Yellen Vs. Geithner - Two Views

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Janet Yellen, Bernanke's soul mate (and mouthpiece) spoke last week. She argued that the Federal Reserve's Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) should be maintained for another three years. Tim Geither, Obama's side kick, had a completely different take on the economy on the Sunday talk shows.

And all this time I though it was only stockbrokers who talked their book....

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Timmy, Timmy, Timmy. Things aren't looking great just because everything's getting worse at a slightly slower rate. OK, the trade deficit went down, from $52.5 B in January to $46B in February, but last year's deficit with China was a record $295 B, and the last actual US trade surplus was in 1975.

After hearing bullshit like this, I finally understand what "shovel-ready" means.

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Yellen is the one who complained that the FED couldn't implement a policy of negative interest rates.

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Geithner talking is visual anal vapor.

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Like you say talking their book. Geithner role is to get the president re-elected and what he says on Meet the Press is going to be heard in political circles and the mass media far more loudly than what Yellen says about ZIRP and capacity utilization in a less widely disseminated speech.

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How to tell Geithner is lying; his brow goes all Romulan-like.

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ZIRP forever!  No one should make money off savings (what savings?). Make everyone work until they drop.  10% inflation for 5 years straight will wipe out the middle class.  The average SS check may buy a week's worth of groceries.

Starvation or Obamacare death panels; take your pick.

Social security and Medicare unsustainable; we need the money for the coming "humanitarian" wars.

The sheeple may arise; let's destroy all freedoms by eliminating the Bill of Rights.  We will soon have 2 hollow points for every man, woman and child.  A TSA warden on every corner.

Welcome to the 4th Reich.


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About 10 years ago I woudl have said you were full of crap.  Seriously, that is what is coming if we keep electing the same old crap.  Ron Paul 2012

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Yellen and Geithner: Lie more than a Persian rug factory. Both ought to be strung up and hung.

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Zero rates will stay until the Fed has killed off the middle class.

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Zero rates will stay until the Fed has killed off the middle class.

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The GBPJPY pair has just closed a Gartley sell-signal on the Weekly chart.  It is possible that we may see brief consolidation at this level, then a switch-back higher as the Japanese bond market gets more brittle and the US ten-year settles to around 2.5.

First upside target is 143.7.  The second, outside target for the pair is 157.8.

Happy trading!


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That's a pretty fucked up Gartley pattern! Looks look Fukishima last April....end of that month.


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well, we all know Bruce IT DOESNT #UCKING MATTER who said what..

zirp will be for at least for 3-4 years more.. each year US debt is getting closer and closer to 20 trln $.. i guess it will be tipping point.

from that moment , and each 1% increase in rates will require +200 bln of additional borowing/taxes to just serve the debt..

so game will be over.

we are not Japan.. dont have savings, dont have social cohesion, dont have positive balance of payments (Japan recently) , dont nothing to sell exlc. paper


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Screw grandma and grandpa and anyone with any sense to save for another three years, and distort markets even further. Great idea, Janet.

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When I achieved a 1.2 GPA in college I dropped out. I should have went into government.

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Obviously a 1.2.  Should have gone.

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When I achieved a 1.2 GPA in college, I knew the tutoring was finally paying dividends.

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Bruce, in consideration of some really ugly imagery you've planted in my head, I respectfully ask that you refer to Yellen as Ben's 'spokesperson' rather than 'mouthpiece.'  Many thx.

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The emperor has been naked for quite some time.  I just didn't think he would walk around naked for this long.

I only worry about one thing moving forward- supply lines.  Atlas is indeed shrugging, but then again some people  might argue this has been happening for 30+ years.

Same as it ever was?

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Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Politics, n. Strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles.

- Ambrose Bierce


Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them.

- Paul Valery


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Geithner is still around?

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Tiny Tim on "meet the press" this weekend, They had a booster chair for him and he looked almost grown up.