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Timmay is asked what he thinks
If the US eCONomy stinks
To no one's surprise
He spouts off some lies
Before the examiner blinks

The Limerick King





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Spanish King Juan Carlos, hunting elephants in Botswana, in the early morning, while walking to the loo, broke his hip, and took a private jet home—for an operation.


King Juan Carlos, who says he cannot sleep because of Span’s high youth unemployment, said, when leaving his expensive African safari, “Let them eat pachyderm.”    

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he got tusked by a dead elephant? Now that is not Alan Quatermain stuff, that is the guy who used to play the bad guy in the Tarzan movies. Let him bleed spain's debts into his ivory trophy. It could become the corn of bourbon decadence, his wife attended every bliderberger meeting, obviously to buy Prada hand bags! After all Bilderberg is the shop next to Louis Vuitton. 

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I swear, as soon as I saw the teaser at the top of the ZH page with "williambanzai7" and "Tim Geithner" in the same frame I began to salivate and smile simultaneously - and was NOT disappointed...

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Upped you for your comment, and especially for your name!

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Those who appreciate the fine work of WB7 (anyone that can still think?) may like this person's art also.

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WTF is it with these people and their God fixation....always comparing themselves to 'God'...bizarre.

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I took liberty with what he side and combined it with a Titanic quote.

Nevertheless, there is clearly a delusion of omnipotence that goes along with central planning and the masters of the universe mind frame.

I call them all Masters of the Inverse. Whatever they say, the opposite is true.

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I believe people can't handle the truth. If many people knew the real truth about peak resources, economics, etc...  chaos would ensue... police state will in theory help to, uh, "mitigate" the coming shitstorm. I feel that the age of cheap easy oil is over and TPTB know it. They made promises they knew they couldn't keep built on cheap oil, so to stay in power they will break the laws and do what is necessary to save themselves. If I was in the 'club' I would.

I enjoy just knowing the truth, whatever that might be, no matter good or how horrible. To me, Fukushima is the most dangerous thing I can see right now. What kind of prosperity can be had if EVERYONE is screwed up from rad posioning? At that point who gives a shit about gold, silver or AAPL stocks.

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People cannot handle the truth, it's that ugly.

A lot of people left SoCal during the real estate ponzi scheme after they sold their homes at an inflated price.  Many took the real estate ponzi scheme with them.  Of course, Vegas was the gambling capital of the world until Wall Street showed them up.  

Sure Vegas is crazy, but the economy since 2003 was a "JOBLESS RECOVERY" with nothing to support value retention and growth in this country.  And it's trickle down effects are devistating.  I'm terribly sorry to bring this up, but this is really happening to Americans and people need to see how bad it is.




"In the first few years after 2000, the number of suicides in Clark County remained relatively steady, about 300 a year.

Then the recession struck.

Megan struggled to explain to their son what had happened: "Daddy went to heaven," she told Jacob. "His brain was sick." ....

John had long worked with his hands, installing cooling and heating systems. Not long after Jacob was born in 2006, the work started to dry up. The foreclosure crisis slashed the need for new homes, while the recession emptied hotel rooms. In 2007, John broke his right collarbone but kept putting off surgery.

"He didn't want to show any weakness," Megan said.

In 2009, John was laid off for the first time. Megan tried to comfort him. She was working at Lockheed Martin, and they had some money socked away.

"I don't ever want to come home and tell you I can't support our family," John replied.

After a few weeks, he was hired to work on a new airport terminal. But on July 15, 2010, John walked into the house grim-faced.

"Today was my turn," he told his wife.

In 2006 and 2007, Clark County recorded about 350 suicides, according to the coroner's office. In 2010, there were 405, including John Beza.

Suicide rates tend to fluctuate by no more than 3% a year in a large metropolitan area, researcher Wray said. "When it moves 10%, it's like, OK, that was a quake."

While no one can make a definitive link, one possible cause of the high number is Clark County's stubborn unemployment rate. By 2009, it had soared above 14%, and it has yet to dip back below 12%. Several studies have shown that prolonged joblessness heightens the chance of suicide.

When researchers with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently crunched nearly 80 years' worth of data, they found the suicide rate per 100,000 Americans generally shot up when the economy was sluggish, mainly among working-age adults....

...He said workers in an industry that has been decimated are particularly vulnerable....

After John Beza's second layoff, he grew more subdued, more easily frustrated. ...

Still, she had no reason to think John might harm himself. From what she knew, he'd never suffered from depression. There was no history of suicide in his family."


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For most people the truth can only be seen as a convoluted abstraction far beyond the limits of their comprehension.

I'm happy to admit that I sometimes have a hard time figuring out WTF is going on. You have so many moving parts and there is no single enemy you can point the finger at.

But the one word that seems to decode everything is kleptomania.

Edit: Actually it goes much deeper than kleptomania. Kleptomania is what we are seeing now, the edifice has its roots in the hierarchal design of modern civilization. A giant pyramid built with leverage. Leverage that began in the physical sense of armies of slaves rolling giant blocks of stone and then morphed into abstract leverage in the form of debt serfdom.

Leverage is everywhere you look. This is why I find books written by anthropologists like David Graeber to be very interesting. They offer an alternate view of how we arrived in this predicament. A view that diverges from the bullshit you get from the economists,

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"there is no single enemy you can point the finger at"


I am starting to point my finger here more and more....the fractional reserve system.  It is just plain evil.


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That is chuck full of lying thieves.

Diet Coke and Floozies's picture

Agreed on leverage as well. To make money using someone elses money just makes sense, esp. with the ability to declare bankruptcy and start over. If you 'blow up', just start over.

williambanzai7's picture

It's not just money, it goes way beyond money. It's any form of skimming off the top or the phenomena of the many advancing the few. You can't have that in a distributed form of existence, only in a giant hierarchy or pyramid.

Another concept is the cleavage. The cleavage between what ordinary sheep know is truly in their best interests and their collective tolerance for what those in control tell them is in their best interests. This is a necessary prerequisite to raw fascism.

The giant lie that Goebbels referred to is the secret sauce. It serves as a mental justification for the cleavage. Tell everyone how all is well and better days are ahead for the chosen ones.

As the lies escalate, you no longer have the ability to disagree. You become a social misfit. They will send you to the camps as the Germans once said.

They say this kind of scenario is paranoid thinking. Paranoia after everything that has happened in the last ten years and only gets worse.

They are all experts at beating the shit out of those who speak up in public. But they have no fucking clue how to fix the economy.

So let's just sit back and listen to them all tell us how they did everything right.

Meanwhile, keep your eye on the disaster clock. That is the only solution they really know.

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If you're not paranoid you're not paying attention!

Love your stuff.

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Convoluted by design so the masses "keep calm and carry on". I found the presentation by Dr. Albert Bartlett on "population, arithmetic and energy" to be my wake up call in 2006. How could we have infinite population growth on a finite planet and not have serious repercussions? TPTB have known all along the end result. The free market was the best way to pull the resouces from the earth for TPTB. Get someone to dig gold, oil, etc. in some nasty environment for some cotton paper and promises of more. Then when the resources run low and the SHTF, TPTB have all the physical and everyone else is holding cotton paper. Pure genius really.

Zerohedge changed everything for me though, I found the site from ZH talks about everything, not just oil, so that was a big plus. Then I discovered that I loved economics and ZH was the only site I had to visit everyday. LMAO. So back to university I go, and switch to a specialization in economics...

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hey man everytime i see nice tits on one of googles banner adds on ZH for a brief second, i seek a punch line

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Thank you for the image of Toshiro Mifune. The selection of presidential candidates reminds me of the beginning of Sanjuro.

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Wish Kurosawa was still around too.

Uchtdorf's picture

I never got to meet him although I did some filming in his Yokohama studios back in 1991.

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....from the title....

Those two pathological liars

Supported stock market high flyers

They deserve all our scorn

And we bears will not mourn

If they burn long time in hell's fires


         the limerick Douche

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A Banksters defeatism nightmare, Being forced to Return to Real Money=United States Note=Lawful Money. The real reason you pay an income tax, is for the privilege of using a private currency. Also known As A: Federal Reserve Note, Demand from your bank or brokerage, lawful money and the tax goes away, with a tax exemption on lawful money, all of your money is yours. Use the Remedy within the Federal Reserve Act. Stop being a Slave!!!!!!
Tax Exemption: Web search these four different phrases: Redeemed in Lawful Money or United States Note or Redeemed in Lawful Money Pursuant to Title 12 USC §411 or deposited for credit on account or exchanged for non-negotiable federal reserve notes of face value

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I Loooveeeee Doing Gods work Wohahaaaa.............


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spot on Neo1!!!! pass the federal reserve act early in 1913 and six months later they have to pass the income tax!!!!!!!! simple connection there, one caused the other. why is it nobody ever asks what the federal goverment ever did before 1913 for money? try tarrifs on imports for one...these were used to keep american industries strong and level the playing field. i have read that you couldn't get an economics degree in the u.s. until after wwII. albert nobel refused to grant a nobel prize for economics. the peace prize is awarded in oslo norway and the economics prize is awarded in sweden...would inquiring minds want to find out why???

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Alfred would most certainly use his invention to obliterate what his institution has become. The Nobel became an embarrassment when Barry got a prize..  Paul too..


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That last picture, with the Samurai wielding a sword over Bernanke's head, is just begging for a follow-up. Time for some Lone Wolf & Cub...

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WB....your stuff is brilliant.....but you know what?

It's the truth....and it hurts...because you paint reality.....

williambanzai7's picture

It's hard to believe this has gone on for so long.

They have now embarked on yet another full scale bullshit campaign that would make Joseph Goebel's proud.

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All we are missing are the death camps..Who know who will need to die to keep this system going...At this point it seems their intent is to destroy entire societies via debt slavery...Get me off this Planet, these people are fucking nuts....

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Great stuff as always....

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Bernanke, Bernanke, not quite cranky,

How does your economy grow?

With whistles & bells and downturn quells

By printing presses all in a row!


Fed Reserve, Fed Reserve, constitutionally undeserved

How does your currency grow?

With more (no-one tells), at zero interest sells

Until the value is nothing, you know!


IMF, IMF, inflationary tone-deaf,

How does your funding grow?

With magic spells, central bank parallels

As if funds are real and not faux!


Keynesian, Keynesian, quite new-Rhodesian

How does your theory grow?

Spend when it smells, spend more like all hells

Double down,'til it works - Oh No!


Austrian, Austrian, maligned as Faustian,

How does your solution go?

What the market tells, until the cycle dispels,

And needing no intervention to go!

falak pema's picture

oh, that's orgiastic as hell! lol ! blondes and dark dagoes, match like ripe camembert on the walk of abandon and chateau cheval blanc, straight as a spike. santé ! I see this as a second degree play of those who can sell their soul to join the select club of 1%. (This is relative to the comment below which is very good!)

to be in this league you have to know what's what and not why's why! That's for the innocent. Why, O why, O why, do the rich want to grind the millstone to its very depths, to crush the innocent! 

...'Cos its in their nature to be scorpions. Atreus, Atreus...

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So the guy with the guitar is Bernanke and the girl who is crying because she just got raped represents the American People? I think that is spot on.