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The Powers That Be are prepared
The system's forever impaired
The day of the fall
Is tyranny's call
Let those who have wisdon be scared

The Limerick King









Everything you need to know is: Here

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Singing songs to connect America and China
By Abigail Washburn, Special to CNN
updated 8:03 AM EDT, Sun April 29, 2012

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my being i always question, space . time. location.
justification is always a matter of dispute.
note to sac: the site hangs up, as it were. does not
flow with internet explorer. lately. windows 7.
the universe has one, and so what, message.
good luck and good night.

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identify and indict the financial terrorists now or
watch your children starve to death or worse, it really
is that simple.

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GOD BLESS AmeriKa!  We've got it ALL........





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hookers, coke. now this? jeez...there's just no pleasing these people.

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they are relentless........

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Here's the thing. When has the FED government ever done anything exceptional. Their quality sucks and no company would hire the government as a vendor. They conduct business like a Frankenstein. So the banksters have Frankenstein on their side. Big f'n deal. Fuck em and the banksters they are bought off to protect. You don't need any enemies if you have the FED government on your side. They commit collateral damage just by their existence. Got a feeling Frank's going to turn on the banksters before long.

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Flying the Space Shuttle around sure is a sad commentary on the state of the empire. Kind of like parading fake missiles.

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Like wearing disco threads to a hookers and blow party, your past your prime living off old glory. The shuttle was 70's tech with new millinium expenses. 

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I can't stand watching that guy swivel his head from left to right to left to right to left to right....

He never once looks at the audience.

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I'm gonna laugh like hell when O'Barry tells the guests they just ate dog meat.

Sayin ;-)

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as the beautiful people arrive at Obama's House



enough photos of the American Bourgeoise to make you puke



WTF would the caption for that shot of Lips Lindsay be with the old dude 


and the shedevil Arianna the Greed(k) unGoddess


/ `. ,' \
| ,' `. |
| ___ |
\ ( . ) /

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From the link, an observation...

"Citizens have to trust that companies like Facebook won’t share your personal information: CISPA does not force companies share private user information with the government. That being said, Ars Technica makes the point that “the government has a variety of carrots and sticks it can use to induce private firms to share information it wants.”

>>>For instance, many companies receive federal contracts or subsidies and would be hesitant to deny any request from the government that might jeopardize future business.<<<

Companies may not be legally required to turn over information, but they “may not be in a position to say no.”

wouldn't it be better to be in a position to not be blakmailed or coerced by government to begin with?

These are the times that try men's souls ;-)

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Comment removed by CIPSA..

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FUCK THE US GOV'T RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't have wisdon so i'm not scared but a few thousand rounds of .40 helps!

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Better get a something with a little more umph.  Always remember and don't ever forget; a handgun is to get you to your rifle and the last resort in a desperate situation.  A long term solution it is not.

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Calibre  is kinda like IQ,  the bigger the better!

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Herr Washington is looking a bit grim.

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I was born free and considered equal among others.

I grew up knowing this.

Pox on those who would sell my status as a human being.

Do those in power forget Auschwitz, Daschau or the beaches of Normandy?

If there is a call to take up arms, the government is clearly starting a war, not of terrorism but one for human rights, dignity, liberty and last if not least to defend what has been rightfully ours and bought and paid for by those alive now and those who died in the past.

In their memory I bow.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012
America needs a new Cold War with China - Paul Craig Roberts
War is the 2nd most profitable business in the world... Hence the reason why we are always fighting one of have the threat of one. ?Bullets and profits. Lead and depleted uranium into gold in the pockets of Wall street speculators and? world cabals . Filthy individuals involved in the dirtiest game imaginable. Roberts has continued to be a political pundit throughout the years and spends much of the year living in south east Asia. He is? just not afraid to speak the truth because he is remarkably wealthy and non longer relies on connections within the U.S. political culture to gain influence. So no there is not likely many more people who would be more knowledgeable and or willing to speak on these issues.

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it's not feeling very profitable. did we win the last one?

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as we are all learning it is about financial profit
along the way to defeat that inspires the under-taking.
everything else is collateral damage even to the point
of spiritual annihilation which is redundant in the case
of those who initiate the conflicts. as it is we follow
the leadership of the dead to become dead, like them.
i say send all the diplomats and politicians to the front
for as long as it takes for them to figure out what's up.
as we learned in ww II losing the war means joining the party.
the riff raff et al are eliminated and the financiers see
nothing but opportunity and growth potential. it is truly
a new world order where we accept the sacrifices of the many
for the enjoyment, enrichment and party favors for the few
and the proud humble servants of the cause, whatever that may be
on any particular day of the calendar, the calendar being the
time piece of import.

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the typo is "Let those who have wisdon be spared"

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The biggest threat to America is those goddamn, obsolete but still running nuclear plants with fuel rods stacked up the wahzoo and being kept cool by water circulation systems that are running on a hope and a prayer and a vial of holy water.  We did this to ourselves, no terrorists needed, only the military industrial complex and a morbid fascination with nuclear weapons that have a huge appetite for plutonium.....

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My town has run on Hydroelectric power generated at a dam across the Susquehanna River since 1928.  Clean and free (at least to Delmarva Electric).  Nukes will be the end of us if we don't wise up.

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Not to be an ass, but I just noticed a typo from the King:

"Let those who have wisdon be scared"

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Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.

Unfortunately the proles aren't even noticing these horrific bills being crammed into law, even so close to elections.

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they've been taught to not notice.  acquiescent doped up sheople.  and of those who do in fact notice - many do not care to bite the hand that feeds them. 

if "they" the multijurisdictional taks force came to your neighbor's house in their fully militarized regalia, and if "they" put him in a sack in full view of the neighborhood, and if they dragged that sack away kicking and screaming, and if you never heard from him again....just what the fuck are "you" gonna do about it?   Thought so.


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Nice, but the link to the Think Progress site is a real fly in the soup.

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Hello to the fascist spooks monitoring this thread!

Just a reminder that the Second American Revolution is coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

I suggest you get on board or get out of the way.  Your masters (visible and invisible) will not rule over us.

Rock on WB7!

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I really hope the SEC/IRS monitors zerohedge. I really, really mean that in a Sally Feild way.

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The bill applies to threats to national security and exempts itself from all existing laws. Everyone is exempt from liability.

This is a pure Orwellian scenario.

Rest assured that there are people who think this comment thread is a threat to national security.

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Comment removed by CISPA..

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you mean "commenter removed by CISPA." who knew television ratings had gotten so bad. TIME TO BAN WRITING!

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American education is way ahead of you. Writing has been replaced by texting and tweets....

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Orwellian scenarios ramping up everywhere. Seems like a 'never let a good crisis go to waste' strategy blitz going on these days.

And the warning from a progressive website suggest this unconstitutional crap was written by the right.

Good heads up WB7.

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biggest threat to US national security are dumbass Americans being willfully ignorant to what is going on around them.



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i've discovered a new problem actually. "being made aware of things that actually aren't real but only made to be so." GOT MY LAB SMOCK ON as they say. when i find a solution i'll get back to you on it!

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I am completely aware of what is going on around me therefore i don't give a shit about national security only me and mine's security.  Consciousness is the ONLY thing anyone needs.

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Where does this stand in the Senate ?

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Redefining "comfortably numb".

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Yep,...and the smart ones already left (the US).

Get out while you still can.

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Is that Sarkopathy behind the paper hanger?

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That first picture is classic.

Our equivocating politicians on both sides are little more than what they appear there.

They are blind to it, but equivocating egoists are usually blind to their tragic flaws.