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Obamney is one tasty shrimp
Politically speaking they're limp
They live in a tank
Their boss is The Bank
You might even call it their pimp

The Limerick King

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From now on when I refer to shrimps everyone better know what I mean.

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Are TPTB scared out of their wits over a possible RP nomination? The Gen Xers and Millenials outnumber the Boomers and what's left of the silents by a huge margin. Forget Obummer if RP runs against him. The major problem will be protecting RP from the nasty bastards that take out the people they don't like.

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Are TPTB scared out of their wits over a possible RP nomination? The Gen Xers and Millenials outnumber the Boomers and what's left of the silents by a huge margin. Forget Obummer if RP runs against him. The major problem will be protecting RP from the nasty bastards that take out the people they don't like.

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williambanzai7 is so EPIC and so ahead of the curve.

Friday. May 4, 2012. San Diego California. Ron Paul stopped by for a little get together. The global mega-bank controlled media does NOT want America to see these pics. There is a blackout going on. But look at them if you dare.






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At the tipping point, the truth becomes addicting, and people won't let go of it. That's when all hell breaks loose on the shrimp farm. The shrimps are surrounded by people who sound like Moonies.

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these two shrimp are definitely farm raised

to be served at Red Lobster

with breading and glaze

when you bite into the middle

the poor things do fiddle

which tastes just a little

like something which needs

a big dop of Hollande-aise

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thanks for the link. i'm feelin' this springsteen cover of a rage against the machine song, although i love their original version too.


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 With all the bullsh#t in the world we still have the NHL playoffs and Stanley Cup. Hockey rules. Just a side bar but real.

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What we need is a political version of the Hanson Brothers.

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Canadian Press Tells Us What Really Happened in Cartagena – And It Wasn’t About Prostitutes and Secret Service


The Canadian carried the Summit as its lead story “Emboldened Latin America parts ways with Canada, US on Cuba and drugs”. In direct contrast, The New York Times lead was a dry feature on Nigeria Population growth placing the Secret Service sex scandal on page 3.


Talking to the locals and getting reports via media from other countries such as Japan and Holland, we sensed important changes were occurring in Latin America. Major industrial expansion, improvements to the infra-structure, plus the expansion of the Panama Canal already 70% complete. China is spending billions in grants spread across the region, making friends by building soccer stadiums, schools, roads, and more; gifts, not loans.

Returning home I decided to search out the actual Sunday edition of the New York Times to see if and how the “Summit” was reported. Yes, the NY Times did run a story – “Americas Meeting Ends with Discord Over Cuba”. But with a different spin:

“…the U.S. and some Latin American nations remained sharply divided over whether to continue excluding Cuba…”;

Really, some, not all Latin American nations? If you read the entire article you’re left with the impression that the Latin American nations are not unified on the question of Cuba. This is far from the truth. Latin America and the Caribbean Islands are in complete agreement as all have asked the U.S. to end the embargo on Cuba.


As to Latin America, the sense was Columbian President Juan Manual Santos delivered a friendly ultimatum – Cuba will be included in the next summit or there will be no summit. As reported in The Canadian, the Latin American nations and Caribbean islands have formed a new network, ‘The Community of Latin America’. It is the Organization of American States (OAS) excluding the U.S. and Canada, the only two supporters of the Cuba policy. By every indication Latin America is ready and now willing break with the U.S. And by many indicators, they are able.

And it’s becoming clear that in the end it will be the U.S. who loses. The Cuba policy clearly estranged America from the rest of the Western Hemisphere. It’s time we come to grips.

The U.S. is becoming yesterday’s news in Latin America. But we’ll get another thousand hours of dribble about soldiers using prostitutes – wow. This is the product of a consolidated media.

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O'bumbler would give up Cuba in a New York minute but he's got that nasty election thing going on

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"The U.S. is becoming yesterday’s news in Latin America. But we’ll get another thousand hours of dribble about soldiers using prostitutes – wow. This is the product of a consolidated media." I think you have just hit the nail on the head. Now all that is left to do is censure the internet.

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from the article

"Would I sound naïve – perhaps pedantic – to say American media is censored? I just had one those “moments” when information falls in your lap by chance. Like an overheard comment, the authenticity is powerful. As it happened I was in Cartagena, Columbia on Saturday, April 14th, in the midst of the “Summit of the Americas”. I was on the cruise ship “Rotterdam” just after passing through the Panama Canal.

The Summit of the Americas was ever present; helicopters in the air, speed boats cruising the harbor. The streets were nearly lined with police/troops most often holding automatic weapons. Reportedly over 90% of all police and security forces of the entire country where in Cartagena to protect the 33 heads of states. Two small bombs exploded the night before getting everyone in the proper mood.

But what do Americans know?

The Secret Service sex scandal and that’s about it. It was the lead story on the Nightly News Monday night (4/23/12). I’ve heard nothing but the 24/7 drum beat since I returned five days ago – sex, sex, sex – seems to serve as the filler for America media.

Am I surprised? No, disappointed yes because I know it goes beyond Fox News. It’s about how pervasive the censorship is across America’s media, including CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times. And this censorship is damaging us, all of us. We make lousy decisions based on faulty information, thanks to American mainstream media. And when it comes to Cuba, we are nearly psychotic."

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It's not censorship per se, just plain laziness.  In other words, the path of least resistance is that of simply regurgitating central government propaganda.

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Too funny. I thought you meant these Hanson Bros.  but it appears you were referring to these.



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Halifax Highlanders Sportscaster: Well that was borderline treasonous, and a disgrace to our nation and its proud and storied history. My father didn't kick the Nazis'... and the puck drops!


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As predicted, Ron Paul backers take over Maine GOP convention

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Love your work William, and I think using the 99 was a stroke of genius, however...

There's great, that was Gretsky, the title he bore.

But there's only one greatest, and that's Bobby Orr.

Ron Paul in the White House? You'll need number 4.



More fights than Howe, Gretsky, Lemieux combined, 47 majors, the Orrsman worked the corners as tough as anyone on skates, n never backed down from a fight. Then he went uptown n put the puck in the net! - I gotta go with Don on this one -Hit, block the shots, make the plays, score the's what you gotta do to win ... and Bobby could do it all!



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I'm a big Orr fan too but Gretzsky was the smartest player ever in the game and he used it. Not as tough as Orr or even Messier but he knew how to score

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I can't disagree with yur thesis, as it applies to hockey...Wayne, like Dr. Paul, and the Great Orrsmann hisself, was the consummate gentleman, and had a fine mind for the game...maybe the finest...

but guys like Bob from Parry Hoot grew up with at least one man in the family who worked the rivers at break up time, and rode the big logs down chutes like Three Syne, Thirty Dollar Rapids, and the other snarlers...if you ever saw Orr with his jersey pulled over his head, tracking down the guy who threw a cheap shot at a teammate, you'd know you'd want on your team if you need that 'net shot' set up.

Politics, like hockey, can be a dirty game...the winners learn to ride the waves, n carry a big stick. I'd luv for Ron Paul to pull it off...but the gloves are gonna come off in Tampa, yu can be sure of it, and if I was on the Paul team, I'd sure be wantin to see number 4 skatin behind me.

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Truthfully, I needed the quintessential skating to the net shot and the 99 worked perfectly.

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Awesome...He shoots...he scores.

And put those shRimps on the barbie !!!

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and that wind-up, gaining speed behind his own net, before deking his way through everyone.  Somewhere in the Old_Meat household is a poster of a horizontal Orr about 3 feet above the ice in front of the Blue's net.

- Ned

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The game is being played without a puck, and the goalposts are moved as convenient.  They are also telling us what the score is.  WB it is make believe, and you are showing us as it is..

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Good stuff, but wrong uniform. The STL Fed is far and away the lesser evil of the rest ...  unless that is the point.

*Wisefool proficiencied (sic) out of all his LAS courses at uni, but I will never doubt the true radiance of WB7.

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A few months ago I talked to a young attendant at a convenience store.  He was in his twenties and like Ron Paul.  I'm old enough to be the attendant's grandpa and agreed with him.

"What I don't understand is why others my age aren't giving the Doctor his due?," I wondered aloud, then followed with "Maybe too many old bastards are just plain selfish."

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I got to meet RP at a fundraising dinner in Dallas a couple of weeks back.  It was $350 to get in.  I sat at a table of 22-30 year-olds except for the the guy next to me, who was maybe 45.  Nobody in the room, except for a local guy who owns multiple car dealerships, was over 50.

"There are two kinds of people in this world, Duco, those who think the status quo is sustainable, and those who don't.  You light these $100 bills to cook dinner."

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My 22 year old son, who has never shown the slightest interest in politics, shocked me several months ago by sending me an email entitled, "If Ron Paul runs, I'm voting for him". Conversation following revealed that many in his peer group felt the same way.

There is hope yet...

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It all depends on skin in the game, not reason or the constitution.

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Too bad Paul is stuck in the penalty box.

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If they let him play, they're done.  

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"They" let him play alright. The good doctor just wasn't much of a candidate. And - aside from killing the Fed and bringing the troops home - most of his ideas are destructive; free trade/open borders libertarian economics stinks of hyper-capitalist globalization, and that's exactly what it is. Wrong man, wrong time, wrong place. 58 delegates...what'd they cost? about $200,000 per? Bad investment. Instead, invest in lead.  

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CF, I gave you a down arrow without reading your comment, solely due to your obnoxious and pretentious use of bold and italics.

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Well the trolls are getting more loquacious, with better vocabularies and so on. That's a sign.

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Firstly, your name is a contradiction in terms. Secondly, so what if his ideas "stink of hyper-capitalist globalization"? Obviously they're pro-capitalism and pro-globalization. Would you rather that some megalomaniacal elitist "compassionately" pick winners and losers in the market economy, and wall ourselves off from the world?

If you think government can be "compassionate" without becoming a corporate welfare whore beholden to everybody business special interest on the planet, you're in a dreamland. Welcome to the USA buddy, the cancerous center of compassionate fascism across space and time.

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Libertarian globalization is nothing but the restoration of universal feudalism and slavery. CompassionateFascism (one word, U dolt) - hard money, closed borders, middle class reconstruction - will be the wave of the future. Meanwhile...invest in lead.  

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"middle class reconstruction - will be the wave of the future."  Your to late! The future is now.

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lead penises and fleshy pipes? Thats the recipe that fits compassionate to fascist. Or liberty to totalitarian, or Bonaparte to Revolution or Enlightenment to Soviet Communism or Tarquin to Brutus or Jerry to CLueless, not Lewis. 

Maybe also JFK to Jackie; thats the tragic part of it, there was a Marilyn in the back seat, who ended up dead from compassionate butt fascism.

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While you may claim your moniker to be one word, it doesn't turn the rest of us into idiots.  But it is the perfectly facist thing to do.  You have proven the concept well.

fascism (f?sh`?z?m), totalitarian philosophy of government that glorifies the state and nation and assigns to the state control over every aspect of national life.

Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. --  Ferris Bueller

The typical facist either wants to tell everybody else what to do, or desperately is seeking someone to tell them what to do, since they are unable to discern viable choices for themselves.  This usually results in cultism, but on the larger political scale gets you NAZI Germany.

Sucks to be you, my friend...


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And dark font for even stronger emphasis. LOL.

How douchebags like this particular fascist troll ever get to ZH is remarkable in itself. 

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Unfortunately, while most of you guys have different ideas of what government should be, you must take into consideration that the US is a nation of sheep where the majority wants to be lead and they are easily proselytized by the soft spoken or the hard liners.  

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Interesting for several reasons really. Seems you've figured out that most of what Paul wants to do would unwind the Anglo-Hegemony thereby putting an end to the greatest delusion -- American Exceptionalism -- and $1.29 towels at Walmart. Yeah, it would indeed. Stockholm Syndrome reigns supreme.

At least you're honest.

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Nationalism is the measles of mankind...Albert Einstein