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Satudarah is expanding to Antwerp and Duisberg as a number of its clubhouses are in the process of being shut down in the Netherlands. They are reportedly strengthening ties with the Bandidos.

Monday is Queen's Day. Hundreds of hacker sites were taken offline Wednesday when a site introduced a "Hang the Queen theme night" with a picture of the Queen with a rope around her neck. Leaseweb was ordered to take down the relevant IP address, which in turn shut down hundreds of other sites. 

VDL of Eindhoven is reportedly in the midst of a deal to take over Nedcar in Born. They are talking with BMW which would like to see if it can build its X1 and mini countryman at the plant starting in 2014. It does mean current Nedcar employees will be laid off soon and will have to see if they get jobs in a very tentative scenario at the moment:

Lex Hoogduin is suggesting pension funds be replaced by savings accounts since the current system is too opaque. This would in my mind make it way fairer for young pension savers.

And one for my competitors, which was in the international news anyway:

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Well, BMW is focused on creating cars for Nedcar. I do wonder how are they going to create BMW parts for it though. Would they build the same attributes with the previous BMW cars?

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Just read your archives file of making a bank run a criminal offense in NL. What is the current legislation on this is Eurozone. Is it a criminal offence all over Eu for individuals on the net to promote a bank run say using twitter or facebook?

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As far as I know the legislation is pretty much restricted to the Netherlands in fact. Can't say for sure. The post was submitted by another reader here. The banks always want to keep cash out of circulation of course.

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Interesting subject and not entirely without economic impact I would think. Also clearly shows the focus of our Justice Department. Wonder what they're worried about.

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Wow, live and learn.  I had always thought biker clubs an American thing, I had no idea they were big in Europe also much the less 1 percenter clubs.

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you should hear them when they start to bitch how difficult direct imports of Harleys can be, from time to time. european bikers are big fans of the EU antitrust market regulators...