The 49 State Attorney General Mortgage Settlement - A Detailed Analysis of The EPIC SELLOUT of The American People

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Matt, you are 2000% correct, but DO NOT include the southern district of Florida's bankruptcy court into your argument. Hon. Judge John K. Olsen, by my personal experience, takes no nonsense from ANY direction when deciding a case. I went to argue- He stopped me mid-sentence. He gets it, bring it on.

Foreclosure court is a county court, Bankruptcy is a Federal Court. I guess you need to climb the ladder to get the Intelligience you need to decide fairly. JKO rocks, Larry O.

Google search, he fined Wells Fargo $millionz....

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Outstanding video. Problem is, few will watch it. Moreover even fewer will understand it.

Banks in America: Lousy with thieves, deception and fraud. In cahoots with politicians, who are worse, as they were elected to protect us from these jackals.

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what are you talking about? ..this is "change you can believe in" where the Attorney Generals move the goalposts for the banker fraudsters, take banker bribe money and run away with the keys to everyones houses

all of it with not a single chat or agreement to any home owner during the entire 'due process' ..awesome

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Wow truely sikening what the lower class elite people will do to get paid and of course we know how the originators will act... pure evil.

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Wow, what a video to wake up and watch. What can we reay do?

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Nice presentation.

The banks and their AG puppets aren't really going to care about what happens on youtube.

The AG sellouts need to be simultaneously sued by (good) private attorneys from all 50 states.

I tried to put 50 together; I really did. I suppose it still could happen.

Apparently not many really want to tangle with TBTF.

Some aren't afraid though...

Bank of America CEO Moynihan to be Named as Defendant in Federal Foreclosure Lawsuit

When confronted with the instant matter in the case linked above; BAC blamed everything on the foreclosure mill THEY hired.

Bank of America Responds to Moynihan Lawsuit - Cites Criminal Act Committed By Rogue Foreclosure Mill Harmon Law

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cc: chunga!

Stay away from that hot-tub.LOL.

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Run you fools.  As fast as you can.

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Nice work, Matt. 

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"Epic Sell-Out" indeed

the mortgage contract consisted of 2 parties, the mortgage holder and the mortgage lender.

This sham agreement with the AG's was not negotiated with any discussion or consent of the mortgage holders... i fail to see how a 3rd party, the AG's, have any legitamacy to renegotiate terms

they also have no legitamacy to take bankers bribes while they trample all over the Laws of fraud and deceipt (robo-signing) and usurping State laws regards due process for the title deeds

The Law has fulfilled its ultimate purpose: a protection racket for establishment anarchy

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outstanding video on the creature from jeckyll island's doings.


everything is going along to plan.

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We are so screwed.  With the predatory congress and police state, moving all of us to the slavery of fascist corporate government.


American ignorance and apathy is killing us.


We are just so fucking screwed.

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Given that the public are too manipulated/stupid to realise the state we are in, would you say that an armed take over is justified? I wonder what the chances are of a military coup. There are many people in the military who understand that the political system is bankrupt.

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It's about the bonds. The states have to roll over debt. They need the big bond funds and the bankers to show up and bid vigorously. If there is a bidder's strike, the states implode. The states are dancing with the devil, so they move to the devil's music.

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EPIC SELLOUT of The American People


The American people and those in many other :advanced: economies are being and have been sold out by the thieving banksters and their political servants for many decades. The foreclosure debacle is just one more example, notwithstanding the millions who have enjoyed many months/years of mortgage/rent free existence. To which I say, f-m-all