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When something is working, you must ask yourself, "for whom?" - therein lies the rub.  We have been bozo'd for far too many years while things were "working."

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Cap. Ben at the helm with Cabin Boy Timmah

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Wow, those are awesome and hilarious!


I LOVE the pyramid parody!

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Another hilarious piece by WB7

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Taking on water, galley aflame; no doubt with the U.S.S. FED steaming to the rescue on a secret mission.

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Don't make me laugh, I've got chapped lips.



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More like Yucca Mountain?

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I'm not sure why, but this one has to be one of my favorites...the details is really tight, and the captions simply split my sides.  Thanks for the yuk yuks - cheers!

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I'm always on the look out for interesting stuff that can be retooled humorously and relevantly

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in that case russel up Westminster crusading under an 'Ethics banner' attacking the uber successful Murdoch Empire for phone tapping (not illegal at all) while shooting themselves in the foot with £200,000 dinner tickets to hob-nob with the Prime Minister of Great (er, bankrupt) Britain

soon to be joined by the equally hyper-hypocritical US Congress and their dirty tricks mafia, the FBI

both parliaments have 3 illegal muderous foreign occupations under their belt and are about to wire tap every phone and email transaction of every citizen

you couldn't make this rotten hypocritical shit up if you tried

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And somewhere, Colin Powell is without his presentation...

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Let's make this into a T-Shirt and helicopter drop them on the USA.  

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I hear Obama has been using Air Force One for campaign stops. So you might need an Impeachment Free Zone somewhere near the anus of the Sphinx preferably.

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After reading Zero Hedge the past few days in respect to interpretation of data and Europe and seeing your work, a person comes to the conclusion that we must take a step into the past to survive, with friends, family and work doing what is needed to survive.  All those goverment "goodies" they call services which many never see but everyone pays for be damned.

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is that Dagney inside ?

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This powerful propeller driven Merkel Rail is designed for speedy transport of Troika examiners and Chinese tourist groups to Southern European hotspots.

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Super Furry Animals "Inaugural Trams"

Inaugral Trams
Inaugral Trams
I will design a town in the image of your face.
Round the wrinkles of your eyes my footsteps you can trace.
We could promenade down infra-nasel depression.
The streets of your hands will never feel a recession.
It's a secular day and it will be even better tomorrow.
It's the first day of the intergrated transport hub,
Let us celebrate this monumental progress.
We have reduced emmisions by 75%
Inaugral Trams
Inaugral Trams
They say the future of cement is set in stone.
We could proclaim a republic and throw away the throne.
We will activate our beam to welcome spaceships. (beep)
By the speed of light the commuters will get home at night (beep)
(Trams)It's a secular day and it will be even better tomorrow.
(Trams)It's the first day of the intergrated transport hub,
(Trams)Let us celebrate this monumental progress.
(Trams)We have reduced emmisions by 75%

***0 0 0
halt die Stelle, halt die Stelle (keep the position, keep the position)
1 10
Ralf will was von ihm (Ralph wants something from him)

1 2 3
vergessen Sie Ihren Hut heut nicht (don't forget your hat today)

3 4 5
und fahren Sie mit uns in Ihre Zukunft, jetzt! (and start driving into your future with us, now!)

6 7 8
wer h?tte das gedacht? (who had thought this?)

9 10
oh Kurt hatte Uta aus der Revue (oh, Kurt had Uta from the revue)

da l?uft ein kleiner Hund im Netz, nein Nerz (a small dog is walking in a net, no fur)

0 0 0
halt die Stelle (keep the position)

hallo Bonbon. (hello drop)

(Trams)It's a secular day and it will be even better tomorrow.
(Trams)It's the first day of the intergrated transport hub,
(Trams)Let us celebrate this monumental progress.
(Trams)We have reduced emmisions by 75%
It's a magical day and will even better tomorrow,
Let us make the best of a difficult situation."

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And I am still laughing about WB7's vintage double-decker 'euro' buses careening down the racetrack hill.

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Very nice.. every bit as stable and well-conceived as is the EU.