Bloomberg reports U.K. Plunges Into Double-Dip Recession, as does CNBC, UK Back Into Recession in First 'Double Dip' Since 1970s

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Bloomberg reports U.K. Plunges Into Double-Dip Recession, as does CNBC, UK Back Into Recession in First 'Double Dip' Since 1970s:

Britain's economy slid into its second recession since the financial crisis after official data unexpectedly showed a fall in output in the first three months of 2012, piling pressure on the embattled coalition government.

My contention is that the UK has not fallen back into recession, but has never truly risen out of the last one. Accounting parlour tricks, financial engineering machinations and outright verbal sleight of hand (what some may call not telling the truth) has given the illusion of organic growth, but in reality and at best, it was simply buying $1.00 worth of growth with $1.20 worth of stimulus - or should I reference this in pounds.

As we clearly articulated two years ago, when it was alleged that recession was over, in the subscriber (click here to subscribe) document  UK Public Finances March 2010:






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Good stuff Reg..

..but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out the Brits are up shit creek without a paddle. The country has been systematically robbed and impoverished by Govt, bankers and socialists since the Wilson-Thatcher era

quite what is holding this sewer together beats me.. my best guess is foreign investment, there's not much left that hasn't been flogged to foreigners

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Quick!  Everyone point at Ron Paul and laugh!  We need a high school hazing type distraction where the genius is insulted in such an ignorant way that it is impossible for him to respond without starting a lecture on basic math and history.  This further highlights his intelligence and makes his seem "weird".

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Hey Reggie, 

Can you reiterate for me what margins are decreasing at apple? Seems to me they have some good margins bud. 

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Whatever Reggie says, do the opposite.

AAPL is what shillin bullshit in the hands of Middleton looks like.


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apple? Is that a U.K. company? Or am I missing the relevance of the comment?