ViVa SaRKo!

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Sarkozy is losing his head
His dreams of the Euro are dead
He knows it will pass
Like so much bad gas
To chaos this voyage has led

The Limerick King





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Is it just me or does Sarko remind you of Monk?

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Apart from their differences — on fair taxation, for example — Sarkozy and Hollande have both supported the same European treaties, from Maastricht to Lisbon. They have both endorsed the targets set for reducing the national deficit (3% of GDP in 2013, 0% in 2016 or 2017). They are both against protectionism. They both think growth will cure all ills. They support the same foreign and defence policies (the French Socialists no longer challenge Sarkozy’s decision to bring France back into Nato’s military command structure).

The time has come to break with all these premises. A change of president is an essential condition for this. But the record of past leftwing governments and the current campaign suggest that that will not be enough.


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Unfortunately, the same false political dichotomy exists everywhere.

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Pic #1 - " ZARDOZ! "

Pic #2 - that person hunched over, wearing the cape .. is that a young William Shatner?

Pic #3 - looks like something out of "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen".. yes?

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I did number 3 from scratch using a balloon illustration. But now that you mention it it does look like the Munchausen illustrations.

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this graphic right there is genius. very nice. the sarkozy stuff was aethetically pleasing but meh... as far as content.

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Pedophilia is nothing to joke about.


As an person who suffered at the hands of one, may you all rot in hell.

Woe to anyone that I ever lay sight on that makes jokes about this sick perversion, for now I am a full grown man, and have beaten the crap out of adults to who prey on children.

FUCK YOU ALL! ZH would be smart in taking down this piece of SHIT thread. I could care less about Sarkozy and his asinine comments. ZH cheapens itself by allowing shit like this.

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Hmm...I don't think quoting the assholes use of the phrase is a joke. It shows his disregard for the term if anything. for him it is a slur reserved for the press.

I don't mean to trivialize pedophilia, but I think you are off base here. That Sark rant was French news and is frequently cited as an example of his douche bagerry.


"Turning on a reporter who had asked him a specific question about the arms sales, Mr. Sarkozy then offered what was apparently intended to be a pointed example of how easy it is to accuse people of crimes based on innuendo, by suggesting that the reporter was a pedophile.

According to L’Express, Mr. Sarkozy made the following argument:

You are a pedophile. I am absolutely sure of it: I’ve seen intelligence reports, but I won’t tell you which ones; I’ve spoken to someone, but I won’t tell you who, and it was word of mouth. But I am absolutely sure of it, you are a pedophile.

L’Express added: “After a 10-minute diatribe against various journalists, during which he kept returning to the pedophile analogy,” Mr. Sarkozy, “walked off, declaring, ‘See you tomorrow, pedophile friends.”

Business Insider:

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If BB is offended, he should take his complaint, such as it is, directly to Sarko. Take those tough words over to La France and kick you some ass BB!! IF he's that tough, S-man's security shouldn't be able to hold him back

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LOVE to! I would have LOVED to be in that group of press, and let that sick bastard have it. SCREW his security detail. Sarko is an asshole for even bringing it up - the fucking moron. I would love to shout the sick fuck down, and piss on his security - a bunch of French asswipes to even guard this assoholic.

Challenge the little shit to a bare-knuckle brawl - bring it, you little turd. I'd beat him like a snare drum at the business end of Neil Peart song finale.

I grant you everything about the subject. I am ultra sensitive to it, as it is simply no joking matter. I know WB had no intention of using it as a joke, and I thought of editing my comments, but truthfully, I see red each time I see people use this issue to further themselves - like this piece of cheese-shit Sarkozy.

To those who have not been preyed upon - lucky you. Those who have know EXACTLY where I'm coming from.

You can never reverse the fallout. Ever. Sarko even using it as a "point" makes him totally twisted and I hope I do get to face his nappy ass one day. It will NOT be pretty - I assure you.

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On a slightly different but related note, I have been puzzling over how it is possible they never thought to dig up that basement to search for Etan Patz. Fresh concrete in the suspects basement and no one said WTF?

Moreover, that poor kid had to walk a half a block and he passed two different pedophiles on the way.

BeetleBailey's picture

WB; the whole pedophile/sex offender issue is seriously messed up in the US.

I have life long friends now labeled as "sex offenders" - and they are scarred for life - and both of them never touched a child (nor ever did) nor ever possessed one scrap of child porn. Both circumstantial, and statutory.

Doesn't matter; they are all thrown in the same barrel. Have to get "approved" by the cops as to where they can live (the asinine 1,000 foot rule - some areas and counties - 2,500 feet from from school, playground, church or day care - like that'll stop pedos....please. Vote whoring politicians.....yet again. Made laws retroactive going back 20 years.

Patz case shows how inept LE is. LE in these cases are about as competant as Gump in a physics class. I don't follow it much as it is too painful - and painful to see how LE handles it.

John Couey is a DIRECT result of that counties LE FAILURE to know where Couey was - period. His victim had no chance - but LE had to blame someone other than themselves and their failure.

(Never mind that Lunsfords own father dated underage girls and had child porn on HIS computer. It has been all about using people for votes, and Lunsfords own son got nailed in an underage sex romp; did he get the dreaded S.O. label? No..TPTB couldn't have that.)


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STFU and re-read Beetles bit again, this time from the point of view of a human being

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Maybe you can hold his hand on his way over to France. FU and your tears, and your moral superiority

From his post below you can see you tough he is, so I'm certain he's on his way

dogbreath's picture

boy did you ever miss both his and my points.  

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and they all have the psychotic sociopathic shit eating grin.

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Another big wig bites the dust... Whoever comes next will be another pussy sucking whore dancing the jig from his bankster/Benron masters...

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We can be greatful for whatever meager entertainment comes along ;-)

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who gives a monkies about this posturing French windbag.. he did nothing in office but tried to look like he was changing the world while his country crumbled

much more important (no i'm not kidding) the new iPad3 has retina display and new iPhone5 will have liquidmetal case (metallic glass) Banzai

you can bet the (Goofball) also-rans wil be copy-catting.. can't wait for Reggie to announce Androids will have liquid plastic (fake metal) casings and butt your forehead touchscreens

williambanzai7's picture

The iPhone 5 was always meant to be a game changer. Regarding the 4s which I do not have but I have used, I have concluded that it is an awesome camera that happens to be a PDA and phone. I mean it. You can squeeze superb images out of that phone.

Likewise the retinal display makes an unbelievable high res image viewing experience. No critical for everyone, but for visual artists and photographers it is a big deal.

I realize there is Apple hysteria out there, but if you use the equipment for what it is designed for it is absolutely state of the art.


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ooo that has a nasty cross current, the great white god Jobs, lording over the Chinese workers who get a buck and a half a day so their politburo can buy military weapons? ooo how many of those poor bastards can afford the iphone they make? gawd even henry ford (huge fucking capitalist) had a plan for that. oooo i love those social realism posters, but this one makes my arsehole pucker, (thinking about a workers planet) what was that film 'the man who would be king?' oooo i am retching for my fellow comrades who have been sold a bill of goods by their government ooo what's that? obama or romney?

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This particular form of satire is called irony. ;-)

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I can't post a pic here but I offer Sarko turning into his alter ego in this fascinating animated gif of French origin.

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Merci monsieur William Le Grand!

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Today's song is dedicated to; the IMF, fans of the New World Order everywhere, the unelected beauracrats of the European Council, the Bilderberg Group, with a big shout-out to the CFR;

Wind Of Change (Spanish Version) by Scorpions


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So what's the pedophile reference about considering Sarko's got presidential model sex slave?

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sex slavery is a frence tradition from arabia.


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That came from one of his press conference rants.

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And speaking of "our man in France, Sarkozy (Directorate of Intel)":

Key words:  Franco-American Foundation, John Negroponte, Frank Wisner, Jr.

(Is Frank still connected with Hakluyt & Company?  Thought about that with the recent murder in China?)

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There are recurring ugly stories indicating that pedophilia is something more prevalent among the perverted elites of the world ... and those elites, like the CIA and friends, seem to take pleasure in making false sexual-abuse-type charges against victims, as their standard smear practice.

One of the online sources for WB7's quote -

« "I have spoken to the security services but I won't tell you which ones," Sarkozy told the reporters. "But now I am personally convinced that you are a pedophile ... You say ridiculous things. You check nothing," he told the journalist who asked the question. "I have nothing against you but it seems that you are a pedophile. I am personally convinced of that fact." After a long rant against various reporters, in which he kept using the pedophile analogy, he walked out, saying: "See you tomorrow, pedophile friends."

This is the word of an off-the-record press briefing from French Presdient Nicolas Sarkozy ended up on the record after he called a roomful of reporters pedophiles. Sarko, speaking at a NATO summit in Lisbon last week, launched into a tirade about press ethics after being asked about alleged kickbacks from French submarine sales to Pakistan. »

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Wow. Thanks for the link. It's brass knuckles out there now. In the past, Snarky would've just asked the reporter if he was still beating his wife...

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So they'll get a new face for old policies, no big deal. Now if Le Pen or that one other anti-Euro guy had won it would have been a real death blow.

I believe one of those other plays is The Respectable Prostitute which is also very appropriate ;)

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Oh man, wtf Banzai lol. Good grief. That's just wrong lmfao. aaaaaaa

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Hey... how about a warning next time!

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Christ, I think I banged her in college, the horror, the horror....

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I set'em up, you knock'em down! *high five*