THe TiTaNiC SeTs SaiL...

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As you know, this year is the Centennial of the Titanic disaster.

We've learned nothing.

Banzai7 Institute is breaking it's Titanic presentation into two posts...

First, my favorite Titanic poster...









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I love the chimney that says : WTF; after Queen Elizabeth I and II! ...I mean QE 1 n QE 2

brilliant play on words. 

What the world needs is a too big to fail queen elizabeth III; now they'll love that in the city, slap bang in Olympic fever! While Paris and Madrid sizzle in melt down, London giggles in City levitation on QE steroids...what a show. Only on the Titanic...

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Zuckerberg's from Dobbs Ferry huh? He's just an ugly little brat liar and thief from Westchester.  The sight of him is repulsive.  

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Facebook is run by the govt to gather data on everyone so they can be properly screened when being interned in a FEMA camp. That's all.

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The next decade or two will be spent paying back or defaulting on debts owed.


The world we live in now will be a far cry from the one that is coming.



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Actually he is from Dobbs Ferry, which is a blue collar bedroom community on the Hudson River line.

And he is 100% douche bag which explains why he is a terrible public persona for a public company.

I don't think people really appreciate how much Facebook looks like a later version of AOL. It will get top heavy with commercial crap and then topple over when the new new thing comes along with the next generation of Internet.

Meanwhile they will continue their game of stripmining user privacy.

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One thing to ponder on WB7 : the facebook fantasy is  a deep rooted human trait; we all want to belong to a religion unfortunately, the ORIGINAL social network, (the existential void biais gets stronger in troubled times when people lose their secular compass). And as traditional religion is more or less dead in the West, (outside the US bible belt), we need a new religion in the West for a new secular dawning. One based on "me-first" narcissistic mantra which is the underlying trend of our consumerista age. 

Zuckerberg who belongs to an ethnic group that is one of the oldest social networks of the west, ( it has survived since Roman times, thru the medieval age all the way to Shoah), and now runs the money-political-Hollywood world, on an informal but behind the scenes networked basis, from WS/Washington USA; all the while having an official front in Jerusalem; he has the right background culturally, uber-class Harvard plus NY-Scarsdale twist, to create the new religion of the world, a social network that will make the Pope green with envy.

All hail his holiness Mark I of Facebook global-land! He be the new messiah of this laid back Internet age! 

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It was a Jew that sunk the bloody Titanic, everybody knows that - some totally chilled out dude named Iceberg.

If it wasn't for bloody Iceberg then we wouldn't have had to suffer this:

But I have it on good authority that Iceberg had absolutely nothing to do with the Liberty thingy.




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Unless it's a joke I don't understand, there's a typo on the 3rd image : It's Nicolas Sarkozy and not Nicholas. Although his real name is Nicolas Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa. Note the umlaut that comes from his Hungarian origin and the French particle "de" which denotes his (Hungarian) nobility.

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By the time I change it he won't be President.

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Yes that's very likely. The French will likely elect François Hollande (Socialist Party) who is even worse than Sarkozy as he has promised to stop all the mild reforms started by Sarkozy (like decreasing the number of public servants, reorganize a bit the ministries to avoid redundancies). He wants to increase spending (keynesian style) and raise taxes. He says he will tax the rich but the numbers don't add up, even without taking into account the fact that the rich will find a way to avoid most taxes. In fact most the burden will be borne by the middle class (the same that will vote for him) with the increase of VAT, and other contributions (e.g. CSG) with proportional rates on incomes.

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makes a change from good ole Reaganomics n Thatcher's big bang bonanza;  and the kleptocracy brigade. Old style government fed shenanigans; what a return to the good ole days. Taxes will be 75% on the rich like in JFK days. 

Well whatever, the bottom line is globalisation had made labour arbitrage the mechanism for thinning first world sheeple down to Zimbabwe peasant levels. That's the truth about this thirty year deal; we go back to Oligarchy feodalism and THERE ARE NO FAVOURED SONS IN THE WORLD!  1492 and all that is over...the world is now a playground for transnational oligarchs; the 1% mob;fun n games as the playing field gets more levelled out by herd thinning and monetary devaluation of the rich, fat zones.

Lets hope the fish in the sea enjoy the spectacle but I doubt it; we'll pollute it beyond recognition and the fish will be flying to the moon; along with Richard Branson ! Like a Virgin...

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Was watching the movie Titanic on DVD last nite and, before turning in,  got to the scene where the iceberg was first sighted.

Won't read any more here in case someone's a spoiler &  gives away the ending...

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I thought I recognized the first panel.  This is a good exhibit.  They had a big (impressive) square piece of the hull on display.  A tiny fraction of the exterior, that thing must've way outweighed the F150 we took to the museum.  There were also mock ups of the interior and state rooms.  There were personal belongings recovered from the wreck also on display further connecting us in our time to the lives of some of the passengers.

It is a compelling story and you cannot help feel for the 1522 souls that did not make it through alive.


Referencing the fate of the Titanic to the ensuing collapse of our current system is not just about comparing the demise of an "unsinkable" cruise ship to our TBTF monetary system.  There are people intertwined in all of this.  With luck, there will be no need for museum exhibits of modern life before the crash.


Thanks WB7!

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I wish I could have seen it.

Meanwhile there is a hotel in HK serving the Titanics last menu on Sunday, complete with a bottle of champaign recovered from the wreck. $1,800 per head.

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Don't know whether to laugh or lament about the last menu offerings but I guess its good to know things are still good in the Captiol.


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Actually, the Titanic disaster symbolically prefigured the collapse of European Civilization: 1914.

Yes_Questions's picture



I would not presume to debate that.  But, "Titanic" is routinely symbolic of other expected FAILS.

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Kim Jung Armstrong...ROTFLMAO!!!

And I think to myself...what a wonderful world ;-)

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The US is planning to shoot a missile loaded with pink slime at Pyongyang.

nmewn's picture

lol...its the latest innovation in fast food ;-)

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. Thanks for the reply Banzai.

Hot Dogs, Salami, Bologna?  YUM, YUM!


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Hey! No matter what! You keep those great Posts coming!

  Dim Sum Sundays come to mind! One of my M/E friends taught me about Spanish Wines and Liquors.

  And DIM SUM! 

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FDR had many faults but he was able to bring the country back from the brink (WW2 helped).

All this Central bank printing has completely screwed the money relationship, the idea of a sound currency. If I were an Asian,after Lehman Brothers,I would certainly be heavy into physical gold. I was living in Oz when  the Indonesian rupiah tanked years ago.The crowds burning and looting  the Chinese quarter.The clever ones had shifted into portable stuff about six months before,and moved it into offshore boltholes (Billions).Rather reminds me of what is taking place now in Europe. Somehow the cleverdicks seem to get their stuff out over the border before the Banks are closed.But then isn't that the nature of a ponzi pyramid? Big crowd in the room and only one door.

I am somewhat confused that anyone thought the Euro experiment would succeed without strict accounting and budgets in the member countries.Odd that...Their problem is they can't press the print button,and our Ben can't  (won't) stop pushing it. Historically this has always led to bloody wars. Perhaps the working class won't play along this time....


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Meanwhile titanic's captain is focused on getting Jews to marry each other because Jews marrying outside of race means?

Michael Steinhardt Co-founder, Taglit-Birthright Israel and Chair to Birthright Israel Alumni Community speaks to Birthright Israel alumni at Take Back Zionism Launch Party.

During his speech he offers a free honeymoon to anyone who meets at the event and plans to marry within the year. Catch is you must be Jewish to go on that trip and to be qualified.


Sounds more like racial supremacist cult leader attempting a mass wedding.

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Yet again.


Following the Presidential election in November 2012 ........


The USofA will begin to raise interest rates.

I guarantee it.


A game changer.

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WB7 is on a roll

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Rich industrialists opposed to the federal reserve banking scheme were invited aboard the maiden voyage of mans greatest achievement to be assassinated.  The Federal Reserve Act was instituted the following year.  One has to ask why there were no Rothschild's, Warburg's, Rockefeller's, Morgan's, etc., etc., etc. on board.

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From one Scuba Diver to another. James Cameron is suffering from permanent " Narcosis"...

 Or possibly , Denial of Narcissism?

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What year are they going to re-make the Facebook Disaster in 3-D? 


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facebook haters when i buy into the ipo and reap my millions we'll see who will be laughing then...fools...i trul pitty the fool who doesnt buy facebook

IAmNotMark's picture

I guess I'm a fool you can pity.

"I truly pity the fool who doesn't buy a tulip bulb"  smug Dutch investor, 1637

CH1's picture

Sure, just what we all need - still more advertising.

TV screens at the gas pump selling mega-gulps aren't enough?

stant's picture

collapse of empire sucks. a ice cube taking out technology.

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

The Grateful Dead "Ship of Fools"


Went to see the captain, strangest I could find,
Laid my proposition down, laid it on the line.
I won't slave for beggar's pay, likewise gold and jewels,
But I would slave to learn the way to sink your ship of fools.

Ship of fools on a cruel sea, ship of fools sail away from me.
It was later than I thought when I first believed you,
Now I cannot share your laughter, ship of fools.

Saw your first ship sink and drown, from rockin' of the boat,
And all that could not sink or swim was just left there to float.
I won't leave you drifting down, but woh it makes me wild,
With thirty years upon my head to have you call me child.

Ship of fools on a cruel sea, ship of fools sail away from me.
It was later than I thought when I first believed you,
Now I cannot share your laughter, ship of fools.

The bottles stand as empty, as they were filled before.
Time there was and plenty, but from that cup no more.
Though I could not caution all, I still might warn a few:
Don't lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools.

Ship of fools on a cruel sea, ship of fools sail away from me.
It was later than I thought, when I first believed you,
Now I cannot share your laughter, ship of fools.

It was later than I thought when I first believed you,
Now I cannot share your laughter, ship of fools.

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We are told that FB is a sure bet, which is what we were told about MySpace until It imploded.

We know what we're told about Groupon by the same people telling us about FB was a rock of shit.

The only sure thing about FB is there are lots of investors and employees who want a way to exit their shares and lots of people hate it with a passion.

No wonder they were dying to grab Instagram. Instagram is simple and user friendly. Facebook is a complicated edifice that reminds me of Microsoft Word.

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Well if the prospectus is prepared by the same Investment Banker as the one who led the Groupon IPO, I think that Zuckenberg´s firm will have to be called FakeBook.

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Jamie Brockett -Legend of the USS Titanic Legend of the U.S.S. Titanic by Jaime Brockett
"It was back around the turn of the centuries, back around nineteen hundred & thirteen there was a negro pugilist his name was Jack Johnson. Now old Jack Johnson he was the toughest man in the whole wide world he used walk around whoppin' people up side the head 'n makin' all sorts of money.

Like I say ol' Jack Johnson he was a pugilist, he was a pugilist by preference and by profession and one day ol' Jack came walkin' on down by the pierside. He's just walkin on down. His manager come walkin' on down by the pierside.

He says "uh, hi, Jack"
He says "hi manager"
He says "whatcha doin'?"
He says "I'm just walkin' on down by the pierside."
He says "what's up?"
He says "I gotta gig for ya"
He says "ya gotta gig for me?"
He says "that's right"
He says "where abouts?"
He says "over in England"
He says "hmm... what'm I gonna do over there?"
He says "well you goin' up n' whop this guy up side the head n' make all sorts of money."

Ol' Jack says "That's groovy baby. That's really groovy you give me a ticket on the next flight out"
He said "ticket on the next flight out?!? This is nineteen hundred n' thirteen. Why the Wright brothers haven't even started foolin' around with Kitty Hawk yet"
He said "uhh.. who's she?"

It was midnight on the sea, the band was playing "Nearer My God To Thee". Fare thee well Titanic, fare thee well.

Ol' Jack says "Well how'm I gonna get there baby?"
He says "ohhh I'm gonna show ya" and he whips open a newspaper n' shows him a picture of the USS Titanic.

Folks, she's the world's biggest ship she's made outta good wood and good iron they said she'd never go down.

He says "you mean I'm goin' over on the boat" n'
he says "that's right baby you're goin on the boat" n'
he says "well, let's go get some tickets so they head on down to the ticket taker's place."

He walks on up to the ticket taker he walks on in n' he says "hey man I wanna buy me some tickets"
He said "gotta red ticket green ticket yellow ticket blue ticket what kinda ticket you want?"
He says "I wanna red one"
He gave him some loot n' he laid it on him.

So here's ol' Jack he's got his ticket now he takes everything he owns he wraps it on up in a diaper n' he hangs it on a stick over his back n' goes headin' on down by the pierside.

He gettin' on down by the pierside his manager's down there by the pierside n' here she is folks - the USS Titanic! She's lined up beside two hundred n' fifty parkin' meters n' the Captain's gettin' done ready to split 'cause he run outta dimes.

Now around this time there was an Italian senator n' the state house n' all Italian senators done got brothers own construction companies n' this one had a brother he owned a construction company n' the Titanic she was made outta good Italian wood, good Italian iron they said she'd never go down.

So there's ol' Jack standin' on the bottom got everything he owns wrapped on up in that diaper hangin' on a stick over his back. He shakes hands with his manager goes walkin' on up the gangplank. The Captain standin' on the top. He get up onto the top n' the Captain he look at the ticket…
he look at the ticket
he look at Jack,
he look at the ticket
he look at Jack,
he look at the ticket
he look at Jack,
he look at the ticket
he look at Jack,
He says "sorry baby wrong color."
He says "me or the ticket?"
n' he says "you."

Now he wouldn't let Jack Johnson on board
they said this ship don't haul no coal
Fare thee well Titanic,
fare thee well.
It was midnight on the sea,
the band was playin' "Nearer My God To Thee"
Fare thee well Titanic,
fare thee well.

So Jack say's "It's all right baby it's all right I'm gonna sit right here on the pier and watch you go right on down."

So the Titanic she sails on out into the North sea she's out there floatin' around in and out between the icebergs n' ol' Jack's standin' on the pier. I'm gonna tell ya 'bout the people on the Titanic now.

First of all there's a whole bunch of Jewish people from Miami.
They're jumpin' up n' down
They're laughin'.
They're drinkin' booze.
They're tradin' wives
n' Cadillacs
n' diamonds
n' havin' all sorts of good clean party fun.

Then there was the people that run the boat. Now the people that run the boat they know all about runnin' boats.
They know all about hoistin' up land lubbers
n' battenin' down hatches
n' doin' all sorts of other good things
like... all good sailors do in the far away sea.

Then there was the Captain.
Now the Captain he knows how to walk like a captain,
write like a captain,
walk like a captain,
talk like a captain,
smell like a captain,
eat like a captain,
do all sorts of captain things.

Then there was the first mate. Now I gotta tell ya bout the first mate. Now the first mate,
he don't know nothin' about Jewish parties.
He don't know nothing about hoistin' up land lubbers.
He don't know nothin' about captains.
He uh he wants to go on over to England he wants to play his guitar.
He wanna run around n' chase women n' have all sorts of good... times.

Anyways this fella', his sideburns they're just a little too long. He giving way, see. He… he been down in Mexico he been down in Mexico. He been workin' in this rope factory down in Mexico now. Down in Mexico they make rope outta this funny little hemp plant that grows wild in the ground. Some of you people... grow it in flower pots under your bed… ehh Anyways, he's down there and he's… he's makin' rope outta this funny marijuana plant... One day the rope factory she catch fire n' he runs back on in to save his lunch - he's got two sardine sandwiches - runnin' back on in to save his lunch he gets inside n' there's all this funny smoke floatin' around up inside n'.. he gets some of this funny smoke up inside his head n'.. he sit down in the middle o' de' fire n' he say, "shhhhhhhhhhhit baby, I ain't gonna make rope no more!"

So he takes everything he owns he wraps it up on into a diaper and a knapsack too n' he… he headin' on to the Titanic he gets to the Titanic he standin' on the bottom walkin' on up the gang plank n' the Captain's standin' on the top n' the Captain says "What you got boy?"
He says "I'm comin' on"
He says "WHAT YOU GOT!"
He says "well I got me two changes of BVD's. I got me my guitar. I got me my address book, a... pair of socks, 4 masked marvel comic books, a tennis racquet and four hundred n' ninety-seven n' a half feet o' rope."

He says "four hundred n' ninety seven n' a half feet o' rope! whadaya got that for?"

He says.. "I just carry it."

So he says "it's all right. Go on board, go on board" and he did.

It was midnight on the sea,
the band was playin' "Nearer My God To Thee"
Fare thee well Titanic,
fare thee well.
Now he wouldn't let Jack Johnson on board
they said this ship don't haul no coal
Fare thee well Titanic,
fare thee well.

That brings us up to what's happenin' now - the Titanic she's floatin' around in and out between the icebergs, the Jewish people they partyin' they tradin' wives n' Cadillacs n' diamonds they drinkin' booze n' havin' all sorts of party fun, everybody else is hoistin' up land lubbers n' battenin' down hatches, the First Mate he's hangin' over the rail, he's havin' himself a little smoke... he's diggin' the icebergs. havin' himself a little smoke n' it's the Captain's time to do his thing. The Captain comes on out (remember I told you about the captain - he knows how to walk like captain write like captain talk like... all sorts of captain things). He comes on out n' he's standin' now. His thing right now is that he's gotta go out n' test the wind. So he casts his nose up into the north wind n' he goes...... ......

He walks on over to the First Mate.
He says "hey first mate what's that you smokin'?"
He says.. "that ain't nothin' but a little ol' cigarette captain"
n' he says "I don't believe it. Gimme a puff"
n' he says "alright."

So the captain takes himself a little puff. Nothin' happened right away.
He says "it's alright, it's alright. It's just a cigarette. I'm goin' for a walk" And that's what he did, folks. He went for a walk. He went.. he went out walkin' around the boat he went walkin' toward the wheelhouse he.. he walked around.

He walked around the wheelhouse once....... He walked around the wheelhouse twice....... On the third time around the wheelhouse....... The First Mate he looked on over at the Captain n'....... N' he say....... You wanna 'nother toke, Captain?...... And the Captain, he say....... RIGHT!!!!!!!!

So this time he's gonna tell the captain a little bit about this smoke that he's smokin'. He says "now the idea, Captain, the idea is to get this smoke way down deep inside your tummy n' hold it there just as long as you can it'll make you head feel good all inside. So the Captain says alright he takes himself three big tokes off that funny little brown weed n'
He says "I am commencing to hold it in!"

He walked around the wheelhouse.
He went downstairs
he laid down.
He get up he ran in the other room.
He sent a radiogram.
He came on back in.
He took a shower.
He come out.
He shaved.
He laid down.
He got up again.
He turned on the television.
He turned off the radio.
He played a game of cribbage.
He read his masked marvel comic book.
He walked thru the kitchen,
made a cup of tea,
made a cup of coffee,
sat down,
ate a piece of pie,
went upstairs,
played another game of cribbage,
went back in,
finished his other masked marvel comic book,
laid down,
he had the television, the radio, the egg beater, the air conditioner n'everything's all goin' at once. He walks up on deck and this is fifty two minutes later n' this cat ain't breathed yet!

So the First Mate see him standin' up there on the rail he's all puffed up like a balloon!
He says "ya gotta let it out, Captain!

So the Captain he let it all out at once.

Fallin' right down on the wheelhouse floor. He's out cold.

O-h-h-h, this just brings us up to what's happenin' again folks. The Titanic she's sailin' around in between the icebergs. Every body else is havin parties. The Jewish people they jumpin' up n' down they tradin' wives n' Cadillacs n' diamonds n' drinkin' booze. Everybody else is hoistin' up land lubbers, battenin' down hatches n' doin' sail things. The First Mate's hangin' over there on the rail havin' himself a little smoke n' diggin' icebergs. And the Captain's out cold on the wheelhouse floor.

It was midnight on the sea,
the band was playin' "Nearer My God To Thee"
Fare thee well Titanic,
fare thee well.
Now he wouldn't let Jack Johnson on board
they said this ship don't haul no coal
Fare thee well Titanic,
fare thee well.

All of a sudden.... the Captain's eyes popped wide open. He stood right up straight..... Grabs a hold o' de wheel.... Looks on out at the bow o' dat boat n' he say "I'M GONNA MOVE YOU BABY!"

And he did right on into an iceberg n' she went right on down.

It was midnight on the sea,
the band was playin' "Nearer My God To Thee"
Fare thee well Titanic,
fare thee well.
Now he wouldn't let Jack Johnson on board
they said this ship don't haul no coal
Fare thee well Titanic,
fare thee well.

That's the true story of the Titanic, folks. She went right to the bottom. She took with her all the Jewish people, all the first mates. She took with him the Captain. She took with him the land lubbers. She took with him the masked marvel comic books, the tennis racquet and four hundred n' ninety-seven n' a half feet o' rope.

Meanwhile back on the stateside, ol' Jack Johnson… why he's standin' up on the pier he's fishin' away he's got himself a little stick n' a line n' he gets a tug he pulls it on up n' it's a big wet blue soggy mess n' on the inside on the lining written in big gold letters it says "USS Titanic" and stuck right above it was a wet roach.

That boy was so happy he started doin' the eagle rock up n' down that pier like it's goin' outta style he go... He gonna do the eagle rock now everybody in for the eagle rock. Oh rock!

It was midnight on the sea,
the band was playin' "Nearer My God To Thee"
Fare thee well Titanic,
fare thee well.
Now he wouldn't let Jack Johnson on board
they said this ship don't haul no coal
Fare thee well Titanic,
fare thee well.

Fare thee well Titanic goin down!"
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hey, it sunk on the way out not the way back ! who've you got this story from...unsinkable molly brown?

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Gully....that's some seriously good ganja you been sa-mok-n

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Nice cut and paste. Now go back to bed, idiot.

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The Wright Brothers first flew in 1903, December 17. FOOL.


Gotta know your history before fabricating it.


Junked ya.

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I've been looking for this since 1975! Damn, whooda thunk Zerohedge 2012, Bravo! Thanks to all!

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another version.  another viewpoint.   rudy ray moore aka dolomite.  please.  please guys - this is a real gem.  and for an old guy like me - the music backing doubles down.



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Jame Brockett kinda forgot to mention that he "borrowed" a phrase or two from: