Tedbits: Jaws of DEATH; Wind Shear; Bombs and Breakouts; Red Tape Rising

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Jaws of DEATH
Wind Shear
Bombs and Breakouts
Red Tape Rising

As leviathan government, Central Bankers and the welfare states battle Mother Nature and Darwin, the stakes for the global banksters and elites could not be higher.   Governments in the US and Europe are striving to place debt and legal shackles on those they pretend to serve and working for the interests of banksters, power-hungry public servants and entrenched government bureaucrats against that of their own constituents.

Welfare states on both sides of the Atlantic are creating legions of government dependents to justify their TAKINGS of the private sector.  Having already spent the money they have collected and borrowed since Bretton Woods II, credit markets are REJECTING their requests for further lending.  New sources of REVENUES must be found since they have effectively DESTROYED wealth and income creation in their economies.  So it’s off to the printing press and PROGRESSIVE, rubber-stamp legislatures they go.

Using FEAR, FORCE and runaway legislation/regulation to achieve their goals of domination, unaccountable socialists in Washington and Brussels are working overtime with their mainstream media to dupe and subjugate their constituents.  The public misunderstands socialism.  They think socialism is the government transferring wealth from the rich to the poor.  NO, it is the transfer of wealth from the poor and confiscating the fruits of the private sector for government to spread as thin gruel for all.  It is misery spread widely for all.

The Jaws of DEATH spell doom for the dollar over the long term.  This is the mother and father of dozens of BLACK SWANS throughout the financial systems of the world.   What are the Jaws of Death you ask?  Take a look:

Federal Spending and Revenue

See that YAWNING gap on the right side of that chart?  That is the Jaws of DEATH.  It is signaling the UNFOLDING demise of the US dollar and ultimately the financial systems of the WORLD.  Keep in mind this DOES NOT include the Social Security holiday, the extension of unemployment insurance or the theft of Social Security, Medicare or Highway Trust funds which would add another 5% to the GAP.  This is the demise of the world’s financial systems on the HORIZON.

In a fiat currency world everything is a DERIVATIVE of the dollar.  Why?  Because between 60 and 70% of most of the major central banks’ RESERVES are dollar denominated.  They and US treasuries are the FOUNDATIONS of the world’s major currencies.  When they become worthless the foundations of all the major central banks will COLLAPSE.  It is inevitable.  It has happened to every fiat currency in HISTORY, and this time will be NO DIFFERENT.

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Really should post entire articles here though...

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We completely hear you, Jim.... and you are correct.  Because Ty's long articles are so image-intensive, it is quite a bit of trouble to get them posted.   The short ones are no problem and we will post them completely.  Thanks so much for commenting!

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Then use scribd... or attach a PDF file.

It really isn't that hard.


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Thank you again for your further comments.  I have attached the PDF to the most recent article for your convenience. 

Please keep in mind:  The link previously provided also goes directly to a PDF.  Either way, the reader will get a PDF, whether it be via the link we provided or via a ZH attachment (which is actually just another link), the end result is exactly the same.  Unfortunately, there is a 2 MB limit on attaching files on ZH so attaching will not always be an option.  The last issue was 3MB+, fortunately, today it was 1.97MB, just under the wire. 

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Did the author say the government needs NEW SOURCES OF REVENUE? This is nothing but the extension of the original problem. That is, a government that grew beyond what is required for civil society and when that happens, the welfare state ensures and underwrites the creation of more mouthes that not only need feeding but which eventually need jailing, rehabilitation and policing.

Welfare should have been a safety net rather than the trampoline it has been turned into.

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you have to have GROWTH in the economy...taxes cannot nor will not produce the revenue. Indeed the Democrats have long ago stopped proposing that idea. And since there are only about two of us growth guys left on the planet (and you have to be phucking EXCEPTIONAL to be one period i might add...as we are i might add) well...GOOD LUCK!

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Where did Ted's "2012 Outlook, Part 2" disappear to so fast and why did it?

Too low-grade and embarrassing for ZH?  Well the O'Bomber as a "Radical Marxist" and the "collective endpoints" of the coalition/collective of Washington and Wall Street!!  Marxism, radical or not, stood on its head.

Nothing to do with any form of socialism - which in all forms is to do with the "99% - except for the perversion of National Socialism and/or fascism.  But  ALL to do with to do with the "1%" of banksters and their bought politicians.

Ted's raw data is OK - as far as it goes - but his interpretations are absurd.

"bank guy in Brussels" has already written about this absurdity, though I am not quite as favourable towards NW Europe as he is ... but that's not worth quibbling about in context, i.e. Ted getting things wildly wrong ideologically and factually regards both politics and the real economic driving forces, emanating from the Washington/Wall Street collective amongst the 1% (.001%?) who call the shots.

See:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Strauss for from whence the current situation originates in the University of Chicago/the Chicago School of economics which NOW is as full-fledged as it can be, with such as Bernanke at the essentially rudderless helm ... because one of the core doctrines derived by ex-Trotskyites (see the link) is "creative destruction" and another is "permanent revolution".  Ever wondered why there is nothing other than destruction in the ME wars?  Ever wondered why there is a permanent "war on terror" and why there is no economic stabilty anywhere?

It is not that hard to find out why, e.g. perhaps Google PNAC for starters.  Obviously Ted hasn't bothered to do any "homework" before writing stuff not worthy of ZH imo, for what that's worth.

Jim in MN's picture

Ty has has a strong and set point of view for many years.  For some on the journey of awakening his is exactly the voice that is needed. 

As for picking the exact correct conspiracy framework to 'explain' it all, please don't be such an ass.  Try reading more broadly. 

Setarcos's picture

"Conspiracy framework"?   Where did I claim to "explain it all", let alone in some 'conspiracy theory'.

If I was "an ass" enough to attempt that, I'd at least have to elaborate on the 18th and 19th centuries origins of current economic, social and political theories ... ever read Smith, Marx, Bentham, St Simone, Rousseau, etc. yourself?  But then I'd have to delve back much further and explain how Plato - especially in his "Republic" - can be described in,  "Everything (philosophical) since Plato is just a footnote."

It is and I know why ... but perhaps if I was not "an ass" and if had read even more broadly, I might not think that.  Heck I might even agree with you.

BTW there are, and always have been, actual conspiracies/collusions/plottings, BUT we humans are too ignorant for these to last for very long, e.g, if it is true that the Rothschilds have successfully conspired - and it does seem that way - then it has only been over a couple of centuries.  And if, as seems to be the case, the whole banking edifice they epitomize will soon collapse, in the long run they will have failed ... actually short run, because 200 years is a blip in the existence of our species, broadly speaking.

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So you've got human nature, evolution, demographics, systems theory, resource constraints, the collective unconscious, political economy, social history, communications theory, network economics, psy-ops, global trade and finance, microeconomics, strategic and military dynamics, game theory, and where to hide the fucking gold all figured out.  As well as most aspects of philosophy.  Congratulations.  Me too :*).  Sort of. 

There is such a thing as making an informed contribution--an add-on--without the 'I'm the King of the Interwebz' crap. 

Have you read 'World Population and Human Values' by Salk and Salk?  Have you read 'The Society of the Spectacle' by Guy Debord?  How about 'The Box: The History of the Shipping Container' and 'The Island at the Center of the World' (the real history of early New York City), both recent award-winning history books?  All crucial to the story of the here and now.  Not to mention 'The Next Convergence' by Mike Spence, the Nobel winner (yikes that's bad right?) and probably best current book on where the global economy is going...and let's not leave out 'From Being to Becoming', real chaos theory by Ilya Prigogene.  I could go on....

Bonus round: When, roughly, was the last year that a scholar could have read all the major works in all the major disciplines, as was once customarily expected of a proper sage?  In the original and primary sources only, of course. 

Today we are reliant on one another in so many ways....and the ZH world is fuller than you can imagine.  Keep reading!


Peace out.

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Asset prices have already inflated in value due to the destruction of the purchasing power of the dollar so all that is left now is DEflation as soon as the world recognizes that this debt cannot be repaid.  DEFAULTs are deflationary pure and simple.  Everyone is assuming that Ben can print with abandon.  In fact one can argue that dollar value is representative of the printing that has taken place over the years.  So now the only question is can the debt be repaid and the nominal value of assets maintained.  I think the 4 D's is how it all goes down.  Debt, Default(asset price collapse), Devaluation(printing away future liabilities), Depression.

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The Bernank HAS TO PRINT!  Read:

"The Creature From Jekyll Island, a Second Look at the Federal System",  5th Ed., G. Edward Griffin, ISBN:  978-0-912986-45-6

to find out WHY.

tictawk's picture

I don't see hyperinflation as the author suggests.  Debt is money we have borrowed from the future i.e. it is money we do not have.  All the money owed to China, Japan et al is in the form of IOU's.  Currency is the liquid form of an IOU. So I think what happens is at some point there will be a credit collapse which is DEflationary.  First we will default on the debt we owe and it is only after that the potential to inflate future liabilities exists but the bulk of the debt will already have defaulted.  There is just too much debt to inflate it all away by printing.  That is the real problem currently. 

The choice Bernanke faces is how to print it all away without destroying everyone with one fell swoop.  He cannot do that.  Attempting to print by adding two zeros to the currency will create bigger problems because he will destroy the institution he is in charge of i.e. maintaining a semblemce of value in the dollar.  By printing with abandon, he would be destroying himself. 

Lednbrass's picture

Im not sure that Romneys "goal" of reducing outlays to 20% of GDP stated on this chart is worth the oxygen wasted for him to utter the lie. He certainly didnt do that during his term as Head Masshole and cranked up state debt by over 40% in only a single term, the claim that he was fiscally responsible or conservative during his term isnt reality. I dont see the point of having that line in the graph unless this is actually just a subtle Mittmercial.

At the start of Romneys term (end of 2002) state debt was 45,216,090,000


State & Local government Alabama-Missisppi report, column BQ line 167.

When he finished (end of 2006) it was 63,804,044,000


Same report, column DJ line 169.

I generally agree with your points, but the attempt in this graph to imply that Romney would somehow do anything to change or improve it is way off base. His record is not much better then other guy on spending constraint. Granted, BO is already past a 40% increase in 3 years but anyone who thinks Romney would change anything substantial has lost it. His whole term was on the credit card.

If anyone has more accurate figures that can disprove this from a real source (not some bs article with unsourced and unsubstantiated claims) I would love to see them.

StychoKiller's picture

Dey be printin', WE be hatin'!

disabledvet's picture

name anyone who is fiscally responsible now? (excepting yourself of course...

bank guy in Brussels's picture

These articles from Tedbits are not worthy of ZH. Low-quality.

They are not interesting or illuminating or fresh ... and they have too much immature SHOUTING with CAPITAL LETTERS ...

And they have an uninformed, dumbed-down, American-style name-calling against 'socialism', the ridiculous idea America or Obama is 'socialist', I suppose because US people can get a meagre US $135 per month in food money, along with the US government being owned by Wall Street ...

America's crony capitalism is not 'socialism'. Seems the Tedbit people are still under the influence of all those years of anti-commie propaganda.

We realise in Europe, that most Americans have no clue, because most don't have passports or travel, they get fake news, and they live in a quasi-fascist police state and have no experience of a government working well on the domestic front ... but having this kind of dumb claptrap on ZH is not helping to illuminate.

Life in our 'socialist' corner of the world is 10x better than in the US ... believe it or not, you Americans who never live abroad. In truth, what makes a good society is a mix of socialism and market forces that balance well.

North-Western Continental Europe is as close to paradise as has ever been achieved in the modern world. It's still damn nice here right now.

Most of the rich 'AAA' rated countries of the world, with the strongest economic profiles, countries where there is essentially no poverty among legal residents - are countries in our neighbourhood in north-Western Continental Europe, in fact 'socialist' countries.

Almost no one here wants to end our 'socialism'. And in other parts of Europe, people want 'socialism' like we have in the northern coutries.

Here, everyone has health care, a minimal income, a government that actually works tolerably well and does not steal from everybody, personal assets are much safer than in America, we have much less crime, almost nobody in prison, and yet, for example, 1 out of every 140 people in Belgium is a millionaire ... while 1 out of every 140 people in America is in prison.

Yes in Europe we need to re-calibrate for sustainability, fix the debt problems etc., and jump through many hoops, but it is very, very clear that the European 'social model', our somewhat complex mix that is a 'social(ist) market economy' is what makes for a nice place to live in the world, and even after the debt Ponzi gets re-set, what we will always continue here, is socialist underpinnings along with a market economy on top of it. Not so simplistic, but it's in fact the real deal.

Jim in MN's picture

I think of Tedbits as sort of a spiritual progenitor of ZH.  Be nice.  Er, sorry, this is Fight Club.  Never mind.

Imminent Crucible's picture

Yeah, Europe's a real utopia. That's why Lagarde was over here this week trying to beg $500 Billion American dollars to repair the Abyss called Eurozone. Belgium isn't even a real country; it's a giant leech siphoning wealth from the remaining productive people in the rest of the EU. As Wall Street is to America, Belgium is to Europe.

The UK is also a scintillating jewel of central planning, with health care for everyone, the dole, and no future on the horizon. The last time I was in London I was shocked at the squalor: hordes of young men and even whole families living and sleeping in the restrooms that service the Tube. King's Cross Station was chaos; a broken rail at Cuffley and flooded tracks elsewhere eventually canceled all trains in and out of the city. It took me all day to get to Cambridge, a trip of scarcely 50 miles.

Don't even get me started on British Telephone. BT makes AT&T look honest and competent.


disabledvet's picture

plus Americans like me call "going to bathroom" travel...so i think he "missed that diss" by a mile myself. "When you have five to choose from" you can do that you know! You got that Bank Brussels Guy? DOOO YAAA PUNK??? (now de-cap THOSE letters...hardy, har, har, har

Escapeclaws's picture

Well said. It's too bad Americans have no idea, but then it's clear that you don't like them in Europe anyway. You find them loud, boorish, and ignorant. Europe is for Europeans only, despite the immigration of people from the mideast and Africa. But Americans are especially unwelcome and only wanted for their tourist dollars.

astroloungers's picture

Hey bgiB, much of what you say is true. I gave you a neg anyway... you're a smug euro jerk. Without the rehash, your smaller euro

countries can operate the way you do because of population size and the limited cultural diversity(maybe not a bad thing). You are geographical small,some are not much bigger than San Bernardino County. You think you have it figured out but you don't. The stability that allows your semi socialism comes from elsewhere. Were you stationed at the Fulda Gap ? Be careful, Pooty poot aint outa power yet.

Jim in MN's picture

Kinda like the Danes and Dutch being smug about their wind power while leaning on the German and French coal and nuclear grids for reserves.

disabledvet's picture

it is embarrassing that there euro is becoming worthless next to our already worthless dollar i agree. we have no standards over here whatsoever....what the hell is their excuse? we spent trillions rebuilding them and frankly...or even shirley..."i expected better." anywho Wurzburg was one of the most beautiful cities i ever stayed...only had a chance to visit the home of Mozart (Sulzburg) but i'd move there in a heart beat too. Need more yen to do that. DON'T WE ALL!

Lednbrass's picture

Out of curiosity, where in the US did you live, New York or some similar scumhole?

Yes, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Welfare, Section 8 housing, etc. etc. are Socialism. There is simply nothing else to call it. If you dont want to end yours- fine, who the hell cares? Many of us here want to drastically cut it here though as it has done nothing but breed a number of parasites that outnumber even the largest of the tiny little pissant European nations. It does not work here, we are not really a people with a shared identity. We speak the same language (though even that is going out the window under the Mexican invasion) and use the same currency- thats it. Yes, we have a lot in prison- take a look at the demographics of who is commiting serious crimes here and in what numbers.  Its a problem you dont have to deal with.

I dont want to live like you, neither do a large chunk of the population in this country. I dont want government taking care of me. If I cant get something for myself by myself, I dont need it and damn sure dont want some useless bureaucrat handing it to me. Havent been to Europe since I was a boy visiting family, havent been in your nation since visiting a great uncle there and have no urge to return- the population overwhelmingly strikes me as effete and servile. 10X better? Give me a freaking break, the level of regulation in European societies is utterly appalling. Freedom to succeed or fail or generally do and say as you please scares the hell out of you people, you simply dont have the guts for it. 

You also fail to mention that you have a "paradise" because you live in the shadow of the very formidable American sword, maintained at great cost by us. Your militaries are a pathetic joke and many here are tired of having to make up the difference. I personally would like nothing more then to get the US the hell out of NATO and our troops out of Europe (as welll as the rest of the world) and leave you to have to fund your own militaries for a change, Im sick and tired of Europe sucking off of us. Im looking for a period in European history in the last few hundred years without a sizable war other then the last 67 years of the Pax Americana that has bankrupted us. Im pretty knowledgable of history but its a huge subject- can you point me toward another stretch of peace this long?

We arent you. A huge portion of the population here dont want to be anything like you. Your social model does not function in this society, and as much freedom as we have lost we are still better off then Euro-zombes. There are still vast stretches of the US away from the decaying cities of the northeast and left coast where one has a tremendous level of personal freedom and the local culture supports that.


MrSteve's picture

Belgium and Europe have it all over the USA, just look at the scorecard:

                                     Europe             USA

Worlds Wars                      2                    0

20th Century war dead     80million        400K


I could continue with a similarly stacked deck of historical facts & stats, but that would be tiring. Socialism in Europe means adult kids live at home and immigrants live in slums. No social mobility, except downward. Fiat money greases the social problems skids unti it can't, then revisit the scorecard's line 1 and update the first entry to "3".

So tiring...If a guy like Einstein left, how smart does that make the people who stayed?

Bob's picture

Love the CONFUSING use of POINTLESS caps all over the PLACE.  WTF?

ShakaZulu's picture

"and this time will be NO DIFFERENT."

Other than that we have a global surveillance grid 2nd to none, and the FEMA camps to enforce it.  It will be a softer, easier crash for the top .001%.

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Will I miss anything if I go potty?

Hulk's picture

Try and miss the porcelain, its a water target you are after. Pretend there be pirates down there...

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Get your 1/3 gold 1/3 agriland and 1/3 attitude