Bernanke's Equity vs. The Bond Kings

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As ZIRP4EVA seems to be firmly in place, and the all news is good news even if it's bad news mood of the equity market, here is a look at how things are shaping up YTD between two bond kings & equities. As mentioned earlier, equities have typically gotten ahead of themselves vs credit.

Bill Gross & PIMCO's newly created ETF (BOND) and Jeffrey Gundlach's total return fund (DBLTX) are battling the Fed and the mainstream media's strict adherence to the Dow Infinity theorem.

Here is where things stand YTD.

Gross: +3.52%

Gundlach: +2.09%

Bernanke's S&P: +9.63%




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knukles's picture

Weekend humor.....
Actual Conversation....

Got a kick out of some chaps having coffee this morning.
And no, I do not try to overhear other's conversations.  These chappies were a bit loud.
They were talking about gold. 
I know "who" they are, pretty wealthy, not so friendly, as in will not recognize as in even a mere salutation outside of their social circle even though we share some other affiliations.  Be that as it may.  Guess they must be fairly self-important folks.  Is what it is.   So, they're talking about gold, notable themes;
Fool's game.
In all of history, all that's ever been mined'll fit in a baseball diamond.  (all of history and how deep, might I ask... sorta like my used to be just 2 fingers in a bathtub, of whiskey)
The economy is doing just fine. 
Look what stocks have done the last several months.  (Note the "months") 
What, gold's at something like $1,600/oz right now? 
You now, pretty soon they're (the ubiquitous them) gonna be mining asteroids and then the price'll drop and maybe it'll be worth $50/oz if they're (guess another group of "thems") lucky.  (There's gold in them thar 'roids!")
Har, har, har.   I was seriously grateful that what other people think is none of my business.  Or responsibility.  I really didn't think (how naive of me) that people really said that shit in public except on CNBS.    "They sure didn't look like Ancient Alien adherents.... " says Knukles to hisself as he stroled off on a beautiful sunny day, clear skies....  
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Don't fight the FED. They will monetize the debt to infinity. Bond yields will not rise very far.

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April equity redemptions are the most in 17 years.

Who are these masked pigmen buying the equity markets ??

MrBoompi's picture

Fake money comes in one door, real money leaves through another....repeat ad nauseum....

LawsofPhysics's picture

Tortoise and the hare.