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TITANIC 2012...












The Wall Street is thundering in
It's loaded with hubris and sin
It's full steal ahead
'Till justice is dead
And liberty's struck on the chin

The Limerick King



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Great Banzai and LK!

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Banzai! you are fucking A

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THE GLOBAL REPORT:  Anti-Democracy Forces on the March

In Vietnam, three bloggers go on trial for remarks perceived to be critical of the State.

In China, the usual arrests of pro-democracy activists throughout the country.

In Uzbekistan, reports of the forced mass sterilization of women by the brutal extraction of their uteruses.

In Spain, continuing publicity of the decades-old program of the Catholic Church, with the collusion of the Spanish medical establishment, of baby theft from low-income and impoverished couples, falsely telling them their babies died from complications immediately after birth.

In Syria, perhaps a brief cessation of the mass slaughter of the civilian population by the Assad family, but will it last?

In America, President Obama, Vice President Joey bin Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly support the anti-democracy forces in Honduras, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere; while corporate fascists and republicans continue their national assault on workers’ rights, women’s rights and minority rights.

The Ultimate Bioweapon:  During the Bush administration, a biologist from the University of Pennsylvania, co-authored a report to Bush and his administration warning of the possible future weaponization of the H5N1 virus, also known as the avian virus.

Later, during the Obama administration, funds from NIH and the CDC are directed, under the advice of that University of Pennsylvania biologist, to his former students at the University of Wisconsin and at a research institution in the Netherlands, for the successful weaponization of the avian flu virus – an event which would have normally required a number of iterations of mutations to have occurred naturally – but which may very well never have occurred at all!

By itself, they have created a formidable bioweapon, but during the same time frame, Craig Ventner created an alien bacterium which the human immune system has no defense against --- should this alien bacterium ever be conjoined with the weaponized H5N1 virus the ultimate doomsday bioweapon will have been fully realized.

The people of the world have cause for worry and concern:  the anti-democracy forces are on the march!

[Future topic:  The connection between the Franco-American Foundation, John Negroponte, Frank Wisner, Jr., and Nicolas Sarkozy’s rise to power.]

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As always, thanks for your great works.

Please excuse this important channel change.

While the dollar is still worth something, please, all you really well to do folks here, please contribute today to the Ron Paul money bomb. It would only take one of you to make a huge difference. One anonymous donor could be the one stick on the camels back that would tilt the cart of liberty and truth into the saving direction it needs to go. It can be done. Invest in your future and donate now! It is your one way to save all you have.


The only way he is going to make it is with the support he can get from many of you good hearted ZH folks here. Don't you want to later say, you helped him become the winner and be on the real winners side? Of course everyone loves a winner, so hop on the bandwagon and contribute more than you think you would like to give.

Ron Paul won Colorado and a lot of Washington last night, so the steady march towards a mind-blowing convention is moving on strong. The train kept on a rollin!




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The pic labelled "Euro Teutonic"

Is not really all that ironic

Angie's got moves

And the buggering proves

That their love is more than platonic


   the limerick Douche

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Tamboo: Just wanted to wish you a very hearty HEIL on this beautiful Sunday. Don't forget to bring your oven mitts asshole. Hope you choke on your own vomit.

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Farewell to the mighty QE
A ship for The Powers That Be
Ben keeps her afloat
'Till Elites board their boat
While sheeple sink into the sea

The Limerick King

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I was waiting for one with Jamie Dimon jumping after the heart of the ocean when it gets thrown overboard so he could use it for more derivatives collateral.

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Thanks William!! Totally made my Sunday morning. Laughed till it hurt!!

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Cap'n Benny

Cap'n's seafaring skills were thought valid
But the First Mate's color went pallid
When Captain Benny was heard
Ordering "Bring on the large Iceberg"
Dumbass had meant to order a salad

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More framed art for the office.



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Send out an SOS - Save Our Silver!

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+10,000 on that visual combat scene...

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Proving once again, it always pays to scroll all the way through to the bottom of a WB post!

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Hey will, not sure you'll see this but if you do, i can assure your interest.



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Are you saying that USofA is not sinking but its sister ship the bizarroUSofA?  Interesting.

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I had no idea how much intrigue...

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Above and way fucking beyond! A Banzai classic!

(How the hell does he do it)

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The Titanic did NOT sink; it's initial test as a submarine failed!

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TITANIC, Captained by PhD Buffoon Ends in Doom

almost too true to be funny

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Sheila Bair, new ZH contributor in the rough?

Then again, there was no "sarc off" at the end, so probably not.

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The gilded age had Thomas Nast.  We have WB7.

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symphony of mad hatters ball as they take their swan dive. All we need now is the last sequence from the vampire's ball, Polanski's masterpiece; and it will be picture perfect, to a T. Where r u sharon tate?

The Ball of the vampires - a film of Roman Polanski - Cinema - the Parisian one

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Titanic is the perfect analogy for what's happening to the US dollar. 

So much hubris.  They thought Titanic was unsinkable.  Ignore those iceberg warnings, all ahead full.   Now they think the dollar is unsinkable.  Ignore all the printing and rapidly rising prices.  Ignore the asian bloc quietly moving away from the dollar with their new trade clearing system and new trade currency backed by gold.  All ahead full with those presses, print all the dollars  government needs, print all the dollars Wall Street needs.

And just like Titanic, there's not enough lifeboats. When the USS dollar hits that reality iceberg (that nobody could have seen coming) and sinks faster than anyone thought possible, only the 1% elite will be saved, the 99% in steerage class will go down with the ship.

The analogy is so perfect.   So frighteningly perfect.  It's just flat scary.

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"God himself could not sink this ship."

Remember, God has an infinite supply of icebergs, a universe of ever bigger rocks, and yet another black swan up his sleeve.

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Muppets forced to play as ship sinks.



Special guest George W H O - the latest pushme-pullme in a long chain of pushme-pullme's.


Please find the last pushme pullme snapped in SE Texas, somewhere near the Bush library, around the same time as the Ron Paul sermon on the debt - "the surmount":


Check out this dinger:


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WB & LK congratulations! You have both excelled yourselves, thank you.

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Beautifully done.  Let's make T-shirts and sell em at Wal-Mart!

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LOL - Awesome WB7.

We are truly a ship of fools.

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Reminds me of this classic from 1987...


We're setting sail
To the place on the map
From which no one has ever returned
Drawn by the promise of the joker and the fool
By the light of the crosses that burn
Drawn by the promise of the women and the lace
And the gold and the cotton and pearls
It's the place where they keep all the darkness you need
You sail away from the light of the world
On this trip, baby

World Party - Ship Of Fools


Wakanda's picture

"Save me from tomorrow"

I had completely forgotten that great 80's pop song.  I added the video to my iTunes.


therearetoomanyidiots's picture

or this from the classic by Garcia/Hunter seems appropriate...


The bottles stand as empty
as they were filled before
Time there was and plenty
but from that cup no more
 Though I could not caution all, I yet may warn a few:
Don't lend your hand to raise no flag
atop no ship of fools

Ship of fools
on a cruel sea
Ship of fools
sail away from me

It was later than I thought
when I first believed you
now I cannot share your laughter
Ship of Fools



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“Not really a blues album, yet aptly tagged as ‘Black Americana,’ Manhattan-via-Austin super-side-woman Queen Esther melds roots. pop and R&B in a way that Lucinda Williams, Melissa Etheridge and Sheryl Crow never could on their best days.”
- Amplifier Magazine
talkin' fishbawl blues

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That picture of bernanke holding Obama! Priceless!!

The only picture that now comes to my mind is the scene where the hand touches the dampened window of the car in the cargo bay of Obama en bernanke :)

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Terry Adams - That's Neat, That's Nice - NRBQ TARRQ Smith's Olde Bar

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Usually there's a few gaps in the laughter as I scroll down. Not this time. Now, back to the top of the page for a closer inspection of sheer genius.  

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WB7 you have truly outdone yourself this shit is funny as hell

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Some of the best ever...too bad we got CR'd on the Rupert Rebekah in the store.

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Always good to see you here.

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RIP, Titanic, you just hit the ocean floor a hundred years ago.....Wall Street not far behind

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yes yes yes thankyou williambanzai :D

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Throughout history it's always been the poets and artists whose ears were tuned to the pulse of their times...that mantle now belongs to creative artists like you WB7 and Bansky and others...Gracias

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When does the USS Jubilee set sail ?  Is everyone aboard ?  Is the ship fulley laden ?  For what shore shall the leaders steer ?