A Realistic Look At The Companies In The CNBC Stock Draft 2012 - Part 1

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For those who didn't see the CNBC Streetsigns show yesterday, I have put together a brief (often not so) fundamental overview of the stocks that were available for drafting in during the airing, along with my comments and opinions. Yesterday I released the analysis of Apples Q2 earnings, and I'm sure it contained content that you didn't read anywhere else.


Here’s the list of stocks:

  • Apple: Reviewed in depth and in detail yesterdayFor those who do not subscribe, I suggest you ask a friend who does to share with you the difference between last month's valuation note target price (page 10 of File Icon Apple Margin & Valuation Note) and the price of Apple today, the day after earnings (just the difference, mind you - no giving away the BoomBustBlog content for free). Then ask them bout the logical argument behind the concern with Apple and the extremely volatile price action of the last few weeks. Subscribers, please download File Icon Apple 2Q2012 results analysis.
  • Starbucks: 
    • The company is expected to benefit from
      • Continued momentum and dollar share gain in the K-Cup segment
      • Ramp up of multiple key revenue drivers
      • Moderation of coffee prices, benefiting future margins. Coffee price have fallen 37% since hitting a 10 year high on 3rd  May 2011 
      • The Company is entering into strategic partnership in different location; is seeking expansion in emerging economies including China and India
      • The stock ($59.5) is close to 52- week high ($ 62.0)
      • Starbucks Sales in China Contribute to Earnings Rise: New York Times‎ - 11 hours ago Earnings increased 18 percent to $309.9 million, or 40 cents a share, in the second quarter, propelled by more traffic in its stores and big
      • Starbucks announced that it continues to target approximately 10% revenue growth, driven by mid-single-digit comparable store sales growth in fiscal 2012
  • Priceline.com:
    • S&P upgraded the company to ‘BBB’ from ‘BBB-‘
    • Priceline business model of offering discount travel rates on car rentals, hotels, and flights has helped it stay afloat despite a weak U.S. economy and a slowdown in Europe
    • Company fourth-quarter net profit was $226 million, or $4.41 per share, compared with $136 million, or $2.66 per share, a year ago
      1. Bookings gained more than 50 percent from a year ago.
      2. 80% of operating revenue came from outside US, the company still has room left to run in emerging markets like Asia and Latin America
    • High growth and steady margins are strong positives for the stock
    • The recent launch of its Booking.com Tonight application is getting a lot of attention from travelers who book hotel reservations or car rentals at the last minute
    • The company’s business model is less resilient to the current economic turmoil

    The stock is continuously performing despite negative economic conditions (YTD:  +55%, 6M: +43%)

I will continue snapshots and opinions of all of the other companies (excpt the oil company) in two separate posts. 

Relate Video 

Reggie Middleton on CNBC Stock Challenge... I'm at 5:28 discussing Google.

Additional commentary and footage...


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I am a Man I am Forty's picture

Thanks for the analysis, we've disagreed on Apple from the beginning, but there is nothing wrong with trying to get exposure to make a living.

undertheradar's picture

Good luck Reggie. Or is the debate over? I'll see.

bobnoxy's picture

I wasn't calling your work garbage. That segment was though, as is so typical there.

I watched that Frontline documentary about the financial meltdown and how Hank Paulson said we were just that close to a collapse of our economy. And what we get from Kernan, Kudlow and the rest of that troupe of hacks is prescriptions for more of the same that caused it all. Garbage to idiots again.

We get the rare opportunity again to hear from Jeremy Siegel, dead wrong for over a decade, yet they tell us how lucky we are to hear him tell us again how cheap stocks are.

Then they distract everyone with segments on stock picking contests, and I'm back in 1999 again hearing about eyeballs, newly created metrics and how Cisco will be the first trillion dollar company. I don't see how anyone doing real work gets sucked into playing that game, that's all. No offense, of course.


mendolover's picture

I'm not a trader.  But coincidentally I had this on yesterday.  What I saw was a cheesy attempt to stimulate interest in getting in to the market directed at people who have left.  Market analysts acting a scripted role with the phoney super bowl theme.  I try to watch this channel but the over glammed prostitutes just irk me.  And how about the money chic.  She couldn't stop smiling over that close yesterday.  Makes me wonder what these presstitutes are investing in.  Do they invest in food storage?  How are they (or their parents/day care providers) raising their children, and what are they teaching them to consider important in their lives?  I am becoming really concerned for our future.  People like Jim Cramer and that pretentious Asian chic with ten layers of mascara are too disingenuous to have so much influence over their viewers.

gmrpeabody's picture

"that pretentious Asian chic with ten layers of mascara"

Dude..., lighten up! You are way over thinking this. Perhaps it's best if you just turn the TV off.

bobnoxy's picture

I thought the whole thing was another embarrassing episode in CNBS' long history of the same. This lowers investing to a form of carnival barking, selling garbage to idiots. Reggie, how could you be a part of that?

Reggie Middleton's picture

I can understand your perspective, not exactly knowing what I was getting into until I got into it. My modus operandi has not changed though - pure fundamentals and common sense. Listen to what I had to say, and look at my overview of the companies mentioned. I doubt you can say its garbage. 

I'll work within the mainstream to get my "fringe" message across, and will do so until I feel my message is somehow filtered or unduly censored. As it stands, and I'm amazed that know one notices besides me, Google is amazingly undervalued and many are totally discounting the risks and product cycle maturation that Apple faces.

These messages are not garbage to idiots, but truly worthwhile independent thought and analysis not shared by the mainstream.

derek_vineyard's picture

everyone has their price and reggie's is tv time


a business decision, too.........become a liesman clone and work for cnbc or other stock touter or be a contrarian and write for blogs and sell newsletters---------just don't play BOTH sides of the fence

i will no longer read any of your posts

Reggie Middleton's picture

Good riddance, then may fair weather friend and don't let the door smack you on the ass on the way out! I'm sure I'll miss you. May the person who takes your place judge me by the content of my character, my writings and actual analysis more so than what TV station I may have appeared on.

If you have a problem with my content and analysis so be it, but that shill sh1t wears thin with me.

Zero Govt's picture

Reggie, you haven't an "independant" bone in your body regards Goofball and Apple. You're the most bias shill in America, and that's a fact.

I've only seen one journo sharpen his pen on Google the diseased stumbling clueless dinosaur and it weren't you, nor will it be you will it?

I see you're still whining about Apples share price being 'shakey'. That's the same cool juggernaut that galloped up to and then lapped the diseased nag you've trumpeted about who had $300 share price lead and who has been going nowhere except copying every aspect of Apples leadership profile

You'd get nothing for the Goofball brand compared to Apple, and you're getting nothing and going nowhere except being flogged for the past year.. it isn't even a contest it's been such one-way traffic

And like all the other Apple-haters you just look like roadkill you plucked turkey (goo-bubble goo-bubble)

AmCockerSpaniel's picture

""I'm amazed that know one notices besides me"". Ron Paul & Reggie, MSM ignores.

fonzannoon's picture

Just a general thought but watching amzn today....do fundamentals matter?

disabledvet's picture

listened to it. i was envious of course...couldn't watch cuz i was working. at least there was a name-sake ready to give you a run for your money. she better win...