Who is the Big Money that Really Controls the World?

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What if all global leaders' suits and any news/products associated with huge global events were required to be labeled with corporate sponsorship as are the racing jumpsuits and racing cars of Nascar drivers? Below are two satirical videos with suggestions as to how people’s consciousness can be raised about exactly who is sponsoring today’s music, media and news as well as whos is sponsoring various wars, Presidents, Prime Ministers, banks and education institutions. Amazingly a few people that have viewed these videos did not understand their satirical nature and believed that my proposed solutions were of a serious nature. Maybe these same people wrote the publisher of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” to complain that Orwell’s book was unrealistic because animals can’t really talk.


For those that may still be confused by the satirical intent of my videos, William Banzai has graciously provided the below brilliant-as-usual accompanying artwork so that one can visualize the lunacy of requiring all public and prominent figures and global leaders to wear Nascar type jumpsuits emblazoned with all of their corporate “sponsors.” Finally, as an example of how far and wide the US Federal Reserve spreads its octopus arms and control into the realms of education and corporate global finance, consider this article: Federal Reserve Officials Leave For Wall Street With Privileged Info



Artwork courtesy of William Banzai!






About the author: JS Kim is the Founder & Chief Investment Strategist of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent, precious metals focused investment research & consulting firm dedicated to exposing the fraud of the global financial system and helping clients build wealth by understanding truth.



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Yes I am confused by your satirical intent.  Please, help me.

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you will not like to hear this


you will reactionary name call me




fact is


there is no power in the world that has lasted more than a few hundred years, except one.


Can you guess which it is?


Hint, the name starts with the letter I.


The usa and china will go broke. Europe will be taken by degrees. africa is already lost, its just to play out. south american perhaps the last man standing.


Can you guess who really controls and will control the world?


1400 years of history proves me right.


They have stumbled on a system that will defeat all and that will last forever simply because all other systems will eventually be erased, like those before that fell to the sword of I....


Can you see now who really controls the world?


It is not your bankers or Illuminati or corporate hacks.


It is I.


You cannot stop them, you have already lost. Its inevitable.

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The "sword of.." and the 14 centuries give it away. You mean Islam.

But you can't be serious. Controlling the world? How?  Or do they have to wait till Judgement Day?

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Can't believe i didn't see that.  Face palm.

Ranger4564's picture

Who am I? ...  Who is I just sounds so wrong.  Can you help me out, I can't see.

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EPIC GREED:  The Social Singularity Has Been Achieved

Some years back, a poster or commenter in the United Kingdom named Dan, suggested that the social singularity had been achieved, that the economic elites had become so powerful, and their power wielded so subtly and covertly, that few realized just how easily the populace was being manipulated.

A peek behind the curtain, at the inner working of the Koch brothers, their astroturfing, their political and media manipulation, was long in coming; from their Liberty Lobby reaching widespread circulation in 1960, to the present, is a very lengthy period.  Little traction was achieved when, at the beginning of the Bush administration, we tried to publicize that President Bush’s sister was Mrs. Koch, and that Dick Cheney’s godson, D.G. Gribbin IV, was a Koch company employee, and the Kochs aren’t even at the top of the power pyramid!

Today we are assaulted by the usual political theater on taxes; the so-called media babbling about a “broken tax code” --- obfuscating the obvious truth of a tax code designed to favor the super-rich while discriminating against the workers and the poor.

When the IRS tax rule 401(a)(5) states:  “A classification shall not be considered discriminatory merely because it is limited to salaries or clerical employees” --- the intent should be obvious.

When private equity firms – private banks such as Fortress and the Blackstone Group – go public, yet continue to pay the lower capital gains tax rate (when they do actually pay taxes), instead of the higher corporate tax rate which they should be paying, the absolute corruption should be obvious.

Confused and ignorant people, people who are used to being classified as “consumers” and are bewildered as to what true citizenship means, sincerely believe themselves to be team members, either on the Blue Team (the democratic wing of the Bankster Party) or the Red Team (the republican wing of the Bankster Party) --- wallowing within the political theater of the absurd!

When several economists from Goldman Sachs were quoted in a New York Times article (Aug. 28, 2006) explaining the obvious:

The most important contributor to higher profit margins over the past five years has been a decline in labor’s share of national income

they were blithely repeating the number one commandment and strategy of the plutocrats, or the Transnational Capitalist Class; namely, absolute wealth transfer so they could realize the greatest concentration of wealth imaginable!

What has occurred with each successful presidential administration since Reagan?

Has economic inequality and the concentration of wealth decreased or increased during each administration, from Reagan to Obama’s?

Increased ! ! !

What is the oldest and largest private bank in America?

Brown Brothers Harriman.

Someone connected with them has been in a senior power position in America for thirty-some years:  either a Bush in the presidency or vice-presidency (effectively the presidency under Reagan), or Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve.

And where did Brown Brothers’ wealth originate from prior to their merger with Harriman?

Slavery and the slave trade, of course. 

 Harriman was responsible for bringing over boatloads of Chinese scab workers during the late 1800s and early 1900s to undercut the American gandy dancers (white, black, Japanese and immigrant gandy dancers), working the majority of them (the Chinese workers) literally to death!

Today, they offshore jobs to China, offshore technology to China and offshore investment (and foreign aid) to China --- and still bring over Chinese scab workers ---- now that’s progress!

Few comprehend the financial power and connections between JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Citigroup, Brown Brothers Harriman, Blackstone Group, Carlyle Group, Rockefeller Financial Services, etc. (and the oil companies, biopharmaceutical companies and weapons makers they own).

Only a few Americans comprehend the total surveillance state America is today; for few have both the time and resources to keep current, or aren’t technically astute enough to understand EPs or IXPs, Narus boxes, MASINT, Unit 8200, NDA NXX NPA, IMSI, etc.

Today, 99% of economists, or pseudo-economists, are paid to simply serve as apologists for differential income inside a system of arbitrary and functionless ownership.

Thorstein Veblen once remarked, “There are no iron economic laws; there are only man-made institutions.” 

Veblen explained what economic surplus was, and how the economic elites routinely steal it and destroy it --- the ultimate amoral wealth transfer!

(Whenever a brilliant and honest analysis by Prof. Michael Hudson is posted generally on the Web, a chatbot --- automated software --- is programmed to counterpost that he’s a “kook.”)

Empires are not about the efficient use of resources and the spread of happiness.

Empires are about epic greed!

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Bravo.  Nicely done.  Thank you for bothering / caring.

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Did you not take your meds today?  This is one of the most irrelevant rants I've ever read on ZH.  Full of conjecture without any proof.  Bottled water spellings?  WTF.

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I hope people neg the $hit out of this.  Foolish video.  The arguement, what little there is, is based on a bunch of one off crap that has nothing to do with each other.  It's all pieced together for consumption by those already predisposed to believing such things.

Blue Horshoe Loves Annacott Steel's picture


Repeat this patriotic pledge:

Don't ask questions.

Don't question authority.

Don't bring up your rights.


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The biggest kept secret of all time that banksters want to keep quiet, caused the great depression.It caused the last financial meltdown but was done electronically, causing multiple problems across different sectors of the economy.Every small company in America that has complained about it has been demonized by enforcement authorities like the SEC and FINRA.Until it almost brought the current system to its knees the rules were left loosey-goosey.Germany and others in Europe banned the activity in certain markets.You guessed right if you said Naked Short Selling.For decades banks,regulators and governments have been in denial that it exists.The problem is this,nobody really knows how many counterfeit electronic shares actually exist and where they are.Like in mutual funds.They are the shares that brokers never located on a short sale and just produced electronically.It is a large part of the money in the shadow banking system and is used to make commissions off of unsuspecting suckers.The problem comes when someone,somewhere,somehow,forces them to cover.In my opinion,that day of reckoning will come.America and its FED have been unsuccessful at getting ahold of the European model.Europe will recover in the second half and into 2013.This is what America's FED is paronoid of,a system where a legitimate share is traded for another one.Not a system where unlimited liquidity can be provided to Market Makers who are controlled by Banks and the Clearing houses controlled by the Mafia.Even Warren Buffet briefly referred to the "slop" when he talked about the corrution in Clearing.It's all rotten to the core.See the videos on DeepCapture.

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The Invisible guiding hand of fR, Gs, JpM & EXXON, backed up by $600+++ billion recycling of those who have to pay today and have NO tax havens or loopholes for the WMDs and the mercenary armies...

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Thank you for the message JS.  I appreciate the effort you put into them.

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If the velocity of M1 doesn't increase, it will be nearly impossible to increase the $20 trillion of money supply the FED must keep expanding to pay the interest cost, otherwise there will be a collapse. With Worldwide labor rates at $1/hr (Foxconn which makes nearly all AAPL products) everyone is trying to deleverage which is a death sprial. We can "only imagine" what the West will look like in a few years. I do know the elites will be in S. America compounds.

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I must say I always make a point of not reading your empty posts unless they happen to have intriguing titles. Annoyingly all your posts seem to have catchy titles. So I guess Ill just have to not read them in all cases?

Btw youre paying Tyler to appear here, no? Its a form of advertising revenue for him? Please dont tell me it aint so!

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"What if all global leaders' suits and any news/products associated with huge global events were required to be labeled with corporate sponsorship as are the racing jumpsuits and racing cars of Nascar drivers?"

OH, that is just silly - no way in hell could you possibly get the names of every corporation bribing...uh, I mean buying....er, influencing.....hmmmmm...... engaging in public participation of the legal and regulatory process on the jumpsuits of FED officials or politicians. 

"Maybe these same people wrote the publisher of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” to complain that Orwell’s book was unrealistic because animals can’t really talk."

Well, they certainly can talk - just not human.  But I can relate to what the cows, pigs, and sheep are saying, "WE ARE GETTING SLAUGHTERED!!!"


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hi smart - I too agree with follow the flow.  If you are awake, you see it.  What I struggle with is can a human or a group of humans be be so organized?  I think the answer is no, but I cannot come up with an alternate reasonable explanation other than a group of central planners or this is truly human nature.  The second thought is a scary thought exercise and is another way of saying psychopaths raise to the top until the system is broke and they move on to the next working system creating a cycle.  Very dark way of looking at our world.


For example:  The Fed wants gold to drop in price.  We suddenly see a bunch of new releases that says Buffet does not like gold.  Gold is in a bubble.  You cannot eat gold.  Gold does not earn interest.  You have to store Gold.  I could go on and on about it.  We all see the same stories and know it is time to buy puts or write calls on GLD.  What causes this?  There has to be some underlying force that moves people to write this stuff.  I cannot find any examples in nature that would suggest anything could be this organized.  The on going question in my mind is how do the mechanics work?  I have looked through Prechter's research on socioeconomic,  read through Martin Armstrong postings, read Mitch regularly, watched the Century of Self (about Edward Berney) and I cannot come up with a reasonable explanation.


Do you have any reasonable explanation on the organizational structure of this to be defined thing or is it human nature?


Maybe a good topic for another post?

sgt_doom's picture

"What I struggle with is can a human or a group of humans be be so organized? "

Please read my earlier comment.  It's obvious to me you've never served in the US military, now have you?

Yes, there are endless number of examples to convince you, or anybody capable of functional thought!

Let's take an obvious example:  about a year prior to 9/11/01, it was mentioned that the Financial Management staff (D.I.A.) at the Pentagon was undertaking a complete audit, and on 9/10/01, the Pentagon's comptroller announces that $2.3 trillion is unaccounted for.

That very next morning, after a 2:00am email goes out advising of a last-minute, emergency meeting for all onsite and offsite members of the D.I.A.'s Financial Management staff, that staff is almost entirely killed or severely injured when an airliner crashes dead center into the west wall of the Pentagon.

(Someone wishing to do the easiest type of flying, and kill the most people, would have taken the flight route into the center of the Pentagon from above --- much easier and more deadlier?)

Now, who could possibly draw a connection among these events????

Only functionally thinking people, that's who!

jayman21's picture

You are correct.  No military....maybe I should have added and keep it quiet/behind the scenes to the organized quote. 


Reptil, geekgrrl, sgt_doom, ranger4564......and really everyone else here at ZH.  Thanks, I have a lot to read. 


I also have read "confessions of an economic hitman" which I found interesting and it was recommended here at ZH.  It puts some of the pieces in place.  It is obvious that the news organizations are bought and paid for.  You just watch who advertises on a given news cast and it will show you what news story are left out or have additional spin.  CNBC is the classic.  They know who is paying the bills and which group is asleep.

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When it turns out that the most probably, obvious or propagandized explanations are not true, then one must look to the less apparent for what could be simple and obvious explanations. Face it, our mere existence is "impossible" to our minds (people don't think about it much), which should indicate that "anything is possible", regardless of how improbable.

I think that there really are only two main trains of thought:

1. It is human nature to develop multigenerational control systems managed by families of psychopaths

2. There is a long-lived (or eternal) power behind the design. implementation and management of the control system. This power transcends generations and only chooses to work through a set portion of the population that appears to be psychopaths because their actions do not follow what we would consider human norms.

If you believe that 1. is not possible then the most likely conclusion is that 2. is not only possible, but likely and that all that one has to do is identify the source -

- older generations of humans/being that have survived the cycles of destruction wrought upon the earth.

- extra-terrestrials that manage human beings as a crop or genetic experiment

- Lucifer/Satan ... gods, whatever ... for purposes defined in ancient writings

And it could be that all three are the same or at least very inter-related. If one assumes 2. and not 1. then it all makes sense and there is an overwhelming amount of evidence existing to support this contention, only we are taught to ignore it.. We are just not part of the controlling group ("it's a big club ...), but their puppets and slaves. And, there are a lot of implications that come with the relaization.... way too many to even start to go into here.


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Here are a few resources that have helped answer some of these questions for me:

1) Tragedy and Hope, written by Dr. Carroll Quigley, Georgetown history professor and Bill Clinton's mentor. It's a history of the international banking cartel written by an insider and has explained many questions I had.

2) G. Edward Griffin's work, including The Creature from Jekyll IslandThe Quigley Formula, and The Collectivist Conspriracy are all very useful for understanding the history, organizational structure, and mechanisms/techniques of the international banking cartel.

3) Although I don't have any offhand resources, since the model of international bankers is essentially organized crime (the most organized form) it might be worth the time to consider how organized crime keeps its members from speaking out, or otherwise getting out of line.

jayman21's picture

Wow - Geekgrl very thoughtful reply.  thank you +1....I wish +1000 but ZH != Chicago

Ranger4564's picture

Typically murder death kill.  And the same happens in the banking cartel.  That's why you hear about someone with scintilating information accidentally get's hit by a hit and run driver, or their brakes fail and they go careening into a tree.  Usually, threatening the family of the victim or bribing them with large enough sums of money are adequate.

Obviously we live in a world comprised of a pyramidal socio economic organization.  Obviously the top of the pyramid has an apex with very few controllers at that point.  Obviously, they dictate the terms under which we generally have to live.  Obviously it's in our best interests to eventually take this crap seriously, even if those enlightened amongst us deride those who dare do so, or those who think there might be some collusion.

Perhaps this will ring some alarm bells. 






sgt_doom's picture

I would respectfully add to that list:

Ferdinand Lundberg's The Rich and the Super-Rich

E. Ray Canterbery's Wall Street Capitalism:  the theory of the bondholding class

David Talbot's Brothers:  the Hidden History of the Kennedy Years

James Douglass' JFK and the Unspeakable

Russ Baker's Family of Secrets

H.P. Albarelli's A Terrible Mistake

Gustavus Myers' History of the Great American Fortunes (vols. 1, 2 & 3)

And anything you can find on the TNEC study (Temporary National Economic Committee -- the study on monopoly and wealth concentration in America, circa 1940)

Reptil's picture

This is because the news outlets have been purchased, directly or indirectly and are putting out disinformation, or ignore important pieces of news. They're simply following marching orders. If any dissenting journalist writes a piece that's not compliant to these orders, it will simply not get past the (senior) editors.

You could call this as a conspiracy, but it's actually much simpler and more serious. These newscorporations function in a corporatist state, they're part of it. And so are all their employees. They're bound by company rules, in the past because the corporation had to make profit, now to remail part of the "happy few".
This goes beyond the battle for the popularity of any alternative currency, inside the dying fiat currency empire, it even means these "journalist" and "scientists" are willing to let their masters put themselves and their offspring at risk by continuing the blackout on nuclear powerplant risk and accidents. (Basically damning their great grand children to be born as a bloody sack of mutated flesh, let's not beat around the bush.)
Part of this ignorance is because most citizens are in an information bubble including the "journalists" themselves. It's a form of "Normalcy Bias", a psychological condition, very common in human beings, in which the individiual expects the inmediate (short term) future to be simular to the last decade or decades of their life, because that is what they remember most vividly. These individuals have great difficulty to fit new, and possibly conflicting evidence into their world view, and are not encouraged to do so by their peers, or society in general.
The big trick is therefore to keep up appearances. That is what drives individuals, and therefore society. If the road off the cliff is unchanged from their life path previously taken, the individual will choose this above a diverging path of considerable resistance, when dealling with issues of great difficulty and importance. In short, most will take the easy way out. No news anchor presently (Julian Assange and all the "contrarian actors" included) wants to tell teir audience that if they don't organise, and seriously change their way of living, they're screwed. That's not what the majority wants to hear, that's not popular.

What we have on our planet is a huge problem of perception. The sociopaths of this world, a few, but rewarded inside the very society they pray upon by rich spoils, learned very early on that controlling information is the key to controlling public perception. And that disruptions in this perception cannot be handled by most individuals. This is their age, their time, inventiveness, and flexilbe thought is deemed inferior to sly cunning and the abillity to be ruthless in exploitation. So, even when the financial system by any standard has run into a dead end (as always has happened in history of mankind's societies), as long as the idea that alternatives mean divergence from the dictated norm remain under their control, the sociopaths and psychopaths at just below the absolute top will believe they are in control too. They're in the same bubble they pretend to control. So it will continue, and run it's course.

Until it doesn't.

jayman21's picture

Maybe it is just the herd...another thought


**I got my market direction reversed with the narrative.

nuggetstoosmall's picture

After reading the Asian history back to 100 BC, nothing has changed. The Emporers were all sponsored by someone, and the war merchants were numerous and very profitable. Even reading about President Grant, and the crash of the gold market due to Fisk and Gould, nothing has changed. Theres always someone controlling the situation and its always big money. Slaves or debt slaves today have always been there. Names change, but debt slaves remain the same. In the mean time I'll continue to be debt free, and continue gold prospecting.

sgt_doom's picture

Of an interesting historical note few are aware of:  the term "illuminati" actually refers to a bankster plan for financial domination, which was being courriered back in the late 1800s in Europe (I think it was in the old Austro-Hungarian Empire region), and the rider was killed during a severe thunderstorm.

Subsequently the plan was found by a local villager, passed on to the royalty, and was duly publicized at that time.

SamAdams's picture

Rothschild + Sinclairs = Money Creation + Holy Grail = King of NWO 

A scam enabled by the corruptible nature of man.

Mesquite's picture

Awesome (and very knowledge rich.) videos...Thank you...

The overall concept (for me) :  Honesty , What a Concept.!!

Be Safe All..

engineertheeconomy's picture

Sons of bitches should have the names of the corporations they steal for tatooed on their foreheads

LawsofPhysics's picture

While I always like your ideas, quit smoking the hopium.  You and I know that any successful system needs to either have regulation or transparency.  Right now the corporate world wants neither regulation nor transparency.  FAIL.  Get physical, do your job and do right by your friends and neighbors.  Most important of all, call any of your colleagues out if they commit fraud, period.  If you don't, that will soon bring the end of your profession.

In any case, there is no way this won't get bloody (it already is).  Hedge accordingly.

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The number of people awake is far less than 10%, while I understand you wanting to wake people up they have to want to wake up and most do not want to, to quote from The Matrix-

"The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it."

If you really want to help people, find those that want to awaken and direct them to the things that have helped you, certainly from my expereince there are many useful resources out there, everything from fiction like The Matrix to the documentary Manufacturing Consent and comedy like Bill Hicks to Bernays book on Propaganda and books on neurolinguistic programming and marketing, and hanging around with those that question the status quo.

W10321303's picture

you forgot the part about "human beings aren't mammals....."

gookempucky's picture

Thats nothing--my toothpaste rebuilds my tooth enamel sarc/off

Im with ya smartknowledge--self interest and the one for myself has been burned into the mass psyche.

Most people refuse to look into the mirror in the mornings and admit they are really ugly.

Gotta run Im late for my fake-in-bake trowel applied makeover.

peace out

groundedkiwi's picture

any shopkeeper will tell you the consumer, is in control unless he has a monopoly.

battle axe's picture

Come on, you know someone is going to say it: It is the JEWS. /sarc

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

@ battle axe

Whats your point.

It is the Joos.

onebir's picture

"What if all global leaders' suits and any news/products associated with huge global events were required to be labeled with corporate sponsorship as are the racing jumpsuits and racing cars of Nascar drivers?"


I thought WB7 came up with this?

smartknowledgeu's picture

If WB7 originally came up with this idea before me, apologies to WB7 and all the credit to him! However, I spoke with him yesterday about these vids via Twitter and he graciously sent me the artwork above to include with my video. but please watch the vids because I speak much more about just this one idea.



MachoMan's picture

The nascar uniform idea is...  incredibly old.  Here is a link from February of 2009...  http://politicalirony.com/2009/02/20/if-politicians-wore-nascar-uniforms/

My guess is that the idea predates this post by at least a few years.  (I didn't care to dig any further).

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

I can't find a link but Mad Magazine had a cover sometime during the 1996 election showing Bill Clinton and Bob Dole sitting in race cars plastered with logos of their donors.

williambanzai7's picture

I never posted that particular image before. And I was entertained by the videos and I even learned a few things.

I don't think these kinds of ideas can ever be repeated enough. Everything is bought and sold. Yesterday I read that the DC Metro is the wealthiest, yes wealthiest, region in the US. Not NYC or Silicon Valley. What does that tell you?

Rinse, rinse, rinse, wash, rinse repeat...it's the only way the message will ever get through.

geekgrrl's picture

This is so true. Back in the days of Aleister Crowley, the magical maxim may have been "what I tell you three times is true," but we've had a bit of inflation since that time, and it would probably need to be revised to "what I tell you ten thousand times is true."

I first saw this kind of stuff around 2000, the first similar example being the Adbusters US flag with the stars replaced with corporate symbols. These kinds of images are awesome culture jams and drive home the point even to people unable to read a single word. Kudos to you both!

323's picture

In doing federal taxes, I noticed that there is a special tax break for first-time home purchases in DC. I thought that was kind of weird.