click image above for larger picture.)




These data are consistent with the findings of several other investigations that have reported a decrease in T in individuals consuming a diet containing ∼20% fat compared with a diet containing ∼40% fat ….


The results from several investigations strongly suggest that dietary fat has a significant impact on T concentrations; however, the influence of different types of lipids on T is not as clear. In the present investigation, dietary fat, SFA, and MUFA were the best predictors of resting T concentrations. Interestingly, Tegelman et al. observed a significant positive correlation (r = 0.76) between percent energy fat and T in young athletic men, which is very similar to the correlation (r = 0.72) obtained in this study. Also, Adlercreutz et al. reported significant positive correlations between T and dietary fat, SFA, MUFA, and cholesterol in postmenopausal women. The same nutrients were positively correlated with T in the present investigation except for cholesterol, which showed a correlation of r = 0.53 (P = 0.07) with T. In contrast to the results obtained in this study, Key et al. reported a significant positive correlation (r = 0.37) between PUFA and T in male vegetarians and omnivores. Our results showed a nonsignificant correlation between PUFA and T and a significant negative correlation between the PUFA/SFA ratio and T. Thus dietary lipids appear to have a significant influence on resting T concentrations; however, the effect of different types of lipids on T regulation and metabolism is complicated and most likely influenced by a complex interaction of several nutritional and metabolic factors. This complexity is illustrated by the findings of Sebokova et al., who reported that alteration in the testicular plasma membrane and changes in the responsiveness of Leydig cells and subsequent T synthesis occur as a result of ingestion of different compositions of lipids.

Avoid Foods that Spike Blood Sugar Levels

Researchers found that 75 grams of pure glucose – and the resultant spike in blood sugar – was enough to drop T levels by as much as 25% in a random grouping of healthy, prediabetic, and diabetic men.

The glycemic index measures how much of a food converts into blood glucose. Because refined carbs have a higher glycemic index than even candy, you should watch the refined carbs.

Get Enough Antioxidants

Oxidative stress may decrease T. So get enough antioxidants, which protect against oxidative stress.


Numerous herbs and other substances have been shown to boost T (at least in rats):

Note: I'm not a medical professional, and this should not be taken as medical - or marital - advice.

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rwe2late's picture

 The lack of exercise, poor diets, and myriad pollutants tend to reinforce each other.

They also all contribute to mutually reinforcing loss of sexual interest as well as capability, hormonal imbalances, illnesses, loss of confidence and self-esteem

for BOTH men AND women.


mediaprizm's picture

Homeopathy is a gentle, natural and holistic system of alternative medicine suitable for everyone, young and old. Homeopathy focuses on you as an individual, concentrating on your specific physical and emotional symptoms. Homeopaths London | Homeopathy London

benb's picture

It always disgusts me when I see this stuff reported and there's some kind of question as to why it's happening. The corporate media is a joke. Most of the public is a conquered joke. Sperm counts are down by 80% in the last thirty years. Cancer is exploding. The vaccines are spiked with cancer viruses and neurotoxins, the  food is poisoned with GMOs ... Eugenics. This is the plan. It was announced many times in many places most notably the Rockefeller Foundation. If there were any justice that little monster, David Rockefeller and his pals, would be tried and executed for mass murder and crimes against humanity and all living things. Minions would include Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and many others. The operation is in full swing.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Re Boost Your Testosterone... for confidence

Not a bad idea - as we move into he eRection cycle.

As for confidence, Confucius also say: Man with hole in pocket feel cocky all day


onlooker's picture


At 68 I had a bout with diverticulitis and lost weight down to about 160 or so. That took weight off my hip which had problems with walking. I now walk a couple of miles a day. At 73 I am not the male I once was but still have bi-weekly get the heart crazy pounding involvements.


The advice of not hurting oneself as the aging process sneaks up is excellent. There is not a lot of material to read about cautions. Death in the saddle would be fine, but tearing a shoulder so that working on the tractors ended, would be a grime/depressing situation.


 Life is fraught with peril, and aging is unsafe but a journey for the fortunate.

QEsucks's picture

I thought the super hot iPad was the more "pressing" concern.

Skip's picture



This is from April 2, 2012:

One of the biggest issues that we face is the possibility that the spent nuclear fuel pool of the No. 4 reactor at the stricken Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant will collapse. This is something that experts from both within and outside Japan have pointed out since the massive quake struck. TEPCO, meanwhile, says that the situation is under control. However, not only independent experts, but also sources within the government say that it’s a grave concern.


Now how will that affect the testosterone, will Viagra be required?


QEsucks's picture

LSD is schedule I just like heroin. I think that physicians are loathe to prescribe testosterone supplementation which is only a schedule III  because it aggravates benign prostatic hypertrophy BPH especially in older men.

More importantly it's not governmental oversight, so much as wanting to avoid getting your a@@ sued off. Testosterone is to Prostate Cancer as Lighter Fluid is to Charcoal Briquets.

On autopsy series, 80% of men over 80 years have some prostate cancer. So it puts you "on the hook" indefinitely for prescribing unless you can document subnormal levels of serum testosterone, clinical signs and symptoms of hypogonadism and normal PSA.

dark_matter's picture

Two words: Primal Living

boiltherich's picture

Western civilization has been pumping females to their plucked and dyed eyebrows with estrogen to the point they start to have the chemical profile of an Pilgrim's Pride turkey, feeding women birth control like it was Pez, and I might add mostly for the convenience of males who refuse to use condoms for contraception.  Not that I blame you all, sex with a rubber is pointless.

But, in our legal system testosterone is a schedule III controlled substance right on par with LSD.  Both men and women produce both estrogens and androgens in markedly different levels of course, but the idea that you cannot use testosterone when needed without thousands of dollars worth of tests and office visits is just absurd.  Every time a professional athlete is found to have used the stuff to improve their performance congress and law enforcement melt down with hearings and witch hunts and tougher laws, and each time they do it becomes more difficult and more expensive for those that do need testosterone treatment. 

I had androgenic issues, some would say I was very lucky because I always looked 10-15 years younger than I was, but I was also 5'11" feet tall and 117 pounds on my 18th birthday in the service, that made me underweight and I had to see doctors about it as a condition for remaining in the service, just like guys that were clinically obese had to go on a program of reduction.  The doctors response?  They put me on Phenobarbital.  That lasted about a week.  I quit growing at 6' while I was in the air force, but I weighed 135 right up till I was 50.  I only bought my first pair of size 32 jeans a few years ago (now I can't button them). 

There is a doctor here that did male aging medicine including prescriptions for testosterone treatment, which I found to be a wonderful boost in my life, and the medicine itself was not but about $1 per day, but the tests the government requires for justification of the need when physicians write these schedule III were absolutely prohibitive.  You have probably seen ads on TV or the net for products that promise they can raise your testosterone levels by up to 61% making you healthier and happier.  Don't waste your money, they are selling you herbs and precursor vitamins and minerals but NOT actual testosterone itself, it is a waste of money because if your body was able to make an appropriate level of hormones it would be.  This is akin to buying a whole lot of gasoline and pumping your car full of it in the hopes of making it run better when your problem is bent push rods and bad head gaskets. 

Most doctors I know will refer you to an expensive specialist if low testosterone is suspected but will not themselves write a prescription for it because the government tracking system for prescriptions of controlled substances raises a red flag that gets them investigated and their methods questioned by bureaucrats that have the power to end their careers and cause all sorts of problems short of yanking a license. 

Male endocrinology is probably the least understood human organic system there is.  They know a lot more about female endocrinology than male, but even that is not well studied.  In fact doctors are not even required to take a single class in endocrinology in medical school to get their degrees, even though insulin is a hormone and is responsible for one of the largest epidemics of serious health problems in US history.  I have a theory that because medicine was entirely a male profession and is still dominated by males, and testosterone is predominantly a product of your balls, they simply did not want to study it, it was male sex stuff, enough said, too bad for the poor slobs that were not at an ideal level.

When will they just let us live our lives and stop putting people in prison for such "crimes" as using testosterone?  When a government has more control over your body than you do you are not a free person.

EDIT:  I was exaggerating about the parallel with LSD which is schedule I not schedule III, forgot to clarify that, the point was and is that the government bases classification upon many knowingly false criteria, like the prohibition against marijuana, had the movie Refer Madness never been made weed would probably be legal and taxed today. 

Not Too Important's picture

Reefer Madness was made by Randolph Hearst, to make hemp illegal so the hemp paper manufactureres couldn't compete with his wood paper mills. He supplied newsprint to many other newspapers besides his own. There are about 13-14 different kinds of hemp, and you can only get stoned off 2. Why is all hemp illegal?

And GM was working with the Nazis to develop hemp fuels for Hitler. They were far along the developement curve, and it appeared to be extremely viable. Again, where is the hemp for fuel testing in the US? They don't have to use the 2 strains of smokable hemp.

As far as I can tell, even in countries where hemp is legal, there is no investigation into using hemp for fuel. Dr. Diesel built the diesel engine around the use of plant-based oils, not crude.

We can grind corn for fuel, and starve most of the Third World. But grow a harmless weed? Apparently no profit in that.


boiltherich's picture

Easy fix for that, stop making the substances your own body produces illegal to buy over the counter without a prescription.  Though your points are well taken, excessive use of testosterone does have side effects, like baldness.  I however want to be the one to decide what to do with my body - the risks and benefits, not congress, and not some bureaucrat at FDA.  

The study re 80% of men getting prostate cancer, it seems to me that they are correlating prostate cancer with testosterone levels, yes?  Or, to be more precise, they are correlating male testosterone levels that are normal for men with prostate cancer, because women have testosterone in their bodies as well, just at much lower levels, and we can't know if females would have prostate cancers because they do not have prostates.  If you look at centenarian males you can assume one of two things given that study, either 80% plus have cancer cells in their prostates, or they have (had all their lives?) low testosterone.  I am betting that a cross section of superannuated males would show that they in fact had normal levels of testosterone for their entire lives up and down the range, but that there are other factors at work, maybe many other factors, regarding the development and malignancy of prostate cancer. 

My actual experience with testosterone started in 1999 when a urologist with the VA prescribed 10 mg oral methyltestosterone twice a day.  I did feel a LOT better, in fact it was like being blind and suddenly being able to see, I felt like for the first time in my life I felt really good, strong, alive.  But, I quit taking it because it did have side effects that just were not sustainable, horrific indigestion which has persisted as acid reflux all these years later.  But, that was not from the hormone itself, I blame it on the methyl component they bind the steroid to in order for it to survive the stomach acid.  When I later used a transdermal application there was no digestive problem related to testosterone.

Still, it has to be used carefully, I will admit to a certain level of periodic rages, uncontrollable and that is not a good feeling, I think it had to do with dosing and a build up in the system, proper dosing and cycling on and off should take care of that.

I also notice hair thinning at the crown a lot.  That is something I really don't like, I always had magnificent hair, still do mostly.  But, I am thinking of going back on T because I have become so sedentary in the last three years I have put on 35 pounds of pure fat mostly around the abdomen.  I would rather shave my head than look like I have kwashiorkor.  At 53 I feel like I have the energy of a 75 year old.  But I was always low-normal on T levels even as a young man, I have probably dropped to nil by now.  I also think clinical ranges are a good rule of thumb but what is normal for a lot of people would be subnormal for men in my family.  Different people have some really large differences in what is normal for all kinds of blood chemistry.  For example, cholesterol levels in the men of my family are high enough that doctors shake their heads in pity, yet longevity in my family is well above "normal."  For as many generations as we know about females live to at least 84 and males to well into mid to high seventies or eighties (when I was a kid in school the average lifespan of an American male was 68), despite the lack of good nutrition and medical care in the region and times they lived, as well as lifestyle choices that horrify most doctors, heavy smoking, some with heavy drinking, fat based meat and potato diets, the first time my Dad saw a doctor was when he came to America in 1949.  My doctor has given up, thinks I will die any day now, I say watch me, I will play the pipes at his funeral and he is 20 years younger than me.

ElvisDog's picture

Yeah, baby. Bacon and Eggs is now doctor recommended.....

Curt W's picture

Everybody has heard the expression "Grow a pair of balls"

well that is just wrong, balls are very sensitive, one tap can put a man down.


They should say "grow a vagina"

They can take a pounding, and come back for more.

hardcleareye's picture

You're confused, the expression is "BIG OVARIES" or "grow a pair of ovaries"!!!  Not Balls........

That along with "Put your big girl panties on and deal with it." ;)

Blue Horshoe Loves Annacott Steel's picture

Because "the people" have no balls.

How many times can fascist bankers rob the public & "the people" smile & take another kick in the teeth.

Man up?  

More like "Country up".

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture


In your air daily.

Can't be be good for anyone other than Weather Central (Rothschilds)

Common_Cents22's picture

Hormone/endocrinology/testosterone is the new rage.  Look at all the commercials out targeting this area.   Will be a huge biz oppty.  We'll see a ton of these popping up.  Cenegenics etc...  maybe in time to save the male population from all the politically correct pussification!

Teddy Turner's picture

Here's a good doc on the subject.

Gohn Galt's picture

Thats messed up.  Of course they have no idea on what is causing low sperm counts.

PCB’s and like toxins/pesticides effect cognitive development and is also thought to be an endocrine disrupting chemical.  PCB’s are thought to cause lower sperm counts, feminization for males; and early puberty and stunt growth in females.  PCB is another cause of inflammation and weight gain.  They say that out of Shenandoah River, over 80% of male bass sampled were feminized.

This paper sums it up (pp 11 – 14)

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

nice work GW.

Human epigenetics is not well understood and it is of critical importance to human quality of life, reproduction and long term viability.

razorthin's picture

I suspect that this finding is also supportive of the population reduction mission of the elite.  But here is the rub.  Underdeveloped regions may escape the ill-effect of contaminants.  And, it appears that their population growth is unabated by limited sustenance.

Oh oh, backfire.  The world's plebes shall overtake them!  Time to step up the chem trails to forcibly apply the medication.

Skip's picture

The elite want the "under-developed" or Third World to grow, grow, grow, they just want a certain demographic to go, go, go. Why do you think Jorge W. Bush had the 1918 Flu bodies dug up in the Arctic and flown to Seattle so they could WEAPONIZE the strain? They have, so when will they use that?

Not Too Important's picture

The female hormones from birth control pills has been in the water for decades, and doesn't filter out. They've found the stuff in the snow at the top of Mt. Everest. It's also accumulative, it doesn't disappear, so there's more and more in the water over time.

There is nowhere on this planet to escape the female hormones in the water supply.

Add to this all the chemicals that biological science doesn't know anything about, and we're pretty screwed. Look at the explosion of autism. These are not kids that are going to be the next generation of taxpayers/innovators.

There isn't anywhere to escape the Fuku radiation, either. It's only a matter of a very short time, so enjoy your bad habits while you can. And remember, the ruling aristocracy is drinking and inhaling the same products we are. They may go in Egyptian cotton sheets, but we're all going together. Their plans of eternal domination have failed, and they're taking us all with them.

Skip's picture

That is an excellent analysis I just hope you are wrong.

Common_Cents22's picture

They are not worrisome to the elite.  They are often in undesirable areas, they have no resources to cause problems.  

CH1's picture

FWIW: DHEA works. Guys over 40 should probably take it. Just read up on it first and don't go nuts with it.

Toolshed's picture

Sadly, the very best thing that could happen to our lovely planet would be for our extremely defective species to become extinct. There are waaaay too many humans and we are waaaay too screwed up. We simply refuse to be part of the ecosystem and co-exist with our environment and fellow creatures. We are so egocentric that we feel we must master our environment and bend it to our will. Which of course destroys our environment. I am confident that we will destroy ourselves, one way or the other, probably sooner as opposed to later. That's assuming Mother Nature doesn't beat us to it. The problem with this scenario is that we breed like cockroaches. If just a handful of humans survive.......the whole mess starts over again. This has probably happened many times in the very distant past. Mainstream scholars refuse to accept a human presence prior to our "accepted" human history, in spite of a great deal of evidence to the contrary. This, again spotlights our raging egocenticity. WE WERE FIRST DAMMIT! Yeah right.

Richard Whitney's picture

Self-loathers first! Do the right thing and show us the way. Become oxygen-neutral as soon as possible.

Careless Whisper's picture


oxygen-neutral yourself lolz



Clark Bent's picture

What a douche! Spoken like a true Nazi ( I cannot begin to tell you how whining and incorrect your statement is. I can only hope you get over this nihilism and try living first before you comdemn the entire world out of solipsism. You write you are a moon-eyed seventeen year old. 

UGrev's picture

Sit at a desk all day.. low activiity.

Sit in areas with no direct sun light.. ALL DAY ..low vitamin -D.  I was so low on D that my Primary Phys prescribed 50000 u of D once a week and 6k per day extra.. 

I CANNOT tell you how fucking awesome I felt after taking that and getting my D levels up.  I was a miserable bastard, now I'm just an asshole according to my wife. 

Common_Cents22's picture

almost without exception, most of us would test for low vitamin D.   You must supplement w/ vit D especially in winter, and get sun exposure.  SAD or seasonal affective disorder is exactly that, low vit D in the winter.

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

It;s awfully hard to get sun these days when we are being spayed everyday by chemicals,and the sun being blocked out by these chemicals,barium sulphate and aluminum.

Geoengineering is fucking everything up,not just testoserone.

............................Fuck Off Rothschilds................

gaoptimize's picture

The Potomac river (up stream of Washington DC) is so loaded with estrogen-like compounds that the male bass are getting female genitals ( ).  90% of the water in Washington DC comes from the Potomac.  I think we can explain many things with information.

Note to self: Show this article to wife next time she gets pissed finding in my browser history.

hardcleareye's picture

Here is a thought, get your wife to watch them with you....

gaoptimize's picture

I was kind of kidding re: xvideos .  She thinks a better use of our time, given our investment in high-end video gear, I should be shooting our own and should be editing them when at the computer.

Skip's picture

Zero Hedge can host them and we can download them for free. Sounds good to me.

ElvisDog's picture

I recommend No need to every pay for porn or HBO for that matter ever again.

AldousHuxley's picture

wars lead to males dying young.

Incubus's picture

Men will "fight" over the power structure.  You don't want "men" getting too confident and trying to lead anything: so, you force the transition from a patriarchial society to a matriarchial one.


Then, you degrade societal values so divorce becomes the norm and single parent households are not uncommon; men will be raised by women.  Then, you load the "men" up with xenoestrogens so they can play with their bitch tits in shame and be too afraid to ever rock the boat.

moonshadow's picture

and teach people to think that for women to obey their natural urges and be women or for men to do the same is degrading for each and they should battle those inner instincts. yep that'll do it...

ElvisDog's picture

Which is funny, because I think a society led by women would see more conflict not less. Women can be real bitches to each other (generally speaking) whereas men are more likely to go with the flow. Just look at the social dynamics of any high school to see examples.

hardcleareye's picture

In the words of "Tank Girl"..... " Feeling a little inadequate?"


Stoploss's picture


I like to call it hormonal submission.

How do you take the fight out of a male??

Take away his testosterone.

This male is a little smarter than the rest of the primates.

hardcleareye's picture

Brings to mind a Monty Python sketch,  "My Brain Hurts"

  "no no no the brain in my head......"


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Xenobitchez, Bitchez !

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BPA in every single canned food you eat. BPA = estrogen mimic.