Lock ‘em Up | Fraud on the Court – In Re Delva: Fraudclosure, Fabrication, Bankruptcy and Lies

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Well lookie what we have here...

More fraud, more deception, more lies.

The case below goes a little something like this:

  • Foreclosure filed by INDYMAC bank filed in Jan 2009
  • ONEWEST takes over INDYMAC in March 2009
  • Summary judgment granted to plaintiff in Sept 2009 based on filing of "original" ENDORSED note with endorsement placed below signature line on last page of the "original" note

"Original" Note w/ Endorsement



  • Property sold June 2011 with certificate of title issued in March 2012
  • However, DELVA filed bankruptcy in Sept 2011
  • Jan 2012 relief from stay filed by Steve D. Tran of Law Offices of Daniel Consuegra along with a copy of the "original" endorsed note
  • This second version or the "original" note reflects an endorsement on a page attached to the signature page (allonge) RATHER THAN THE ENDORSEMENT ON THE SIGNATURE PAGE AS REFLECTED ON THE FIRST "ORIGINAL" NOTE FILED IN THE FORECLOSURE PROCEEDING


"Original" Note w/o Endorsement



Now where did that original endorsement go?

Clearly a fraud on the court has been committed by the plaintiff by the filing of two different versions of the "original" endorsed note in two different courts.

Oh and by the way, this ain't the first time we looked at this file. Last go around we found the Loan Balance MBS Report Conflicts with Servicer Affidavits Presented to Courts & Homeowners. 

Hearing on this today... Will post the results after we ge them...

Copies of the motion and “original” notes below…




 2012-4-30-Mot. for Relief-1

exh a to Mot. for Relief (2)-1

exh B to Mot. for Relief (3)-1

exh C to Mot. for Relief-1

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He only believes in the rule of law for debtors.

Gullible .

Sandy15's picture

Uhm, does any one remember that the EVIL George Soros picked this bank up for pennies on the dollar in 2009?

Soros is the evil corrupted jerk directing Obummer and the DemoRats to destroy America.  He was a child in Hitler's army. 

Many of the things being done to America are some of the same things Hitler did to take TOTAL power of his people.

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The DA's are so corrupt. I personally know a case, husband was accused of DV. Hmm, but the wife was mentally ill, and falsly accused him because he was threatening to divorce if she didnt see a doctor. The DA didn't care, and 10k later in attorney fees, it was dismissed, because she lied. If the DA had done due diligence, it never would of went anywhere. No marks brusies nothing. No record of DV either. All the DA did was through out plea deals hoping he would sign, but he wouldn't because he didn't do anything, except try to take care of her.

LasVegasDave's picture

you scumbags who enable and glorify the deadbeats stiffing their creditors are as despicable as the crooked bankers.

Pay yo damn bills or get the fuck out!

steelhead23's picture

Yeah dude, we're scum - and that idiot judge should know that if you dig through poo long enough, you will find worms.  Doesn't he know that if fraud is punished, deadbeats will get free stuff, and some bankster somewhere won't get his bonus?  Doesn't he understand that protecting the system, and those smart enough to build it, is far more important than that ancient and quaint idea of the rule of law?  They're gonna burn it all down - for what - so some schmuck gets a free house?  LVD, where would we all be without your brilliant insight?

q99x2's picture

Exterminate greed and repudiate all debts.

Usury is a trick played on monkeys.

P'Od_Accountant's picture

You are really effing opinionated and wrong.  Thats a dangerous combo. 

Lord Koos's picture

So, you don't believe in the rule of law applying to all.

Monk's picture

Or creditors can dress up the toxic assets and re-sell investments overseas.

There should be lots of debt floating around worldwide that can pay for mounting debt.


engineertheeconomy's picture

print till you see the whites of their eyes, then run like hell

JohnKing's picture

Pam Bondi let the criminal banking syndicate know that in The State of Florida you can committ all manner of fraud if you are a banker (donate to her campaign).


Fraud..It's on like Donkey Kong!


Thanks Pam :)

BeetleBailey's picture

Pam Bondi is a smelly cunt.

Careless Whisper's picture

If the Courts allow the corrupt Global Banks to routinely submit fraudulent documents, then why wouldn't the Courts allow prosecutors to submit fraudulent evidence in criminal cases?



bonin006's picture

You think they don't?

I saw somewhere that something like 70 out of a group of over 200 people covicted of rape some 20 years ago were proven inocent by DNA testing

piceridu's picture

How many innocents got the chair or lethal injection that were railroaded by corrupt and inept prosecutors and lawyers?

shuckster's picture

Due diligence is expective and time consuming

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Missing due diligence is so much more time-consuming and costs so much it could shut down the Real Estate market for good - 60 years of court cases to fight the fraud. No shit.

eddiebe's picture

Yeah, yeah we know, the fuckers are corrupt, so now what?

booboo's picture

"so now what?" I'll tell you what, time to don our trench coats, head for the nearest innertube cafe and yap about it. Double mocha skimmed milk hold the whipped cream. Mount up bitchez, tonight we ride on the wings of a Starbucks unicorn.

or string up a few lawyers. Anyone in? Anyone? Hello? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz