FiAT CReaTioN...

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Gaze at the source of inflation
The moment of fiat creation
The God of all debt
Is not finished yet
His plan is the theft of a nation

The Limerick King










The massive TBTF Banzai7 Titanic post is coming very soon...


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wb7, This is some of your finest work. Thanks for the laughs.

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A Titanic inspiration.

I'm ambivalent about the Witch Doctor one. A jungle shaman usually has some knowledge of his enviornment and dosen't spend all of his time in the tree tops isolated from events on the ground with only monkeys and snakes for companions. 

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      A Horse Named Gucci

Ann Romney, wife of Debt Lord Romney, once named one of her horses, Gucci.

It’s a wonder she didn’t name one of her sons LBO or Debt Financing.  (Romney’s referred to as a Debt Lord due to his amassing further wealth, on top of inherited wealth, through those leveraged buyouts based on the debt interest payment scam, which greatly increased the national debt or deficit, while greatly decreasing the tax base and jobs base and aiding in the de-industrialization of America.)

        A Hypocrite Named Obama

Quite recently, President Obama cancelled an executive order forbidding the discrimination of LGBTQ personnel by federal contractors.

Always watch Obama’s walk, not his talk!

              Those Aptly Named Entitlement Programs

Super-sized bank bailouts:  first, those TARP bailouts, which banksters claimed to have repaid, but they simply paid back the majority owed by accessing other government funds, according to a recent GAO study; and secondly, those super-sized Federal Reserve loans to all the banks and corporations, both in America and throughout the world ($16.1 trillion) --- wonder how they were paid back?

Further backdoor bailouts to the private insurance companies, which happen to be owned by the banksters.

QEI and QEII (Quantitative Easing I and Quantitative Easing II), from the Federal Reserve to the banks to speculate commodities (oil/energy and foodstuffs, etc.) upwards.

That oil depletion allowance

Corrupt tax code which favors the super-rich (endless Louis B. Mayer-type clauses, plus that anti-worker IRS Tax Rule 401 (a) (5).

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Titanic!  LMFAO

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The Limerick King rules...too!

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Much appreciated! It's hard to shine beside a star so bright...

Edit: I had to laugh at how fucking lame this post sounded once I read it....what I meant to say is Banzai's brilliant and I'm happy to be included in the fun!

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Hi, LK.  Your limericks are excellent.  I especially appreciate the superb rhythm.

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Really miss your "visual combat".

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I've been waiting for this one. Bravo Banzai7 !

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New Instant Classics, Happy 13th! Thanx WB7.

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Bernanke as medicine man by far the best williambanzai7 of all time imho

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It ranks right up there as your best WB7!

The pyramid and all seeing eye are priceless!


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Marvel Comics is coming with its lastest superhero - Printman - he has powers to create currency out of thin air - gold and silver is his main weakness - The forces of deflation are his biggest arch enemy

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The Bearded Crusader that Saved the World.

And he can do it again if he feels like it.  The Bearded Crusader has a wide variety of Tools.

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And dont forget his trusty old chum "Fiat Boy" played by Timmah G

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ya gotta hand it to em.

anyone that can fuck up a business where the product is created out of thin air and

enslave the present and future generations to being debt slaves, now thats a special kind of evil.


thanks creature form jekyll island, fuck you very much.


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Just like Vegas! Fiat Money JACKPOT!

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Those 1MM Zim dollar notes are probably pretty rare now, actually.

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That is just toooooo effing funny for words.....

Reminds me of Simon Johnson [Disclaimer: everbody knows that the IMF never truly hires a real economist, etc.] of whom the only thing consistent is his inconsistency.

He was doing a radio show the other night, and stated that tired USCoC (US Chamber of Commerce) talking point mantra that even if taxes were finally raised on the super-rich, it still wouldn't have any real effect on the national debt!

But wait, a real economist, or any moron with even a tad of current events' knowledge, would realize that if those 70% plus corporations which haven't paid any federal tax for over 10 years now --- actually paid ALL THOSE FRIGGING OWED TAXES, and their monies which have been parked offshore to avoid taxation --- WERE FINALLY TAXED AS THEY LEGALLY SHOULD BE --- plus those taxes raised on the super-rich --- would fully take care of the national debt with tons of monies left over for the general welfare.

Any questions???????

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Shouldn't that be a "P" on his outfit?

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Its a Turd, Its an Ink Jet, Its Stupor ManBernKrug!

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I'm the King of Kenyaaaaaaaa!