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Lloyd likes to think he's a thinker
But muppets all know he's a stinker
His problems won't pass
He's loaded with gas
And markets know Goldman's a sinker

The Limerick King

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Truth forever on the scaffold, wrong forever on the throne. - James Russell Lowell

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Errr, ahhh, I uhhh, did someone say dog?

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Hey Banzai I see you decided to don some porcelin.  Nice. But you didn't use all the ingredients in your basket. Where's Jamie Dimon, a urinal and a moose?

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I thought he still wears diapers.

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Another unsung douche weasel in that program


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We dont seem to have any shortages on that front! Have a great weekend - going to see the Feelies tonight in Brooklyn, They havent played in forever!

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The dark lord squeezeth

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But for naught

Nothing passeth

The foul, rotting waste is blocked inside

He's full of shit

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The Shithead...


I just watched the Front Line program and I was once again reminded who the biggest corrupt douche weasel in America is.

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Amen to that brother. What I saw in the way of "spending more time with my family" was escaping the scene of the crime.

And not a word was spoken.

And he is still bankin' it.

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i see Dud but not Fwank.  Who cares they're all dipshits

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Where's Bwany Fwank?  And Chris Dud?

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Yep...Biggest scumbag of them all  but then there are all these: (click to see description)

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Banzai I swear you come up with some of the funniest stuff which nevertheless nail the truth. How about a series of unwanted posters of these people or giving them the appropriate animal bodies, or maybe images of them in various torture devices.

Keep the creative juices flowing.

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"unwanted posters of these people"

I like it!

UNWANTED! ... Dead or alive!

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...i see the "rare" earth eleMENTALs are in the right place.

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Phil Gramm the Flim Flam Man! That Front Line "program" last night was somewhat pathetic WB7 -


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I derived the same. Perhaps parts 2 & 3 might be a little more truthful. We can hope.

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Nevertheless, I was once again reminded...And this is my tribute to him.

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And a fine one at that! I had to be sure I wasn't watching HBO's movie Too Big To Fail last night!