HaPPY NaTioNaL SCRaBBLe DaY 2012

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Quibble: Isn't it supposed to be "shyster", after Shylock, the venomous banker in "The Merchant of Venice"?

Just asking.

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There are numerous alternate spellings according to Wikipedia.

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        American Interests?  Or multinational control?

We are constantly lectured by pseudo-experts proclaiming that all actions taken are in America’s interest --- many or most of those murderous and bloody actions seem to always profit the economic elites, while dismantling economic structures which benefit the majority and undermine the fabric of society --- regardless of the countries involved.

There has been a continuum of actions by America in the Middle East and Near East which, although sometimes appearing illogical, move inexorably in the same direction.

With the Carter-Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama administrations, the overall thrust is to strengthen the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, secondarily, while promoting multinationals’ strength and profits, primarily.

Yes, the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan appear to weaken Sunnis while empowering the Shia and establishing the Shia Crescent, but it succeeded in capturing oil and other resources for transport to China and India to benefit the multinationals and, by extension, the economic elites in those two countries.

Wikileaked cables have exposed the behind-the-scenes wrangling to appoint America’s – or the multinationals’ – choice for director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which has aided the Obama administration’s falsifying their inspections in Iran.

The Bush administration falsified intel on Iraqi WMDs; the Obama administration does the same with Iran --- the perfect continuum!

Iran has the oil and the radium, and after years and years of American and multinational interference in their internal affairs, Iran has the temerity to switch from US petrodollars to a different means of financial exchange.

The economic/numeric indicators later this year (7/12 to 12/12) appear seriously grave, contrary to what the pseudo-expert talking heads prattle on about; the logical outcome of offshoring American production assets (jobs, factories, production facilities, etc.) and American capital assets (financial investments, plus US foreign aid to build those factories, production facilities, etc., for the multinationals, with some of that foreign aid being laundered to return to America as focused political campaign contributions).

Should a war on Iran occur in the second half of this year, it would certainly obscure this reality and be used as the current economic excuse.

A report has recently appeared from within the Pentagon (by a Lt.Col. Davis), suggesting that senior officers, general ranking officers, mislead the government on logistical aspects of the Afghanistan war. (In other words, the war was simply "mismanaged.")

This is simply more ludicrous, specious, superfluousness!

It is akin to arguing the details of evil once perpetrated by serial killer, Ted Bundy; why he once tortured a woman to death over a nine-day period, as opposed to another gruesome murder where he only tortured another woman to death over a three-day period!

Evil is as evil does ---- whether perpetrated by a psychopathic Ted Bundy, or by the psychopathic multinationals!

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Must put Cheney on the ticket so he can't be indicted for bribing the Prez of Turkmenistan for construction of all those facilities to produce and export alllll of that natural gas....

Must rig election in Florida by making 60+thousand eligible voters ineligible as 'felons'....

Must get Supremes to stop the vote count...

Must let hijackers think they aren't being monitored by NSA so they will believe that they are going to hijack airplanes that none of them can even fly....

Must Demolish WTC to destroy all evidence against Cheney and give a good excuse to invade Afghanistan to build the natural gas pipeline and steal alllllll of the gold being stored in the basement....

Must not worry about 'pacifiying' any parts of Afghanistan that don't include the pipeline corridor.....

same as it ever was....

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I use my 'E" to make vixen...double word with v and x woo hooo....did I win?

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Nice, but I can't think of any real vixens in this sorry cabaret of crime.

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How about Meredith Whitney? A vixen shunned.

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From 'In God's Name' [About the Vatican's bankers]


p112 Carlo Boroni should have seen the writing on the wall before he put his hand in the till.  During one of their initial confrontations, Sindona had shouted at him, “You will never be a real banker because not only are you unable to lie, you are also a man with principles.  You would never know how to use the valid weapon of blackmail!”



p132 [Sindona –the shark]  “I prefer to deal with men like Somoza.  Doing business with a one-man dictatorship is much easier than doing business with democratically elected governments. They have too many controls.  They also aspire to honesty; that’s bad for the banking business. “


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chuckle :)

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Well done.

I especially like how you got "Corzine", "Vaporized", and "Liar" in the same corner, and one of my favorite derogatory banker handles - "Sheister" - in the opposite corner.

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There's a stereogram in there...can't quite make it out...




Good job, Mr. Banzai!

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a masterpiece is no game

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Not to nitpick buuuut... Two "X's" in Scrabble?


Kidding.... Excellent work. The 2012 Public Trust chart is commendable as well.



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This is the Rehyp Edition, you can do whatever the fuck you want without worrying about rules...

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Or the rulers!

Are President Obama's Offenses Grounds For Impeachment?


WB7; you have once again produced a classic.


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You need a Triple QE Score box in there

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Hmmmm. I can put an I between the H and the V.

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An apt description of the financial patient.

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Hmmm...if I use the scores as assets, I can repackage that "Vaporized" then rehypothecate the chunks for a cool $500M...

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Grouping central bankers with crack whores is libelous.  To the crack whores.

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Among the emergence of a decentralized and more honorable Fourth Estate zero hedge, Jesse's Café Américain, The Automatic Earth and TheBurningPlatform.com are standouts. Their editorial insight provides a vivid account of history book Turnings as they unfold before our very eyes! Today's challenges bring to mind JFK's prophetic words of truth in his attempts to End The Fed, stop the war in SE Asia and battle organized crime;

"A revolution is coming - a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough, compassionate if we care enough, successful if we are fortunate enough - but a revolution is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character, we cannot alter its inevitability." - JFK


In this mind bending piece Jim Q of TheBurningPlatform.com again provides a clear long range vision of possibilities in an increasingly myopic and deluded world. - YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET – PART ONE - WAKE UP!

What do you view as the most outstanding news sources and editorial sources?


Inflection Point

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Bankster!  I love it!